Bonfire night

Bonfire night Bonfire night

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lucy's depression is getting on top of her so decides to go out on Bonfire night to see what happens.


Lucy's depression is getting on top of her so decides to go out on Bonfire night to see what happens.


Submitted: September 25, 2015

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Submitted: September 25, 2015



Lucy had had enough.

She was bored with her hum drum life. She hadn't had a job for over 6 months, and had no income. She was living on her savings from her last job as a part time waitress.

Her Anxiety had gotten  too much, she couldn't be bothered getting out of bed of a morning, and her life sucked.

Friday nights where for partying, but her friends had seemingly abandoned her.

It was November the 5th in england. Bon firenight. Guy Fawkes night.

The fireworks had started at 6pm, she had been watching them from her apartment window.

Should she go out alone and enjoy the fireworks?. It didn't bother her much, the noise. She knew she could go past many people, all families, it was kinda a safe time to be going out actaully.

Grabbing her jacket, and popping on her black boots, she headed off out. She wasn't going to sit there like a melon missing all the fun, not tonight.

Lucy wasn't much too look at. Her 5ft 3 height wasn't spectacular, she'd recently dyed her hair blonde though. She wanted to feel what it felt like to go from her natural light brown to blonde. it was now at least 4 shades ligher than her natural colour.

She wore perfume though she felt no one smelt it, no one commented on it anymore, now her job had ended.

Wondering up the road she looked up at the sky as she heard the shrill of a firework, it exploded in a sparkle of purple sprinkles.

The air smelt heavily of bonfires. it filled her nostrils fully.

It was a week before she was due her monthly girl `problems` and had been really horny since waking up. She'd not had sex for well over a year. Pete from work. He was 22 and a bit of a nerd. A cute nerd nether the less.

At 28 Lucy was bored, hence the lone walking on a dark night. Why should she miss enjoying the fun?

It was about half an hour later when she remembered that the local rugby club was having a fireworks display. Paying the £5 entrance fee she went to get a jacket potato from the van. She loved it with just plain butter.

"Just a hotdog please mate".

Looking up she saw the bearded guy.

She didnt think of it before he called out a "Hey!, don't i know you?" at her back

Turning she looked more interestingly at him.

Yeh, she knew him all right, he was a Doctor she had went to see for her depression. Jesus Christ, how was she going to tell him that?

Before she could answer he.....

"Lucy, right, Lucy White....."

"That's right" she said trying to not seem bothered digging into her baked potato.

"How ya feeling?"

He talked just like her, been both from Bolton.


"That's £2.50"

Jake payed for his hotdog turning back to see her heading towards the bonfire.

"Hey, wait up!"

Catching up too her taking a bite of his hotdog with tomato ketchup.

"How are you?" he asked through a mouth of food.

Lucy looked up as the firework shot up into the night sky. He then noticed her hair colour was new.

"Fine", her eyes looking once to his before heading back to her Potato on it's little black tray, she took another dig with her little white plastic fork.

They stood enjoying there food before she looked up.

"Did you come alone then?" she asked.

"Yeh, a bit of a loser, i know"

"No kids?" her eyes where wide she she didn't know, but he had noticed in slight amusement.


"I cam alone too" she said, tyring to comfort him a littler, her eyes on the bonfire burning brightly under controlled conditions on the car park. She guessed they didn't want to burn a big charred patch onto the Rugby field.

"How's the appointment's?"

"Doc's?" Jeez, she had came for fun, not too talk medicial stuff.

"Can we just...."


Standing the the fire was really warm and toasting at least her insides up. She bet she smelt terrible of smoke from the fire, but no-one could smell it, as everyone smelt the same way.

Lucy was wearing a grey skirt with black tights, he couldn't see her top half for a big furry hooded Parka coat she was wearing. Jake was just in jogging bottoms and a shirt.

"Can you entertain me though and can i make an appointment for you?"

