A quick fumble

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Charmaine needs to release her tension onto a hot uni student


Topaz had first seen him in her local corner store. The just past his teens son of her local shopkeeper.

She'd always had a crush on the shop keeper himself, but him been married and all, she hadnt darent tread on anyones toes. Topaz was a goody too shoes!.

Adam had gone away on holiday, and left his 20 year old son Jack to man the fort for two weeks. 

It was on her usual trip for her basic neccasities, that she'd seen him there. Now, she`d seen him a few times since this day, but she'd never noticed him before, he must have grew into himself, and oh my god, had he grown into himsel!! 

His face was so handsome, and his eyes so brown and open and bright, she couldnt get her words out.

"Morning!" he said, his smile big and happy. He was like a ray of sunshine on this cloudy rainy september morning. 

At 6ft 1, he was certainly more man than his father was. 

"Hey". Topaz felt she looked wide eyed and bushy tailed just by looking at him. 

This was it..... it took two weeks for her to learn what he was studying in uni, how old he was, what he liked. Then she asked him if he wanted to grab a drink or two.

Topaz was 36 to his 20, so was expecting a NO WAY. What she got was a "sure, that'd be nice"

Jack pulled up outside of her place at 7pm. He had a car, a job, and went to uni. She still hadn`t got her shit together even though she was nearly double his age. She got to work by taxi, and failed her g.c.s.e's years ago. 

Adam took her in, she looked hot dressed up. Topaz smiled at him, passing by the front of the car, getting in beside him in the passenger side.

"Jesus christ, it's getting cold!" she giggled.  

Jack smelt her perfume. "You're dressed up nice just for a drink in the local" he teased, winking.

"I dont get out much, im making the most of it!". 

"so," he sighed. "where are we going?"

"You choose".

"You know, my dad said i have to treat you nicely tonight"

"Ha, why?"

"He seems to like you, thinks you are nice" he laughed.

His dad was Muslim, and the sweetest man she'd ever known, always helping her when she was in pickles.

They where quiet for a few minutes before he coughed, making her jump!

"How about a coffee?"

Topaz was infatuated by his eyes. "you have amazing eyes you know"

"Oh, yeh, all the girls say that, they just glare at me, its weird" he laughed.

"All the girls?"

"Am not an angel". his eyes darting to see her reaction

she wasnt sure what her reaaction was, but she smiled, and said "Coffee is fine"


"sitting at Mr Coffee's traditional Coffee shop. They chatted. The place was small, and cosy, and really illuminating her skin perfectly. 


Topaz had blue eyes, blonde hair in a long bob, and a pale red lipstick on.  

Adam was Asian like his dad, those brown eyes to gaze into, and a cute cheekiness, that she wished she could bottle to sell later.

The talk came to how many guys she had been with, too which she answered honestly. "I was a late bloomer, too shy to say boo to a goose, didn`t get my first boyfriend till i was 24"

"After Chris, which lasted....... 3 years....on and off........i had a few flings, nothing serious"

He seemed to be listening intently.

"Then i had Jason........he was always busy at work, and i didnt find it fun anymore, i wanted......."

"Something else"......he said finishing her sentence

"How about you?"

"I just have one night stands.......well.....i`ve had 3 one night stands with uni mates"

"nothing else?"

"nope, im as  plain as they come Topaz"

He was in a blue shirt and black jeans as was cute as a button.  "my dad still think im a virgin"


Topaz laughed looking at him. 

"uni does that, nights out, drinking, fucking....."

"yah, i just drink tea, and soft drinks, and have the occasional fuck"


okey im going to come back to this story late, im hard pushed for time x 
















Submitted: October 05, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Jenny Jones. All rights reserved.

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Don't wait too long. It sounds like it's about toop get a little naughty. Let me know please when you continue with it.

Sat, October 6th, 2018 2:38pm

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