Penny's boyfriend

Penny's boyfriend Penny's boyfriend

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Penny has a new boyfriend. Finally finished this story. Hope you enjoy :-)


Penny has a new boyfriend. Finally finished this story. Hope you enjoy :-)


Submitted: September 01, 2015

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Submitted: September 01, 2015



Penny looked from her apartment window at the white snow fluttering beautifully down to the ground.

It was laying, and even though she was 40, it filled her with excitement.

It hadn't snowed and layed properly in her part of England, for at least 2 years.

Tying back her hair, she went to the bathroom to shower.

By the time she'd cleaned herself and shaved her legs, Tom was just waking up.

She had invited him around, they'd slept in the same bed, but not sexually.

Tom was 26, younger than her, but not too young.

Penny was married, married for one week before she realised it wasn't for her.

He'd always been busy with work, and with her scared of planes it was a nail in the coffin of flying to see him. She only had herself to blame that's for sure.

Tom was a hell of a lot different than Will. Will had been strong with a big muscular chest, arms that comforted her, and could satisfy her sexual needs easily.

Tom, was much different, his chest smooth, she could tell he was from a different era. Will`s hairy chest, swapped for Toms smooth. Strong arms swapped for ....

"Hey" he smiled breaking off her train of thoughs.

She for sure didn't want to keep him. But they'd been dating 2 months. He treated her to nice meals out, next week was Tom's Birthday, which is why she hadn't slept with him. She was saving it.

What?. That ship had sailed?. What does she have to offer him, him still been young and handsome?.

It had been 2 years since the Marriage had broken up, it hadn't actually legally broken. He still called, and texted her daily. In fact his text was due any minute, at 9am exactly. Oh, Will was one for been punctual.

"Morning", she replied. She stood in just a silky dressing gown, it was getting cold outside it been November, but, she thought a silky gown was a little more sexy than a woolen winter type.

"Hmmm...someone's extra happy this morning" he grinned cheekily.

Penny laughed letting her gown fall to the floor, walking, she opened the wardrobe.

His eyes took in her ass as she stood to the right of him surveying her clothes.

Silently standing , sneaking up behind her, he placed his lips on the side of her neck making her wriggle , a shiver travelling down her spine. A combination of his kiss and the coldness of the air taking hold.

"Come to bed, fuck my Birthday".

"Stop it!, it's only on Friday"

Yeh, but today was Saturday, and his cock was hard as a pole.

He continued with his lips, while gently squeezing her breasts with his warm hands.

"Uh, please stop it" she could feel herself been turned on, a feeling below of tingling.

"Come on....

Penny's mobile shrilled a tone.

" Stop". Her voice was totally unbelievable, he'd heard it weak and quivery.

Turning her to face him, his mouth fought with hers as she tried to move away.

Watching her go to her phone on the bedside, she clicked his message.

"How's Sophie?"

Penny read, laughing.

"Fine and dandy with her step mom"

She'd fallen Pregnant with Sophie on the very few days she'd had free with Will.  He seemed to be managing to find lots of free days with his new Girlfriend Candy.  He'd moved to the u.s.a for work, and because Penny couldn't come....well, he hadn't turned down the job.

Sophie was now 3. And Penny was....well Penny was pissed off that she only saw her own daughter at Christmas. It wasn't her flight anxiety anymore, that had stopped been the reason of her sadness ages ago. She was upset that he'd taken Sophie, who was now been raised by another woman.

"Come to bed, forget about the loser".

Showing him the picture on the screen, he laughed sarcastically, It was a photo of them all smiling happily.

" I'm not a mum am I, what was I...."

Tom stood, hearing her sniff up.

"Hey!, baby, don't cry"

Tom 'Hey'd' her again.

 She didn't look up at him. He stood, then bent looking up to her face.

"That's why you have me, and how often does he do this too you, send photos ....weekly, all the fricking time, and I have to watch you cry thinking you're a piece of crap"

Penny leant forward, her tear salty lips transferring to his.

"Come on, it's early..." 

Sniffing up she nodded. 

"You will?, but, you need to get me a Birthday present then" he teased. "I will" she sniffed seriously, not getting his playfull joke.

