Dark Happenings

Dark Happenings

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Roxy is living the BDSM life... owning her own kink club, she is content with life. Then she meets charming Dominant John Wolf.After a night of passion, he is gone the next morning. Roxy decides to go back to school and get a degree in creative writing a month later. But her creative writing professor wears a familiar face.


Roxy is living the BDSM life... owning her own kink club, she is content with life. Then she meets charming Dominant John Wolf.After a night of passion, he is gone the next morning. Roxy decides to go back to school and get a degree in creative writing a month later. But her creative writing professor wears a familiar face.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dark Happenings

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Roxy is living the BDSM life... owning her own kink club, she is content with life. Then she meets charming Dominant John Wolf.After a night of passion, he is gone the next morning. Roxy decides to go back to school and get a degree in creative writing a month later. But her creative writing professor wears a familiar face.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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His fingers slipped inside of her, and she couldn't hold back a moan. She tried to reach down and hold him, but found she couldn't. Her hands were tied above her head, and she could no more reach out and stroke her lovers hair than she could stop him. Not that she wanted to. His fingers were remarkably talented. She choked on a moan as he added his mouth to the equation, flicking his tongue over her clit. She ground her hips against her lovers face, and gasped as he curled a finger inside of her, flexing it against her G-spot. The flicking of his tongue grew faster, and she felt pussy clench as her orgasm built up inside of her. She was just about to come when she heard the most annoying ringing sound. Her lovers actions stopped, and he rolled off the bed... away from her.

“Hey! Wait!” she tried to protest, but his figure retreated from the bed, until he was lost in the darkness of the room.

The insistent ringing continued, and Roxy felt herself being pulled from... something...

Her eyes sleepily opened, and she realized what the sound was and what she was being pulled from.


Her lover had simply been a dream. A figment of her imagination. In reality... she had been sexually inactive for over a year.

She slammed her hand down on the alarm clock, and stretched her arms above her head. She sat up and threw back the sheets. She instantly missed their warmness as her naked body reacted to the coldness of the room. Her nipples contracted and goosebumps raised on her skin. She walked open to the window and threw open the curtains.

The New York nightlife greeted her, with its bright lights and loud noises. If she looked a little farther, she could see Central Park, covered in a fine layer of white snow. It was a stark contrast to the surrounding dark trees. Her penthouse apartment was so close, she could just make out a couple necking on a bench. They were cuddled close together, trying to keep their bodies warm as well as their mouths.

A pang of longing echoed through Roxy's body. It had been so long since she had been that close to someone.

“A little over a year,” she whispered to herself.

Maybe she could play tonight...

She shook her head and closed the curtains. She didn't have time for play. She had a business to run.

She padded on bare feet to her walk-in closet, loving the feel of the carpet against her bare soles. Walking in the closet, she walked right over to the dresser that held her lingerie. Opening a drawer, she pulled out her favorite black lacy thong, black and lacy fishnet thigh-highs, and the matching garters. Slipping everything into place, she pulled out a lacy black bra and fastened it around herself. She was a sucker for lace. Most women would feel sexy in silk. Not Roxy. A little lace hidden under modest clothing boosted her self-esteem a bit. But she wasn't wearing her frumpy clothes today.

Next, she walked over to large assortment of outfits. She bypassed the sweatshirts, jeans, and sensible clothes. Instead, she walked to the end to a whole different attire. Leather and spandex called out to her, urging her to choose them. She went with a short leather skirt, the kind that laced up the side. It would only take one pull for it to come undone. She pulled out a black corset, and wrapped it around herself. She had bought it because, although it had laces, it zipped up the front so you didn't have to go through all the struggle. She didn't know how she would fare if it just had the laces. To finish her ensemble, she slipped on a pair of knee-high boots... black leather of course. She turned and faced herself in the mirror, admiring the work Ruby had put into the design. Though when Laurie modeled this ensemble was when she decided to buy it for herself. She was so lucky to have such an amazing team helping her run the business.

She stepped out of the closet, teetering slightly on the heeled boots before gaining her balance. Walking to the bathroom, she threw on her makeup, outlining her eyes with thick black eye liner. She added red color to her lips. She tipped her head slightly, spraying it with hairspray and ruffling it. She observed herself in the mirror, nodding at the sexed up look. Her hair looked like it had been run through by fingers over and over... very masculine fingers. She smiled, and the sex kitten in the mirror smiled back. The full, red lips moved as Roxy spoke.


She pulled into the club an hour before it opened. She stepped out of her car and shut the door, checking to make sure her doors were locked. The line was already long,winding down the sidewalk. She walked down the red rope line, walking close to the brick wall that lined the alleyway. The entrance to the club was at the end of the alley, a pair of black double doors with the sign naming the club in curly red script above it. Her heels clicked as she got closer, smiling at the bouncer. She was almost there when she heard it.

“Hey, slut! No cuts in line!”

Roxy stopped and clenched her fists.

“Yea baby! Turn around... and I might grace you with my attention in one of the play rooms!”

The bouncer started forward, but Roxy held up a hand. She could handle this loser herself. She turned, a fixed smile on her face. She instantly picked out the man who had insulted her, because he had a big sloppy grin on his face. He was dressed in black leather chaps and little else, his chest bare. His nipples were pebbled from the cold, though it didn't seem to bother him. Her gaze dropped to the girl at his feet, and she instantly recognized her as a regular at the club. She didn't seem to enjoy being at the end of the chain the man held in his hand, however. In fact, she looked downright frightened. She was biting her lip and looking down at the ground. Roxy looked closer, and noticing the eye that was darkening with a bruise. Her gaze snapped back to the asshole's face, and the way he was licking his lips made her shiver in disgust. She stalked towards him, and relished in the sudden look of uncertainty in his eyes. She gestured to the bouncer, who ducked under the rope and came running over.

