Felicity and Adam

Felicity and Adam Felicity and Adam

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I wrote this on tue 27 may 2008!. Typing it up. This is Felicity and honestly, she is tired of the one mistake she made a few years ago that her sister won't let her forget.


I wrote this on tue 27 may 2008!. Typing it up. This is Felicity and honestly, she is tired of the one mistake she made a few years ago that her sister won't let her forget.


Submitted: May 14, 2015

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Submitted: May 14, 2015



"What ya doing?".

Pete looked up from his Basketball, seeing Felicity in her pretty dress.

"I'm not coming" he shouted over, throwing a hoop, it was pretty dark now, and they could hear the music playing in the hall.

"Why not?"

"I didn't want to from the start"

"But...." she stammered swallowing.

"My parents arranged it....not me..." he added..

Throwing the ball again he scored.

"Bugger off will ya" he said,not bothering too look at her during any of this conversation.

Felicity gazed at him, before walking away angrily.

They lived on a farm, quite a close knit community. This would be all over tomorrow, everyone laughing at her, she was sure.

Sitting on the grass on the nearby field, she began to cry softly.

She could hear all the people laughing having fun. At 21 she was hoping to settle down soon. Pete was 18, the closest to her age. Sighing she sniffed up. She didn't care if she mucked her dress. She sat there till the dance ended and people began leaving. She'd been staring at the grass blank minded for the past 10 minutes.

"Hi", she didn't hear at first, she he repeated. "Hi?"

"Oh..." she smiled politley even though she didn't feel like it inside.

"What's happened?", he was pointing to her knee which was bleeding, and she hadn't even realised it. .

"You alright?"..... "Come on, let's me you a nice cup of tea", helping her up she followed Adam.

Adam was 45, very kind hearted, grey hair (Richard Gere).

Sipping the hot tea, she thanked him for the tea and band aid, which thanks to him, was now on her knee securely.

"Wanna tell?"

"Oh, Pete stood me up"

"I was thinking he'd hurt you"

Everyone knew she and Pete had a date. Shaking her head.

"You look lovely anyway for what it's worth".

Thanks she blushed much to his amusement.

He got her giggling with his jokes. It was already 3am, he carried her too his bed, as she'd dozed off in the chair.

"Hmm?" opening her eyes, she moistened her lips looking up into his sparkling blue eyes, leaving her too sleep.


She awoke to her lips been kissed gentley. Swallowing she opened her eyes. "Breakfast is ready" he smiled.

"I called Sophia"


" She wondered what had happened, guess she thought you where at Pete's, but you didn't call her?" he asked, his eyes taking in her delicate skin.

Felicity smiled "If i got `lucky` she wanted me to call"

"Ha!, i thought you were sweet?" he beamed.

Taking her hand he lead her too the kitchen. Table layed out with food, toast, cereal, juice.

"I didn't know when we'd get too do this again, thought i'd spoil you".

"It's wonderfull, thank you" she smiled.

Eating, he moved the conversation onto them.

"Did anyone ever find out about us?"

"There never was an us really" she said casually, taking a bit of toast.

"Oh, i'd say there was"

"I do miss you" he said soft and kindly. Lookingup to him she grinned.

"Aidendale is so....too close knot, do you think?"

"Too much" he agreed.

"Hows Jimmy?"

"Fine fine, yes"

Jimmy was his little 3 year old son. Adam took in her short mid length brown hair a little tussled from her sleep, and cute lips.

"You're getting more beautiful each day"

"Right!" she laughed.

"I'm serious"

"i better go"

"Why honey?"

"You're double my age"

"You care what people think, not how we both feel for over one year?"

"Sophia will chuck me out if she finds out"

"How will she find out, how?"

"Come......" standing he took her hand. She'd had to put back on her muddy dress, he didn't care, his hand was now unzipping it.

He was right, she'd needed him  for at least a year. Kissing each inch of her body, she finally let him in.


"You look cute"

"I look silly!" she giggled.

"come on, i'll give you a lift home".

She was in his hooded top and track bottoms. "This looks suspicious"

"Show them your dress then!"

Driving her home, he pulled up outside. "Call me this time remember" he smiled.

"Will do, sorry for before, i thought it best we made a break"

Leaning over, he kissed her now familiar lips. He made her tingley inside, joining in, she whispered into his ear.

"Let's go into my room" she smiled teasing.

"It's empty?"

"Never is but...."


"I feel naughty with you" she winked.

"Hmm, that'll be the 24 year age gap, could fit another person in there" he laughed.

Felicity leaned in kissing his lips


That Saturday was fine, Sophia accepted her sister and Adam where friends and friends only.

They arranged too meet via text that night, waiting till it was dark, about 9pm. Knocking at his door making sure no-one was around. The door opened, "hey" he smiled hurrying in, she touched his face kissing his lips once.

Just to clarify. Sophia is Felicitys sister.

"A nice welcome" he smiled. "What's that gorgeous smell?"

"Home made pizza!"

"Home made?" she laughed, he found her amazed face marvellous.

"I'm a good cook"

"I can't cook, i'd burn cereal" she teased.

"I can teach you"

Her chest for some reason was thumping like a drum, "LEt's go into the kitchen, leave your jacket on the sofa".

Taking it off, she followed him. The pizza was lovely and tomatoey.

"I'm so full"

His face just grinned.

"Staying the night?", he was still smiling. She looked surprised at his question.

"Sophia thinks i've gone for a walk...."

"Remember when you first moved here and you came to my door to introduce yourself...i was like `wow`.

"You sure?"

"Yeh, i'm sure" he laughed,

"I'm not pretty much", she carried a few extra pounds, but most of it was her imagination.

"So..staying the night?"  Flick shrugged, he asked for her cell phone. "You can't call her, she'll go mental!"

"You make an excuse then, when you do, you'll find me in the shower".

Adam left leaving her to make a choice, could she lie to her Sister who'd taken her in after she'd came back to u.k after her relationship went terribly wrong?.

She'd made a mistake at falling for a guy at 17, uprooting her life, and joining him in u.s.a, it was laughable that they only lasted a paultry one month and 5 days, yes, she had counted.

"Hey, i'm at Adams, he made Pizza, wont be back tonight, cya in the morning x" she text before heading to join him in the shower.

He was just getting over her wet frame as there was a frantic knock at the door.

"That'll be Sophia" Adam exhaled. gazing at her chest, he couldn't ignore the knocking. So got on his gown, going to answer it. Opening it, there stood Sophia, red faced.

"Where the hell is my stupid sister?".

"Sophia..." he said calmly. Barging past him "Felicity!" she yelled.

Flick wrapped a towel around herself and walked down the stairs sheepishly. "I bloody knew it!" she carried on.

"Sophia......" repeated Adam, again super calm, and kinda finding this a little bit amusing.

"Get your clothes" she ordered to her Sis. Flick didn't budge. "I said GET YOUR CLOTHES!".

"She's 21" Adam laughed.

"She's not capable of making a right decision!". "Yes, yes she is" he stood his ground.

"She didn't tell you why we're here, her ex boyfriend?", Adam stayed quiet, Sophia laughed.

She flew to u.s.a to meet a guy from the internet, you wanna tell the rest Flelicity?"

"No" she said barely audible. "He used her.....i had too pay to get her home, he robbed her blind.

Flick went too dress, just as she pulled on her boots, Adam came in. "Leaving?"

"I'm sorry to have bothered you" she pushed out the words from behind her tears.


The End.

I didn't write anymore!. I was enjoying typing this up too! :(



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