Cassandra II

Cassandra II

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Cassandra is about to marry Alessandro, the multi millionaire who fell in love the first time he laid his eyes on her. Trixie, on the other hand was hurt, jealous and mad after knowing she is not the real daughter of John and that Cassandra was the one and only biological daughter and rightful heir. Trixie concocted an evil plan to eradicate her in a clean and tidy way, so no one would be suspicious that she was theculprit. Time flew by – Trixie successfully persuaded Cassandra and everyone else that her change of heart towards her “sister” Cassandra was real and true. But, the night before the wedding, Trixie and her accomplice was ready to kidnap Cassadra when suddenly someone snatch the scene and abducted a jiffy. Who could be her abductor? Read the story to find out what happened. To those who have not read the first part of Cassandra here's the link : I hope you will like and enjoy this story guys as you like the fist one. Enjoy reading!


Cassandra is about to marry Alessandro, the multi millionaire who fell in love the first time he laid his eyes on her. Trixie, on the other hand was hurt, jealous and mad after knowing she is not the real daughter of John and that Cassandra was the one and only biological daughter and rightful heir. Trixie concocted an evil plan to eradicate her in a clean and tidy way, so no one would be suspicious that she was theculprit. Time flew by – Trixie successfully persuaded Cassandra and everyone else that her
change of heart towards her “sister” Cassandra was real and true. But, the night before the wedding, Trixie and her accomplice was ready to kidnap Cassadra when suddenly someone snatch the scene and abducted a jiffy. Who could be her abductor? Read the story to find out what happened. To those who have not read the first part of Cassandra here's the link :
I hope you will like and enjoy this story guys as you like the fist one. Enjoy reading!


Submitted: March 07, 2019

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Submitted: March 07, 2019



Trixie came home and was surprised to see Cassandra and Alessandro sitting on the sofa together with her father John, who owns several clubs and a newly opened restaurant in the city.

She felt irate and was unexplainably jealous whenever Cassandra was near her father, especially now that they seemed to be sitting so comfortably together.

“What the hell’s going on here?” she asked, looking at her father with a stiff expression and her arms crossed over her breasts. 

The three in the sofa had visibly jolted on Trixie’s sudden appearance. Trixie stood there, her face a huge question mark. 

Her father stood up quickly and walked towards her with a big smile on his face.

“Trixie, good you’re here. I’ve been trying to call you, but you didn’t answer,” he said while his daughter remained silent, and she squinted at Cassandra with a cynical sideways glance. 

she doing here!?” asked Trixie in an irate voice, arching her eyebrows in disdain. 

“Sweety... Ahmmm... You need to know something,” he started hesitantly.

“What is it I need to know, Dad?” She looked at her father straight in the eye waiting for an answer. She noticed a hint of joy in her father’s eyes, so she feared the worst. 

“Trixie, dear, I want you to meet your long lost sister and my biological daughter, Cassandra. It’s a long story sweetheart and to make it short, she was born before I met your mother.”

The words fell like a hammer on her ears – she was visibly stunned. For a few moments, she stood there speechless. She felt like her head was going to explode. She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard.

“W-what?” she asked, looking back and forth between Cassandra and her father.

“Cassandra is your older half-sister,” he affirmed cautiously.

“D-did I hear you right?” She mumbled, cupping her hands over her ears looking confused.

“Trixie, sweetheart, what I’ve told you – it’s true...” Her father held her hands, hoping she would absorb the revelation she had just heard.

“N-no, no, no, it can’t be true.” Her expression bore a look of confusion and anger. 

“Noooo! Dad! Tell me you’re lying!” She came closer to her father and held both his hands hoping it was all some big mistake. 

“Sweetheart... I understand if you can’t accept it now, but I just hope sooner or later, you two could at least start to get to know each other. I’m pretty sure if you give Cassandra a chance to know her, you’ll eventually learn to accept the fact that you two are sisters,” he said, looking from one daughter to the other. 

Trixie wiped away her tears, and ran away into her room, slamming the door behind her. She dived on to her bed, throwing all the pillows on to the floor in a fit of pique. She hated Cassandra now more than ever. Red-hot coals of hatred were burning inside her. In anger, she clenched the bed sheets in her fists with all her might, making a knot of the material, which she bit.

