Alex and Shy Fiona

Alex and Shy Fiona Alex and Shy Fiona

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Fiona likes Alex, but he is leaving his job in the Unit


Fiona likes Alex, but he is leaving his job in the Unit


Submitted: February 16, 2014

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Submitted: February 16, 2014



I wrote this September 2013. Sorry if the writing a little jumbled, not found out how to edit it yet!.

Again not a finished story, it's just how i write.

Based on about 20% of my personal life stuff.


Alex straightened his tie , looking in the mirror.

"You look nice". He heard her call from behind. All suited and booted for the meeting he reached for his Cologne. Turning around he saw her standing there. "Fiona". He smiled acknowledging her finally.

She had just came from her room to see what was happening around the place. "Going to go for that meeting now for the bradmore job".
He picked up his keys, cell phone and wallet and walked to her , she was blocking the doorway with her inquizative self. "Do you have to?" She had moved out the way and he was now locking the door to his office. "Sure do!" "I'll see you later". He winked at her , she watched as he walked a short way up the corridor and out of the door.

It was after Dinner that she heard a tap at her door. Putting down her book she opened the rest of her slightly ajar door. There stood Alex. "Hey!" she smiled.
He invited himself in. "I got the job" he said after coming in but her not having time to turn around to greet. "Really?!". Seeing his happy grin she smiled weakly. His smile still held. "Well done". She glanced up briefly seeing his eyes then looking away shy again. "Hey, don't" his hand touched her lower chin tilting her face up. Her eyes been forced upon him really. "You not got lipstick on tonight" She stayed quiet , his eyes on her bare lips.

She usually put a splash of colour on her lips. Letting her face go he glanced at her book, open face down on her bed. "They say i start in a fortnight", getting back to his news. He was normal heighted of a little short of 6ft she guessed. His hair dark brown. His skin white. His eyes took in her pyjamas, he guessed he hadn't realised how late it was. It was 8pm, he knew they ate at 6pm and got showered at He'd lied and said he needed to grab a few things from his Office. Her Pyjama's sported a little tiny yellow duck pattern. "They need to sort out the moving papers, get someone in too take my job". She smiled this time for real. "Welldone". She kissed beside his ear.

"So... " he took a seat on her bed glancing over at her. Reaching up to her top she slowly unbuttoned it. His eyes enjoying the sight of her pink bra. "You have it on" he laughed. "You like?" She spoke soft and quiet. Her blue eyes taken in his browns. "I'll miss you at bradmore" he cooed.

"Do you HAVE to go?" Her eyes flicked up to his like a kitty looking for a home. He nodded , swallowing. "I.. Should get back on my rounds". He smiled quite sadly and left.

It was the next day at lunch she saw him in the dinner hall. Keeping her views personal she chose her food and sad next to Bonnie. Bonnie was a thin girl who struggled with her food. She had a small portion of food she wanted to eat. "Greedy cow!" . Fionas first mouthfull of food moved away from her mouth at Bonnie's sudden unexpected insult. " What?" Bonnie laughed. "I do exercise in my room". Fiona took the Vegetarian mince into her mouth chewing looking down at her plate. "Why's Alex looking at you?". Piped Bonnie. "Don't know". Fiona made no effort to see instead looking to see what her friend had managed. "Oh, you have peas next". Bonnie looked down at the peas which they had consideratley (!) mashed into a puree!. "That looks rank!". Fiona laughed. "Can you keep it down please?" She looked up to see Alex beside her. "I was just laughing" she said super quiet. Alexs eyes sparkled with guilt at telling a woman who was in here for not been able to communicate really well, to keep quiet. "Sorry". Fiona held back the tears she felt welling behind her eyes. "Ignore the dick" Bonnie said comforting her by placing her hand on her friends and squeezing it lightly. "Thanks, she sighed, so...we gonna tackle those peas" Alex watched as she helped Bonnie 'tackle' her peas. After lunch Fiona went to her room to read more of her book. She had half a hour before it was time to go outside to the garden. She just opened her book to hear a knock at the door. Letting out a sigh she looked up to see Alex. "Can i cummin?" She nodded putting her book down. "Sorry bout Lunch, i was a cock, i didn't think". She loved his choice of words, just how Bonnie had described him. "It's ok". He knew she was lying. "And i'm getting a better job!" He laughed at his self. "God help those Patients!" Her fingers smoothed down her skirt. She wasn't laughing. "Still upset?". "Didn't know i was only your Patient" she said quietly. "What was that?". "Nothing". She didn't know he had bent in front of her, till she heard the "Hey, " so soft and his hands on hers. Her heart had imploded just at his 'hey', the hands added a dimension of feeling she had never felt before. He knew she was too shy to look up and meet this whole thing that had just been created. So helped himself to her lips. Just a one kiss, just a taste.