His hotdog was gone, and her potato skin was just left.

"Whatever makes you happy" Jake grinned Lucy's face following suit.

"I may go home in a second"



"LEt me take your number please"

Taking out her cell phone she read off her number as he typed it into his, before returning the favour.

"Got it, i'll text you an appointment time tomorrow when i check the books"

Jake wasn't large, his beard was slight, his body medium. She'd say he was around 5ft 8 tall and he was 32.

"Catching a taxi?"

"Nah, i'm walking."


It was now only 9pm, she could tell by the large clock attached to the side of the Rugby club. She had no idea why it was there, but it did come in handy.

"I'm a big girl"

"No, let me drive you"

It was getting a little too cold for her as soon as he'd offered, so she nodded and gave a smile.

It was only a 5 minute car ride.


"Rented, hell knows i can't afford anything"

"Well, a Doc's salary isn't much cop either"

They sat engine still running. She stayed quiet so he again told her about how he was going to text her an appointment time.

"Ok, thanks for the lift"

Getting out of the  car, she again thanked, and off they parted




Saturday morning at 8.15am, Lucy opened her blue eyes. Reaching for her phone she saw she had already recieved a text from Jake

"9am on wednesday ok?" it read

Sending off a quick "Ok" she yawned, stretching out on her bed. She had nothing planned for the day other than a shop for groceries.

Her phone shook,"Jake" it read.

She answered. "Hi?" her voice still croaky from her sleep

"We ok for wednesday?"


"Still in bed?"


"I woke up a half hour ago smelling of bonfires!"

He was actually just in a white towel, having tried to shower away the smell.

"Hmm, maybe i do too, i just woke"

"Guess i'll catch you on Wednesday then?"

"Yeh, thanks Doc"

Jake laughed, bidded her farewell.




Lucy sat looking at him. She hadn't seen him for a while professionally. Professionaly it must be at least 6 months. He looked cleaner and much more handsome in the daytime  for sure.

Lucy began to unravel her feelings of anxiety, what certain situations triggered it, how she could plan to get over the things she thought where hurdles.

"Still on no medication right?" he checked on his form just to re-check.

"None" she smiled.

When he looked back up, he'd missed her smile and she was now looking randomly at his desk.

"What is it you see?"

"Tidy desk"

"Yeh, i'm a bit of a neat freak"

"You can come around my place if you want!" she joked.

His face smiled cutely.

"I'm sure it's not all that it?" he laughed.

Lucy felt a flush inside of her so stopped her self in her tracks.

This made him silent.

"ok then, how about another session next month, i'll send a letter out, ok?"

Lucy stood as he had. "That's fine"

"Ok, thanks for coming"



Thursday came and she sat with Markus around her telly watching a re-run of some tv show. She hadn't been really watching it. She was on her tablet pc playing Candy Match Part 2.

He sat drinking lager as she sat in her pyjama's. They'd met at her anxiety group meeting. She'd made a few friends from it actually. Markus was 25 and unemployed.  He hated been unemployed, he felt useless and like he was wasting his days.

His anxiety had just came on one day. He'd been unemployed about a week before Lucy. 6 months later he'd applied for a job and was 99% hopefull that it'd be a yes. His anxiety now was gone but.......he was hoping for that job to move on and up in his life.

"Can i stay the night?"

"Yeh". He lived alone in a flat too, she had no quarms about him staying.

"I might turn in myself in a minute anyway", he eyes still glued to the game.

Looking at her beside him, her fingers tip swoosed the coloured gems together. She'd coloured her fingernails pale blue. almost a sea green aqua.

Exhaling he asked if she had any more beers.

Going to get one from the store cupboard he came back to find her finally gone. He saw her back going into the bathroom, the sound of the tap running. She was brushing her teeth.

Looking up he saw her there. "Spare toothpaste and stuff in the cupboard to the right of the sink".