She lay there for a while in a foetal position, gnawing at the sheets. After some time, she gradually regained her composure. The look of anguish on her face slowly transformed. A glint of evil sparkled in the corners of her eyes. A devilish plot had sprung into her mind – her face turned into an evil twisted smile. 


After the awkward moment, Alessandro and Cassandra now headed home.

“Babe,” he looked at her, and taking one hand from the wheel, he held her hand pressing it gently. She just looked at him and tried to smile.

“Just give her time to accept everything babe,” Alessandro pleaded.

Cassandra, replied, “I know it’s not easy for her. I’ll try to be more understanding towards her. Hopefully, she’ll learn to accept me. After all, we’re sisters.”

“That’s my babe.”

She just nodded and smiled. She leaned her head back on the headrest, and tried to close her eyes.

Alessandro parked the car in the garage and gently tapped Cassandra’s shoulder to wake her up.

“We’re here babe,” he said gently. 

“O-oh sorry I fell asleep,” she said meekly.

Cassandra’s narrative:

We went to our room and I took a shower. I relished the refreshment I felt, letting the water trickle down all over my body, releasing all the stress inside me. I thanked God, knowing that I wasn’t alone in the world, and knowing that my father was alive, which my mother had deceived me about. For sure, she has a reason why she

had kept the truth hidden from me, so in one way I understood her.

However, although her life had now been transformed into something beautiful – yet another problem was looming on the horizon. 

“How can I get close to Trixie? What can I do so she’ll accept me?... so that we can be real sisters?” I asked myself quietly.

I closed my eyes while enjoying every drop of water that ran down over my body, when suddenly I felt a pair of hands tracing the contours of my shoulder blades, and then a kiss on the nape of my neck.

“Aahhhh...,” I bit my lower lip as I felt the sensation of his sweet kisses.

I turned around and saw Alessandro joining me for a shower. His perfectly delectable muscular body made my whole body quiver. Our eyes latched on to each other. I loved seeing how his eyes lit up, gazing at me intensely, and how glad I was that I was the reason for his passionate stare. Alessandro drew me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me as I circled my arms around his neck.

“Don’t stress yourself babe, things will be alright.”

“Babe... W-what do you think I should do to please her?” I asked.

“Let’s think about it later okay?” He naughtily winked at me and drew me towards him even more, so I could feel his hardened shaft pressing against my stomach, begging like a mendicant priest to be allowed to worship at the altar of my womanness. 

His lips met mine and we kissed – our mouths locked together and his tongue slid into my mouth, tasting me in deep, penetrating waves that stoked the fire within me higher. I bit his tongue, sucking it for a moment like a popsicle, savouring all the moist in his mouth. While Alessandro’s hands gently roamed over my breasts, he gently squeezed them, while his tongue licked my neck, earlobe, and down to my collarbone and finally, he hungrily claimed my nipple and sucked it like a hungry animal while he finger-fucked me gently but deeply. He picked me up and I locked my legs around his waist, and we carried on hungrily kissing each other. He pinned me against the tiled wall and thrust his cock deep into my core.

“Oooh, Alessandro,” I heard myself moan his name into his ear, as I savoured every hard thrust he made deep inside me. My pleasure was so intense, and I bit his ear, and then playfully slid my tongue up and down his neck, licking and flicking my tongue in his ear. Alessandro moaned – it was so freaking sexy that it aroused me even more. Alessandro buried his long, big and strong cock into me. His thrusts increased in speed and in hardness as he drilled and thrilled me like it was the last time he’d ever fuck me. Every moan I made, it made Alessandro even hotter, so finally he exploded inside me blissfully. I reached an orgasm at the same time, and Alessandro gently put me down, planting a soft kiss on my forehead.

We enjoyed showering together. I was the first to finish showering, and I put on my white satin nightie, and started towelling dry my long black hair. I went and sat down in front of the dresser, and put some moisturizer on my face.

Alessandro appeared from the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist. He put on some gray boxer’s shorts and a white shirt. We went over to the bed, and I lay my head on his chest.

“Have you any thoughts about your dad’s proposal?” Alessandro asked me.

“What do you think? Do you think it’s a good idea to move in, in my father’s house? I was thinking about how Trixie would feel about it, maybe she’ll be even angrier than before?” 

