joined by toddlers

joined by toddlers joined by toddlers

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Alice and Tanmeer meet at toddler group



Alice and Tanmeer meet at toddler group

Chapter1 (v.1) - Meeting

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Meeting at the Palygroup

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 10, 2016



"So, you will be back soon yeh?"

Alice had been left again with little Frankie, she didn't mind looking after her Sisters Toddler, he was cute, and blonde, but she didn't really know anything about kids. And i mean ANYTHING!.

Having just been dropped off at the local community centre for Toddler group, she looked down at him, he was 2 supposedly, again, whatever that meant.

Isn't two the terrible age. where they have tantrums?. She shuddered, at the thought of her having to pick him up from the floor kicking and screaming.

Sarah had gone into town for a new dress, and good old Alice was stuck now, attempting to somehow develop some mothering skills!

She'd never been into the centre before. Never been in this situ with Frankie before. Couldn't Sarah have found a more suitable carer than her own stupid, unmothering sister?

Taking a deep breath, she took frankies hand, and headed inside.

She was greeted by the smell of burnt Toast, yes, that smell, was for sure burnt toast. Looking to the right, she saw the little tiny room with a few people what looked like, having breakfast.

Heading straight ahead, she found a hall. with kids running around and mothers higgley piggley laughing,and been all motherly. Did i mention the word `motherly` yet?

She didn't do `motherly`, she just attempted to smile, and give the kid what he wanted. Crisps to shut your crying cherub face, here you go kid!.

"Ok, thank you everyone for coming, i'm Pat, can we all make a circle on the floor please?" she smiled kindly

What was this, School....a Yoga class?. Getting down on the floor Frankie sat with her, which was kinda cute.

Looking up, she saw dark hair, and a beard, her eyes looked away as soon as she even felt anything remotely sexual. This `shadow` had felt sexual. She was usually like this, seeing someone briefly, then when you look again you are like `nah, they arent as cute, or just not my type`. She was always doing that.

"Ok, i see we have new members today". Pat looked straight at Alice, then little Frankie, who had his finger up his nose.

"Frankie!" Alice said embarresed removing the offending finger.

"I'm Alice, and this is Frankie, my sisters kid"

Her eyes, flicked around the chubby faced mums feeling so out of place, then to the sexual guy, who still happened to be just as cute as she'd hoped. He for some reason, had a grin upon his face.

"And how old is Frankie?" smiled Pat.

"Two....i think".

Pat didn't look impressed, and neither did the other mothers!.

"I...i'm not good with children"

"Clearly" said Pat rolling her eyes onto the next new member

It just so happened to be Mr sexual.

"Hey, i'm Tanmeer, i'm 28, and this is little Isabella, she is 16 months"

`Tanmeer` again smiled. She guessed he just liked smiling lots.

Isabella was very cute. did she just think that?. Well, she guessed so.

Alice looked away from him, and back to Frankie, who was now heading for the colouring pencils on the table to the left.


Pat tutted at her utter lack of control over the toddler.

"Not yet sweetie, when we are told to colour in ok" Alice smiled, much to Tanmeer's joy, he thought she just always had that look of.....` on her face.

Sitting back down Pat smiled at her. "Now then Dear, we can introduce the children to the play activities".

Pat pulled out the little plastic tables, and everyone had a table, and a colouring book, felts, and play cubes in the corner.

"Here we go Soldier, show your Auntie what you can draw". Frankie just scribbled all over the blank sheet of paper, than ran to the play cubes.

"Ha, i wouldn't worry about it, kids are weird things" she heard him say behind her.

"He is, that's for certain!" Tanmeer laughed, and soon he was pulling up his tiny table beside her.

Isabella had managed to colour in, which is more than frankie had done. He sat in the corner though, stacking the bricks happily.

Isabella smiled at Alice.

"By, you're a cutie!".

"Yeh, she takes after her Daddy".

Tanmeers straight face, broke into a grin and a laugh that was slowly warming her soul.

" you not have kids of your own?" he asked.

"Ha, not yet, probably not ever" she said breaking her eyes from his.

"Yeh, me neither, this is my brother's daughter"

"Give over!"

"nah, i`m honest, this is my brothers daughter"

"But she looks like you..."

"Well, so does my brother, ...and my Dad", he joked.

Frankie toddled over, passing Alice a brick.

"Wont it fit anywhere?" she said in a cutesy voice.

"excuse me" she said to Tanmeer, and went to the shape box in the corner, to find that yep, he was indeed right, it didn't fit anywhere!.

seeing a hand over hers, he took the brick. " what type of shapes this!"

"A made up one i think".

Placing it on the rectangle hole, he tried to force it in to no avail.

Placing Isabella next to Alice, she was surrounded by cuteness!.

"Excuse me....Pat" he called.

Coming over she shrugged. "That shape never fits in said a mother from behind, "but we didn`t want to say anything to upset you" she admitted.

Pat took the brick away, she didn't seem very well chosen for a childrens play group!

Soon Frankie and Isabella where playing together and she got to learn that he was from Manchester. "Well, i'm of course from here, but, Manchester offered me a job, and it's only an hour and a half away on the train, better pay, still close by, i had nothing to loose, been there just over 2 years now"

Alice told him she had lived her all her 25 years, and had been looking at jobs an hour or two away also. "Ah, you should, it's so much better than this shit heap, no offence!"

"Alright, playtime over, everyone leave their names on the way out if you will be returning next week!" called Pat.

Picking up Isabella, he just asked straight out, if she'd like to go for a Coffee.

"I'd love too"

They all headed out, and Alice called Sarah. "Not finished yet?"

Isabella, Tan, Alice and Frankie ended up in a Greggs, sitting at a table.

"I'm single yeh" he grinned. How about you?.

"since the past six months, not that it even was serious", she looked down at her coffee.

"so, do you date white chicks?" she blurted out.

"Why, do you know of any interested in me?" he smiled sweetly again making her cheeks blush and her face grin.

"I always date white chicks" he said looking at her.

She smiled looking down again embarresed.

"I can pick you up tonight if you want at 8?"

She stayed quiet, feeling her face red, she didn't dare look up in case he saw it!

"That'd be nice" she said finally looking up at him.

His eyes where brown and big like chocolate buttons.

"How about you, the guys you date?"

"which guys!"

"Come on, when did you last........"

"six months ago".



"Me...... about a year ago actually!" he laughed.

"Come on, don't lie!"

"Am serious, i've been busy with work and shit like that, i don't have time for the nicitees of dating"

"So, what about tonght, will you have time for that?" she smiled

"For sure, because i'm on a fortnights holiday, and thankfully for you, i have all next week off too". he winked.

Alice's phone went and Sarah waved at her through the window.

"Your sister i assume?"


"Listen, i have to go now, but be a sweetheart, and give me your number".

Alice laughed, finding her number on her cell phone, and passing him it to copy down.

Reading out her number back to him

"yeh,got it."

Sarah stood there, picking up Frankie, but her eyes where on the two of them swapping numbers. Alice had a red face, and seemed happy, and he was just pretty as a button.

As soon as he left with Isabella, Alice got the grilling of a lifetime.









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