the Coffee time romance chapter 11

the Coffee time romance chapter 11

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how. Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart. Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path.


Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how.

Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart.

Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path.

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Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how. Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart. Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path.

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It was Thursday and Adriana was not able to concentrate on anything, she was doing. Her eyes wanted to see him and her heart wanted to tell him that she was missing him.

Wish I should have told him that day?

She had nothing much to do, as her book editing was done and she had spent most of the time with Caroline and Brooke. She sat at her desk and read some random books or she would work on her writing. She had not taken up any new project as the Thanksgiving was rounding the corner and she didn't want to leave Brooke alone with all her coffee shop work.

At this time of the year and during Christmas, the coffee shop had its share of profit. Adriana had to help Brooke as the workload was big and she doesn't want to be selfish by drawing her sister's attention to her state of misery.

So, she had decided to wait for him and then let him know what she wanted. To tell him that I love him.

Being just across the road, Caroline would come and talk to her, but it didn’t help much to alleviate her eagerness to talk to him.

She had tried to distract herself and indulged in her workplace. It worked first few days, but on the third day, her patience started to wear off. It was difficult for her now. Last five months, she would see him every day and she was not that anxious, but now the things were different, she was impatient. Now she wanted to be with him, to spend time with him. Or maybe tell him, what she wanted to confess.

She really misses him.

She would check her mobile for his calls, but there was nothing. He had just called twice in the last five days, but all in a hurry. She couldn't even ask him anything more, before they hang up.

 . . . .

If her days were passing at a snail pace, then he’s were not better either. If her days were gloomy, then his were tiresome.

At the end of the day, he just wanted to go and crashed on his hotel bed. Most of the day, he would be so tired that, he woke up only in the morning, cursing on his luck, for not have been able to talk to her. He wanted to call her on several occasions, but something or the other would come and that thought would slip out of his mind.

So, when he called her that Tuesday, she sounded so relieved that his mood bounced back with determination, to finish his work and get back to her as fast as possible.

Just by listening to her voice, had helped him alleviates all the tiredness at the end of the day. But when he called her the second time, he could sense her eagerness andher longing for him.

He was missing her too.

Although she didn’t want to sound sad, but he could tell, by the way, she sounded. His heart wanted to be with her, but his mind was at his work. Sheepishly, he went on with his work, so that he could finish his work here and get on with their life.

It was already Thursday and all his works were done. He had the entire evening to himself, he wanted to leave today itself, but there were no flights available.

He decided to take a tour of the nearest shopping mall, to kill his time. After roaming for a few minutes, he walked into a store, after his eyes caught something that has been displayed outside. He bought that immediately and smiling, all the way back to his hotel.

Lying onto his bed, he started rewinding, all that he had planned for her.

Hope she like it.


His phone buzzed, indicating a test from Brooke. All this while, Brooke had kept him updated and he was glad to know that her sister though highly of him. He read the text and a smile, promptly took charge of his face and drifted off to sleep with a mission in his head.

. .

He had booked an early morning flight, that had taken about an hour, delivering him directly to her doorstep.

Now standing in front of the door, he was a bundle of nerve. Abou five minutes had passed and he was trying to knock at the door, but was nervous, for what he would say. He had sent a text about his arrival to Brooke, requesting her to keep it a surprise for Adriana.

He had practiced, on the fight, but now he could not muster up courage to tell the same. His mind and heart worked at their own accord, directing with all different ideas.

Let me locate my thoughts.

Brooke, who was standing near the front window, had witnessed him becoming a bundle of nerve. He doesn't know that she was on the other side of the wall, having a good laugh at his expense. She waited, watching him trying to reach for the doorbell, but as soon he does, he would take two steps back to relax himself. He would mumble something to him and get on with the same routine. After a few minutes, she could not wait and went to get the door. She started laughing as soon as she saw him.

“Need some help?” Brooke offered.

Jonathan smiled meekly, resembling a cat caught stealing milk. “Is she awake?” Jonathan asked, he craned his head, trying to look behind her, to spot Adriana.

