Swim guard at the pool

Swim guard at the pool Swim guard at the pool

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Just a lady likes the guard at the pool.


Just a lady likes the guard at the pool.


Submitted: February 22, 2016

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Submitted: February 22, 2016



Brandon stood like normal, looking sexy.


He didn't know what he was doing to Diana of course. Diana, the ginger girl with freckles across the other side of the swimming baths.

Brandon was tall at 6ft...she hazard a guess at his height, and smooth chest.....ah, his smooth chest.

He was the lifeguard here at Breakwater Mill Cente, in Birmingham.

"Will you stop gawping at him, he will seeya!" laughed Pixie, her sister. Pixie was blonde (from a bottle of course) otherwise, she had the same ginger hair as her little sister!.

Pixie wasn't ashamed of it at all, just felt it restricted her.

At 21 Pixie was the much attractive of the two. Where as Diana, was more.... quiet. So usually couldn't get a word in edgeways with men when her sister was around. Well, when her sister WAS around, all eyes where on her, and not on Diana.

Diana could see what they saw in her,her hair, Blonde as explained, straightened, and her brown eyes, and perfect lips. She was really pretty.

Diana always compared herself to her sister. Diana was 5ft 5, ginger hair, of course with the freckles. Her body quite nice. Swimming was good exercise, and looking at Brandon was the Cherry on the cake.

"Ask him out"

"Ha, no way!"

"Well stop staring at him!"

"I could always fake drowning..."

"Yeh, not a good idea Di"

Looking over to him Diana sighed. "He hasn't even noticed me in 3 weeks"

"I find that amazing, you could do anything but get a pair of Binoculars out onto him" Pixie laughed amused at her sisters silliness.

At 18 Diana had not much experience with men, only Sam. Sam was her boyfriend up until a few years ago. They weren't serious, more like friends, minus the benefits.

"Time to leave anyway honey" Pixie said.

"I'm not coming next week, there's no point"

Come on Di, just go and introduce yourself for Christ's Sake"

"Yeh, if Christ was here, he'd be sighing at me too.

"Do you wanna be a 50 year old Virgin?"

"Nothing wrong with that, not when you are me anyway" Diana laughed, following her sister into the changing rooms.

Showering off the salty water they headed out ot Pixie's car in the carpark.

"I've forgotten my scarf". Diana looked in her bag, even though the scarf was too big to fit in there, so had never been stored in there, this didn't stop Diana rummaging, and looking underneath her make up bag like it was somehow going to be hiding under such a small item.

"I'll have to go back in, i'll be back in a bit"

Opening the door up, she popped into the changing rooms, so see her scarf on the floor near the benchs. "Ha!"

"You better hurry, the pools closing soon"

Turning around she saw Brandon stodd right in front of her.

"Hi, just came for this" she shook her scarf.

He smiled "It is cold outside"

Diana didn't know what to say so smiled, then looked down, then up again.

"How are you finding the pool, you are new aren't you?"

3 weeks now" she noticed he had blue eyes.

"I used to swim in my last pool"

"Oh yeh, which one's that?"

"Blue Horizon"

"Cool, cool" he nodded.

"Well...i'll cya then" she smiled.

"Yeh, cya next week".











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