Jemma begs for Dr Poletti to make her cum

Jemma begs for Dr Poletti to make her cum Jemma begs for Dr Poletti to make her cum

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jemma, a young postdoc, is the latest interest for Dr Poletti. He likes teasing young women and having them beg him to make them cum. But there's always a catch.


Jemma, a young postdoc, is the latest interest for Dr Poletti. He likes teasing young women and having them beg him to make them cum. But there's always a catch.


Submitted: April 05, 2014

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Submitted: April 05, 2014



There’s a knock on your office door. Your colleague, David, is standing in the doorway with a petite blonde girl, well woman, in her late 20’s early 30’s.

He says, “Have you got a moment Steve?”

“Sure”, you reply. 

“I’d like you to meet Jemma, our new postdoc, who I was telling you about before you went on leave.”

“Hi Jemma, really nice to meet you”, you say.

Gesturing towards you, he says, “This is Steve”.

“Hi Steve”, she says.

David continues, “I’ve told her that if I’m not around you could assist her with any queries or issues she may have. I hope that’s OK with you?”

Jemma was casually dressed, but very stylish. She wore a black skirt, hemmed above the knee. It was not too short, but certainly gave you a good view of her toned tanned legs. On her feet, were short ankle boots. On top she wore a silky fitted grey T-Shirt that completely covered her ample D cup breasts. Looking closely you could just make out the outline of her bra, and see her nipples peeking through.

All of a sudden you felt a stirring in your trousers so you decide to wrap the introductions up, “Looking forward to working with your Jemma. I hope David has made you feel welcome already”.

“Oh yes, he has, very welcome”, Jemma says.

And with that, they made their way down the corridor. As she turned around you got a glimpse of her beautiful full bottom, and for a brief moment imagined what it looks like naked.

A couple of weeks after she started, Jemma comes to your door as you’re packing up to go home. She asks if you’ve had time to read the basic research proposal she emailed through earlier in the week.  You hadn’t even noticed an email in your inbox from her, and so say, “I hadn’t seen one come through from you”.  As you shut down Excel and open up Outlook, Jemma comes over and stands next to you to check on the screen for her email. Whilst she doesn’t touch the chair, she stands just a bit closer than is usual, and it feels strangely intimate. Then she leans against your desk and points to her email, “There it is”, she says, which you can now see came in Tuesday morning. You apologise and promise to have a look at it in the next few days and get back to her with some feedback.

Jemma turns and walks out, and your eyes follow her gorgeous bottom swaying from side to side. You feel a familiar stirring in your trousers and think about how much of a distraction she is going to be over the next twelve months or so. If Tracey finds anything out about this new postdoc she will be incredibly jealous!

The following day you read through Jemma’s short proposal. Not bad really for a first draft. You provide some feedback using Track changes and send it back to

You don’t see Jemma for a few days, but on Friday at lunch time she comes to the door, “Thanks Steve, I really liked the suggestions you made for the methodology. However, there was one comment I didn’t understand. Have you got time to have a look at it with me now?”

“Sure”, you reply.

Jemma starts walking over to your desk, and again stands intimately close to you. You can smell her perfume and as you turn to look up and face her you get briefly distracted by her cleavage. You both sense the short awkwardness but recover quickly. You have a growing desire to reach out and stoke her legs, but think better of it, and tune back into the conversation in which you are clarifying your comment.

Over the next few weeks, Jemma pops into your office on an ever more frequent basis to discuss her research proposal. She is smart and you really like the way she is approaching her research. But you are constantly distracted by the urge to reach out and caress her legs, which are always positioned just inches from your fingers. You’ve also started to consider whether her skirts have been getting a little shorter over time, and wonder if that were true, what it means.  

About five weeks after Jemma started, David comes into your office and asks “How are things going with the lovely Jemma?” From his slight wry smile you can tell that he too has been having very naughty thoughts about her.  “Great”, you say. “She is a smart girl, but the way she stands so close when she comes into my office is a bit distracting to say the least!”

David looks a bit puzzled, thinks for a few moments, and eventually says, “That’s funny, Jemma never comes over to my desk; she always stands in the doorway when we’re discussing her research”.