His hand touched her cheek. His lips couldnt help themselves but kiss her deeper. Somehow he wasn't kneeling, but over her, kissing. His hand up her skirt. His fingers traced over her briefs front. She exhaled. Although she was shy, she'd longed for him to feel so much for her that he'd want her. Their cheeks touching. "I better go". He said, his voice different than she'd heard it before. "Don't". She could feel his love for her pressing on her privates, he thrust unconsciously.

"Its playtime soon" They called it playtime because it reminded them of playtime at school. He pulled away. Standing trying to shake off his erection. He left unsure what he was doing. She dressed going to wait at the doors to be let into the garden.

Megan came to let them out. She was still a teen but very sweet. Everyone liked her and she wasn't tarty or shouty. Very calming and perfect for a psych nurse. Alex was off at 5pm, she thought as she breathed in the fresh air. Bonnie waved to her. No one knew of her and Alex, not even Bonnie, Bonnie only knew that Fiona had a crush on him.

Alex was unbeknown to Fiona, looking at her. She was sat on the bench chatting to Bonnie. Her lips smiled. He had been so close, so close she didn't realise. His erection was fading. He had locked himself in the quiet room. Fiona had shoulder length brown hair , splashed with blonde, Bonnie had did it in a class they had, and blue eyes. 5ft 5 in height her body was quite slim. She'd came in fortnightly, till one day she came in full time. Her weight plumeted. He wondered why they where all leaving and realised he must have been staring out the window for half an hour.

Lunch 12-1
Playtime 1-1.30

Lunch with Bonnie was only half a hour, she hadn't felt right to sit there after he told her to shush.

1-30 to 2-30 was craft time. Fiona was allowed needles so sat with a few others sewing. She loved sewing, it was theraputic. Then was more free time. Her book called to her. Going back in her room she left the door ajar as usual. "Hi". Fiona jumped as Alex appeared at the door. He knew they had a hour. "Where did you go?". She asked leaning over, opening her bedside for her book. His arm helped itself to around her waist, he cupped his other hand on her mouth. "Before you scream" he whispered in her ear. Wow, she could have melted into him right there and then. His excitement pressed on her bottom. Turning to him she held his face kissing him gently , maybe a little awkwardly beside his mouth.

His chest wasn't hairy, she didn't know either way at this moment in time. he was 29 and most people chose to have a smooth chest.

"I better go check on the patients". Jens minds reading this in a Scottish accent!. Fiona smiled. "What time do you knock off tonight?". "6". Her fingers touched his lips and leant in for a quick kiss. Her eyes flashed bright and a smile appeared on her mouth. "So we have a few hours". It was almost a question. "I have to fill out forms , for my move". "Now?". "Before i finish work". "One kiss before i go?". Smoothing her palm to his cheek she kissed calmingly.

Tuesday came and she awoke to the same call. "7 o clock!, 7 ooo clock!". Patricia always said the same call in the same voice that had gotten monotonous a few days into her stay there. She'd been here now five months. She always reached out for her clock to check the time even though ever day it was exactly 7am on the dot when she heard Pats call.