“Why not take the chance to get near her? To get to know her, and be as understanding as you can... As they say, ‘a biscuit gets soft when you dip it in hot coffee’. ”

The idea brought a grin to my face. In response, Alessandro brushed the hair from my forehead softly, while his other hand gently guided my head down towards the large bulge that had appeared beneath his boxers. I knew what he wanted and passionately responded. I moved in between his legs and lustfully caressed his shaft inside his shorts. I pulled off the shorts and started to lick his balls carefully with the tip of my tongue – and then my tongue went to work up and down the entire length of his manhood. I caressed the underside of his shaft with my tongue. I put the whole of his shaft inside my mouth, forcing it deep into my throat so I almost gagged. I felt his cock swell even harder in my throat as he pumped a huge load of hot cum into my mouth and down my throat. I greedily swallowed his cum. We broke free of each other then, ... Alessandro could not hold back his emotions, and he released a deep moan and groan of ecstasy and pleasure. Each moan and gasp was to me like a sweet melody that poured fuel on my fire of desire. The blazing flame of my passion made me even more wildly delirious. I took off my nightie and sat on his face, smothering him with my warm, wet pussy. He tongued and he tongued me, worshipping my sweet pussy. He licked my pussy like his life depended on it. It built to an incredible climax. Finally, I orgasmed several times. He had turned me into a writhing mess. He became crazy like a caveman. I couldn’t take it anymore so I changed my position, squatting over him; with my back facing him. He inserted his shaft into me. I rocked on top of him, feeling the delectable sensation of his cock going in and out of my core. I lent backwards a little to get the angle right for him to perfectly hit my G-spot, so we could both pleasurably enjoy the ecstasy of each thrust he made. The feeling was so divine we became lost in time. The room reverberated with our moans. I rocked hard on his cock, while Alessandro enjoyed squeezing my breasts, and crazily licked the nape of my neck. It was such a heavenly bliss as we fucked into the night until we both passed out from pleasure and exhaustion. The morning came quickly, and sunlight filtered through the windows.


In the morning, after having their breakfast, Cassandra was now ready to move in into her father’s house, bringing only some of her clothes and what she needed. She was ready to face Trixie.

A few minutes of driving – they finally arrived and stopped the car in front of the house, where her dad and Trixie were waiting for them in the doorway. A new adventure in her life was about to unfold, she thought to herself while walking towards them.


A glint of evil flashed across Trixie’s face as she thought of the evil plan she had concocted. But she felt hungry, and remembered she hadn’t eaten her dinner because of what had happened earlier. She went down to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and took out a bottle of milk. She poured some into a glass and gulped it down. She was on her way back to her bedroom, when she spotted her father on the veranda.

He was on the phone talking to someone in agitated tones with a worried look on his face. She tiptoed quietly towards the veranda so she could eavesdrop. 

“ Better keep it that way,” he said firmly to the other person. 

“I have to keep my word to Cecilia. No one has to know that... that Trixie is not my real daughter not even Cassandra,” he pleaded, while pacing back and forth.

Trixie went quietly back to her room, feeling weak and a rising anguish creeping inside her. Her knees were trembling, as she shed tears.

“This can’t be true .... nooo... nooo...,” she whimpered, cupping her face with her barely controllable hands.

“It can’t be true.” She was hurt after hearing the truth and full of ire knowing that Cassandra was the one and only true biological daughter and rightful heir.

“If he’s not my.... biological father, then who is?” She wondered despairingly. 

She lay on her bed tossing and turning. 


It was much later. Trixie couldn’t get to sleep. She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was quarter to four in the morning.

“Grrrr...,” she growled, tired but unable to sleep. Although her eyes were heavy and sleepy, her mind raced. 

“I won’t let you take everything away from me, Cassie! Not even my dad!” She furiously swore to herself squeezing the life out of the pillow beside her. 

“But I will have to be careful how I eradicate you from our lives!” she said to herself determinedly.

Trixie spent the whole night thinking of a plan of how she could eliminate Cassandra in a clean and tidy way, so no one would be suspicious that she was the culprit. A plan formed in her mind and she couldn’t help but smile to herself. “What a smart plan I’ve construed!” She thought to herself. 

“It’s show time,” she uttered the words and quickly lay down on her bed and was ready to fall asleep. She knew what she had to do the first thing she woke up later that day. She usually got up late in the morning.


