Daisy helps at the Garage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Daisy helps at the Garage.

This was in my Drawer, i wrote it on 2nd March 2010



"Oi!, get up will ya!"

Daisy awoke, the smell of fresh toast waking up her senses. 

"I hope you like Toast, I've did a plate full!"

She'd slept on his Sofa again, second night in a row.

She was probably crazy for accepting, but glad that she had. Rubbing her eyes she went to the Kitchen. There, like he'd said was a plate with about 15 slices of Toast. She wasn't keen on Toast, but there was a Jar of Lemon Curd, and that could be smothered on a Turd and she'd think about eating it. 

Daisy wasn't her real name of course, it's a cute name for a baby Girl, but for a 20 year old woman, it seemed less cutesy and more silly.

She helped herself to a slice of Toast and the Lemon Curd. OK, so Daisy wasn't 20, she was knocking on to been 30, and her life was rubbish.

30 was an age she imagined wrinkles beginning to appear and at least a picture of her on the coffee table with 2 kids. It didn't matter what sex, just 2 kids, all hers, all hers too coo over.

There was no picture frame, or even a coffee table. Taking a bite of toast he poured her a tea. "What's the plan for today then?" he asked.

"Nothing yet..."

"Garage is still open for an offer if you want to join me?"

Swallowing she reached for her tea. "I'll pay like I say"

"How much?" She breathed.

"Ah, £5 an hour....overalls supplied too" he smiled.

"OK, but I know nothing about cars" "It's fine, it's easy...just oil change here and a new Carboretta there" Daisy wrinkled her brow.

By 8pm they where at his garage. The overalls supplied were too long, too long in fact he'd taken a pic for amusement. "Shall I upload it?" 

"No...don't" "You look cute...aww..", he teased making her smile.

He uploaded it too his MySpace/Twitter/Meebo/Facebook (Whatever's the most popular right now).

" Miss January " he teased. "No one would buy it, I'm ugly...".  " Who says?"

"Err.. All the men ever in my life!".  " Yeh?, they are all losers ".

" Hey!, Car Book.... Lesson one, read it cover to cover" he passed her it. "Serious?".

" Hopes, I just wanted to see the look on your face! " she playfully punched his arm. 

"Assaulting the Boss on your first day!".

" Sack me... I can get outta these.....these things" they looked at her upturned overall bottoms. "You should have grew more Shortie!".

She tiptoed, their lip height now matched.  " You know you're like... 45... but..."

"What... You wanna kiss me?".   " I wanna thank you for everything.... helping me".

"You don't have to kiss me..."

"Want me too?" her voice tentative.

"I'm a loser too..."

"Why don't you let me decide?", his lips lowered to here, brushed, then went away. 

" Oil change coming in in soon..." he flustered.

Daisy got to work, even though she had no idea what she was doing, but by the time need let her go 'home', which at the moment was nowhere.

She'd showered at his as he came home. 

"Daisy, you here?". " In the Bathroom! "

Wrapping a Towel around herself she went to see what he wanted.

"Cuppa?",  " Yeh, thanks". Taking out his Phone, her took her Pic again. 

"Facebook?" he grinned. 

"You dressed like that for me?", Daisy went quiet. " Sorry, I'll dress".

"I don't mind".

" My offers still open, I can't pay...he watched her unknot, showing off a little bit of her leg.

"I don't need thanking like that, some people are genuine, and not after sex as some type of payment. 


" I don't mean to act like a Whore".   He walked too her slipping his hand into the gap in her towel. "Your perfect". She accepted his kiss and the hand too his bedroom. 


" You not sleeping?". "Not tired," her eyes flicked to the time, it was 7am.




Submitted: March 12, 2015

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