Fiona had a room to herself, they all did. It was plain, one single bed, a set of drawers and a bedside cainet all in a pale fake pine colour. Her one little luxury was the lovely warm cosy fleece throw in a gorgeous chocolate colour she'd treat herself too. She was snuggling into it now in fact. It was hard to break away from it each morning. The door opened and Pat yelled to get up. She did that, opened the door and shouted in ones room. Fiona sat reaching for her clothes. She wanted to do her hair and pack what she had to of her bag as at 1pm they where going out on a trip. 20 girls on a mini bus to suffex beach , it wasn't far, only one hour, but with 20 chatterboxes aboard it could take hours to even get out of the car park!. She wished to shower, she was going to ask. "Miss Dring?" She called after shouty Pat. " Can i have a shower after breakfast?". Miss Dring watched over the showers, woke people up. " I don't see why not" she smiled. She was always smiley. Fiona liked Miss Dring even though she did wake her up abruptly every morning!. Heading to brekkie she sat near Bonnie. "Alex came to my room yesterday" she whispered. Bonnie gasped. Alex wasn't due in till 12, just in time to chaparone 20 crazy ladies. " I knew it, i knew you where keeping a secret from me!". "Sorry". Fiona watched Bonnie have a bite of toast. "Is he well hung?". Bonnie said this with a serious face, chewing on her toast. Fiona almost choked on her cereal. "He is then?!" Bonnie teased. Patting her friends back as Fiona choughed. "When you are finished choking you can go shower". She heard, looking up she say Miss Dring. "Oh, can i have one too miss?". Bonnie asked. The answer was yes , the bedrooms had ensuite showers so Miss Dring watched Bonnie while Mr White watched Fiona. Mr White was about 20 and new.
He watched as the suds ran down her inner thigh. He watched as she shaved her legs and washed her hair. Her eyes blinded she reached for the small towel to feel a arm "Here" she took the towel clearing her eyes of water and wrapped the towel around her hair, looking up to see Mr White. Turning off the shower, he passed her the larger towel for her body. Wrapping it around herself she had already seen his bump in his trousers. Looking to his eyes she kissed his cheek. Walking past him to go through to her bedroom , he grabbed her arm pinning her to the wall. She could tell it was his first time shower watching. Watching his next move he let her go. Gazing at his lips probably wasn't helping, but she couldn't stop herself. He left.

Drying and styling she packed her bag. "Hello hello!". She knew it from the voice. She turned to see Alex. "Been sent to check up on you lassy". (Again i think Scottish is cuter).
Fiona smiled. Walking to him she gave him a kiss on his lips. "Well that was unexpected". She turned and he slapped her bottom. Turning he caught mouths with her and gasped as he pressed her to the wall. "Im ready for you" she admitted. "Can you put in for a weekend off". He asked smoothing her cheek. Her lips parted. "Take you to my place, give you my cock". He said this quite gently so even though if you read it, it sounds rude, it didn't sound like it from her side. Lips then her eyes where what he was looking at. "Is it big?" She couldn't even believe she was asking never mind believe those words could come out of her mouth.

"Thick, but not so long". She became speechless. "Bring your gloss". He said touching finger to her lips. "Everyone please meet outside". Miss Dring called "15 mins till Suffex". His hot breathe shimmered on her face. Fiona let out a weak yearn. Kissing her lips once. They left. Alex was coming too.
She had her bag, no idea why, it was only a outing for a few hours. She sat near Bonnie as usual for any type of sitting event, meeting. They had bonded well, especially with her eating disorder and Fiona loosing weight. She wasn't in here for her weight, but for her Speech, or maybe her lack of it. The journey started off ok, reading Bonnies magazine they pointed at pics of celebs in new fashions. The driver drove, Miss Dring and Alex chatted while Megan who had never experienced a Coach trip with them before sat reading her book. She was very pretty, it made Fiona jealous, naturally pretty, it's all she'd ever dreampt of. Bonnie waved her hand in front of Fionas face. "S..sorry". She'd been looking out of the window beside Megan. They'd just passed a factory with white smoke maybe steam coming from it. Alex casually looked to Fiona now play slapping Bonnie. "Here we are ladies!" Called Miss Dring. Megan jumped with a start closing her book smiling pretending she hadnt been totally absorbed in her book. The coach opened and they all got out one by one a chatter going on. Fiona went by Alex smelling that he'd got the cologne on that she loved. "Right ladies!" He said taking over from Miss Dring who was now chatting to the coach driver. Megan stood smiling beside Alex.

