the Coffee time romance chapter 10

the Coffee time romance chapter 10

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how. Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart. Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path. ******


Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how.

Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart.

Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path.


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Do you believe that love can happen twice. A true love. You are about to find out how. Jonathan was intrigued by her the first day and thought there was something about her which has the power to pull him to her. Not sure what it was he decided to peruse his instincts and follow his heart. Adriana was trying to wrap up her past for a better future. Little did she know that someone was already planning a beautiful future for her. She just needs to take the hints and follow the path. ******

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Mornings were cold; her exposed arm, over the duvet was making her aware, that the sun was still hidden behind the tall trees. It was five in the morning. The wind that was seeping-in through the bottom of the door was making her cold. She lifted her hand to tug it inside the duvet, when she felt his hand on her chest. His hand was over her nipple, but he was deep in sleep. His face was at the nape of her neck. Their legs were intertwined and she could feel the warmth of his body at her exposed back. 

Remembering the last night, made her heart swelled with happiness and promise of a beautiful future. She chuckled at his pertinence with her.

When she took charge, after the first two rounds, he let her take him, in all different-different position, making all her desires and wishes come true. He was such a considerate lover. He had so much patience and understanding, that she did not have to ask him twice for anything. It was a beautiful night of lovemaking with lots of wild ideas fitted in between. They didn’t sleep until the wee hours of the morning. If they were not exploring each other's body, they were deep in conversation. 

She recalled, how he had kept her close to him and his hand, caressed every body-parts, leant every curve. He had kissed her several times in between whenever he had felt that he had lived long without disturbing her. Her response had been ‘not fair’, but he had kissed her until she had stopped complaining.  

If he was gentle initially, then he had lost control and ravished her like a wild beast. She liked that. She loved being handled rough and tough. She liked that even though he was boisterous, he had never hurt her. She had loved that about him.

Now laying next to him, her mind wanted that, all over again.  

She turned her head to look at the sleeping Jonathan, as he was unaware and oblivious of her awaken status. When she tried to move, he pulled her close to him and kissed her upper back and said. “Not so soon, sweetheart,” Eyes still closed, he smiled, as if knowing that she had a  scowled face. “Don’t make that face, my love. I can still see you” 

My love. Adriana’s ears perked up. Does that mean he loves me? When did he say that. Was I too engrossed in our act that I didn't hear it before. Or is this the first time.

He opened his eyes and leaned in to kiss her, but she tucked her chin and held one hand distance. 

“Just to let you know, I’m not a morning person. I might have bad breath. My face might be puffy and my hairs might resemble a bird’s nest” She rambled

Jonathan turned to the other side and took the glass of water, that he had bought that night. “Drink it” He offered her. 

She drank half of it and handed him back the rest, still confused, what he wanted. His eyes squinted and he winked at her before he emptied the glass with one gulp and put it back.

Turning back to her, he wrapped her in his arms and put his leg over her hip and with a naughty smile palying on his lips, he spoke. “Now, I can kiss”

Before she could speak, his lips were on hers, blocking any more protest. His lips were wet from the water. She kissed him back and held him.

Going between them, he withdrew one of her breasts and started rubbing it, causing her eyes go shut, with the sensation that had started to build up, somewhere inside her. He took that moment of weakness to his advantage and slid his buddy , between her thighs to her opening.

Adriana moaned and felt him filling her whole. Her eyes rolled backward and her head tilted back, leaning on his arm. He parted her legs, when he took possession her orifice. 

Still holding a tight grip, by supporting her head on his arms, he started maneuvering in and out of her. Her breath had come out heavy and his mirrored hers. Soon he had lost his control, with all her sexy noises, she was cooking and he pumped into her harder. He wanted to hear her cum and scream in pleasure. He picked up his pace and thrust harder. His own breathing had come out in short pant, he was close to his climax. 

Her breathing heaved, when she hit her released and felt him pulsing inside her. Soon immediately, he pulled out and splashed over her tummy, collapsing beside her.

“Sorry about that" He apologized. "Didn't put the umbrella on” He justified.

