The coffee time romance Chapter8

The coffee time romance Chapter8

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how. Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart. Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path.


Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how.

Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart.

Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path.

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Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how. Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart. Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path.

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Jonathan's smile grew wider, tugging the blanket to cover the sleeping Adriana under it's warmth. Her body was shivering from the nightfall with the blowing wind and carrying her to his bedroom his mind was filled with all the hidden desires he felt being so close to her, in his arm. He had kissed her several times while on his way to his bed. He could not stop him from claiming when he was so close to make her his forever. She would unknowingly parts her lips and would kiss him back, but he was prompt not to wake her and get his way with her. He can't take advantage of a sleeping woman. He had never taken advantage of any either.

 When she had fall asleep back than in his arm, he wanted to stay with her wrapped around him for unknown eternity, but the cold breeze was against his will. So, he decided to drive her home first, but his heart didn’t allow letting her go. He had to call Brooke and took her permission to bring her home to which Brooke had teased him to no end. She was a matchmaker, no doubts. The kinds of questions she asked and the suggestions she made seem still fresh in his mind. He didn’t have answers to any of them neither could he act on her suggestions.

 Kissing her forehead he caressed her soft face with the tip of his finger to memorize her touch, but careful not to wake her. He smiles adoring her sleep, liking her in his house and his bed.

 Sleeping beauty. He mumbles.

 He watched her sleeping in his king size bed. Her breathing was slow and relaxed with each raising and falling of her chest movement. Her face was so beautiful and now it looks even more beautiful with her eyes closed. There were no signs of worries anymore that were there from the earlier event with her ex-husband. He growls thinking of her useless husband.

This Adriana was the women of his dream. Nights he had spent thinking of her and her beautiful radiant face. There were times he had imagined her in his house, hustling around the kitchen, tidying the bedroom, folding the laundry and playing with Joey. Ha, he would do anything to make it a reality. Every time, he had dreamt about her with him in this bed, panting, screaming and wet with lustful eyes he was determined to make her his. Chuckling he felt his body parts reacting to his desire and his need he walks away from her bed to the doorway only to turn his heels and steal another kiss from her luscious lips. She whimpers and tried to grab him but he pulls away.

 He will wait his turn and wait for her to be ready.

She squirmed at little and adjusted the duvet and rolled to the side, keeping one hand under her pillow. Her eyes were flattering and she was mumbling in her sleep.

She is a dreamer.

Jonathan though, ‘today sleep will be a complete no-no when she is just a room across from him, for him to get what he wanted’. He pecked her cheeks, observing the slight tint of red over it.

She blushed even in her dream. Wonder what she was dreaming about.

He ran a hand through his hair and took a step back. He finally left the room and closed the door behind him to secure her from himself. 










A drink should fix this.

He made his way up to the mini bar and poured him a drink. Joey came wagging his tail asking for his master's attention. Jonathan picked up the biscuit packet and fed him few scrums which he gulped within seconds.

“You know right, how difficult it is to resist her?” Jonathan spoke to Joey whose eyes were fixed at the packet. "No more of this" He puts away the packet from Joey's reach.

Joey looked at his master and waged his tail as if understanding his dilemma.

“Well, how will you understand?” Jonathan poured him another drink.

After few glasses he was unable to keep his eyes open. He walked to his couch and puts on the TV.


 . . . .

Adriana jerked open her eyes followed by a loud scream. Her breathing was heaving and faster. She got up mainly because she had a bad dream.

A nightmare.

She saw that she was running bare foot in a dark forest passing tall trees. She doesn’t know what she was running from but a voice in her mind said ‘run’. She was screaming for help but just heard some scary noises and animal howling. It was scary enough to interrupt her sleep, waking her up with a jerk to a dark environment.

Her fear increased double fold after viewing the unfamiliar confines of the room. She started sweating profusely.

She tried looking around, but it was pitch dark. No lights were on. She reached with her fingertips to hold whatever she could feels with her touch. The duvet feel soft over her body and the bed was overly sized for her tiny frame.

Where am I? Is it still a dream?


 . . .


Jonathan was sitting on the makeshift bed in the living room, holding the glass of wine in his hand he was jerking his head from side to side with heaviness in his eyes. He was trying to keep his eyes open to watched the mute TV but the lack of sound and without the comfort of his bed he was unable to catchs any sleep. He wanted his king size bed.

He decided to finally to sleep on his couch when an ear piercing scream greeted him awake from his sleep, followed by a dog bark.

“Oh fuck.....its Adriana.” Jonathan peeled himself off the couch in a blink of eye and placed the wine glass on the table, making a mad run to his room. “Joey” He screamed for his dog.

 Within seconds he was at her bedside after swinging the door to dash violently against the wall. Putting the lights on, his eyes witnessed panic, barking sound echoing, and a scream louder then human decibel hearing capacity again for the second time. That’s all he needed to know.

His dog, Joey, was cramed at her bed end. She was trying to get him to leave.

It didn’t take anyone to add two plus two to understand the scenario. He bursted out with laughter at the hilarious scene.

 Adriana shooted him an angry glare and tried to shoo away Joey. Joey didn’t move, but looked at his master roaring laughter.

 “You both need to really ease up to each other.” He said in between his laugh. “Come on boy” He addressed Joey to come to him. Jonathan crouched down to his level and ruffled his fur. The canine sat quietly now.

 “We are fine” Adrian made her point and Joey snarled in agreement. “He scared me more” Adriana complained and earned a growl from Joey.

More. Jonathan was missing a piece.

“Just explain to me how you both always get into this kind of situation” Now both growled at Jonathan at his question. Understandable that Adriana reckoned, but Joey too.

Jonathan raised his hands in surrender. “Okay you two are fine” Both hummed in unison and nodded in similar manner. Jonathan could not stop laughing yet.