You’re a bit unsure how to respond, but decide to quell any further discussion by lying, “Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking. Yeah, thinking about it now she probably stands in the doorway more often than she comes over to my desk”. In fact Jemma has never stood in the doorway when you’re discussing her research. She always comes into your office, leaving the door ajar and stands next to you at your desk.

The thought that she is not standing so close to David starts you thinking. Maybe she does want you to start touching her? Perhaps she is also thinking about doing naughty things with you!

For the next few days you can’t get Jemma out of your mind. You fantasise about what her pussy looks like, how it smells, how it feels, how it tastes, how wet it gets, how tight it is, how orgasmic she is, wonder whether she moans, if anyone has fucked her gorgeous arse (or would you be the first) and just how her beautiful full lips would feel sucking your cock, which for the record, has been constantly erect (or at least semi hard) for the last few days.

When you Skype Tracey that evening, she enquires “You haven’t told me if the postdoc has started with you yet?” Suddenly you feel incredibly guilty and stumble over your words, “Ah, oh, yeah, you mean Jemma? Oh yeah, she started about four or five weeks ago.”

The next morning Jemma comes into your office, and this time pushes the door almost closed behind her. As she strolls over to your desk you can’t help but stare at her beautiful legs and imagine what her gorgeous cunt must look like. “What are you working on?” she enquires, as she gazes at your screen. Her legs once again just stopping inches from your fingers. Your cock is rock hard, straining against your trousers. All of a sudden you raise your hand and gently stroke the back of her knee.

Jemma turns around quickly and looks at you fiercely. In that split second, the blood instantly drains from your face, your cock becomes flaccid, and you think, shit, it WAS just wishful thinking.

The longest few seconds of silence follows and then Jemma’s face suddenly softens, her eyes look down, and she whispers, “What took you so long to touch me Dr Poletti?”

She then turns to face you whilst you remain seated in your chair. You feel a little embarrassed and struggle to hold her gaze. But your hands find her legs and you start caressing and stroking them, noticing how soft and supple her skin is. You use featherweight pressure as you brush her thighs slowly upward. You concentrate on her inner thighs and notice Jemma shift her weight so that her legs part a little more for you. Your cock is rock hard, but becomes even harder when she spreads her legs wider. Your fingers are now under her skirt but still some way from her pussy. You’re getting pretty excited and start wondering if her cunt is creaming up.

As if Jemma could read your mind, she whispers, “Oh Dr Poletti, I think you are making my pussy wet.”

Your fingers venture further up and you start to feel some dampness. You realise that this means this gorgeous young woman is probably not wearing any underwear. Your fingers start trembling, and in a low soft controlling voice you enquire, “Jemma, have you been a naughty girl and come to university without any panties on today?”

“Yes, Dr Poletti”.

The thought that you could just reach up and touch her cunt at this point was so sexy that you thought your cock would explode in your trousers. But you didn’t want either one of you to cum just yet. Instead you just keep stroking her legs and enjoying the feeling of her pussy juices running down the tops of her inner thighs. 

Jemma starts rocking gently as she becomes more and more turned on. You start thinking about how this gorgeous cunt might taste, so you take your fingers out from under her skirt and suck all her pussy juices off them. Wow, she tastes so fucking gorgeous! You can’t believe how much her sweetness turns you on. You start to think about licking her beautiful wet cunt.

In the distance you hear David’s voice in the corridor and it comes to a stop just outside your door.  He knocks and pushes open the door.  At the same time Jemma takes a step back and looks a little sheepish, but you both pretend to be discussing her paper. David looks a bit uncomfortable and you wonder if he knows that you have been up to no good.  Perhaps he can smell her sex? Whatever is the case, he makes a few quick comments about today’s meeting and leaves promptly.

You get up and close the door hastily as you so want to start stroking Jemma’s cunt, teasing her until she starts gasping and moaning.  Little does Jemma know you have a fetish for tying up girls for hours at a time, fucking them at your leisure, and making them beg you to make them cum.  Oh yes, you can’t wait to hear Jemma begging for you to make her cum.