Brooke mirrored his action and looked behind her. She was still laughing at him. "Did you see her?"


“That's because she is not here.” She provided.

“Then where is she?” His shocked expression and disappointed look with an impatient tone, only oiled Brooke’s laughter.

“Look at you, looks like you have tasted a salty coffee” Brooke was having fun, teasing him.

Jonathan helplessly looked at Adriana’s sister, that was having a good laugh at his situation.

I should have called her first.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to think about other possibilities.

It was just too early. He checked his watch. Where could she be, early in the morning?

“She is at the restaurant” Brooke finally came out of her laughing spree and informed him.

Jonathan gave her a ‘you made my day’ smile and thanked her. He jotted down the stairs and made into a run towards her restaurant.

All those jogging, the early morning has come to some use after all.

. . .

Adriana woke up earlier than her usual time. She didn’t get much sleep. Partly, because of the fact that, she would be seeing Jonathan after four days. Her wait of four days was over and from the morning she had trained her eyes to capture any single movement in her periphery.

After she had woken up, she had been just as eager as a child wanting to open a Christmas gift. Anything she was trying to do was ending in a heap of trouble. So, she decided to go out, but the cold was against her will. Finally, she decided to help Caroline with the decoration.

Secondly, she was also concerneded about another matter. When Jonathan called her yesterday, he said that there was something, he wanted to speak to her about and he sounded serious. She wondered what was it and that whole tension didn’t let her sleep the entire night. She was turning and tossing in her bed and when could sleep, it was invaded by some bad thoughts. Finally, given up, she decided to end her wrestling with her bed and start her day. 

Caroline and Brooke would decorate the restaurant during the festive season, but taking Brooke’s long list of delivery orders, the task had landed on Caroline. That’s when Adriana decided to help. Primarily, it helped her as a distraction and that  kept her mind out of those horrible thoughts.

Now standing on a ladder, she was trying to reach, with her out-stretched hand to pin the star on the ceiling. Caroline finished doing the rest, already. She is quick. Adriana reminded herself, to follow the younger girl’s agility and to work out  from tomorrow.

She stretched further in an attempt to reach, but falling short of a few centimeters. Then, getting on her toes, she covered the distance and stuck the item, but at the cost of losing her balance.

Three screams echoed the room.

Adriana closed her eyes, excepting her failing effort to forestall the fall. She screamed with fear, from  the consequence of the fall.

Caroline lunged towards her aunt, to catch her from falling, but as she was standing on the other corner of the room, she couldn't make it on time . She screamed, at her helplessness.

The third scream was the scream of desperation to catch Adriana.

Jonathan was on time, when she landed on his arm.

"Got you" Jonathan took a relieving breath and said.

Adriana's eyes were still closed. She feared that she had landed on the floor and must be dead already. She didn’t feel the ground, but when she felt her legs hanging in the air and solid arms holding her still, she snapped open one eye to the voice.

"Stop day dreaming, Adriana" Adriana scolded herself and shut her eyes again, in a hope to face the reality this time.

Jonathan was confused by her reaction. 

He was finally here after four days of mental torture and she was welcoming him like this, but when he heard her words he understood her reaction. He chortled and looked around the room that had only three people.

Caroline stood at a corner and smiling knowingly. Brooke had already informed about him and instructed Caroline with her next plan. She was glad that, she executed the plan, but that fall ruined everything. Not to worry now. Her aunt was in safe hands. 

Nobody noticed her sneaking out, to call her mother to give her the victory news.

Jonathan was left alone with Adriana. He whispered into her eyes and she smiled at him and said.

"Oh, you're really here" Her sound came out more astonished then being happy.

"Yeah and this is real. You are not dreaming" Jonathan spoke.

"Oh, yeah"

"You're not happy to see me here?" He asked when he didn't get the desired response.

