Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Isaac always had a thing for his camp leader Jared since middle school. Now he finally had the opportunity to work along side him. All he wants is to be close to Jared. But he might get a little more than he bargained for.


Isaac always had a thing for his camp leader Jared since middle school. Now he finally had the opportunity to work along side him. All he wants is to be close to Jared. But he might get a little more than he bargained for.


Submitted: February 26, 2014

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Submitted: February 26, 2014



  The hot sun radiated off his already sun tanned skin making it glow. His surfer dude blonde hair clung to his forehead as he came up for air from the sky blue pool water. He looked over at me and I quickly hid behind my long dark bangs.

  I’ve always fantasized about Jared for as long as I could remember. Jared is twenty-two, but I’m not that much younger than him though. Only by four years. Now I have the chance to finally work alongside him.

  “Yo! You going to come in Izzy?” A nickname Jared has given me.

  I shook my head, I don’t like water very much. “No, I’m busy” I stood and hurried off towards the cabin but some middle schoolers stopped me. They wanted me to start their lanyards for them. I’m very good at making lanyards. I ended up sitting with the two kids showing them all of my lanyards, showing them different shapes they can make with them. You can make them into bracelets or necklaces, or maybe even earrings. You can make them into the shapes of fish, hearts, or even a spiral shape. My personal favorite has to be the spiral.

  “Thank you Isaac” they smiled when they finished their lanyards, and they ran off to their cabin.

  I then made my way to the Mess Hall when the bell sounded. I stood by my table waiting for my group of kids to file in. Jared, my partner, stood beside me.

  “Saw you showing those kids how to make lanyards” he said in my ear.

  A lump formed in my throat making it hard for me to swallow. Jared’s breath caressed my cheek, and his deep seductive voice made my knees turn to jelly. I gripped my chair to keep myself from falling.

  “Y-yes” I said, “they wanted me to start their lanyards for them.”

  Jared smiled. “You’re still the same shy Isaac I know. But you’re only shy around me. Why is that?”

  Because I love you I thought guiltily.

  The kids started filing in taking their places at the table. Jared and I told them their schedule for the rest of the day. Then they all got up to get their lunch.

  I never liked the camp’s food, they tasted so bland. But what I did love about them is when Jared sat so close to me.

  After lunch me, Jared, and our group started on our 3 mile hike. Jared was making jokes and pointing out plants the kids shouldn’t touch and what to do if they got separated from the group. Where our arms brushed against each other, or our shoulders nearly touched. I can literally smell the chlorine off of him.

  I loved watching Jared talk, the way his jaw moved and the way his lips formed his words. His lips were what I found most attractive about him. I’ve always dreamt of kissing those lips and so much more.

  “Come on kiddies!” Jared yelled as he ran up a steep hill, “the faster you get up the hill the sooner we can take a break.”

  Where does he keep all of his energy? I thought.

  The kids and I ran after Jared, everybody was huffing and puffing as soon as they got to the top. Jared was the only one who was completely fine. He had his hands on his hips staring out at the beautiful view in front of him.

  “Wow!” Said one of the kids, “that’s so cool!”

  The view before us is something you would only see in a picture. You could see a river down in the valley below, green rolling hills, and tall evergreen trees surrounding the river, and tall grass swaying in the breeze.

  “Beautiful huh?” Jared asked standing beside me.

  I nodded. “It’s amazing.”

  Jared smiled and then turned to the kids. “Alright, break time! Then we’re going to continue on our walk.”

  I took out a lanyard and sat against a tree. I watched Jared interact with the kids, making them laugh and goofed around. I’m not as outgoing as Jared, nor can I make others laugh, but that didn’t stop me from getting a job here as a camp counselor to be with Jared.

  I’ve known Jared since I started middle school and Jared was a camp counselor in High School. I had Jared as my camp leader, and to me it was love at first sight. I loved the way he laughed, I loved his energy, and I loved his carefree personality. He’s everything I can never be.

  Now feeling down I immersed myself in my lanyard, wishing I was more like Jared so he would at least notice me.

  We continued on our hike. Jared way up front singing songs, and me trailing in the back, taking in the scenery. My sister Jenna and I used to go hiking like this all the time. She was the one who got poison ivy or sprained her ankle and I had to carry her back. I feel like Jenna is the only person I can really talk to about everything. About being gay, how socially awkward I am, and how I used to be bullied in school. I couldn’t tell our parents because I never came out to them. They would’ve kicked me out if they had known. Jenna is the only one who knows, and I plan to keep it that way.

