Julia's surprise

Julia's surprise Julia's surprise

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Julia has a surprise when she reachs 17 This is set sometime in the future, where men and women are kept seperate.


Julia has a surprise when she reachs 17

This is set sometime in the future, where men and women are kept seperate.


Submitted: January 01, 2016

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Submitted: January 01, 2016



"Turn around"

Standing with her back to him, dressed only in a bra and panties, Julia was trembling slightly.

His voice had sounded really deep and rich, which was a bonus considering this akward situation.

Jakes eyes cast down the backs of her legs, the bottom of her panties smooth over her delicate roundness, but still letting out a peek of white smoothness of her skin.

"I can't" she heard her voice shake.

"Ha!, don't be silly" he said, it sounded like sensuality poured from his every pore.

He had been matched perfectly for her.

They lived divided, the men seperate from the women.

At 17 they had to meet up, to experience sex. Not just sex, but anything. Anything they chose to do.

Sex was what usually got chosen though.

Turning around, her blue eyes looked over at him, standing there in a uniform.

"I don't understand?"

Jake stood in a Guards uniform.  They had male guards in the female part of the compound, basically to parade to the ladies, and keep their lust for men fresh.

She had seen him before, usually in the mess hall where they all had lunch.

"Where's my mate?"

"Ha", he grinned looking down coyly.

"Well, you my lady, were unmatchable"

Looking up to her, his eyes took in her ample chest.


She hadn't taken in his face, she'd seen him lots of times before. He certainly wasn't 17, more like 34.

"Yeh, unmatchable, ran you through the database, maybe 5 times, and came out with nothing. Never happened before they said. Had to scan the staff into the machine!"

"Ha, nice joke, where is he" she smiled cutely.

Blonde and blue eyed, he'd noticed her around. She was petite, and peppy.

Smiling, he pointed to himself

"Don't worry!" he laughed at her shocked face.

He began to unbutton his blue shirt.

Wow........ Turning her back to him, he again laughed that laugh, she finally remembered.

"17 hey, Happy Birthday"

"It was yesterday, but thanks"

"I'm only small, it's okey, it wont hurt"

She knew what happened in the room was monitored, not live, but they looked back on it to see what had happened.

Hearing his buckle loosen she swallowed hard.

The bad thing was is that she had dreampt of him bedding her on many occasions. Sometimes she stared at him at lunch.

"So......what do you think?"

"Of what?"

Turning to face him, he had his chest on show. He was cute, it just seemed unreal. Maybe she was dreaming. It didn't feel like it, but she'd wanted this, EVERYONE has a match, her match couldn't be him....could it?

He looked real enough. Julia smiled nervously, her tender body trembling still as he grinned, walking closer in the underwear, which had been chosen amazingly, as they fitted to perfection, framing her curves, excenuating her breasts.


"Where do you want to do this?"

The room was just a plain room, a bed, a chair, and not much else. The two way mirror so the Doctors could see in, but the subjects, not out.

Unfortunatley for Julia and Jake, there was 5 people on the other side of the mirror. It had been a novelty finding a person who was unmatchable.

"What if i don't" she pouted, crossing her arms across her chest.

Jake was looking like Dean from Supernatural, toned and strong. He could have easily have lifted her up.

"You don't wanna hit this?"

"Sure of yourself aren't you"

"I AM your match" he grinned before kicking off his shoes, tugging down his black trousers, and yanking off his briefs.

Her eyes followed his pink arse and he walked to the bed, where he layed down.

Getting back up, he got under the covers looking over to her.

She stood there quite stubbournly.

"How about you take off those" he mimicked throwing a bra away. A smile spread across her face.

"You know, staring at me at lunch, was noticed by all the guards, they all laughed at me when i popped up as your match, i had them re-check it"

"Frozen to the spot honey?" he added

"I didn't expect a Guard, that's all"

Walking to the bed, she sat on the bedside, unclipping her bra.

"Why so serious?"

"After this i will go to South Lake if i fall pregnant"

"Get under the sheets with me" he breathed.

As soon as she layed in bed, he got between her legs, his head covered by the sheet and his mouth beside her ear.

"I have a Condom" he whispered.

His chest was already burning hot against her chilly skin.


"No one checked me, i'm a guard" she heard him smile.

"Thank you"

He had placed it in his palm of hand, as he took off his trousers.

Trying to get it on under the cover in the dark was hard, but he managed it.

"Can i try on top?"

Letting the covers fall she got over his waist. she sat above his cock, so thankfully no one could see his condom.

She didn't know anyone was there right now, watching them, but knew the footage would be viewed later.

She was also exposing her chest and tummy straight to the mirror. The 5 men inside the room could feel a rising in their pants as her hands cupped her breasts. Jake watched her lips part and eyes close, as her finger tips pulled  frustratedly at her pink nipples. He could feel her juices on his shaven part, just above the base of his penis.

Been 34, Jake had only had sex once, at 17 himself.

Bending down, she let her lips touch his. Next thing she knew, he was pressing onto her, and she felt a pain push into her in slow pressure widening her slowly.

Her exhale made all the viewers unzip their trousers behind the mirror.

He wasn't tiny, but normal length, he just didn't want to scare her.

"That alright?"

she was secured tightly around him, as he slowly and firmly, pulled himself in and out of her.

Her whole body shook with adrenaline and nervous.

When she stopped shaking, he found himself slip even more into her.  His mouth paused over hers, her hand on his arse cheek. "Urgghhh"

Taking in the look on his face, she enjoyed the thought of him cumming.

"Gimme your clit"

Unsuctioning herself from him, his cock came out making her gasp painfully.

His mouth enveloped her kitty like a crazy guy, sucking hard.

His tongue was like a burning hot poker as it licked its way over her clitoirs.

The sheet had been well forgotten and she was completley nude for everyone to see, her legs wide, and her fanny been attacked by one of their own well respected Guards.

"Stop it" she could feel it building

"Is that it baby, just there, right?" touching with his fingers, he rubbed furiously.

"Ooo, hhhhhhh". seeing her kitty cletch and leak he kissed her mouth gently.


















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