Cassie saw her father standing next to Trixie with a big smile on her face, as she stood beside him like a tender sweet girl. 

Trixie looked completely different thought Cassandra to herself – she couldn’t help but wonder why. 

Her father sensed Cassie’s thoughts regarding Trixie’s changed behaviour. 

Cassie approached her father and gently planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

“Good morning Sir!” Alessandro greeted his soon-to-be father-in-law with a handshake.

“You should get used to calling me, dad, Alessandro,” he laughed, while still being sincere.

“Hi!” Trixie greeted Cassie warmly, which contrasted with the awkwardness that had been between them.

They all went inside. Her father led the way towards Cassandra’s bedroom, which was right across from Trixie’s room.

Trixie went to her room, and left the three of them in Cassie’s room.

“I hope you like it, sweetheart.”

“Wow! This is so lovely...,” said Cassie astonished, as she looked around the bedroom with her mouth slightly ajar.

The bedroom was decorated in a sophisticated palette of nature-inspired patterns, and colours in a combination of pale lilac, soft pink, mellow yellow, and light turquoise. It was very feminine and pleasing to the eye.

Cassandra sat on the edge of the bed. She liked its luxurious feel.

John sat beside her. Alessandro understood that the two needed some space to talk.

“I’ll just take a look at the veranda,” he said, pointing at the sliding glass door and walking in that direction.

“Sweetheart... I know how rough Trixie has been on you, but I hope you’ve given yourselves a chance to get close as sisters,” he implored, looking her in the eye and patting her hand.

Cassandra nodded with a slight smile. The expression on her face showed some reluctance. 

hija, she has already admitted her mistakes. You both need to talk. I want to see her as your maid of honour, if you’ll consider her.”

“Yes...yes dad, I want her too... Though I am a bit reluctant to approach her if none of us makes the first move. So, yeah... I’ll try to talk to her.” Cassandra held her father’s hand, cupped it with both of her hands to make him feel she was sincere. 

hija.” His face was illuminated with gladness and hope.

As he finished the conversation, he headed to Trixie’s room.

“Trixie, baby, can I come in?” He gently knocked on the door.

“Yes, daddy,” she responded in a low tone.

“You okay?” He asked seeing Trixie was in a tense mood.

“D-do you think she...she’ll ever forgive me, dad?” She asked anxiously, pacing back and forth.

“Please stop traipsing around, you’re making me dizzy...,” he said rubbing his forehead.

Trixie got into a little panic seeing her dad like this. She poured some water from a carafe on her bedside table, and gave it to him. She started to lightly massage his neck. 

Cassandra was about to knock on Trixie’s bedroom door, but it was slightly open. She observed Trixie massaging her father’s neck. There seemed to be something wrong with her father that made her worried. Although uninvited, Cassandra walked into the room.

“W-what happened?” She asked Trixie. Her father seemed faint and a little weak. 

“ worries sweethearts, I suddenly felt dizzy but I feel much better now,” he assured them. 

“I’ll leave you two here – you need to talk,” he said patting them both on their shoulders.

There was awkwardness between them as they sat there silently. 

“Are you okay?” They synchronously asked each other, each having an anxious look on their faces. 

They laughed and the tension disappeared. 

“L-look, I-I just want to say sorry for everything that I’ve done to you C-Cassie. I hope y-you can forgive me,” she said nervously, while intertwining her hands. 

“Let’s forget the past and move forward for the better. I hope to get to know you and you me. I know for sure, we can get along once we’re open to one another.” Cassie walked closer to her and held both her hands and looked her straight in the eye and smiled. 

“Y-yeah... Thanks.” Trixie was almost unable to look Cassandra in the eye – she didn’t want her to see any hint that she was just pretending and trying to be a good con artist. 

“I’ll make sure that you’ll fall down into the deep pit that I’ve dug for you, Cassie. No one will take everything away from me,” thought Trixie to herself while she flashed a sweet duplicitous smile at Cassandra. 


Cassandra took everything positively and innocently. She strongly believed that they could be the best of sisters. And she yearned to have a younger sister. She felt blessed now that she knew her father was still alive, and even more blessed to learn that she also had a little sister. 