"Welcome to Suffex!" He proclaimed like a tour guide. It was only one hour away but she'd never visited before. "Hope you enjoy yaselves, BUT!, no wondering off, no fighting or arguing, no swearing. On best behaviour please gir els". She couldn't believe he was leaving in a week or two. He went along counting them all. "Follow me" he and Miss Dring lead them in a line to the nearest fish and chip shop. They hadn't ate yet and where quite hungry. Fiona and Bonnie shared a fish and large chips. "Hey Miss Dring?" Fiona was in a strange place, in the ladies toilets . Miss Dring was washing her hands. "Do you think i've done well enough to be let out this weekend?" she stopped or one day?" Miss Dring was impressed by her sentences she was now saying. "I think so, still got your flat?" Fiona nodded. "You better ask Miss Brown but i will give credit that you have improved" Fiona smiled. She had just three to wait. Coming out she bumped into Alex. He took her hand and took her into the mens and into the cubicle. "Hey" he smiled. Fiona laughed. "Come here often?" She nodded. "Oh, you do?!" He laughed. "Miss Dring" she said ever so quietly. He lowered his head to hear her. "Maybe". She ended. His mouth found hers , kissing away her clumsiness. His cologne filled her scences , she had no idea what it was but it was working for her. She kissed him hotly. He tried to pull her top over her head and free from her arms but she stopped him. "Stop"she whispered. "Fiona!" She heard Bonnie yell. Straightening her clothes she walked out after him no one was there other than Bonnie. Alex felt the look in Bonnies eyes as he passed by her. "What the hell where you doing in there?" She yelled but then stopping herself. "Im asking for leave when we get back for this weekend". "So you can go fuck him?" Fiona went out the corrider with bonnie. "You don't like him?" "I think he is fabulous but not shagging in the mens bogs!". Getting to outside all the girls where doing things like applying make up, checking phones and taking pics of the sea. Alex was looking at her like he wanted to finish what they'd started. They headed to the Beach finally, it was 2pm now and most wanted to lay getting a tan. Bonnie lay and Fiona sat checking her texts. She didn't have many. One arrived, she opened it. "Hi, im so far away from youuuuu!" She looked to Alex on the low wall just a few people away and smiled. Alex waved. "What's after this?" She asked Bonnie. "Urgh enjoy the sun pale princess!" Going to Megan who was still enthrailled in her book. She coughed to not startle her with a voice. Megan still jumped. "Whats after the beach?". "Oh, i don't know honey, you not like the beach?" Fiona shook her head for a 'no'.

Miss Dring had her eyes shut, Alex was eating a choc bar of some kind. "They have some arcades?". Fiona wasn't really into them. "Whats up?" This time Fiona jumped as she hadn't heard Alex come up behind them. Then again, they where on sand!. "....." She didn't know Fionas name. "Fiona" added Alex. "Yes, 'Fiona' says she doesn't like the Beach, can she do something else?" "Should have known from her pale skin" he teased. "I itch and go red" Fiona admitted. "Arcades?" Alex asked.