She giggled, with his choice of words and pecked his lips. "Forgiven".

He drew her to his chest and held her closed to him, when both fallen back to deep slumber. 

 . . . 

Only this time, she awoke up a little after eight and stood up. Watching him sleep, she decided that she needed to put on some clothes, as her last night dress would be inappropriate at this moment. Padding towards his closet, she picked up his oversized T-shirt and puts in on. It was enough to cover her modesty. 

Guess, now that he is sleeping, let’s get something cooking done. 

After freshening up, she headed up to the kitchen.

Here, Jonathan woke up to an empty bed. Rolling on his tummy, he stretched after a refreshing sleep. Pulling her pillow close to him, he inhaled her smell and closed his eyes, liking it there. He wished that, he could do that every morning. The bed on her side was still warm, indicated that she would have just left. 

Lying supine with both hands behind his head; he lay there, as he remembered the night. Last night, she was different. She had cast off, all her inhibition and given herself to him. And he didn’t spare any opportunity to make her feel, loved and treasured. He caressed her and cared for her. He showed her heights of pleasure, that he wished to visit again, but only with her. 

He had learned a lot, while talking to her and now he knew that he wanted her in his life, forever.

Just then his cell phone rang. After recieving up the call, his face, scrambled like a waste paper. It was from his office and it was urgent, but how to tell Adriana about it. Deciding it to be later, he got up.

He got dressed and after he finished his morning chores, he went in search of the owner of his heart. When Jonathan could not find her, he whistled Joey, but he didn’t get any response. That was when the wheels of his suspicious started rolling. 

What's going on?

As he descended the stairs, he heard Joey’s barking and her laughter, coming from his kitchen area. He tiptoed and witnessed the bonding between his canine and his love of life. She had the biscuit packet from yesterday in her hand, to feed Joey. Joey sat on her foot, lazily wagging his tail as he munched on the fed biscuits.


She was talking to Joey, while her back was turned to him. She was working on the stove and he could smell the aroma of the food, as he neared the vicinity. She looked so much at ease working in his kitchen as if it was her daily routine. He wanted it to be. Doesn't he? This act earned a permanent place in his heart. He understood what he wanted, was permanent.

Oh, how much I love, this should be the scenario every,day. 

He wanted to tell her, but the fear of rejection scored greater than his confession. Knowing that she was still raw, after yesterday's incidence, he had to cut down his plans, to save it for a later day. He didn't want to scare her, nor he wanted to loose her. 

Whatever he wanted to say, had to wait. And now he had to wait a little longer, after that phone call he had earlier. 

Joey sensed his master and ran up to him, making Adriana to turn her back and faced the shirtless Jonathan in his pajama shorts. 

Adriana took a sharp intake of breath, as her eyes scanned him top to bottom. Desires bloomed inside her. She was yet to see him like this, in daylight. His toned abs were flushed in front of her and she could feel her body reacting to it. Agreed, they had a night of wildness, sometimes to always cherish on, but it was always the opposite the day after. She only hoped, it's not the later.

She looked away and hid behind the island counter, aside from his hungry eyes. She got busy with her breakfast preparation, leaving Jonathan to play with Joey.

Jonathan crouched, patted Joey’s back and looked at her impassive face. Adriana was half hidden by the island counter and he was craning his neck to have a better look at her, his imagination running wild, seeing her in his T-shirt.

“Good morning” He greeted her, coming closer ,he leaned against the island counter.


“Good morning, Jonathan” Adriana greeted back, but avoid making eye contact. 

Now he could see her. His t-shirt that was falling short of her knees, leaving plenty for him to conceive of. He had felt his needs between his legs, his pants suddenly becoming tight around his waist. 

She was already aware what he was doing to her, but also knew that she could not hold back, if he touch her. Get a hold. Not now. You don't know what's doing on in his mind.

His gazed travelled down. Her covertly shaped legs trotting around as she cooked over the stove. Imagining those legs around his waist, he felt a sudden gush of need to ravish then and there. 

He wanted her, wanted her again, but if he worked himself up right away, then he won't be able to tell her about that phone call. 