“Sooo... Let’s do some girl-bonding?” Trixie excitedly suggested. 

“Yeah sure....,” Cassandra responded quickly. Though Cassandra still felt a little dubious about their sudden friendship, she was determined to gain Trixie’s trust in any way possible. 

They went down the stairs all the way to the living room where John and Alessandro were discussing the upcoming wedding. 

Her father and Alessandro wanted to have a grand wedding but Cassandra wanted it to be simple and only for selected close friends, family and employees. 

Her father also wanted to make a public announcement right before the wedding that Cassandra was her long lost daughter, but again Cassandra disagreed. It was enough for her that she had finally met her father whom she thought was dead.

Both Alessandro and John couldn’t oppose Cassandra’s wishes. She is a very thrifty woman, and didn’t want to spend money when it wasn’t necessary. 

“Oh, where are you two going?” John asked the two women. 

“Where are you going, babe?” asked Alessandro with a curious expression on his face. 

“We’re going to a boutique babe and have to see our designer to see if he can find a suitable maid of honour gown for Trixie,” said Cassandra gaily, casting her eyes back and forth between Trixie and Alessandro.

“Oh, okay... That’s good to hear,” said her father. 

“Can you drive us to the boutique babe?” Cassandra asked her future husband, giving him a puppy-dog look.

“How can I say no to the most beautiful girl in the world, huh?” he smiled. 

When the three drove away John was left there standing with a serene smile on his face. 

Alessandro parked the car outside a shop called Glamorous Boutique. 

Trixie jumped out first. She looked very cute and sexy. She was wearing high-waisted denim short-shorts, a red crop-top with a black heart printed in the front, which matched the black of her sneakers. 

“Can you pick us up later babe?” 

“Yes, babe. Just give me a call or text me, okay?” 

“Ok babe, I will... I love you.” 

“I love you more.” 

He kissed her lips gently before she got out of the car. But before her foot could reach the ground, he quickly grabbed her hand and said... “Careful, okay?” He looked towards Trixie who was patiently waiting outside the shop. 

“Okay,” Cassandra assured him. She kept waving goodbye until the car was out of sight. 

She stood at the side of the street. She looked pretty. It was difficult to say who was the prettier and sexier of the two – Cassandra or Trixie? Cassandra was wearing a black camisole, paired with acid-washed tattered skinny jeans. This was matched with her white cardigan and white sneakers. They were both girls men would kill for.

“Let’s go inside,” Cassandra said walking towards the boutique. Trixie took hold of her hand and they walked in to the shop together. 

“Good morning ma’am,” greeted the staff with a smile. 

“Is Jonas here? Cassandra asked one of the staff. But, before he could answer, Jonas answered gaily. 

“Hello! Hello! Mrs. Larrazabal. What can I do for you?” he greeted her ardently? 

“Hi, Jonas, I’d like you to meet my sister Trixie... She’s the one that I’ve told you about. My maid of honour.” 

“Oh, I remember... Follow me, Miss Trixie, let me take your measurements.” 

Trixie followed Jonas, the personal designer of Alessandro who had designed the wedding gown and the gowns for the whole entourage. 

Time flew by – Trixie successfully persuaded Cassandra and everyone else that her change of heart towards her “sister” was real and true. 

Cassandra didn’t have the slightest suspicion about Trixie’s real thoughts and malevolent plans. Alessandro and even her father were also duped by Trixie’s new-found loving behaviour.

Back in John's house:

There was one week to go before the wedding was going to take place. The doorbell rang. Cassandra opened the door. It was the staff from the Glamorous Boutique who had brought her wedding gown and the set of gowns for the entourage. She let the staff of the shop in, and they put the boxes with the gowns in a room next to John’s office. Cassandra asked the staff to bring her wedding gown to her room upstairs. Trixie took her gown to Cassandra’s room too. She excitedly opened the box and tried on the gown. Cassandra was amazed how well the gown suited her. She looked so gorgeous. 

“Won’t you try to fit your gown too?” asked Trixie while taking off her own gown. 

“Ahmmm... Nope. Only on the wedding day,” responded Cassandra, while helping Trixie to unzip her gown. 

“Won’t you really try?” asked Trixie, while she spread the wedding gown over Cassandra’s body. 

“You look, so beautiful,” she said to her endearingly, trying to persuade her to put the gown on.