"She doesn't like". "Ah, you will with me!". Fiona finally sucummded and crossed the road to the game machines. In they went and he taught her how to play them. She accepted the teddy, it was a bear in a hat". Alex kissed her lips once forgetting that no one was suppose to see. Leaving the arcade she stuffed her teddy into her bag, everyone including Megan had eyes shut laying in the sun soaking up the rays. Alex and Fiona played eye spy quietly as everyone woke up gradually. " Right its 5 o clock girls!" Said Miss Dring. "Can we not stay a hour longer?" Cried Bonnie. She agreed. They all laid there again! Fiona rolled her eyes and Alex laughed. "Where too now?". "Shopping?" She grabbed her bag and they went to the shops. She blushed as she asked him to take her to the lingerie shop. She wanted some Underwear for him. He laughed and picked the barely there set. "These?". Alex shook his head. "I like black lacey stuff". He admitted. "You pick". He chose a pair, she didn't like but bought them. "So you gonna ask Mrs Brown yeah?". "As soon as we get back".


"What if she says no?" They looked both left and right , and carefully crossed the road. "Dunno". Rejoining the group everyone was rather quiet. They got back at 7pm. Shower time. Everyone went to shower and Fiona popped to the Office to see Mrs Brown. "Come in".

Sitting down Mrs Brown smiled. "You want a weekends leave...this weekend?" Fiona nodded. "That should be fine, i hear from Miss Dring you have made good progress. She usually was let out , and if not the care workers checked up on her flat for her. Going back to her room she kept the lingerie in her bag. But the teddy went in the bed. She picked up her phone to text Alex.

She left the unit Friday afternoon at 7pm. Kissed Bonnie goodbye and headed to her flat in a Taxi. Alex finished at 6. He was due around at 9pm. She showered and put on the underwear, put on the lip gloss he adored. "Buzz". She went to the intercom. She went down to meet him at the door. She was in a dressing gown. "Hey!, finally get to see where you live!". He sounded excited. She lead him up the stairs and into her flat. They stood in the sitting room, attached was the kitchen and off to the side was the one bedroom and small bathroom and over the bath shower.

"I didn't know what to cook, i got a veggie meal". He pulled a face. "Nice flat". "You like it?" Going to peak out of the curtain he could see his Ford Escort outside ( sorry, its the first car to come into my mind!). She smelt he had his cologne on that drove her crazy. He turned and saw her fluffy robe. She looked cute, still a little plump but he adored her little round soft cheeks. "You veggie?" His scottish accent sounded thicker for some reason. She didn't even know why he was Scottish and living in Pomde. She shook her head. Walking to her he kissed her cheek. "Glad you are free?". "Two days of sanity" he beamed. She kissed his lips. "Hmm you got strawberry on". He took her lip into his mouth and sucked its juicy flavour. She was sure he'd just eat a tube of strawberry lip gloss!. She prefered this long way though, much more pleasureable. Letting it go she whimpered unexpectedly. "Don't just yet, i'm starving". "Ha!" She warmed it up and they sat having Veggie 'meat' balls and salad. "So why are you Scottish but in Pomde?" She had made them a cup of tea and where now sitting on the sofa in the living room. "Job came up that i wanted, the job i have now". "So you moved from Scotland?" "Sure did". "Wow". "Yeh, big move, had t leave all my crap behind so probably the best decision of my life!" he joked laughing. "Wheres your new job!" She sounded shocked. "Ah, it's just blenheim" blenheim was about 10 miles away.


"You thought i moving back to bonny Scotland?". She nodded. "Nah, i like it here". Putting down his tea he noticed his teddy he won her on the radiator. "He cold?". Looking to the teddy she laughed. "He wont get warm there, i can't afford the heating!". "Thats why the robe?" "No". "Cold?" "No" she said again.
"Fashion statement?" He teased. "I put your underwear on" she admitted. "Oh". "Let me see?" Fiona blushed. "Please?" She put down her tea and opened her gown. Her bra was black and see threw. He could see her nipples hard under the fabric.