You ask her, “Can I blindfold you” and she just nods her head. You take a tie out from your top drawer and wrap it around her eyes.

You indicate to Jemma to lean over your desk and you place her hands behind her back. Without her noticing, you use another tie from your drawer to tie them together, at which point she realises resistance is useless. You also secretly get out your video recorder; you want some footage of this naughty girl getting what she asked for. 

Ah your cock is so fucking hard, and you want so much to push it into her pussy. Your hands venture up her skirt again, but not quite to her cunt. You can feel some of her creaminess and know she is pretty horny now.  You are desperate to see what her pussy looks like. Your curiosity gets the better of you. You lift up her skirt to reveal a beautiful ripe arse, and some glistening in between her arse cheeks. You touch Jemma’s lower back, motioning for her to lean over your desk a little more. As she does, you glimpse her amazing shaved, sodden pussy. Fuck, she is one horny postdoc! You can’t help yourself and you start stroking her pussy backwards and forwards, careful to avoid her little clit. It feels like silk. You can tell from her soft moans and the way her hips are rocking that she is really enjoying this too J

You make sure the video camera is capturing this horny pussy creaming up enjoying your touch. You feel pretty pleased with the knowledge that if Jemma ever decides you can’t touch her anymore, you can blackmail her with the recording.  This gorgeous young woman is going to be at your beck and call for the whole year!

You decide it is definitely time for your cock to start to enjoy this naughty pussy and imagine how nice it would feel if it came all over your cock.  You unzip your trousers and pull down your pants, whispering to Jemma “I’m going to fuck your horny little pussy from behind now.  Be a good girl and lean forward for me.”

Your cock is much bigger than an average cock; in fact it hurts some women, which turns you on so much more than you let on. You start rubbing your knob on the outside of her pussy and feel her beautiful ripe arse pushing back on you, “How does it feel Jemma?” you enquire.

“Oh Dr Poletti, your cock feels amazing. Please stick it in my pussy; I want to feel your massive cock inside me.” You insert the tip and slowly push the entire length of it into her. Wow her pussy is so tight, and you sense it tightening up even more around your cock. You rock gently in and out of her whilst stroking her cunt, getting closer and closer to her clit. She starts letting out little gasps and you enjoy the power of keeping her on the brink of cuming.

“How much do you want to cum Jemma?” you ask.

Jemma can hardly talk, but manages to say, “Oh please Dr Poletti, please make me cum”.

You withdraw your cock and decide you would like to film this naughty pussy cuming all over your fingers.  Again you start stroking her cunt and inching closer to her clit.  You brush over it and she gasps, indicating she could cum at any moment.

“What can I do to you if I make you cum Jemma?”

“You can fuck me Dr Poletti, fuck me really hard”.

‘Well I’d like to do that Jemma, but want I really want to do is fuck your gorgeous arse. Watching it wriggling around now is making me so horny for it.” You start stroking and fingering her arse, whilst continuing to occasionally brush over her clit. 

In a sterner voice now you ask, “Can I fuck your tight little arse after you cum for me Jemma?” You sense she is a little sacred as she tenses up even more and doesn’t say a word. You just continue to caress her gorgeous bum, and ever so lightly tease her clit, until she begs you, “Please Dr Poletti, please rub my clit, I can’t take this anymore.  Please let me cum.”

“You are a dirty girl Jemma. Who would ever have thought you’d be begging me to make you cum, knowing that it means I can put my rock hard cock in your arse.”

And just then Jemma let out this muffled moan and comes so hard on your fingers. You whisper, “You really are one fucking horny girl.” 

True to your desire you stick your cock in her tight little arse and she whimpers a little from the pain.

Wow, it is so tight! You’re so horny now you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. You start pumping her, whispering in her ear, “Ah fuck you’re a naughty girl Jemma, letting me fuck your arse. Ah fuck. Ah fuck. Ah fuck. Oh yes. Oh yes. I’m cuming in your arse Jemma. I’m cuming in your tight little arse. Oh fuck, I’ve just cum in your tight little arse you dirty girl.” 


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