“Okay, are you sure it’s not a bad omen to wear the gown now before the day?” asked Cassandra.

“But put it on – I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in it”, said Trixie enticing her to put it on.

Cassandra gave in – and she wanted to see if she really was beautiful in the gown. She put it on – and looked at her reflection in the mirror of the wardrobe door. She looked like a beautiful princess in a fairy tale about to marry the prince. 

“Wow... Cassie, you look so beautiful,” Trixie whispered in her ear, as she stood behind her, as they both looked at the reflection in the mirror. 

Suddenly they heard something collide against the glass door of the bedroom. They quickly turned around towards the source of the sound. They’d look around to see what it could be, when Cassandra saw a white dove lying on the floor. It was unable to move and was struggling for breath. She picked it up and noticed that it had a wound in its right wing that looked like a fracture. She thought that perhaps somebody had injured the dove with a slingshot. She gently caressed its feathers. 

“Oh! What the hell happened to that bird?” Trixie asked, arching one of her eyebrows looking closely at the bird. 

Cassandra walked into her bathroom and laid the dove on the top near the hand basin.

“Stay there,” she said to the dove before leaving it. 

She took off her gown and changed her clothes and put the gown back in the box hurriedly. She went back to where the white dove was lying, and rinsed the blood from the wound. She took out her medicine kit, and taking a cotton bud put a little betadine on the wound. 

“Trixie, could you please get a small empty box that is in the drawer of my bedside cupboard,” Cassandra asked her. 

Trixie found the box and gave it to her. Cassandra laid the white dove in it and put the box on the top of her bedside cupboard. They left the bedroom and went down to the kitchen. Trixie took two cans of pineapple juice out of the fridge and handed one to Cassie, who was gulping it down when John came in. Trixie handed him a can of soda and they all went to the living room. 

“Cassandra, a few days from now is your wedding day. Just stay home sweetheart until the wedding to avoid an accident,” he said reminding her with a sense of foreboding. He was a very superstitious person. 

“Have all the gowns been delivered today?” he asked.

“Yes, dad and I like my gown so much it perfectly suits me,” she said euphorically. 

“Oh, I’m sure you two will be the most beautiful girls in that most awaited event sweethearts,” he assured them while drinking his can of soda, and gazing at Cassie he said, ...

“Don’t try to fit your gown sweetheart, not until the day of your wedding. It’s an old belief that some misfortune might befall you if you wear it before the wedding,” he said seriously. 

He was a superstitious person, and he looked at the two girls intensely.

“W-what? Have you already tried on the gown hija?” His nervousness was very visible, and he had an alarmed look in his eyes.

“ daddy, I-I didn’t,” Cassandra quickly lied. Her gaze switched between Trixie and her father. 

hija. Though I know that most people nowadays don’t believe in it anymore but there’s no harm in respecting old beliefs” he explained. 


That afternoon, while she was alone in her room she couldn’t help thinking about the old Filipino superstition that her father had reminded about that it portends misfortune and trouble to wear the wedding gown before the day of the wedding. To take her mind off this she decided to call Alessandro. 

“Hey, babe, I was just about to call you. How are you?” Alessandro said when she called him. 

“I’m a bit nervous...,” said Cassandra. 

She had walked out on to the veranda, and was admiring the beautiful landscaped garden with all kinds of beautiful flowers planted in the garden beds, and the trees that were trimmed in geometric forms. The crystal clear water of the rectangular shaped pool was very inviting. Alessandro’s voice on the phone brought her back from her reverie.

“It’s nothing to feel nervous about babe. Perhaps you’re excited about tomorrow. Because then I’ll be all yours tomorrow and you’ll be mine and nothing will ever separate us from each other,” he assured her. 

“Yeah babe, the excitement is overwhelming me,” she said. 

“Relax babe, I’m usually your morning coffee, but after we marry you can have me anytime of the day, because my time will be anytime,” he said laughing impishly. 

“Hahaha, you’re so naughty,” she pretended to complain. 

“Yes, I am Mrs. Larrazabal. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I miss you so much already.” 

“I miss you too Mr. Larrazabal.” There was lovingness in her voice, and they ended the call exchanging ‘I love you’s’. 


In Trixie’s bedroom:

Trixie was talking to someone on the phone. 

