Alice's Turkish Lover

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Alice had her first trip abroad and meets a man who she knew she shouldn't, but part of her wants too.

It was Alice's first time abroad, she'd gone with Maisey, her friend from work.

She'd never been into sunning herself by the pool, but she was 25 now as of last month and agreed too 'live a little' and taste a different way of life.  So here she was, by the pool, her pale body in a emerald green bikini.

Maisey sat beside her, her skin fake tanned. Maybe it would have been a good idea to get a tan, hide her pale skin so she didn't feel so vulnerable.  Their toes skimmed the water. "God, it's boiling!". " Yeh!" Maisey smiled, she obviously loved the sun.

Alice had, and was still hoping to have a wonder around Turkey too see the landmarks and not just sit by the pool or beach.

"I'm gonna sit in the shade, I feel dizzy". Alice stood, making her way too the shade of a parasol. Maisey smiled shaking her head before slipping into the pool.

" You want a drink madam?". Alice had her eyes closed, she opened them too see the waiter.  Wow, Maisey had been correct about the looks of Turkish men. He smiled baring his teeth.  "Er. Just a water please..."

I myself have never been on Holiday I'm unsure how people get drinks at the pool!. I will have waiter instantly have a glass of cool water in his hand.  "Thanks".

Joseph's face furrowed, you feeling OK?".

" Too much sun" she smiled.

"Ah, you are British, always the crazy British girls".

" how do you mean?"

"Always wanting to be brown, lazing by the pool all your friend over there". They both looked over to Maisey now on a sun lounger soaking up the rays.

" It's my first time here, I hate the sun!".

Joseph laughed, she took a sip of water.  "You came to Turkey, but hate the sun?".

Joseph was very cute looking, his skin tanned, his eyes chocolate coloured. She could see his biceps under his black T-shirt. Alice was  quite pale skinned, her lips plump, her body ample busomed , waist just right, she liked her waist, it had taken her years to get herself to like her own body.  The emerald bikini set off her auburn hair.  Her parents where from Ireland, but her born and bred in Lancashire. She'd never been before, maybe she should have gone there instead of here?.

She was a sight too behold and quite pretty, but she didn't know it.

" This is a late Birthday treat".

Joseph looked around as he heard someone call.  "I better go Darling, Happy Birthday". He smiled winking cheekily. Alice had unknowingly smiled and looked down quite shyly.

Maisey hadn't seen any of this, as she'd been too busy with the sun.

She watched Joseph serve a man with tattoos before looking her way.

Sipping her water, the dizziness had gone, Maisy was still laying like a fish, useless. Sending her a text, Alice headed to the hotel.

Getting out of the lift, she went to get some things, like shades, makeup, and a cover up. She was gonna visit places even if she had to go. This was their second day, and she was getting bored and sunburnt!.

Maisey texted back that she'd be laying by the pool all day, to wonder alone, to meet at the hotel at 8pm.

Hmm, this wasn't much fun, but she had too, or she'd go crazy.

Passing by the pool Joseph saw her heading to the beach area.

Alice had a camera, and was been modern for a change, taking pictures of herself and the sights. Her Facebook had few friends, but all really solid ones, she hated fake people.

This was a Birthday treat, her first trip abroad. Turning around the corner she bumped in to someone, her eyes had been looking back at the pic she'd just taken.

"Sorry!". She looked up too see the Waiter.

" Hi ".

" Hi, I guess you are wondering why I'm here..." He said instantly.

She shrugged. For some reason her gaze was on his lips, now his eyes. His lips parted too speak.

He told how she'd caught his attention, how she guessed she'd heard of Turkish men, that he was different.

She was different too.

"People tell me I'm too trusting"

Joseph told her his name, her her own.

He walked her back too the pool. "How long where you following me?"

"Since you left the pool", he laughed.

That was at least a full hour ago.

She invited him too her room.

Her last boyfriend had been when she was 22.

Three years, she had missed the kissing the most.

" I've been in many British, Swedish, Australian women's rooms" he admitted.

"I love making love to beautiful women, but you, you take my breathe away".

Joseph pulled off his black T-shirt. His chest was toned and smooth.

"I don't usually put myself in for heartache".

"You don't seem like the casual sex type of woman, why you invite me here?"

Alice was still wearing her bikini and Kimono. Her Auburn hair was slightly curly and loose.

"You're friend sucks by the way, letting you walk around alone, i'd never let you out of my sight if you where mine"

"Do you not like my body?". As soon as he'd taken his top off, she'd looked away.

"Yeh" her voice weak.

"You wanna do this?".

She knew what he meant, and now she was here, she was unsure.

As i say, he stood there in bare chest and black work trousers, his stubble, his chest, his biceps, her body craved to be touched, but her soul needed more. She was tired of been the single girl, the one sat alone at parties, maybe that`s secretly why Maisey had brought her here, to get laid, though going on her usefulness of today, Maisey did indeed `suck`.