He looked up to her

"What, do i have toothpaste on my face?" she rubbed the side of her mouth, even though no toothpaste was there.

"Why don't you come over my waist?"


"Get over my waist with your legs, sit on my lap" he added.

"How many of those have you had?" she laughed looking at his lager.

His eyes travelled down her body in her owl pj bottoms and plain white vest top.

In just jogging bottoms she could see the jump on his groin.

"Try it, stop been so fridgid"


"I've never seen a guy around here, or even you with a guy!" he laughed obviously amused at his own findings

"Actually, i was with a guy on saturday night!" she shrieked, her voice getting angry.


""So. if you aren't fridgid, come sit on my cock"

"You better leave"

His eyes took her ample chest in. He'd seen her in just a towel many times, but had always kept the natural desire to mate locked up inside of him. He wasn't sure why he was now finally letting his feelings out.

Lucy turned closing her bedroom door behind herself.

He could stay or leave, she didn't care.

10 minutespassed by of silence, so she went to go check. He was still watching tv.

"Alright" he said seeing her beside him.

He seemed pissed off, or bored, or just plainly tuning his mind out.

"How about a hand job?" she said softly

"As long as i get to see your pussy"

Pulling down his joggers, she knelt in front of his open legs. She was too far.

Pulling off his joggers, she got closer, it now full and erect. He looked large, and quite thick. Maybe she just hadn't seen a penis for a long time?

 wrapping her hands around it tightly  just her soft fingertips made him close his eyes. The tug was heavenly.

Her mouth found his shaven balls where she placed a tender kiss.

Her yanking was making him let out a gasp with each tug.

pulling to the tip of his penis, she pulled back his foreskin it making a noise.

Feelinghimself pre-cum, he asked her too get her pussy out.

"Get your pussy out" sounded like an order, she'd never removed her bottoms so fast, and stripped her knickers off, to lay opened legged on the sofa to the left of him.

Her legs aready one behind his back, one over his lap he lent sideways covering her body with his. His balls had bashed on her kitty as he'd done so making them both want to kiss.

His face was close to hers, his lips millimetres away. He let out a laugh,letting his hand , his fingers, find the entrance to her Vagina.  Circling his thumb around her sensitive entrance, the slickness of it like magic.

Lowering his mouth finally, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Her tasting of toothpaste to his of Lager just showed the difference of them.

Hersex with the cute nerd had been her first time having sex.

She had been keeping herself for the man of her dreams, then been struck her anxiety meant that was never going to ever happen.

Markus began to dip his cock into her. "Stop, we need a condom"

"Fuck condoms, i'm gonna blow your brains out"

Her body tensed as he pushed hard into her. She relaxed, pushing up with her hips for more!

She'd never felt anything like it before, he just went crazy, each moan of pain/pleasure made him do it again, deeper, slower, leaving it inside of her, she could feel it pulsating like a hot , well, like a hot thick penis ready to unload.

Bucking her hips he froze, spurt after spurt after spurt. My goodness.  Imagine it. Her opened legged. his bare ass clenching as he fucks her, then it stops, and he lets out a groan. Finishing off he pulls out of her. I find this part painfull in real life. Always makes me gasp.

I think she needs to go text Jake for another appoinment, She's just had sex with one of her friends. What would Jake say?. I was hoping Jake and Lucy would get it on. Maybe they still will........



Friday morning came and she found herself awake at 6am. Going to shower she tried to stay quiet as possible. By the time she dryed and dried her hair it was 7am.

Checking her phone she found she had no messages.  She sat at the kitchen table drinking tea and having a breakfast biscuit.

The kitchen was ajoined to the lounge, where Markus was still asleep to her knowledge.

It had been a week since the bonfire night party. She wished that there was something similar today as she enjoyed it very much.

"Urgghhh". Markus stretched out.

Swallowing he propped himself up.  He was still dressed like she'd left him last night under that blanket over his lap. Hoody on, but naked bottom half underneath.

