A fling with a Acrobat!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Maddy sees a cute Acrobat and goes to meet him behind the scenes.

This was about a Russian guy called Anton on a tv show back in 2007. He does Hula Hoop spinning still to this day, famous guy. 

This story goes a bit weird!


Going back to the Circus the next day she wondered if it was the right thing to do. Would she have seemed too eager?. Watching him do his act, face painted and t-shirt, it was hard to describe, but this guy threw the Hoop and spun them around his body non stop for about 7 minutes!.

Catching him backstage she smiled as he was about to go into his dressing room.

"Hi" he smiled.

"You where fantastic!" she grinned.

"Thanks" his eyes warm and friendly. "Coming in?".

"Sure", she went past him into his room.

She watched as he lifted off his cream ragged top, his back was smooth and nice looking. Maddy looked down embarresed.

"So, did you come to see me, or other shows?" he asked, getting a wipe onto his face to remove the make up.

He was sat on a chair in front of a big mirror and looking at her through it.

"Both" she lied

"I wondered if i could have your Autograph?" she blurted stupidlly.

Anton laughed "i'm not very famous"

"Ok, sorry....."

"You can have it if you want?"

"I'm ok....i should leave"

She felt immature about 13, but she was 19.

"Stay!" he got up closing the door she had just opened, looking at her he smiled kindly.

"British women are so sensitive, but have the `Attitude`.

"I don't have a attitude problem" she snapped taking his meaning wrong.

Anton held her by the waist "look at me" he breathed.

Looking up he kissed her so very perfectly pushing her to the wall, his mouth was like a hot wet burning fire.

His chest was smooth. and his moistness from it was now glistening in the light, now he'd came off stage.

"Are your nipples erect?" he whispered.

"Serious?" she laughed.

"Why?" his hand unzipping her Jeans slowly.

"I should go!" she laughed nervously. Pushing her back to the wall, she  found herself naked, him holding her easily as she lost track of time.



Madeline awoke to her Alarm clock. Monday morning, reaching out turning it off, she moistened her lips. Anton....... smiling to herself she turned over reaching for her mobile, turning it on to see if she had recieved any sms or a missed call.

Her phone shook!.

She began to read.

"Morning" it began, Thanks 4 yesterday, all my Love, Anton XxX". It was brief, yeh, but at least he had made the effort.

"Baby, I'm lying naked in bed, i miss you, i have to go to work, kids r bringing pets in, many kisses. Maddy"

Finally getting to teach at the pre-school she gathered the kids all around in front of her, to continue 30 minutes of reading a story book.

Then was Juice time. They all had juice, be it Apple or Orange. Finally came the pets. If they had Dogs, it was ok to take a Photo and hold it up in the class.

Pet Day was American. Why not have it in Manchester too!.

"Thanks Maisie" smiled Maddy watching her sit on the  floor with her little ginger Hamster in her hands.

"Ben?" she smiled at the boy as he went on about how his Dog was hit by a car but was now getting better.

BZZZ.... Madeline secretly snuck out her mobile "Busy?", it was Anton.

"I'm in School, lunchtime soon :) " she text.


"Alexander pre-school 135 Cherrytree Close"

Lunch time came and she looked up too see Anton with a tray of food.

"This seat taken?" he asked smiling.

Maddy was sat with two girls and a boy. He pulled up a chair. "Hi!" he said. "I'm Anton" he continued.

"I'm Rebecca" said Rebecca. "Nice name"

"I like your little Juice" she giggled at the mini juice on his tray.

"Ah, yes, no Adult size, i got two" he grinned.

"Is Anton your Husband Miss?" piped Rebecca.

"Just a friend".

"Close friends" said Anton.

Maddy's face flushed red.

"We just had class, had to bring pets in, you have any pets?". Anton looked up at her.

"A snake" he said seriously.

"Wow!", said Robbie. "Yeh, 100 foot long, and two trains wide" he teased.

Robbie looked stunned whilst the girls said he was lying.

"It's true!". he laughed.

"Any pic?". asked Maddy.

"Yeh, but it would scare kids!"

"I wanna see!" Robbie said excitedly.

Going into his Wallet, Anton pulled out a pic.

"Wow!". Gasped Robbie.

"I told you!". It finally reached Maddy after making 3 children open mouthed, on the pic she saw a huge Ass snake.


"You like?"

"It's huge!"

"Yeh, it's back home in Russia"

"Great, leave it there!".

"You not like?"

"I like you baby, not your Snake" Maddy smiled laughing.

"You liked my Snake Yesterday....." Anton watched as her face turned redder.

"Yes, but that was different".

She barely managed to say. "Why?"

"It was smaller and nice"

"Did it hurt you?"

All the kids were now looking up at her, no idea what was happening.

Maddy grinned at his cheekiness

The Lunchtime bell ran and they all cleaned up their trays.

"Hey, you leaving?"

They were stood out of the Canteen now.

"Yeh" he said.

Tiptoeing she kissed him.

"I wanna screw you" he breathed.

"Please" she laughed turning her head away.

"Kids go home in one hour, you can help me read a story to them?"

"Ok" he smiled.

"You have nice skin" her fingers touching it.

He had no pimples or blemishes at all.


Accepting his hot kiss they went to Class. Madeline read from the Story as Anton did the sound effects. These included a Lion, a Tiger, and a Bear. They all laughed so much, infact she'd never had so much fun in a very long time.

Home time came, it was 2.30pm.

"Free at last" he smiled.

"Bye Suzie" Maddy waved at her as she waved back skipping down the Corrider.

"You where great, the kids loved you". she smiled.


"Cute impression of a Bear" she grinned. He  did it again then kissed her cheek. Sat on the desk swinging her legs, she looked up at his lips. They where so close to hers. Growling like a Bear again they kissed hotly.


The End.




Submitted: October 09, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Jenny Jones. All rights reserved.

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