The start of something new

The start of something new The start of something new

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Kelly has a good life but a boring marriage. Carl is young and gorgeous but Kelly is torn between what she wants to do and what she knows she should do. She's in a sticky situation!


Kelly has a good life but a boring marriage. Carl is young and gorgeous but Kelly is torn between what she wants to do and what she knows she should do. She's in a sticky situation!


Submitted: October 02, 2016

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Submitted: October 02, 2016



Kelly was smart, sassy and intelligent. At 36, She had a stable marriage with Tom. Her marriage was a little boring but so were most people’s, weren’t they? She had two lovely kids, a dog and a big house in the right part of town. She had a great job as a senior designer, a generous boss who gave her a big salary and, not least, a white Mercedes! Life was good and looked like it could only get better…… as long as she did nothing to rock the boat.

So why the hell was she sitting in her car with Carl, parked in the car park at the beach with her skirt pushed up around her thighs, her blouse undone, and her bra pushed up, exposing her breasts? More to the point, why had she allowed this young man she hardly knew outside work, to pull her panties aside and slide his fingers slowly inside her? And why, before that, had she not stopped him when he leaned across, cupped her full breast and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and grazing it with his teeth? Why had she even let him kiss her and fondle her before he undid her buttons?

Kelly didn’t even really know how she’d come to be driving Carl back from the firm’s conference and taking the coast road, rather than the highway. She didn’t know the answers to any of these questions but she knew she shouldn’t be where she was. She knew she shouldn’t be doing what she was doing and she knew she had to stop it. But most of all she knew she shouldn’t be so turned on, so wet, so hot, so needy and sooooo desperate for the orgasm she could feel building inside her already.

“Carl! … No! … I can’t do this….. I can’t let this happen”.

But Carl kept his fingers deep inside her, smoothing them in and out, slowly spreading her wetness up to her clitoris. As he pushed deeper, she felt his thumb brushing her throbbing bud and sending shivers through her.

He lifted his head from her breast and for a moment she felt bereft as the moist warmth of his mouth left her tingling nipple. But she shuddered as his finger and thumb closed around it and squeezed and teased it as he spoke.

“Why can’t you?” He demanded quietly without lifting his head to look at her face, his eyes fixed on her breasts as she felt his hot breath against her soft flesh.

“Because I’m married, Carl! Because I have kids. Because I’m ten years older than you and because …… because this is wrong!”

“Does your husband make you feel like this, Kelly?” He asked, stroking her clitoris faster and sliding his fingers over the soft folds inside her slick pussy. “Does he make you this wet?”, he demanded. “Does he make your heart pound and your eyes sparkle like diamonds when he sucks your nipples?”

She gasped as waves of glorious tension swept over her. She knew she had to stop this soon or she wouldn’t be able to hold it back.

“No he doesn’t. He hardly touches me but that’s not the point, Carl”. Kelly was breathing faster now, her legs parting against her will, allowing Carl full access to her soaked and swollen pussy. She knew she should clamp her thighs together and push him away. But the more he stretched and stroked her, the more alive she felt and the less resistance she could muster.

“Does your husband worship you like this, Kelly? Does he care how you are, what you need, whether you’re happy? Does he think you’re beautiful and gentle and precious?….. Or does he just take you for granted?”

Kelly stiffened as she heard his questions. She was happy at home, wasn’t she? Tom did care about her, didn’t he? Her marriage was as good as anyone’s, wasn’t it? But as soon as she asked herself the questions, she knew the answers were the wrong ones and she was suddenly even more confused by the situation she found herself in.

Carl was young and she’d only met him at work a few months ago but he’d already learned things about her that Kelly hadn’t even acknowledged herself. She remembered Carl’s first day at the office. Kelly had been at her desk when he first walked in. She’d noticed his eyes on her then. She’d smiled at him and he’d looked away, embarrassed. But since then, he’d been at her desk at every opportunity, asking questions, offering her coffee, sometimes just talking. Kelly liked him straightaway. He was bright, funny, kind and very good-looking, not that she’d ever thought about that at first. To her he was just a cute young guy, fit and handsome. The ten years difference in their ages had always stopped her even imagining anything further.

But now, here she was, acting like a teenager, her panties being pulled down and off, her legs parting of their own accord and her hips pushing up, asking for more. Kelly’s body was refusing to obey her mind. This beautiful young man was taking away her control. She knew it was wrong but…… was it really so wrong?

“Carl, I… I don’t know what’s happening. We have to stop.…..”

“I don’t want to stop, Kelly. I want to feel you against me. I want to hold you tight and I want to be inside you. I want to feel you tight round my cock.”

She felt Carl take her hand and press it against the huge bulge in his pants. Kelly gasped as she felt his hardness. She knew then that she was lost. She knew she had never felt like this with Tom. He never made her feel special. Never made her feel he needed her. Never made her feel she excited him. And certainly never made her feel that he wanted to worship her body.