 Quickly covering herself she picked back up her tea. "Bonnie gave me something to give you". Putting down his tea he reached into his jeans pocket and came out with some condoms. Fiona smiled. "Serious?" "Reaching to her bag still on the floor near her seat she pulled out some of the same brand. "She gave me these before i left!". Reaching to her phone she went to text Bonnie, appologised to Alex. Finishing his tea he went to look out of the window. "She says "You may need all 24!". Putting down her phone she saw he was still taking in the view. "You like?" "Yeh, it's nice". She lived near a pond. "Cute ducks quack in the summer, swim about in the pond" He heard her voice beside him and her reflection join his in the window. Dropping the curtain he turned to her. She smiled unsurely. "Ya ever been t Scotland?" She laughed and shook her head. "You stood there like a parcel at Christmas". Her face was confused. "All wrapped up ready to be... Unwrapped".

"Ah, i haven't been unwrapped in many years". She admitted. He went to sit. " when was the last?" She sat on the chair beside him and crossed her legs. The robe slipped off her leg to reveal her freshly shaven. "Oh, Stewie, he was cute, when i was 21" she smiled. She was 31 now. "Thats a long time!".

"Bonnie bought me a ..... You know to .....". She left out the words for him to fill in. They where words she didn't feel comfortable saying. "Dildo?". She nodded. "Ah (i) may be inferiour!" He joked winking. It was 10.18pm as her eyes saw the time. "You want me to stay the night?". He wasn't asking her but hoping she'd say yes. "I'd love to stay the night" he admited. She went speechless. She finally managed a nod. Standing he reached his hand to hers, she took it standing up. Brushing the hair away from her neck he helped himself to a kiss of it, his lips seemed like they knew what to do to please her. Kissing across her collar bone her gown fell down her shoulders. He pulled the cord, her gown hit the floor with a little noise. "A Dildo..." He breathed. "You need a man inside you". "Kiss me?". His lips forgot the slow direction they where making and instead went to her lips. She backed away not meaning to but his kiss made her move that way. Looking at each other. "Do you fancy... " he tried to find the word. "Where's your keys?" "Why?". "Cos you are going to freshen up, brush teeth and get in bed for me".

"Am i?" She smiled. He pulled off his top revealing his smooth chest. His arms showed he'd been working out. "Wow, you work out?". "I row in my spare time". He said passing her by, taking her keys she'd just took from the table and locking the door behind her. "Have a spare toothbrush?" "Sure". She went to the bathroom and got one from the unit. Going to the living room she handed him it. He wanted to over power her, spread her legs and treat her to the loving warmth of a man. She smiled as these thoughts came to him, as she passed him the fresh toothbrush. "Thanks" he watched her walk into the bathroom in her matching black thong. Brushing her teeth. She peed and let him have the bathroom. She got her gift from Bonnie and went to her bedroom. It was about 5-10 mins before he joined her. The main light was off, just the bedside lights on. He got in beside her. "Might be hard there, never been slept on" He felt himself harden easily. "Where's this Dildo?" Going into her bedside drawer she passed it to him. Bonnie got a boyfriend?" "I don't think so, why?" He laughed. "This..., condoms..." "Ah, she broke up with him ages ago before she came into the unit". "I'd like to see you use this". He admitted. "Would you?" She shook out a no. "Can i use it on you?" His Thick Scottish accent now low and soft. "Take off your knickers". He kissed her lips. Her eyes looked up into his. "Hey, dont be frightened". Kissing her lips again , she pulled off her knickers kicking them to the floor. "I... Can we use the floor, i ...." The floor was laminate. "I ..."

"What baby?". Getting up he watched her lay the pillows and fleece on the floor. "You're crazy". Coming to her she looked up at him, he had his boxers on. She let her hands pull them down as she said the words. "I don't want to ....mucky my bed". She saw his foreskin tighten and his head swell. It was about 5 inch and very thick. He kicked his boxers free. The juice was running down her leg, he could see. The dildo lay on the fleece. Walking to her he pulled her on top of him, he aimed for the fleece. She giggled. He felt her wetness on his Naval. She felt his cock on her bum cheeks. "Sit on me, pretend i'm your Dildo". Lifting herself he raised his hips he felt her wetness on his tip and she proclaimed "Condoms!". He held her by her hips so she couldn't escape and she slipped down his cock unexpecedly , she let out a noise so lovely he wished he could bottle it. She fitted around him, and he around her. It was a very snugg fit and she loved it. Her eyes opened again and he looked at her. Unclipped her bra as he was looking down at her chest he let out a groan.