Adriana turned and watched him tapping his foot, unconsciously. A pure sign of remorse. It just proved her previous theory, that the scenario always had changed the next morning. Guilt. Regret. And a complete No. 

Why the hell did I stay back? Now he is having second thoughts.

 As soon as he lifted his head, she looked away, merely missing, making a eye contact.

Should I tell her about the phone call? He asked himself looking at her back.

Why does he have to look so dejected? She thought, as she got the coffee brewing.

Tell her and spoil her morning. No, no, no. Maybe later. He consoled himself.

Have I been so bad in bed or did I step over? She questioned her performance as she added sugar to the coffee.

No, she will be upset and will start blaming her. She had someone managed to open up to him and if he just had to tell her about the phone call....No he couldb't, but he had to tell her. Deciding it to be later, he composed his posture and meet Adriana's eyes as soon as she turned, to look at him.

Adriana was still in her befuddled state. This morning, Jonathan had not shown any signs of affection or even attempted to touch her or did anything to indicate, what he showed her yesterday was true and he meant it. She was afraid that her worst fear of what she had thought, a while ago was actually making it a reality. Yes, a night of wild sex, followed by realization of guilt and regret. Was he regretting his decision of getting involved with her? Should she be affected, if he does? Why was she feeling her heart was not agreeing with her mind? She was weighting her decision of making it too easy for him. But she liked him. Doesn't she. And somewhere, in the middle of last night, she had started falling for him. No, no, no, I can't make the same mistake again. She had to be strong. She won't let Jonathan rampage her heart again. She just had to do this, then she would go away. 

“Coffee?” She asked, reaching out as she bought, two cups from the bandstand. “Light or strong?” She asked, holding the cups in her hands.

“Yes, I like it strong” He provided, thinking that a hit of coffeine, might give him strength to speak to her.

"Strong it is then" She offered and smiled at him. He smiled back, forgetting all the worries, he had after he received that heart warming smile from her.

He eyed her again, his eyes roving over his T-shirt.

“I never knew that T-shirt could look so sexy” Jonathan’s sudden revelation startled her. She giggled.

It's a good sign that he is in a playful mood. That means he is not regretting his decision, but what that, I saw a few minutes back. Is he a bipolar. No he can't be. There must be something else.

“Ummmm…I didn't know myself” Her answer came forward shyly and he laughed. She smiled at him and looked down at her toes. She realized, she was still without any slippers. She had tried his slippers, but it looked like a Lilliputian was trying to fit into the giant’s shoes. She chuckled and went to get breakfast.

After she set the table, Jonathan pulled her, making her sit next to him. He fed Joey from the biscuit packet and watched Adriana eat hers. He barely touched his. 

"It not good?" She asked, eyeing his untouched plate.

" it's good" He looked at his food. Why was I not eatingOh yeah, I was watching you eat.

"Then you're not hungry, right?" 

"I'm hungry....look"

He stuffed his face ,with her sumptuous breakfast and sipped the hot coffee, to cool his sudden urge to take her on his kitchen table. He shook his thought, finished his breakfast and helped her with the dishes. He kept his distance this entire time. Mainly to prevent his modesty from ravishing her in his kitchen.

His distance affected her. She wanted him near her. Wanted him to touch her, kissed her and to whisper sweet nothing, into her ears. But he kept his distance and avoided any close proximity to her.

She felt tears springing in her tear. She won't tolerate any kind of disrespect, more so this guilt upon her shoulders.

He saw her expression and felt her silence. It was killing him. He wanted to hold her and kiss her, but he was helpless. He wanted to kick him for being in such a situation. He knew, he was hurting her. He was hurting too.

But, it just a matter of few daysThen everything will be fine

. . . 

She got ready, to get back home as soon as her kitchen chores were done. She dressed up hastily, in a hurry to get away from him.  She cannot take another heartbreak. 

As she walked out of the house, Jonathan blocked her way. 

"Where are you going?" He asked, not ready to leave her yet.


"Why?" He wanted to spent some more time with her. 

