Summer Camp Pt 2

Summer Camp Pt 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Isaac and Jared had grown quite close since that fateful night at the pool. But both boys want a little something more.


Isaac and Jared had grown quite close since that fateful night at the pool. But both boys want a little something more.


Submitted: February 27, 2014

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Submitted: February 27, 2014



A/N: It felt a little strange using my real name in a story (Isaac) but I also feel quite honored. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this last part of Summer Camp, I feel like I could have written it better. But I was up until 4 in the morning trying to perfect it. And I had to get up at seven for my 9:45 class. So I only had at least four hours of sleep. So you better appriciate this story!



  My mind has been a complete blank since that night at the pool. Seeing Jared now fills my stomach with butterflies, and the sexy smile he flashes at me from time to time turns me on immensely. When we had some time alone we would sneak off into the woods and make out. But as the last day of summer camp started approaching I realized it will be a whole other year until I’ll see him again. I didn’t want to sound needy so I didn’t bring it up.


  “Tonight for your last night we’ll be holding a small dance” Jared said at breakfast, “it’ll be cool, much better than your school dances, and if you don’t want to go to the dance then you can go the rec room and watch a movie, but use the buddy system.”

  “Dances are for dweebs” said Patrick.

  Jared smirked. “I take it you’ve never gotten asked to a dance.”

  “So?!” He was blushing.

  “What movie are you guys going to show?” Asked Alice.

  “No idea” Jared shrugged, he then nudged me. “You know?”

  “I think I heard somebody mention about it being a horror film” I answered.

  “Sweet!” Said Ivan, “I love horror films! What are you two going to do?”

  Go make out with Jared I thought hopefully.

  “I kind of go back and forth” said Jared, “I go check out the dance, make sure you guys aren’t grinding against each other. Then I go to Mess Hall and watch a little bit of the movie.”

  “Can you show me how to do the spiral lanyard, Isaac?” Trisha asked, handing me hers.

  “Yeah sure” I nodded.

  After breakfast the whole camp gathered in the bleachers, the camp counselors told the campers that they were all going to be doing a relay race. I sort of cringed. As long as I don’t have to participate I’m cool. Sports and I don’t go together. Then after the relay race the campers were going to have a volleyball tournament then after would be their free time then lunch. Jared and I helped set up the course earlier, and there was a lot of obstacles they had to do. There was running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and the last person who crosses the finish line has to drink a concoction the winner makes for them. I really hope I don’t have to participate.

  “There will be no losing guys!” Jared said giving the group a pep talk, “your only options are to win first or second place, nothing below that! If we are in last place I will make sure you will drink wasabi mixed with my feces!”

  “Um” Trisha raised her hand, “what does feces mean?”

  “You’re going to drink his shit” said Patrick.

  “Language” said Jared.

  “Is that allowed?” Trisha asked.

  “I’ll make it happen” Jared warned.

  “You sound like my Soccer Coach” said Alex.

  “Just do your best guys” I sighed.

  They left for the race and I sat back down at the bleachers to watch. I could really care less about the action unfolding, but it was funny watching Jared scream at kids to go faster. I then started working on a necklace lanyard for one of the girls since she wanted me to make her one. Sports never interested me, something my Dad is very disappointed in. He wanted somebody to talk about manly stuff with him, and I’m everything but manly. I locked myself in my room immersing myself in my writing and reading. I never had friends, all I have is a pet turtle named Moose and a mouse named Jerry. They were my friends, and my sister Jenna. If it wasn’t for her I think I would have become a hermit. I miss Jenna. I have so much to tell her.

  I heard cheering, I looked up and saw Jared and our kids jumping up and down, we must have won. Cool. After the horrible graphic display of watching a poor boy drink spam, ketchup, pickles, pizza, hamburger meat, coke, whip cream, and hotdogs we started on our volleyball tournament. And yes, I had to participate. I avoided the ball at all costs, making sure I looked like I wasn’t paying attention so they wouldn’t pass the ball to me. Our team managed to get up to the championship round but we lost. Jared wasn’t happy, but at least we tried.

  During the campers’ down time I snuck back to the cabin and engrossed myself into one of the books my sister mailed me a few weeks ago. It was a mystery book. She knows I really love mysteries. I love guessing. Maybe that’s why I loved the game clue so much.

  “There you are!” Jared sat down at the edge of my bed, “I was looking everywhere for you.”

  I sat up. “Yeah, I just wanted to get away from everyone.”

  “Why do you like being alone?”

  I shrugged. “I’ve always liked being alone.”

  Jared scooted closer to me. “Do you really like being alone?”

  “Not all the time.”

  Jared took my hand. “I’ll be here to take your loneliness away” he pulled me into a kiss and I was instant putty in his hands. Whenever Jared kisses me I lose all control of my body. My mind goes haywire, my breathing starts to accelerate, and my body starts trembling for his touch.

  We both laid down and cuddled on my bunk, we made small talk. But Jared gets bored easily, he’s always so fidgety and needs to be doing something active. And when he gets fidgety he becomes an amazing kisser.