Penny was still naked, but she's forgotten, forgotten until she felt his hand cusp her left breast.  Slipping his tongue into her mouth, she was caught off guard by how insatiable he was. She was now on her back on her double bed, his left leg on her right thigh, causing her to open her legs.  In just his shorts, he was cute. Why was she still comparing people to Will, when Will was and still is an Ass.  Comparing Tom to Will....

Finally breaking away from her mouth, she caught her breath.  

?Tom had woke with an erection, he'd tried to shake it, but seeing her nude looking at her clothes in that wardrobe had been too much. Will texting her was dumb, he wanted to smash her phone into tiny pieces. She needed to move on. Looking down at her body, he could see her marks from childbirth.

Tracing her fingers along them he smiled as her body quivered under his touch.

Covering her body with his, he let his chest burn into hers hotly. His cock was still in his boxers, pressing on the fabric which was now straining. grinding his hips down onto hers, he felt the hardness of her pubic bone as she pushed up against him.

The last time she'd had sex, was with Will a few months after having Sophie. That was kinda it, the end of their relationship.

She was never crazy in love with Will, it was more like convenience. She was lonely, he'd offered, she said yes.

Slipping his tongue back into her mouth he swallowed her whimper, as he traced up between her Vagina lips with his wondering fingers.

Breaking away his mouth, he began to kiss her body, she was unsure if she could take anymore. It had been so long, she was so weak.

She managed to hold herself together, till his lips kissed her clitoris once.  Her legs spread so wide, and she yanked off his boxers.

"You wanna?" he jestered, as she signalled she wanted to be on top of him.

So Tom lay, now naked, his erection pointing straight up like a weapon.

Her?. Looking up at her, he adored her more than she knew, more that she'd let herself believe.  Her breasts ample, they swung as she positioned herself just near his naval.

Tom had brown hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo on his upper left arm. 

Penny, had light brown hair and blue eyes. Her body medium, hips curvy. 

"Go on then" 

Penny's face broke from serious, into a smile. "I'm not sure if I can!"

"Been that long huh?"

Penny got the giggles. Tom smiling widely. "Stop it!"

"Am sorry, I just found your face funny!"

"What about my face?" 

Her smile dropped as she realised she was going to say "You looked turned on". 

He WAS turned on. Taking his hands onto her hips made her raise herself from his tummy. 

Next thing she knew she was underneath him, having been layed down by him been uncertain if she could indeed ride him. His tongue licking down from under her breasts towards her tummy button.  

" Please" she breathed, feeling a surge of passion shoot through her legs at the thought of his body joining hers. 

She was on contraception. The nurse put her on after Sophie was born. 

Tom knew this, she'd shared many things with him. He had became her rock, even though she didn't want to admit it. 

Tom pushed his penis up into her entrance, just getting the feel of it. It was tight and warm.  Penny's vagina clenched, then relaxed, him pushing himself into her firmly.  His mouth brushed lips with hers, their chests already beating rapidly. "That alright?"

Penny gasped, before exhaling. It really had been a long time. Snuggling his nose into her scented neck, he kissed, circling his hips, grinding into her softness. 

He needed to pull up, and her toes pointed.  Her legs either side of his waist, he pulled up.  His cock was smoothed top to bottom with her shiny juice. He wanted to slap his balls onto her bottom. He wanted to fuck her so fast.  He knew he had the energy. 

Going back into her she bucked her hips, Penny's legs shook, and even though they hadn't done much, he knew he was going to pop soon. 

Her naked below him, her scorching hot insides around his sensitive cock, her breasts, the knowing she'd not did this for years, it all built up inside of him. Pulling up again she let out a cry.  Slamming it back into her fast, her defences buckled. Keeping it in her his fingers circled her clit as he let his mouth kiss hers. He just left his mouth on hers, his ears soaking in her wimpers.  Circling his hips, he pulled up hard, slamming it into her letting himself erupt as her gasp ignited each fibre of his being.

Tom gasped, feeling himself cum, his head raised as he felt himself loose his load.

Her hands squeezed his bum cheeks, like she was squeezing each last drop of him out. 

He squirted again, making her smile. 

Her fingers grasp the back of his hair, his face on her chest. 

Maybe she would keep him after all. 



















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