friday night

friday night friday night

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Harriet and Bo


Harriet and Bo


Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



Harriet wasn't keen on Friday nights. They usually involved been alone at her folks house sat in her room watching tv alone.


At 21 she had been aching to be a little bit more free, to have a steady job, (she'd found it hard to get one lately) to have an apartment, and to have a little cute boyfriend that she could call her own.

So far, she had found one out of the three....

"Here you go babe, Pee-za!". The freshly baked pizza now on a plate, he brought it into the lounge, placing it on the cofee table in front of her. The Pizza all cut into 8 sections, it's redness and cheeseness looking and smelling delicious.

"Just a plain boring one, especially for you!"

"Ha, i don't like any of the other ones"

"Yeh, you will, i'll get one next time".

Looking at the tv, she continued to scroll through the film list.

"Jaws....God these look all old  crap ones".

"Nor..." he said, his mouth now full of pizza, scroll to the left"

"Ah, modern classics!"

"Find something new!"

"How about Regenge 2?" looking to Bo, he was nodding.


Finally picking up a slice of pizza, she took a tiny bite, him watching her.

"What ja think?"

"Hmm, nice"

"You staying the night then?" his mouth still busy with pizza.

"What for?" her blue eyes looking to his.

"I thought we could...... you know"

"Though you didn't want too?"

"I changed my mind didn't i" he smiled.

The scene is set in his 2 bedroom rented house in North east of England.

Harriet, has blue eyes, white skin, brown hair, dyed a honey shade of blonde and wearing just a tshirt and jeans.

Bo, has brown eyes, brown skin, and a cheeky grin.

"I haven't brought any clothes?"

"What dya need clothes for?" his eyes lighting up

Leaning forward, he kissed her cheek.

Sitting on his tatty blue couch, the film had started but non had took notice of it yet.

I call him her `little cute boyfriend` but Bo was quite tall at 6ft, compared to Harriets 5ft3.

They got some looks when they went out together, possibly for the height difference, but also the skin colour difference. Harriet lived here all her life, but Bo was from southhampton.

"What dya say Har?"

Bo wore a tshirt, and shorts. It has been very warm lately, at the back end of June.

He watched her cheeks pink.

"Embarresed?" he laughed, helping himself to another slice of pizza.

Her eyes attempted to take in the film, but she wasn't really in the mood for it anymore.

The reply faided away as the film grabbed their attention.


"Pause the film, i need a piss".

"Wanna cup of tea?"


Bo came back, and Harriet put the tea next to the plate, now only having 2 pizza slices remaining upon it,

She'd eaten three, and felt fat for doing so!.

Gabbing her tea, she snuggled into him. His chest was toned, and he always smelt nice. This time he smelt of cologne mixed with tomato though.

"Jesus shit, why is she walking down a dark alley when there's a monster on the loose?".

Before she could reply, the woman screamed and the screen got splattered with her blood.

"Told ya!.

"Why are they always dark alleys, why not leave the lights on real bright there?" Harriet said seriously, her teacup now on the table, her head on Bo's chest, feeling the rise and fall.

Her hand had been unknowingly up his tshirt, stroking his stomach for the last few minutes, she hadn't noticed the bulge appearing in his shorts.

"You have a point, but they need dark alleys just for spooky movies" he teased sarcastically.

^ Phones Rings^

"it'll be Ellie"

watching her go to her bag, he looked down at his semi erection, grabbing a cushion he covered himself.

"Hey Sis".

"Going out, but i'm busy with Bo......."

"You know i suck with kids....."

"Sure, i'll get get him and bring him here then"

Hanging up Harriet explained how Ellie had to go somewhere, the club knowing her, and Harriet had to look after baby Samuel". Samuel was Ellie's baby.

"Phone her back and say you are busy with me"

"She doesn't listen to me"

Bo took her call phone, calling Ellie back up.

"To be frank i was hoping we could have tonight to ourselves......"

Bo grinned as ellie said something to him.

"Something like that yeh!"

"Alright........thanks, bye! he laughed hanging uo the phone.

"She said, if it means my little sister is finally  going to lose her cherry. who am i to stop in the way`"

Covering her face with her hands, Bo laughed, standing up, pulling low her hands revealing her embarresed face.

"You didn't tell me you hadn't fucked before either"

"Why would i?" her voice breaking

"Coz it's cute" he said softly stroking her face, kissing her lips once.














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