Jasmine's in France

Jasmine's in France Jasmine's in France

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jasmmine Moves to France and needs a guy to love her.


Jasmmine Moves to France and needs a guy to love her.


Submitted: October 14, 2015

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Submitted: October 14, 2015



Jasmine knew she'd not be able to resist his lips.

She'd dreamed about him kissing her in bed...over her, his body touching hers.

At 21, she'd never kissed a man before.

She'd had the odd peck of the cheek from her Uncles, Brothers, and male friends. Nothing like a full-on passionate kiss with some meaning behind it.

Having been moved from England, to France just 5 years ago, she hadn't really knew how to communicate, or what to do. She'd came with her family when her Father had gotten a new job.  This guy was from Uni, he was French. The only French name i know, is Pierre, or Jacque. Let's go with Pierre, as it's easier to spell.

Pierre was 22. 5ft 9, with scruffy mousey brown hair.

He was coming around in a few minutes. That was the plan anyway.. 9.pm.

She was spoilt in a way. Her Father had bought her a house in France not far from the uni. He may have spoilt her, with a house, a car, and all the love he could muster, but, she was missing a mans love. Love from her Father was  cool, great, you know, but, that's  a Fathers love, she needed a mans love, a mans love who didn't HAVE to love her. Pierre could give or take her, unlike Jasmines father, who had to love her. She was his only daughter after all. Oliver or `Olly` as he liked to be called, was 25, and hadn't came to France  with mum and dad.  He'd visit on occasion. 6 times a year. He was busy with his own life after all.

Jas jumped as she heard a tap on the door.

Straightening her skirt she stood, eager, but a little nervous.

"Hey" he smiled. His hair still scruffy and crazy like she remembered. She liked that about him. His hair was like he'd just gotten out of bed, but it was obviously `styled` that way.

"Come in". Jasmine was a treat to behold in her Burgundy skirt and black tights. Her top bright white, she was going for the officey look, but also cute and casual.

As she walked away to let him in, he saw she had no shoes upon her feet.

And for your information, Pierre had arrived at 9.02pm.

Turning she saw him looking around her large open living room. The floor pale wood, creating a bright open space. She hated darkness, dark colours. A beige rug nestled under the glass coffee table. The suite black leather.

She obviously was taking care of her Dads investment for her.

"Wow, this is nice!".

"Thank you".

Following her into the kitchen, she clicked on the kettle. "Tea, coffee?"

Jasmine had her brown hair loose, and straight. It smelt of strawberries and cream from her shampoo.

"A tea, that will be fine" he continued, taking in her kitchen cupboards.

"Nice house".

Finally looking up to him, his eyes made her loose her breath.

"Erm...thanks, my Dad bought it for me, i can't thank him enough"

Pierre was wearing a blue shirt, and black skinny jeans and white pumps.

"So... you needed help on the assignment, right?"

He was a bit of a nerd, always into his assignments. Jas on the other hand, tried to make her mind work. Although she needed help at times.

"Yeh, i'll just go get it"

By the time she was back from her bedroom, he'd made himself a tea, and her one too.

He'd shouted up the stairs, if she took Sugar or milk. The answer was white, with one sugar.

"Here it is" Plopping the folder onto the kitchen table he sighed at the sight of it.

"Jesus, i'd forgotten how bit it was!"

"Yeh, late on my assignment!, just like me really" she laughed.

Her perfume had just `waft` over to him.

He felt a stirring in his pants.

Her lips where full, and God did bless her with a pretty face. She'd always wanted to trade a bit of her prettiness, for some brains.

Sipping her tea, she got to work.

By 10pm, she was on the sofa yawning, him tv remote in his hand, flicking by repeats of the big bang theory.

"You coming in tomorrow?".

"Yeh, it's a 11 start, yeh?"

"Yeh, late, but only until 1...so.." he shrugged.

"Do you have a girlfriend Pierre?" she asked casually, her eyes half asleep

"No, how about you?"

"Nah, i don't have a girlfriend either"

"Hahaha, you doofus!" he laughed "hahahaha"

"I'm single"

"Hmm, why?"

Opening her eyes, looking over to him, him on the chair, her on the sofa.

"Why, because i am, i don't know why"

He found it hard to believe. She was the stereotypical girl visually that a guy looked for.

She could have broken a thousand hearts, but why where they flirting with her, just because of her looks?.

Her looks didn't bother her, her mind did, it was always slower than others. Maybe that's why father bought her the house. Safety. Security. Somewhere to call home when part of her home, she felt was back home in England.

"Why did you really invite me here?"

Jasmine stood walking to the ornament on the coffee table moving it a tiny bit.

"And that text last night.......wow!"

"That was an accident". He watched as she busied herself moving things tiny amounts for no reason at all, all just so she didn't have to look at him in the eyes and tell the truth.

"You always take photographs of yourself getting a bath?"

"My finger slipped".

Her voice sounded real serious and genuine, but he knew she was lying.

"Cool, alright"

They went quiet, her now looking out of the blinds, it was dark outside. It was September.....

"Nice tattoo by the way"

She had a tattoo of a heart just to the left of her Navel.

Just a thick black line, kinda curly.

"Hurt like a fucker"

Pierre laughed, that cute sexy laugh that made her feel tingles up her spine.

"Show me....."

Turning to him finally, she lifted her blouse, walking to him so he could see better.

"It's pretty, i like it........any more hidden anywhere?"

Looking straight into his eyes she smiled laughing. "No, just this one"

Pierre looked cute right now. He had a mischevoius look in his eye.

"You sure about that?"


"You don't want me to check you over incase one's just appeared over night?" he teased

Ruffling his hair with her fingers, he suddenly had his hands on her waist.

She was stood looking down at him, and he was looking up at her.

"Hmm, took me ages to style that"

"Do you even style it, or just roll out of bed?" she grinned.

Her hand seemed to be now playing with his hair, it was thick, plentifull.

"Honestly.... i just roll out of bed"

They stayed quiet as she brushed his hair to the side with her fingers.  His lips had surged blood into them in anticaption of a kiss, and hers tingled too, she could feel it.

"I invited you around to........"

"To what?"

"Don't make me say it"

"Why not, you have already sworn once already, may as well make it a jackpot!"

He was such a clever arse!

"I don't want too say it, it's not very lady like"

Parting his lips as her hand moved from his hair, to her finger tips on his lips, he kissed her fingers as they brushed by.

Pulling away she walked away busying herself with something random.

"You wanted to go to bed with me or something?"

"I didn't say that!"

She was now in the kitchen wiping any tea stains from their drinks away.

"But, that's what you want, right?"

"It doesn't matter Pierre"

While she was busy, he was unbuttoning his shirt.

When she finally looked to him, he was bare chested walking to her.

"Let's go to bed then"

"I can't......"

"What, you waiting till you are married or something, ..daddys got a man for you?, tell me"

"I'm afraid, that i wont be able to stop"

Pierres eyes widened. "That's all you are worried about?" he again laughed, this time she could see his smooth chest rise and fall.  "That's a bonus for me"

His lips met hers, kissing hotly. That was it. That's all she needed, just his kiss, his warm lips, just a little cold, a litttle moist.

"Take me too bed".

Pierre shook his head.  "Oh, but please". she said in desire.

Laying her on the sofa, he treated her to his lips, smoothed all over her body. Each inch of skin she had, he `marked` with a kiss.










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