She didn't have the energy to lift herself up as her body had turned weak. She kept there. She gasped. Her eyes closed again and he kept inside of her laying her down gently, her head was now where his had been on the soft pillow and he pulled himself up letting out a groan. ""Ahh hhh". His groan was even very Scottish. She exhaled as she felt him push into her again, he slid easily into her, pulling out a little he accepted her legs around his waist. Pushing in slow he pressed it deep into her. Fiona let out a cry of pain. He moistened his lips and took her weak lips into his. He kissed and got slower. She kissed him back and felt his hand on her kitty. He rubbed and exhaled his breathe all on her face. His hips thrust wildly , she couldn't breathe. He kept low on her and flicked her clit repeatedly. She heard his groan in her ear as he came. The final flick and him groaning made her vagina squeeze tightly around him, keeping it in her she felt the hotness inside of her.

Saturday saw them awaking to the sound of traffic outside. He thought she only had ducks for noise. Covering her up, they somehow where in bed and not on the floor. He kissed her cheek and stood looking for what was happening. It was just shoppers. Having a shower she awoke to see him standing nude in front of her full length mirror. He was smoothing his hands on his stomach. One of her Navy blue towels around his waist. Getting up quietly she went to him, he saw her come to him so turned. His eyes took in her body he'd explored. His hand cupped both her smooth arse cheeks squeezing firmly, making her let out a noise. "I refuse to give you back to the unit". "I love your voice". "Oh, aye, like a bit o Scottish do yee". Fiona giggled at his stereotypical Scottish voice. "Yeh..". She let herself enjoy his large healthy chest and muscular arms. Her head on his chest she could feel his heart beating. She couldn't smell that cologne anymore , he smelt fresh from the shower. Why had she waited ten years? To experience something like this. Though she was glad she had as she found him totally amazing. She seemed to forget that she had to move and couldnt stay there on his chest forever. "Will you miss me when i get ma new job?". "Hmm so very much".


She said finally raising her head. Under the towel he was standing to attention like a soldier on parade. She knew, she could feel it. He still had hold of her behind. His arms crossed behind her, her right cheek in his left hand, and her left cheek in his right hand. His heart beat was getting faster. Especially as she'd just tugged off his towel in a moment of braveness. She knew he could go for hours if she let him. She wish she could let me. "Wanna have sex with me?" He said his accent strong, she was unsure if he was hamming it up to sound thicker than usual. He spoke this low into her ear. "Why rowing?" She said avoiding a question she hoped she'd answer instantly. "I like the sea, the air, just...". "I adore your chest". She breathed. "I adore yours too baby". "Cum ere". He took her delicate mouth in his and kissed lovinly. "Let me explore you some more?". He said takin her hand and leading her to her bed like it was his own. Laying down he crawled over her spreadig her legs super wide as he went. Her kitty was still happy for last night, it hadnt eaten in years. Now it looked like it was getting fed again. His teeth headed for her neck and bit.

"You have the strength to ride your horsey?". He layed in her space and she nervously straddled him. His cock still standing to attention. "Condom?". He opened one and she watched as he pulled it on. She hesitated. "Want me to place you on it?". He raised her up and she dip it into her entrance. "Now exhale and just let it slip into you". He watched as her eyes closed and she took it in inch by inch slipping down and down some more. She breathed breathless. He watched her struggle to raise herself. She used all her strength on letting him inside her. He kept it in her as she gazed at him. "Nice weather isn't it!" He teased. She clentched around him making his smugness disapear. She got tighter and tighter and tighter till it hurt her. "Relax". He cried.

Saturday had got to 2,30 before they had breakfast, lunch, brunch really. She had no words. He had cooked her scrambled eggs on toast. "Dya fancy a drive out later ?". His eyes looked to hers. Her hair was messy and her face had a glow to it.

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