"Why? I have a home and moreover Brooke will be worried" She provided.

"I'll talk to her and tell her" He fished out his phone to dial Brook's number. 

Adriana prevented him and made him face her. "That won't be needed. I've already told her" She said and tried to make her way out. 

He blocked her again. "Well then, let me take you home." He requested. "Please" He pleaded.

He couldn't juat let her go. He wanted to tell her something, that was bothering him after that phone call, but he couldn't summon up words to tell her. She needed to know, but how. The entire ride home, they didn't speak anything. Mainly, he had been thinking how to break the news to her. And her thoughts were, that this whole sleep-over-stay-the-night-sex, was a big mistake.

They stopped just in front of her house. She dashed out of the car. He lunged towards her and caught her. 

"Adriana, wait......Adriana" 

"Thanks, but I can it from here"

Holding her on the spot, he spoke. "I have to tell you something" He looked at her eyes and saw the sadness pouring out of it. "Please listen to me"

He touched her cheeks with his thumb and watched it turning pink. "You mad at me?" He asked, pulling closer to him. "Did I do something wrong?" 

She just looked at his eyes and lost all her thoughts. 

"I wanted to thank you for yesterday. I had a nice time" He spoke and felt her melt with his words. Her body relaxed and her expression softened. 

Adriana's heart melted and a smile spread across her face. She smiled genuinely and said. "I had a nice time too" 

"Really?" He teased, cupped her face in her hands and drew closer to her face. 

She nodded and they stood in silence, lost at each other eyes.

A sound from her neigbhoring house, broke their staring stance.

"I guess, you should leave now" She pushed him towards his car.

“But I've to tell you something" He looked away, everywhere, trying to form a sentence from all the jumbled words. How will I say it

This is the time. He wants to break-up with me

"I’ll be away for a few days”  There he said it. 

"How long?” Why, she didn't ask him that, but that was riling inside her mind. 

“Ummm.....Four days” Jonathan replied, his eyes trained on her face now. He couldn't read what she was thinking. 

They both stood there in silence as there was nothing more to ask or tell, but neither of them wanted to leave. Just then, they heard footsteps. 

“Can we invite him for the Thanksgiving, Aunt Adriana” Caroline walked out of the front door, after she heard the car’s engine. “Pleassss” She pleaded, with her aunt.

Adriana smiled at her niece enthusiasm and turned her eyes to Jonathan, as if asking in silence to accept the invitation. 

“If your aunt doesn’t mind spending the Thanksgiving with me, then I would love to accept the invitation” Jonathan said, avidly, glancing between Caroline and Adriana. 

“No, we don’t mind at all” Brooke answered from behind, breaking the air of discomfort surrounding them. “You are most welcome to join us” Brooke joined Caroline and patted her back, for the plan they had executed was working. Nobody noticed the mother-daughter’s small gesture of victory. 

Adriana was already smiling by now, after her sister’s permission. She wouldn’t do anything, to bring any discomfort to her sister, that’s why she was reluctant to ask, but now all that had settled, she hoped he would join them for the celebration.

“Well then, I'll see you this weekend for the Thanksgiving” Jonathan addressed his words towards Adriana. 

They stood there, again lost in each other's eyes, when Brooke cleared her throat. 

“I should take a leave now” Jonathan said, formally to Brooke and waved to Caroline. 

Both mother-daughter winked at each other and started walking towards the door. Mission accomplished.

Adriana has been just few step behind them and was about to turn when Jonathan pulled her back. He didn't say anything, but his eyes conveyed a lot. 

I’ll miss you. Jonathan’s heart didn’t want to leave.

His eyes spoke the words, she had dreaded to hear.  

“Are you coming?” Brooke called softly from the doorway. 

Adriana broke free of his grasp, as she walked away she heard his saying. "Take care of yourself"

She turned to smile at him, with an answer. "Take care, Jonathan. Come back safely"

"I'll always" He added. I'll be back, before you miss me.




Hope you liked it and pardon my tenses and spelling. I'll edit all the chapters once done.





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