Sabrinas Birthday

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sabrinas Birthday.

"What are you doing Mike?"

Sabrina stood in her Birthday Lingerie.

The bedroom lit with tea lights, some on the bedside, some on the window ledge. Hand on her hip, she looked at the time. She'd been stood for 5 minutes.

Coming out of the En-suite finally, he looked up at her. "What do you think?"

It was her Birthday, and tonight she hoped to give him sex.

Sabrina stood in lacey black panties, and matching bra. The bra's front was see through, and he could see her nipples.

Choosing to turn around for him, his eyes took in her butt cheeks, the panties been a thong kind.

"You look gorgeous".

Mike was only having a towel around his waist. He'd gone to shower, leaving her in the bedroom full of candles, as she opened her gift on the bed, of the underwear.

Having her hair down framed her face beautifully.

Mike was well built, not well built as in fat, but as in a healthy way. His arms having that tattoo she loved, his arms where quite muscley.

His hair was brown, and his eyes hazel, they'd been dating for 5 months and 4 days, and she'd been waiting to give him herself now for a few weeks.  Her hips where defined, and her lips looking full right now.

He'd bought her the underwear, but wished she was naked.

Dropping his towel she watched him get an erection instantly.  His penis was quite thick, hell she'd seen it before, but had been trying to save it. It would be like an extra birthday gift for herself.

Mike just watched as she unclipped her bra, and pulled off her panties.  Her body was petite, but had curvey large breasts. Her nipples where erect, and her eyes looking down.

"Look at me baby"

Mike went to her kissing her mouth hotly, laying her on the bed, he slipped between her silky legs. He felt them shake a little with nerves.

"Baby don't be nervous, i love you".

He wasn't like the other men she'd dated. This was never made her feel worthless, or useless, or anything inbetween.

God, his body was boiling hot.

She could feel his chest burning into her, his mouth was like never before, kissing her, kissing her tummy, kissing her hips. He was heavenly. Even his fingers smoothing on her skin felt like ecstasy. She was unsure if it was because she'd been longing for this for weeks.

" I got you another present” he said trying to force himself too stop before he got too carried away.  Getting off her, she watched him go to his backpack. Unzipping the zip, she got under the covers of his Double bed. Mike lived in a two bedroomed house.

"Here". Passing her the white envelope, she opened it as he got into bed beside her.

Inside was two tickets to Paris for a weekend away. " You're always saying you've never been abroad.... It's like a starter Holiday for you, I'd like us to go places".

Sabrina was opened mouthed still.  "They say Morocco is nice".

Mike was kinda cute facially, his smile always set her own smile off.  " Wow, Mike!". He saw her eyes reading and re-reading the letter making sure it was true.

Sabrina had blonde hair, she'd refrained from dying it till at least two months ago. A change was needed. Blonde was popular so why not, her eyes blue, she was quite petite.

"We go next month on the 1st, your boss said it was all cool".

The candlelight was shining just right casting a glow onto her lips.

He'd been so long in the bathroom because he'd been shaving his privates. He knew she was shaven below, plus he wanted to feel her skin close to his.

Her eyes went to his chest, he had a smattering of hairs just lightly.

" What you thinking?". He said moistening his lips. 

Touching his chest gently with her hand, he lay on his back, Sabrina getting her frame over his.  These candles where perfect at casting shadows and light.  She was sat over his naval. His eyes taking in her chest as she pulled herself upright.  Tilting her head back she exhaled, he just had to touch her nipple, it was sticking out, no, he had to have it in his mouth, it was like it was calling to him.  Moving forward, his mouth went for her left breast, like it was an apple at a apple bobbing content.

His lips caught it before he sucked it into his mouth. Sabrina leant forward kissing his forehead. Letting her breast go he took her mouth in his. He kissed like a wild fire. 

His hand on the side of her neck,  she heard him say something. 


Her lips where red with the kissing, " I said...." She felt his hips push up. 

"You want my kitty?".

He had felt her juices already had wet his stomach. 

" What if I say no?". 

He could tell she was been mischievous, her face had a smile on it of cheekiness. 

"Why would you say no?" He linked his arms behind his head showing off his biceps, looking up at her he had no idea that had really turned her on!.

His chest rose and fell fast. He was definitely a man. His neck, his body, his laugh. And here she was like a cherry on top, small and sweet. He thought she was sweet. 

"Tell me why". He smiled waiting patiently for the answer.  " nothing?" he laughed. 

"What do you think of me?". She finally said. 

"You're a big tease, that's for sure, my cocks aching me".

" Sorry...."

Mike held her waist, laying her down, getting between her legs in one quick movement. 

She looked up to him as he tried to find her opening.  He looked down into her eyes as he pressed in the tip.  His chest lowered, touching hers. His mouth at the side of her neck.  


He whispered "Je t`aime bebe". Which meant. "I love you baby". before he pushed into her. He didn't get very far before pulling up. He'd never felt her lips like this as his mouth joined hers, as her legs wrapped around his waist.  Inside she felt so soft and warm, he wished he could dive into her and feel her all around him. She ached inside as he pushed, each time he tried to get deeper. He'd never had sex with a 5ft 1 woman before, he was unsure if she was small inside too.  She heard the noise of their bodies moving together, Mike exhaled changing from slow and shallow to a little faster, he pushed hard, making her toes curl. Her lips parted and her hips opened, slipping in fully he stopped gasping. His mouth sent sweaty shimmery moistness onto her chest. Mike had stopped. She could feel his twitches inside of her.  Kissing her mouth he pulled out. 

Heading below she felt his mouth bite her clit, her fingers grasping the covers. " Cum baby cum". "Again!" She begged. Sucking in her clit, he licked it twice like before.  It was the feeling off his hot hand pushing on her inner thigh that sent her over.  His touch was amazing. His lips and body smothered hers.  Laying beside her he could feel his heart beating like a drum, her heart had gone from calm to nerves, to a feeling of sickness to ecstasy.  It was her Birthday, she was Laying next to a guy she'd just had sex with, and had a ticket too Paris. It was the best Birthday she'd ever had. 







Submitted: May 04, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Jenny Jones. All rights reserved.

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Laura Lewis

Aww what a sweetie mike is. I'd definitely like to know what happens next...

Mon, May 4th, 2015 9:19pm


I've just finished it now, hope you like :-)

Tue, May 5th, 2015 12:32pm

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