 Jonathan made his way to his bed. “You are supposed to be sleeping. What wakes you up?” Jonathan asked, carefully made his move to sit at the end of the bed.

 “Had a bad dream” She said looking at the violently shaking door after Jonathan's panic assault.

Jonathan got the missing piece and understood that her scream wasn't because of Joey it was her dream. He stretched his hand and put in on top of hers. He felt mild shaking.


 Her hairs were scattered on her neck preventing his view of her beautiful face. He moved his hand to tug the hair behind her ears. There was a thin line to sweat covering her forehead.


 “What did you dream?” He asked by trying to help her ease the fear caused after the nightmare. She was still looking at the door.

 “I was running breathlessly from something and there was no one around. It was lonely and dark and I got scared” She met his eyes now and he could read the fear in them.

He shifted his weight and scooted behind her and circled his arm across her shoulders. Pulling her from behind, he buried his nose to her hair. He dropped his head to her neck and felt the pulse, it was palpating at a rapid pace.


“Don’t be afraid” He whispered and made his hold solid. She relaxed at his proximity and looked around the room.

She was going to be fine when he was with her. She felt her panic easing away along with the fear. “Why I’m here?” Her voice was neither pissed nor angry. It came out curious and anxious. She was still in her anxiety state. 

 Jonathan needed her to relax and trust him, so he decided to stick to the truth rather than discarding it for later time. This might increase her fear but it was good to be honest if he needs any future with her. “You slept off in the car, so I bought you here.” Her posture relaxed and breathing becomes normal after hearing his side. That was what he was looking for, her trust.

 His hand that was across her shoulder was making circles at the open end of her dress now and smoothing it to make her relax. Tilting his head he brushed her neck with his lips. He was unable to control the arousing needs.

 His circular motions on her skin and that kiss were distracting her mind off the topic, but she felt secured and comfortable with him. She could trust him. Feeling her anxiety subsiding and arousal taking place she spoke before her body gives out any signal. “Brooke will be worried” She was searching to put her hand somewhere. She rested her hand on his arm that wad across her cheast and hanged it there. She tucked at the back of his head and pulled his lips to her neck region liking hos lips over her skin. He got the cue and kissed her softly.

 “I phoned her already” He trailed kisses to jaw line. Her skin was reacting to the wetness of his lips after the kiss.

“Sorry if I waked you from you sleep”. Adriana needs the distraction and needs this conversation to continue before she gives up. But what are you waiting for. One part wanted him when he was so close and other part wanted to wait. Another part was asking her to run and never come back.

 Blocking all those parts she leaned backward resting her head on his shoulder. She could feel her senses getting aroused. Her hormones of needs and desires are playing in the forefront. She was feeling his hand trailing her collarbone and his other hand was rubbing her stomach.

 “Can you hug me?” Adriana’s mind came up with something to delay this process. She needed him, no doubt but her trust on him in this section or on any man was badly crushed by her ex-husband. Thanks David.

 He didn’t say, he spanned her around and lifted her to his lap and wrapped his arm around her back. She buried her face to his chest feeling the love pouring out of his hug. 

 “Feels so good” She mumblesd without letting him hear. She closed her eyes feeling his hand smoothing her back up and down, easing her anxiety and fear.

 “I will let you sleep now” Jonathan slided out of the bed and stood up when he felt she was gone past her nightmare ordeal.

 Adriana grabbed his hand with both hand and pulled him. If the force was strong he would have landed on top of her but he stood and looked at her hand on his arm.

 “Jonathan, don’t leave yet” She rhymed his name slowly. “Please lie next to me. I will feel safe” Her mind screamed 'virgin territory'. Danger. Forbidden.

 He looked at her eyes. Fear has been replaced by longing. Longing for his company. That's all nothing else, where as he was trying to find more than that. something in the line of love. They locked gaze and rolled the wheel of thought in their mind.

  You don’t know what you are asking for.

  I know what I’m asking for.

  I can’t resist myself from touching you.

  I don’t want you to resist me.

  You don’t understand.

  Than make me understand.

  I want you.

  I want you too.

  I want you beneath me, breathing, panting, sweating and screaming my name while I’m buried deep inside you.

  I would like that very much.

 “Are you sure?” Jonathan asked when he saw the raw desire in her eyes.

She nodded to make her point crystal clear. If she wasn't sure then, now she was. He would not break her heart or do anything to hurt her. He had earned his trust with his small gesture a few minutes ago.

 “I don’t want to rush you” Jonathan wanted her to be sure. Sure of what she wants was the same he wanted from her.

 Her anger surfaced immediately. “Do you think wanting you, trying to get you want me is a bad idea” She felt her old memories of her husband coming back to her. How he would come late from work and fake his sleep or even skip a night by staying late at work. He too had never wanted her and now again history was repeating. Her heart was breaking slowly with Jonathan’s rejection.

  “You too have the same opinion, don’t you?” She asked against her gritted teeth.

  Jonathan was puzzled with her sudden anger. He was missing a puzzle piece again.

  “You are no better then David” She shouted at him and pushed herself off the bed to walk towards the door.

 He had realized he had hit the nerve. Fucking idiot. He scolded himself for being so lame.

 Before she walked past him, he spun her around, making her stop. “Adriana…You have no idea what I want”

She ignored him and made her demand. “Take me home.” She ordered sternly without looking at his face. “Now” She shouted loudly.

 “No, I won’t let you leave” He tightens his grip on her wrist. She struggled to free her hand but his grip was iron cold. “Before you leave I want to show you something. After that, you can decide if you want to leave.”

  He pulled her out of his bedroom to the hallway and back through stairs, leading to a small room. She followed behind him like a lost puppy.





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