Marco and Annabell

Marco and Annabell Marco and Annabell

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Annabell works in a shop with MArco as her Boss, they just start living together.



Annabell works in a shop with MArco as her Boss, they just start living together.


Submitted: May 17, 2015

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Submitted: May 17, 2015




She threw it onto the floor, getting her things,


Ignoring him. he laughed. "Look it's your bloody shop, do it your bloody self!"


"D'ya get your kicks from pissing me off?"

"A little" he smiled.

"Stay?" he said gently

"Why, i quit".

"How about a pay rise?" he had his left thumb on her cheek, smooothing it softly. She just shook her head.

"Come on Annabell"

She swallowed, opening her lips she accepted his.

"So...staying?" she really had no where else too go.

She really wasn't the best help  in the world.

They'd been living together for one week, it was Friday night now, she'd moved in on the Monday. She'd found this job, and he'd offered her the flat upstairs too.

He'd seen her nude last night. That was the problem, Her towel had dropped as she'd showered. He also lived upstairs too.

He'd said her name, and kissed her hotly.



Working in a shop had perks, he already had a supply of condoms, and it was one from his own shop he'd popped down to get last night when she'd ended up in his bed.

Let's take ourselves there now in fact.

Marco's parents where Italian, hence his name. It was dumb because here they where in Surrey. Annabell was white, God, he loved her skin the moment he'd saw it. The way she looked away when she'd seen how handsome he was. He'd found that cute.  Marco was a heck of a good looking guy, he'd not experience much love though, he worked too much, partied a little too hard, but didn't have time for women.

He'd admit, he'd not had sex for a long time, he wasn't the type of guy to just get laid for the sake of it, but Annabell, stood naked in front of him last night, was just a sight too much for him not to give into his animal instinct.  He was unsure why the towel had fell from her,but he knew he liked what he'd seen. Her chest was ample, her waist curving down to her hips. Her shaven between her legs. And the look on her face. as she went to grab the towel back. How she'd appologised. Her avoiding his gorgeous chocolate gaze whilst doing this.

It was his voice that began first with a joke, then his laughter filled her ears. She hadn't planned to have sex with him, but the moment his lips had touched hers, she knew she needed to have him.

It had been just a few days but, why had they been like this situation, if they have seperate flats?. He'd knocked at hers, asking if she'd seen his cell phone.

The answer was no....Bella was looking away after the kiss. She could feel his lips softness lingering on hers. Marco was 25, his brother had been pestering him too settle down. Marco had just laughed "I'm married my job". He was always joking, but really, he was looking for a woman to be his Princess. It was at this moment after the kiss and she'd looked shyly away, he'd asked her.

"Let me make your body scream and your toes curl". Bella wasn't one to be wooed by a pretty face, she had laughed walking away. He didn't know why, but he'd grabbed her by the wrist, pressing her too the wall, helping himself to yanking free her towel.

"Let me go..."

"You can't say you don't want this" his lips kissed her neck as he held both her wrists just using one of his large manly hands.

The towel was soft on her feet and his other hand, on her breast.

She didn't resist, but let it slip down her hip, his fingers tracing along, her tingles hightened by his moist kisses.  Finally letting her hands go she looped them around his neck.

"You're so gorgeous" she admitted, pulling her lips free from his. "It's just a face......" he said modestly. He never liked been handsome, he hated it, he never broke his eye contact as he unzipped his trousers. Helping with his leather belt she tugged at his smart black trousers, before kneeling........

He told her not too, didn't say a word, before vanishing, unbeknown to her, for a condom from his shop downstairs.

Bella went into her room looking into her pyjama drawer. It was Thursday 9pm and work was over. Hearing the door lock she turned seeing him pull free his t-shirt, his chest was smooth and arms quite muscular. His eyes on her ass giving him the look like he was a man on a mission.

Bella was quite inexperienced at 22, her virginity wasn't deeply held to the top of her mind, it didn't really bother her, it had never stopped her, looking at him in all his glory reminded her of the fact.....

"I got some lube and natural feel?" his eyes still on her pert ass.

"We work together, heck you're my boss!" she stalled, but for why. she really wanted to do this with him.

"My Dad's the boss, i work for him too".

She watched him undress his bottom half, then roll the Condom onto his erect Penis. "You just gonna stare at me with tits like that?". Looking down at her ample chest she felt NAKED, looking up, he was inchs from her.

"Don't worry about your job" he smiled at her looking away again. Grabbing her by the waist he lifted her onto his strong shoulder, the squeals turned into laughter, turning to silence as he layed her on the bed, that look in his eyes of needing to be inside of her.

"You wanna ride your Papa?". he flipped her over him easily revealing her sexy body to him.

He watched as to him it was obvious she didn't know what to do. Helping her to balance she bit onto her lip as she.......he flipped her down, her letting out a gasp. The look in his eyes was one of lost patience, Marco thrust into her , she'd been juiced up just gazing at his naked body. He pushed deep, making her toes curl just like he'd promised,  Pulling out he went crazy, it was like he knew she was a virgin, so gave her the pain or pleasure if you wish, on purpose. She didn't want him too stop though. Marcos body was on hers, she could hear his grunts.

"Oh Marco......." her hips rose, his hand had been working on her Clitoris. "Let it out baby". She tried to hold it back, Marco came, making a noise like a wounded animal.


So that was last night, Thursday. Not it was Friday, and here she was gazing up at him again. The crisps where left on the floor where she'd thrown them. Since last night all he'd did was get her too stack shelves, clean, make tea. She was hear to help, not be a slave. The problem was her actions. She'd woken up that morning, and he was gone. She'd found him in the shop at 9am. "Where have you been?"

Annabell started at 9am, It was 9am exactly. His eyes took in her chest hidden underneath a sweater, it was cold, the problem was, he knew what she was hiding. He knew how sweet she was inside, and he crazed to taste her again. Now was 8.30pm, and she knew her mood, and her finally threatening to leave was because in half an hour, they would be free to fuck again.

She could certainly feel her legs ache, they where like..... he'd toned her inner thighs.Marco left her, going into the back room letting her serve the customer who'd just came in.

9pm did come, and as soon as she'd locked the door, his arm had wrapped around her. "Where you a Virgin last night?". he spoke soft beside her ear.

"Don't be silly". she turned too him, he made her look into his eyes, and tell the truth.

"I'm fine, we all are, no big deal"

"I pounded your brains out baby".

"It's ok, make up for lost time" she joked."You should have told me, i'd have been slower".

His lips looked delicious.  " i'm ok, really, just a little sore"

Marco was average size and girth, she may have been a virgin, but she wasn't naive or stupid. She knew men loved to have sex, she knew she was late to join the party, and expected to not tell a man, she would have felt really stupid to admit such a thing.  So she'd lost her V plates. Looking the way he did now, she was hoping she was in for another helping of him.



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