“Charlie,” she said. “Take Melinda inside and take care of her. I have a feeling she doesn't feel very good.”

Charlie noticed Melinda's black eye and his mouth tightened. He jerked the chain out of the asshole's hand and helped Melinda to her feet. He scooped her up in his arms and sprinted inside the club. Another bouncer had come to take his place, and this one was even bigger.

“Hey!” the asshole protested. “That was my whore! You can't do that!”

“I can and I have,” Roxy corrected. “You see, dickhead... this is my club. I own everything in it right down to the last red bar stool. There is a difference between dominance and submission... and abuse. She was in some kind of subspace because whatever you fucking did to her put her there! I do not allow assholes in my club! So you can just be on your merry fucking way, dick!”

Claps erupted in the line, and the man's face turned red. She turned and walked back towards the entrance of the club, trusting if he didn't leave... someone was sure to make him. She reached the door, smiling at the new bouncer.

“Hello, Jeff!” she greeted as he took down the rope for her.

“Hello, Miss Castle,” he said, his voice booming over the sounds of the busy New York street. “Welcome back to Dark Happenings.”




He had been watching her for over an hour, waiting to see if she picked anyone to play with. She was a truly fascinating woman. Tussled red hair fell down her back in waves, and her eyes snapped green fire at whoever dared cross her. He had seen how she talked down to the man in the alleyway. He admired her, and had held back the scum bag as he tried to attack the beautiful kink club owner. He looked down at the red ribbon tied around his wrist, marking him as a dominant in the club. He glanced back up, but her wrist lacked the red or the blue ribbon that marked players as submissives. Hers however, held a black ribbon... marking her as a full time member and a player only available if she herself initiated the invitation. His gaze dropped to her legs and a skirt that barely touched beneath her butt. He licked his lips. Oh she was so very fine. He shifted a bit, trying to relieve the pain of the pressure now evident behind his zipper. He took a sip of his scotch, draining it.

She was talking to another woman, and her ribbon marked her as a dominant. He paused in his actions to join her, wondering if she only swung one way. After a moment, he noticed the easy banter between the women seemed more friendly than sexual. He stood from his stool, taking care of the drink bill by slapping a fifty down on the counter. He watched the dominant woman wrap her arms around her, giving her a brief hug. She hugged the woman back, seeming surprised by her sudden display of public affection. They pulled back from each other, smiling. He started walking towards her, and stopped just close enough to hear the end of the conversation.

“Thanks, Ruby,” the woman of that had caught his interest said. “I really needed that, especially tonight.”

The older dominant smiled, cupped her cheek and walked away, throwing a knowing look at him when she walked past.

“Maybe you can get her out of her funk, darling,” the woman whispered, just loud enough for him to hear. “God knows she needs to get laid.”

Puzzled, he only nodded, never moving his eyes from his target. He finished his walk to her, his legs taking sure strides. She glanced up, and he felt her eyes as she took him in. She started with his head and moved her way down, her eyes glazing over with female appreciation. Desire for this woman churned deeper into his gut, spreading throughout his entire body.

“May I buy you a drink, beautiful?”

Roxy felt desire hit her full force at the sound of his voice. If she wasn't interested before, she sure as hell was now. His voice was like dark smoke, filtering into her mind and throughout her system. It compelled her, demanding her complete submission... body and soul. He was, to put it in a cliché way, a tall drink of water. He had short, dark brown hair. It looked as if it had been cut recently, giving her the impression that he was a man that had discipline in his life. His eyes were a gray blue, currently clouded with dark desire. Desire for her, she realized. Her lower body clenched harder, flooding with heat. His lips were nice, she supposed. Set in a harsh line of determination right now, she tried to imagine them softer. She imagined them brushing lightly over the shell of her ear, leaving it only to trail them down her neck. He would also bestow her with light nips and licks with his teeth and tongue on her nipples, she decided. Her breasts ached at the thought and she felt them grow heavier. Her gaze moved further until she reached his chest. It was bare except for a leather vest, and the sight made her mouth water. Her eyes roved over the expansion of muscles, her mouth going dry at the sight. She wanted to lick her way over his chest and, if he permitted it, take each of his nipples into her mouth. Her eyes went to his massive arms, and she bit her lip, noting with satisfaction that he wore a red ribbon, branding him as a dominant. She licked her lips as her gaze dropped lower, noting the impressive bulge pressing against his leather pants. She looked back up at his face, smiling.

“You can get me whatever you want, cowboy,” she told him, placing her hand in the one he held out to her.

He lifted her hand to his mouth, brushing his mouth over the top of it.

“And might I also have the pleasure of your name?”

She cleared her throat at the sudden lump of desire that had formed there. She lowered her lashes, staring at him from under hooded eyes.

“Roxy,” she whispered. “I'm.... Dark Happenings is my club.”

“I'm John... John Wolf,”

Her mind flashed to the two wolf paw print tattoos, opposite each other, one on each of her ass cheeks. She pictured herself strapped face down on the St. Andrews Cross, her tattooed ass displayed for his perusal. He would enjoy seeing the paw prints, she was sure. Might even get some personal amusement out of it. She clenched with desire when she though of him lightly stimulating her bare ass with the tips of a flogger. He didn't appear to be an amateur. She hoped her assumptions were correct.  

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