  Somebody grabbed my arm and yanked me hard to my left. I looked up into Jared’s smiling face.

  “There is a time and place where you can space out” he said, “hiking is not one of those places or times. You nearly walked yourself off a cliff.”

  My face started to burn. “I-I’m sorry” I said.

  “Don’t apologize, just be careful” He let go of my arm and patted my back, “onward men!” He jogged back up to the front of the group leaving me flustered. He actually touched me.


  The rest of the day went by so fast. It was soon dinner, and as always the food was crap. I had rubber spaghetti with doughy French bread, and over cooked vegetables, I longed for a hamburger.

  “We got campfire after this” said Jared, “I hope you have your skit memorized. And if you want to change into the pajamas before you go you can do so. Just make sure you have a buddy with you to get to the campsite, alright?”

  I really wanted to change into my pajama bottoms also, but I have cleanup duty after all the kids go to sleep. There wouldn’t be much point.

  “Hey” Jared whispered in my ear, “me and some of the other camp leaders are gonna go drinking in the woods, you wanna come with?”

  “I’m only eighteen.”

  Jared smiled. “Come on, live a little.”

  I could totally ignore the law and go get drunk with Jared and hopefully have a little fun with him. Or I can stay in my cabin, alone, playing with my lanyards. The second option sounded good, but it’s Jared. I want him to think I was cool, but the fooling around with him seemed unlikely. But at least I’ll get to be near him.

  “Alright, after I’m done cleaning up.”

  Jared’s smile broadened. “Sweet, can’t wait.”

  I smiled inwardly as I munched on my gummy spaghetti, tonight will be fun.

  Jared and I headed to the campsite where the other counselors were setting up the fire. Jared ran off to talk to the other guys and I helped build the fire making small talk. I would glance over at him ever so often, Jared talks with his whole body, so it’s easy to figure out what he’s talking about.

  The kids started appearing and the counselors started to censor their conversations, since all they talk about is sex, girls, and booze. We all sang songs, told scary stories, and the kids displayed their skits. Some were funny some made me want to kick the kids off the stage. We all then gorged ourselves with marshmallows and S’mores. I’m not one for sweet things, so I watched people gorge themselves.

  I stared into the flames drowning out the laughter and the talking surrounding me. I stared at fire, watching it crackle and dance on top of the wood. Everything was slowly seeping away. The kids, the counselors, the forest. I was alone, surrounded in darkness, with nothing but the fire in front of me. It burned my face heating my freezing physique.

  A hand on my shoulder made me jump as it brought me back to the camp grounds.

  “Come on” said Jared, we’re heading out.”

  The fire had dimmed, no longer warming my body, a counselor dowsed the remaining flames with a bucket of water. A cloud of smoke lifted in the air, filling the night with sound sizzling sound of a dying fire.

  I stood to my feet brushing off the seat of my pants and followed our group of kids to their cabins. We told them lights were out in fifteen minutes, and they all got ready for bed. I left and helped clean up the Mess Hall, the bathrooms, made sure everything was cleaned up at the campfire pit then I headed to the pool. The moon was full and it reflected off the rippling water as fished out leaves with my net. My sister and I used to go swimming on nights like these, she had to persuade me since I hated swimming. She said she only likes swimming during the full moon, she says it’s more magical that way. I ask how it’s magical, she just latches onto my leg and yanks me into the heated water.

  A small smile crossed my lips. It’s been almost six months since I last saw my sister. Considering she went off to College. She’s a year older than me and she’s studying in California at a cooking school. I stayed here in Texas and I’m going to a normal community school. I’m getting my basics out of the way before going off to a huge College. My sister and I plan to move in together and living it large. She plans to open up her own café, and I want to be a journalist.

  When I was just starting middle school Jenna decided I should start journaling. Sort of like an outlet to vent out my feelings and my thoughts. It lasted for about a week and I started writing about different things. Like the stories and the gossip about people around me. I joined the writing club in high school, and now I’m part of the newspaper club at my College and we write the school newspaper. I learned I’m actually pretty good at writing, and getting juicy stories.

  “Think fast!” A yell came from behind me.

  Before I could react somebody grabbed me around the waist and we both plunged into the water.

  “The fuck!” I yelled moving my bangs out of my face.

  Jared laughed. “Wow, I didn’t know you cussed.”


  He swam over to me. “I saw you zoning out as usual so I decided to go for moonlit swim and I invited you to come along with me.”

  “I thought you were going to go drinking with the others” I said making my way to the edge of the pool to get out.