He stood holding the blanket lightly to his groin, seeing her sat at the 2 chaired small table.  " Alright?".

His face looked coy.  No words came, she just looked at him for a second before he asked if he could shower.

"Sure, towels in my room to the left of the door"

She dunked another biscuit as he walked past, his bum on show.

Coming back 5 minutes later in just a towel he put on some toast and a cup of tea.

I've never explained how Markus looks. He is brown haired, blue eyed, he was her type for sure 5 years ago.

Looking at his back, she took it in. His face smooth, his lips divine.

He never thought himself to be a good looking guy. Just average.

Turning to join her he looked up at her.

"What time did you get up?"

"Oh, I couldn't sleep....6"

"6!!" he laughed.

Smiling down he spread some butter.


Taking a bite she hadn't realised she was looking at him like she was transfixed.

"What you doing about last night them?" He asked chewing on his toast.

"What do you mean?"

"My stupid lack of Condom"

"It's alright"

He stayed quiet before asking "What's 'alright'?"

"I'll go get a pill I guess"

"It's my fault for sure, I was just an arse last night"

"Both ours"

Markus could drive, Lucy couldn't. They arrived at the Pharmacy by 9am

"You sure you wanna go in?"

"Not unless you want a baby, I know I can't afford one" she laughed nervously.

Lucy had now had sex just twice. She'd been hoping to not sleep around and find a nice steady guy. But the year was 2015 and most people hadn't got time for that.

Taking the morning after pill had never been in her imagination too do.

She was the type to think of babies as very special, but, she couldn't have one, she didn't have the money, or the right frame of mind to raise one.

She was going to get the pill and buy some condoms too. That was the thing though, she'd never needed to have any before. The first guy had his own.

By 1 pm she'd taken it, and he'd headed home.

Her day was free so she checked her phone too see no messages again and went for a walk.

Seeing all the children in the park proved that she didn't want one. Of course she loved the cute faces and toys of giraffes and all that cuteness, but she needed to unravel her anxiety.

Babies could wait. She guessed she'd never have one and she'd probably just did away with her only hope of having one. She really was that depressed and sure of that.

By 9pm she was sat in the bath playing Candy match again. Yes, she had downloaded it onto her phone too as well as her tablet PC!.

By 10pm Markus was back at her flat laying in her bed naked. He'd text her while in the bath.

Towel around her waist she dropped it in front of him. It was something she'd never thought she could do, stand naked in front of a man, and even though they'd just had sex last night, had been half dressed, and so had she.

Turning around at his request, he took in her petite body.   He never realised how shy she was. The way she was looking down embarrassed made him smile inside.

Walking to the bed, He rolled over onto her just as she'd snuggled herself in, securing himself between her still hot thighs from the bath.

"I got a present anyway, I'd move but...."

His eyes looking to her breasts the nipples already erect.

"Oh!, go get it, i like pressies!"

"It's just some Johnny's"

"Oh, how romantic!"

"I don't do romance". he kissed her lips softly, almost like the kiss was saying to her "I do romance, i'm just teasing"

"Anyway, tell me about this guy". Gettting off her as he was slightly crushing her, they looked at each other side by side.

"What guy?"

"Bonfire guy"

"Oh, the Doc....yeh, he is my shrink"

Markus's eyes where wide, same as the grin now on his mouth, baring his teeth.

"You went on a date with your shrink?"

"It wasn't a date, just a ......"

"This the same guy you went too see the other day?"

Covering her mouth too yawn, she nodded.

"What do you talk about?"

"Just things"

"You wanna have sex?"

"Do i ask him for sex?"

His face amused

"No, i'm asking you if you'd like to have sex"

"But i don't love you"

The way she'd said it honestly.....

"You're too sweet by half Lucy". Turning his body away from hers, he left her puzzled.

Turning away too, so wondered if she was too timid.













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