  Jared’s hand ran up my shirt and kneaded my nipples. I moaned into his mouth slipping my leg between his. His tongue slipped through my lips, and I invited him in willingly. Jared ground his hips into me, making my cock stand to attention. He stroked my arousal through the fabric of my jeans, I rewarded him with a hearty moan.

  “You turn me on” Jared said into the kiss.

  I bucked up into him, and a low growl ruptured from Jared’s throat. He climbed on top of me ground hard and fast into me, our hard ons rubbing against each other. I closed my eyes groaning as I worked against him, intensifying the pleasure. I tangled my fingers in Jared’s hair rocking my hips faster.

  “Like that baby” Jared moaned.

  I was in seventh heaven! I felt like was going to pass out. I told him with my body that I needed him so fucking badly, I never yearned for someone so much in my life.

  “Oh God, fuck, Jared, wait!” I gasped, but it was too late, the both of us came spiraling down from our pleasure high as we both found our release.

  “Fuck, my bad” he rolled off me panting, “I got too excited.”

  I felt like I was overheating, this was so freaking embarrassing, I can’t believe I just—in my pants! I wanted to die.

  “Hey, it’s fine” Jared wrapped his arm around my waist.

  No it is not fine.

  “There’s no need to feel embarrassed, I did it too.”

  That did make me feel a bit better.

  Jared stood to his feet. “Let’s go change then we’re going to go out and mingle.”

  Mingling, I wasn’t in the mood, but I couldn’t say no to Jared.


  Music blared loudly from the Mess Hall. A whole bunch pop, hip hop, and dubstep. The girls who’ve been to summer camp before were in dresses, the newer girls were just in jeans and nice shirts. The guys stood off to the side watching the girls have a nice time. It was like a legit middle school dance. The awkwardness and everything.

  I talked to some of the counselors reminiscing about our school dances. Jenna forced me to go to them, I only went if she went. I wouldn’t have any fun if I went alone. When she had a boyfriend at the time I would be the third wheel. But Jenna really tries not to make everything awkward when it was the two of us and that current boyfriend. But all her boyfriends were sleazy assholes who were extremely touchy feely. All of them pissed me off.

  I ended up leaving the Mess Hall and sat and watched Happy Feet with the kids. I’ve always hated these kinds of movies. What goes through people’s minds thinking that talking animal movies are okay? I just find extremely stupid and unrealistic. Especially this movie. Penguins aren’t meant to be able to sing, they’re supposed make noises like they’re choking on a fish. And the penguin who likes to tap dance either has extreme ADHD or he drank at least three five hour energy drinks, and downed four Monsters. I mean can anybody move their feet that fast? I was bored, I hated these nights, but I was forced to chaperone to make sure these kids don’t do anything wrong. I don’t think they will, but I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

  “Bored too?” Jared asked sitting beside me.


  “I’m still trying to figure out what I found so appealing about this night when I was younger.”

  “I never did” I said.

  “I know, you hung out in the cabin. What do you write in that journal?”

  “I don’t write about myself, I write about others.”

  “Like a reporter or something?”

  “Yeah, I’m majoring in journalism in College.”

  “Sweet, I’m majoring in film, but I just realized I’m studying for unemployment.”

  I laughed.

  “It sucks you know, it’s always been my dream to make the most awesome movies, but in that line of work it’s really hard to start out. Some people don’t even make it big.”

  I played his fingers. “If you really are passionate about it you can make your dreams come true.”

  “And I am very passionate about it, filming is my life.”

  “I believe you can do it, I’ll write good reviews on your movies.”

  Jared chuckled playing with my hair. “Thank you, I would really appreciate that.”

  I stared at his lips, I wanted to kiss him, but there were kids around. And I didn’t want them seeing.

  “You want to go somewhere?” Jared asked.

  “We’re supposed to be chaperoning.”

  Jared smiled taking my hand. “They won’t even notice we’re gone.”

  He led me back to the cabin to his bunk. He had me pressed down on his mattress kissing me fiercely. He unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my bare chest.

  Fuck, are we going to do this? Are we going to have the real deal? I started growing nervous, Jared apparently picked up on it because he had stopped unbuckling my belt.

  “You’ve never done this before have you?” He asked.

  I shook my head. “No, sorry.”

  “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

  “No, don’t hold back because I’m a virgin, I want you to enjoy it too.”

  “Are you sure?”


  “Alright” he took off my belt and let it drop to the floor, he then pulled my jeans off my hips and shimmied them down my legs. “You’re so gorgeous” he moaned into my stomach. He sucked on my hardening cock through my boxer briefs, I bit my lips closing my eyes in bliss. I wanted my underwear off, he was being mean. I needed him bad. As if he read my mind my underwear was peeled away from my body. He stroked my cock fast and I let out a groan. He gave me a playful smile before swallowing me up.

  Mmm, everything about this is so yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! He forced his fingers in my mouth and I moaned around them, sucking on them the way he was sucking me. His fingers disappeared along with his mouth around my cock. I almost whimpered.