"How about tonight?, i have to get back to work to be honest, let's decide tonight, right, come to mine at 10 if you want too". He told her where he lived, she wrote it, kissed her lips, and left.


" Why are we even coming here? ". Maisey sighed, she was walking backwards, walking and talking to Alice as they headed to his apartment.  " I'm living a little ".

Maisey let out a laugh, " since when?, it took me to twist your arm to get you come here! ".

Maisey was blonde and tanned, kinda like the pretty of the two of them.

" True, but he is gorgeous ".

" Yeh, I saw him talking t'ya when you had your little funny turn, nice ass on him".

Looking up, the lights where on.

Going up the path, they saw him sat on a chair outside reading a magazine.

Looking up, he smiled. Maisey felt her tummy flip, she was right, he was gorgeous.

Glancing tho Maisey he smiled, then back too his Auburn Princess.

"Thanks for coming".

" I told her not to bother".

Joseph laughed. "Your friend's very outspoken when she gets off her ass"

They both laughed, Maisey didn't.

"You wanna come in, my sister's in though"

They just followed him, the smell of cooking coming to get them, it smelt lovely.

He was dressed more casual, in white tee and khaki shorts showing off his hairy legs.

Alice wore a tee, paired with a skirt.

Maisey, well, Maiseys not important right now, let's leave her on the porch with that book. We won't  leave her in the dark, let's give her a candle shimmering quite nicely and a nice breeze.

Joseph leaded her upstairs past his sisters and daughter, too his bedroom.

"You don't have children?".

Smiling, he shook his head, " my sister is always telling me too settle down, 'stop with the flirting' she says ".

His eyes took in her tummy. " You?"

"Not yet".

" You want?"

Her Auburn hair looked extra shimmery and her skin glowed. Her lips always looked too tease him.

Moistening his lips , he laughed looking down like he was shy. What was this guy doing too her.  "So, you came anyway" looking up his eyes wide, you decided yes, or no?."

"It's a yes, but i  get nervous".

Pulling off his top throwing it too the floor, there was his chest again. That firm, toned, smooth, canvas. Then his shorts, revealing his boxer briefs, those ones that hug the man's upper thigh. Let's make the boxers dark blue.

" Fuck nerves, nerves just get in the way, don't think, just act from your instinct".

Alice pulled down her skirt revealing her turquoise briefs.  Letting her pull off her tee to revealing the matching bra.

"Now what's your body saying?.  Walking to him she rested her side of face on his, letting her hand smooth over his bump. Her lips blew into his ear. " take me too bed" she whispered.

Joseph had fucked a lot of tourists, he wasn't proud of it, he'd been trying to stop. Stop them using him, and himself using the tourists.  Alice had fucked just one man. Three years ago, Chris.  Three times, he made her feel like dynamite.

Her back felt the bed, and her lips finally felt his kisses.  Tearing at her underwear he spread her legs wide, pressing his tussled up penis onto her.

"Your beautiful", his lips went down her neck side to her nipple.  He felt himself leak.

" let me...." Watching as he put on a condom she stood naked locking the door.

"Why don't you get back here".

Turning to him, he stood there, his erection strong, the look in his eyes one of that he'd never let her go till he made her wishes come true.

Sex to her was sex, it never gave her much apart from the feeling of emptiness been filled, and she adored the breathing, and feeling of heartbeat the most. She wanted to feel that she could make his heart race, that it was for her, she caused it.

Imagine her body under his, the view of his ass in the air, his naked bum cheeks, and her hands upon them as she felt each movement he made. The view of her face, and her lips parted as he delved deeper into her. Can you see it, can you hear her gasps?. Can you see his face, his eyes closed as he felt her soft, hot warmth around himself. He was right too, it was like nothing he had felt before. Her body was burning hot, he could see the sweat on her chest, as he looked for a second at her face. her legs around his waist, he got a little faster, her body hated fastness, that feeling, it pained her inside, it was the look on her face, he only did it once again for his own desire, that he slowed down. stroking her clit, their lips brushed. it was rare, but they came at the same time. his hot breath on her face, he left himself inside of her. She didnt know what he said, but he spoke some Turkish words into her ear before laying beside her exhausted.

His chest had been so close too hers, his body was like it was part of hers.

Alice Looking at the ceiling , his hand slipped on her tummy.  Turning to him she looked to his lips, to his eyes. In turkish, which i can't type, he said "Baby, if i never seen you again, it will be a tragedy, i love you". Kissing her cheek she smiled.

"What did you say?"

A smile appeared on his face. "I love you" he said in English.







Submitted: May 08, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Jenny Jones. All rights reserved.

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Krystal Clear

I like where you've taken this. Nicely done technically. ~Krystal .....[A fire has been lit....stay tuned]

Sat, May 9th, 2015 10:34pm


Thank you :)

Sun, May 10th, 2015 1:09pm

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