“Just make sure that you and your men do the job cleanly tonight,” she firmly reminded the man she was talking to on the phone. “You already know where you’re going to trap her, right?” 

“Copy baby,” said the man on the other end. 

“Don’t call me baby. You haven’t done the job yet,” she snapped irritated.

“Hahaha, okay baby... I’ll make sure the mission will be successful,” the man on the line ensured her. 

“Don’t just say it, damn it! Just do it!” She tried to control her irritation towards him and ended the call. 


That late afternoon, Trixie went to Cassandra’s room and knocked, but Cassandra wasn’t there. So, she went down to the kitchen, because it was their daily routine to cook dinner. She was surprised that Cassandra was already cooking, and was almost finished. The aroma of Sinigang na Baboy was mouth-watering. It’s a dish that is loved by Filipinos. 

“So here you are. Hmmm smells yummy,” she complimented Cassandra. Cassandra turned around holding the ladle, so she could taste the dish. 

“Oh, It’s almost done...,” she said smiling. She put down the ladle on the plate beside the stove. 

“Okaaay... I’ll help set the table and then after everything is done let’s call daddy to have dinner.” 

A few moments later, everything had been laid on the table, and the three of them were happily enjoying their dinner together. 

“After all this, you two should sleep early, especially you Cassie, hija. It’s your wedding tomorrow morning. Don’t stress yourself, you too, Trixie . So lucky to have you both.” He hugged his daughters before he went to his bedroom. 


Trixie was washing the dishes while Cassandra cleared the table and tied up a plastic bag full of garbage. But before she could take out the garbage her phone vibrated in her pocket. She answered the call. 

“Hello, babe,” Cassandra giggled as she answered the phone. 

“How’s my Mrs. Larrazabal?” He sweetly asked – sending thousands of shivers down Cassandra’s body. 

“I’m good. I’m actually doing chores now but it’s fine,” she said as she leant her back on the kitchen door. 

All the while, Trixie was secretly eavesdropping on their conversation and couldn’t wait for her evil plan to be executed soon. She had prepared how she had planned to react when the evil deed was finally done. She could perhaps then be the best actress and even win an Oscar! 

“I just can’t sleep, babe... I want to guard you 24 hours to make sure that you’ll come to our wedding tomorrow,” he said nervously.

“Of course, I’ll be there babe. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, so stop worrying, okay?” 

“Okay babe, I love you, Cassie... I love you so much.” 

“I love you even more Alessandro.” 

“Good night. Sleep well tonight my queen,” he said lovingly.

“Good night my king.” They ended the call with a smooch. 

Cassandra saw Trixie standing nearby.

“Are you okay there sis?” she asked.

“Y-yeah,” was the only word she could say as her mind was pre-occupied with her evil plan. 

“Okay, I have to throw out the garbage. I’ll help you afterwards,” she said, and picked up the garbage bag and went outside. 

But before she could even take the lid off the garbage bin, someone quickly grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth. Cassandra was alarmed and in panic. But she couldn’t fight back when she felt a gun sticking in her back. 

“Move, and I’ll not hesitate to shoot you!” Said the controlled and threatening voice of the man sticking the gun in her back. She stopped struggling. 

She wanted to resist but was afraid for her life. She still wanted to live and be with her family and Alessandro. Then, things started to blur, and she finally blacked out.


Meanwhile, Trixie was pacing back and forth in the kitchen wondering what was happening. She was waiting for a call from her contact to inform her the abduction was a success. A little later, her phone rang. She answered the call straightaway anxious to hear the news. 

“So, what now? Was it successful?” She asked.

“Did you hire someone else to abduct her?” the man asked confused and irritated. 

“W-what? What do you mean?” She was confused, and asked the man who also seemed baffled what was going on.

“Someone else abducted her. But it’s not me or one of my men. I thought maybe you’d hired someone else to do our job,” said the man in a confused tone. 

“Seriously?” A cold feeling crawled from the nape of her neck down her spine, and she started to panic. 

The man continued, “Why is there another man doing our job. Are you playing me?” 

“I’m not stupid! Idiot! I don’t know either. I’m confused too. Who could it be? Damn! Now, go back home. I’ll contact you later dammit!” She ended the call and put the phone back in her pocket.


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