  Jared grabbed my arm and pulled me back over to him. “Yeah, well I wanted to help you out so we can head over there together.”

  “Oh” we were too close, I inched away a little bit.

  “So what made you want to be a camp counselor?” Jared asked floating on his back.

  I kept close to the edge. “I don’t know, I liked making lanyards.” I couldn’t tell him I became a counselor to be closer to him.

  Jared snorted. “Yeah right! You can probably get the material at a store or something.” He swam back over to me, his chest inches away from mine.

  I swallowed. “Why do you continue to come back?”

  Jared smiled. “The first time I came here I was in middle school and I had fun. So I decided once I was old enough I wanted to try out to be a camp counselor. It was complete bullshit! I had to get up earlier than the campers just to prepare everything, the food got crappier over the years, and the activities got even more stupid. But there was one thing that kept me coming.”

  He was so close. I could see every freckle, I can practically count all of his eyelashes. “What kept you coming?”

  His smile widened. “There was this awkward looking kid who kind of secluded himself from others. He was always writing in his journal whenever the campers had their down time, and he was super quiet and really shy. He had long dark hair” Jared played with a strand of my dark locks. “Dark brown eyes” he caressed my cheek. “The most beautiful lips” he let his fingers run across my mouth. “He was always so nervous around me. It was like he was about to pass out each time I got too close him. I wanted to get to know this kid, I wanted to know what made him tick, what made him so uncomfortable whenever I’m in his presence. Can you tell me, Izzy?”

  He was talking about me. I was that awkward kid, the one always writing in his journal, the introverted child who preferred solitude. My lips parted but no words came out, I couldn’t make words. My mind was racing a mile a minute, I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I just stood there, staring into Jared’s beautiful blue eyes.

  Jared cupped my chin. “You’re so cute.”

  He kissed me. He was kissing me. Jared was kissing me. Kissing me! My eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. Was this really happening? Jared kissing me?! I was frozen to the spot, I couldn’t move. My heart was pounding hard against my chest and I hoped and prayed Jared couldn’t feel it.

  Jared pulled away smirking. “The key to kissing is for both parties to participate.”

  “Sorry!” I said flustered, heat rose in my face and I looked away.

  “Don’t be” Jared turned my head to face him, “stop apologizing and kiss me.”

  His lips were back on mine. He kissed me and kissed me, and kissed me, and I kept kissing him back. How long have I yearned for us to be intertwined like this? Kissing me like this, as close to me like this.

  “I like you” I admitted, “a lot, for so long.”

  “And I like you, a lot, for a long time.”

  I beamed up at him.

  “See right there? You need to smile more, it lights up your whole face.”

  I flushed a light crimson.

  Jared stole my lips once again pressing our bodies closer together, our tongues dancing with one another. Jared’s hand snaked down my back to the front of my shorts. He unzipped my fly and stroked me through the fabric.

  “W-wait!” I said pulling away, “I don’t think we should—”

  Jared cut me off with a kiss. “Don’t worry, nobody will walk in on us.”

  That was the least of my worries. I’m not experienced in any type of sex, but I didn’t want Jared to know. And I didn’t want him to think I was a wuss, so I let him take control.

  Jared sucked on my neck, leaving hickies in his wake. He pulled down my shorts and my underwear and set them on the edge of the pool and his hand ran up and down my cock in a pumping motion.

  My breathing spiked and everything around me began to grow hazy. I’ve only done this to myself, but if feels a whole lot better with someone else doing it for you. So, so much better.

  With amazing strength Jared hoisted me out of the pool and sat me on the edge. He continued his stroking, eyes never leaving mine he dipped his head down and swallowed up my rock hard erection, sucking hard on my head. It took all of my will power to stop myself from moaning. I was on cloud nine, I’ve never felt so amazing in my life, never felt so much pleasure on this level, I never knew the Human body could feel this much ecstasy. My body was on overload, I felt a small pressure deep in my stomach that was slowly rising to the top. I wove my fingers in Jared’s wet blonde hair. My breathing started to grow erratic, and my muscles started to tense up.

  “Oh God” I moaned.

  Jared hummed in response sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout my body, making the pressure rise faster. I bucked my hips lightly as my body grew white hot. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest, my body was tingling and it was getting harder to draw air. Then finally, finally, pure ecstasy poured down over my body as I exploded into Jared’s mouth. I was drained, I felt like collapsing and sleeping eternally.

  “You enjoy that?” Jared asked taking a seat beside me.

  I nodded, too exhausted to speak.

  Jared nuzzled my neck smiling. “There will be more where that came from.”

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