  “This will make you feel better” Said Jared, he straddled my legs and probed my hole with his index finger. It felt good. He stuck the tip of his finger inside me then took it out again. That felt better. This time he stuck it all the way in and I bit hard on my tongue to keep myself from yelling out. I wasn’t expecting that to hurt. Jared let his finger just sit there for a split second as I got used to the unusual sensation. His second finger nudged my hole and I squirmed anxiously underneath him. His second finger entered slowly inside me and I let out a whimper of pain. I started rethinking everything. I don’t know if I could actually do this, it hurt so freaking bad.

  Jared then leaned down and gave me a light kiss on the forehead. “It’s okay, it’ll get better.”

  Jared’s soothing voice made me forget about all of my worries. Jared planted soft kisses on my cheek, along my jaw and my neck. The pain had slowly slipped away and I looked up into Jared’s eyes telling him I was ready.

  His fingers slowly started to exit out where they had come in, but before they were fully gone they were back in once again. The two fingers started to leave once again, they stroked my walls on their way out. I moaned letting my head hit his pillow. God yes! I’m so glad I went through with this, this was unbelievable! Jared thrust his fingers in and out of me quickly, I gripped his sleeping bag tightly as the pleasure began to build. He then hit a certain spot inside me almost making me scream.

  “Fuck yes!” I moaned, “do it again!”

  A wide smile spread across Jared’s face as he watched me break down, he kept hitting that amazing special spot, and my vision was growing hazy as I grew closer and closer to my peak. I could feel my body growing hot, my moans grew louder. I was so close to my orgasm I could practically taste it. His digits thrust faster and faster into me. I couldn’t take it, I was about to explode. His fingers disappeared and I whined.

  “Why’d you stop?”

  “I can’t have you have all the fun” he smiled taking off his shirt.

  I helped him out of his jeans, I was growing impatient. I soaked in his nakedness. His abs were so defined, his chest so large, his biceps so hard, and holy crap he was so freaking big. Jared pulled out a condom out of his of his jeans and ripped it open with his teeth. He pulled the condom over his massive dick and looked down at me.

  “You ready?” He asked.

  My hands were shaking but I nodded my head regardless of my nervousness.

  He positioned himself at my entrance then slowly pushed himself into me. Tears started brimming at my eyes as I tried desperately not to let out a peep. The pain was unbearable, so excruciating, so agonizing, I thought my ass had been torn open forcibly.

  “Are you okay?” Jared asked softly.

  I shook my head knowing if I opened my mouth I would start crying.

  “It hurts the first few times, but I promise you it will go away” Jared wiped away a few stray tears with his thumb.

  “It hurts so bad” I said behind my hands.

  “I know baby” he moved my hair out of my face, “if you want to stop right here we can.”

  I shook my head. “No, I want to do this, don’t go easy on me. Fuck me like you usually would with anyone else.”

  Jared now was the one that looked nervous, but he did what he was told. It was beyond painful, but it hurt so good, it hurt so amazingly good. Jared let out an enthusiastic moan in my ear.

  “God Izzy, you’re so fucking tight, you feel so amazing.”

  I smiled as I wrapped my arms around him. He felt amazing, the way my walls squeezed around him, the way he slid in and out of me with such force. Jared covered my mouth quickly as I let out a yell as he nailed my sweet spot.

  “Careful, or somebody may hear us” he warned.

  I was so far gone in ecstasy that I didn’t care if we got caught, I just needed him to fuck me and fuck me hard! I quickly reached down and started jerking myself off, matching Jared’s pace.

  “Faster” I whispered, “fuck me faster.”

  Jared happily obliged quickening his pace. I dug my nails into his back as he connected with my spot again, my toes curled and my back arched off the bed. Jared thrust faster and harder into my spot, my body was on overdrive, my hand a blur. My body couldn’t handle this level of rapture.

  “Jared!” I moaned as thick shots of hot cum spurted out onto my chest and my stomach. Jared came deep within me and he collapsed on top of me.

  We were both out of breath, we were both exhausted. I closed my eyes, ready to fall asleep in his arms. But I knew I couldn’t. We cuddled with each other, neither of us speaking, listening to the muffled music coming from the other side of the campsite.

  It was me who broke our embrace, we dressed stealing kisses every other article of clothing we put on. We held hands as we walked back to the Mess Hall.

  I stared up into the sky, the twinkling stars seemed to smile down upon us.


  “You promise to call me every day?” I asked as Jared and I walked to my car the next day.

  “Every hour on the hour” he promised.

  I smiled. “Thank you.”

  “For what?”

  “For noticing me” I shrugged.

  Jared wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed me. “You weren’t really hard to miss, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.”

  I opened my trunk and I put my bags in. “We should at least try to meet up with each other before the semester starts.”

  “That’s a promise” Jared nodded.

  I climbed into my car and Jared leaned in my through my car window giving me one last kiss.

  “If we can’t meet up we’ll just see each other next summer.”

  I nodded. “Yeah, we’ll have more fun.”

  “Drive safe.”

  “I will.”

  I backed out of my parking space and made my way down the windy mountain. But this time I’m not just leaving with a bag full of lanyards. I’m leaving with fond memories and a new love.

© Copyright 2018 JCreignbeu. All rights reserved.

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