Pete's secret Xmas wish

Pete's secret Xmas wish Pete's secret Xmas wish

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Skye and Pete. He has a secret wish, to bed her. She is too innocent, she needs him to be her lover.


Skye and Pete. He has a secret wish, to bed her. She is too innocent, she needs him to be her lover.


Submitted: November 03, 2015

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Submitted: November 03, 2015



Skye felt his Alcoholic breath on her face.

"What are you doing Pete?!"

"Calm down, i'm just sat on my wallet!" he said, shuffling in his seat.

She was again the designated driver home.

Pete looked at her.

"You should have a drink once in a while, it would do you the world of good you know"

"I don't need a drink thank you"

She paused.... "Put on your seatbelt"

"Yes Ma'm" he mocked

"You know you are an arse sometimes you know that?"

"Hmm, there it is, the lust you have been holding back for me" his eyes on her low cut dress revealing her ample chest.

"When did they last get an airing?" he laughed.

It was dark, December, and the Office party had gone great. She had managed to avoid him for the duration, but now her time was needed to drive him home.

To say he grated on her a little was an understatement. He was always making jokes about her to her face.

"Are you sure your feet can reach those pedals Thumberlina?"

Even drunk he was an arse!.

At 25 to her 21 he should know better then too tease.

His eyes where taking in her body like normal, but she was texting her sister back home to say she would be coming home in just a little while, so hadn't noticed.

"Ok" Skype said looking up from her phone placing it back into her handbag, fastening her seatbelt she moved the car forward.

His eyes where on her upper thighs.

"What now?"

"Nothing, just admiring your beauty"

"Wow, you are really drunk!" Skye laughed.

"I must be, sorry"

Sighing she waited at the traffic light.

"Nice night"

"Yeh man, what you got planned for Christmas?"

"Me and my sis.... we have a roast, pull some crackers, curl up too watch tv....."

"God, my dicks hard"

"Right, get the fuck out of my car please".

Pulling up at the side of the road she glared at him.

His hazel eyes, and brown hair, his lips parted,


"I was just saying, Jesus man, i'm sorry"

Not a word was said till she pulled up outside of his Apartment.

"Dya wanna come in?"

"Er.. no!"

"Sure are you, little miss pretty princess"

Her blue eyes and blonde hair had her nicknamed `Princess` but she didn't know why, again she guessed it was Pete's doing.

His eyes took in her chest again, he could see her chest heaving with anger for him.

Unclipped his seatbelt, she looked up to recieve a face on hers, his lips aiming, they hit Bullseye first try.

"Get off me!"

Pete slipped his tongue into her mouth silencing her.

Pushing him away  he laughed.

"You taste as sweet as i knew you would"

"please get out" she tried to keep her voice calm, but it was anything but, in fact her voice broke.

"You like me don't you?"

"Get out" she said again

Looking over to him she saw him unzipping his smart black suit trousers.

"Uh, that's better"

Looking she saw his penis poking out of his zipfly, it half erect.

"Give it a little suck will you?"

Turning off her engine, unclipping her seatbelt, she exited the car walking up the street.

"Skye, where ya going!?" he called after her.

"Leave me alone"

Standing in front of her she looked up at him.

Bending to her lips he kissed softly.

"Common... let's go inside"

His hand slipped up her back, her back naked from the dress she was wearing.

His fingers felt divine to be honest.

Looking around, she saw a field, with a few trees for shelter there.


"Why not, we hate each other, let's make it dirty too"

"I don't hate you......."

"Yeh, yeh, you love me so much it's unspeakable, yada yada, bollocks!"

"Broken heart hey?"

Skye took his hand leading him across the street.

She checked the ground for rubbish and looked up to see him stood naked.

"Lay down" she ordered

Pulling off her knickers she unzipped her skirt climbbing over him.

The moon light was shining on her nipples, they looked like edible jelly tots.

"No foreplay?"

Over powering her he got over her, his lips kissing her clitoris

The night air was bitterly cold. Her legs shook with eagerness or cold.

He was attractive for sure. Bucking her hips she looked up into his eyes as his body covered hers. He felt so warm and comforting.

"You don't hate me?"

Shaking his head he pressed himself into her firmly.


"I'm a little out of practise"

he found it hard to believe at this sexy lady underneath him.

Her lips pouting and nipples like woah, and her Vagina warm and tight.


He was over her for 5 minutes, pumping away at her. His hand over her mouth muffling her gasps.

"Stop that!"

"Oh shit"  Pulling out of her he let his spunk  out on her tummy. reaching up to kiss him her lips smoothered his slipping it back into her, she lef him fire inside of her.

His cock pulsated like it was in Heaven and he let it off again.

Petes lips where numb with kisses.


Skye had no trouble seeing him the next day at work. The wink he gave her was in knowledge of last night. Of what they'd already arranged to do again.











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