"No, no...I mean. Of course, I'm happy to see you" She stuttered, but changed her expression when he looked deep into her eyes. "It's just that I was not expecting you here"

"Then whom were you expecting" He thought maybe while he was away, things had changed. His thoughts went on to David. "Is David here?" He asked and looked around. 

"What?" She was caught off guard by his question. "No" The mention of the name boiled her blood with anger. "Why did you ask that? Do you want him to be here?" She asked

"No, I thought...." He trailed off, unable to look at her face. He realized what he had done. He was expecting her to fly towards him and wrapping her hands around, she would kiss him. As nothing that sorts of things happened, he got disappointed. But, you're acting like a jerk.

"You're impossible" She was angry now. Agreed, she was not expecting him early morning, but she was surprised. She was happy to see him after so many days. It was exactly that, she got nervous when she found herself in his arms. That's all. 

She had, had enough. She threw the cellophane and the scissors to one corner and dashed out her door.

How he can do this to me? He's never liked me.  That's mean he found someone else. Was that what he wanted to say when he rang last night? And this trip, did he meet his new girlfriend?

Fool. Fool. Fool. What a stupid, to fall for him.

Treas sprang out her eyes and she covered the distance to her bookshop by running the short distance. She couldn't bear to watch his face anymore. She was glad it had ended even before it begun. This means she doesn't have to endure. But you love him, idiot.

Jonathan had just a fraction of a second, to catch what happened. He did not plan this. He wanted to kick himself for being such an insecure guy. Of course, she had made it clear the other day that she has nothing to do with David, but I've to put my foot in it.

He went after her. But before he could catch up with her, she was already inside her shop. 


He followed her and before she could slam the door on his face, he stopped it ajar with his leg to block it.

Her infertile effort to push him, only pulled her closer to him. He pinned her to the wall and tilted her chin up to meet his eyes.

"Leave me alone" Adriana protested, trying to escape his grasp

"No..." He answered with determination. A mission in his mind.

His answer stopped her struggling and she took hold of his shirt. She looked him in his eyes and asked. "Why?"

"Because, I've missed you" His tone was bold and his voice was deep. There was an aura in his statement that spoke so much truth, as if he knew what he wanted and that was in front of him.

"I'm so sorry, I acted like that earlier. I don't know what came upon me" His words carried the guilt feeling. Her heart melted at the sight of his face. 

"I have something to tell you. Please listen to me" He pleaded. "I'm in love with you. I don't know how long, but you're the best thing that happened to me lately and I'm not letting you go" 

He smiled and spoke again. "Will you spent the rest of the life with me?" His deep penetrating gaze melted something inside her.

Adriana's anger disappeared. Eyes softened. Ears perked up with those words. Eyes wide open. Jaw dropped few inches to a wide gasp. Her eyebrows raised in anticipation. Posture stiffen in amazement as her mind wrapped around his words. Heart skipped a beat acknowledging it was its partner.

"Well, say something please. You're killing me here"

"Yeah, say yes" Brooke and Caroline walked in through the door and encouraged Adriana. 

She tightened the grip on his shirt and pulled him into a passionate and fierce kiss.

"I love you too" She pulled away to utter those words, but he pulled her back where she belonged.

"I love you more" He took out the gift he brought the other day on his trip and put it on her palm.

Feeling the weight of the rectangular box on her palm, she opened the lid. Her eyes were enticed by the content. She was enthralled with the twin stones, capturing her attention. Diamond earrings.

"For you" Jonathan provided and went on to put in to her ears.

The stones sat perfectly on either side of her face, announcing a beautiful beginning of their relationship.

A year later, he marked her as his, by presenting her with a ring and tying her into a holy matrimony.



Everyone deserved a happy ending.  Wonder what proceed next.

Wonder what's Adriana's cupid sister's story was? Was she happy or was she awaits someone? And what about  Adriana's second sister?

Caroline and her twin brother, Hunter were coming of age. What's their story like?

There were lots of questions, but for now, this story ends here. Will see later about others.



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