Kelly’s self-control was strong. She could stop this now. She didn’t have to let Carl do anything more. She could just insist that they stop and drive back to town. It would be awkward but she knew he’d have to agree. But the more she thought about Tom, the more she realised she didn’t want to stop Carl from making her feel alive.

Kelly pulled her hand away from Carl’s hardness and he gasped with frustration.  But she’d made up her mind now. She knew what she wanted to do. She leaned slowly across with both hands and Carl looked down as Kelly undid his belt, fiddled with the button of his jeans, slid down the zipper and slipped her hand inside until her fingers closed around his throbbing cock.

There wasn’t much room in the front of her car and Kelly was leaning over, cramped by the steering wheel against her side. She reached back to recline her seat and Carl did the same. With more space now, Kelly leaned further across until she was as close as she could get to Carl. He reached up to her but she quickly shook her head and gently pushed him down in his seat.

“Take them off”, she whispered. Carl lifted his hips and pushed his jeans down his legs. Kelly could see him now, hard, throbbing and…… huge!  Slowly stroking him and marvelling at his size and hardness, she leaned over him and he could feel her hot breath on the moist tip of his cock. She took it slowly into her mouth and slid her lips over the tip, her fingers trailing slowly down to trace the shape of Carl’s tight balls.

Despite eight years of marriage and two children, she’d never really felt Tom properly in her mouth. She’d made a few token gestures but never sucked him deep. She’d never really wanted to, but now she was desperate to take as much of Carl into her mouth as possible. As she swirled her tongue round the juicy tip of his cock, she dimly wondered why she felt this way, why it felt so right and so good.

Carl moaned, a low growl from deep in his chest as Kelly took his rigid cock slowly deeper into her mouth until she felt him pushing at the back of her throat. His hips thrust up to meet her and she was energised by the way he responded to her. He trembled and shuddered as she closed her lips tight round him, moving faster now. Kelly loved the feeling of his hard cock, throbbing in her mouth as Carl twisted his hands in her long chestnut hair, cascading over his body while she sucked him faster, up and down the pulsing length of his magnificent cock.

“Kelly!...... I want you…… I want to be inside you……. I want to feel you come for me.” Carl spoke through gasps and Kelly could tell he wouldn’t last long if she continued sucking him like this. But she couldn’t let him fuck her,……. could she? She was already breaking all the rules but full sex would be a step too far, surely. Although she could never remember feeling so aroused, she couldn’t let herself go completely. However much she wanted to climb across and slide her soaking pussy down onto Carl’s hardness, she had to keep herself under just one last bit of control.

Carl’s hands moved to her shoulders, easing her towards him. “Come on top of me” he whispered but Kelly knew what she wanted to do now. She gently shook her head with the swollen tip of Carls’ engorged cock, still deep in her mouth. She heard him moan quietly but he lay back and she took the opportunity to close her hand tightly round the base of his cock as she withdrew her lips up to his tip. Her tongue still swirling round and teasing the smoothness of his most sensitive area, she started to pump her hand fast, up and down, working his cock mercilessly.

Carl gave a series of low grunts, as Kelly squeezed harder. She loved the control she had of his excitement. She could taste the saltiness from his cock on her tongue and she knew he was close to losing control. She wanted to make him lose that control. Kelly was revelling in the sense of power she now had over this huge cock in her hand. She’d never felt like this before and she wanted the final triumph of bringing him to orgasm.

Kelly increased the pace of her strokes and she felt Carl bucking under her hand. “Kelly! …… I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come” He ground out the words through clenched teeth as Kelly felt him tense under her grasp. She looked up into Carl’s green eyes and for a moment she said nothing, hesitating as his eyes burned into hers. Then, as she turned her head back to his throbbing hot cock, she quietly said “Come for me now, Carl.”

Instead of taking him again into her mouth, Kelly just kept her face close to him, watching intently, silently urging him to come for her. She pumped his cock as if her life depended on it, watching as his juices glistened on the tip. Carl’s hips bucked up and down as she worked him harder and faster. Kelly watched, fascinated, as Carl’s whole body suddenly went rigid, his hips thrust high. Then, with an almost animal-like growl, he convulsed as she watched, her hand still powering up and down his hardness.

Kelly’s eyes were riveted to the sight before her. This gorgeous young man was completely in her power, his perfect body pulsing to the tune she played on him. She watched closely as she pumped the first jet of hot slick pearly cum from his cock. She saw it land on his hard muscular abdomen. She heard him groan as wave after wave of orgasmic tension was released from this beautiful cock she held so tightly. She felt his hot slippery wetness covering her fingers as she worked the last spurts of cum from him. She slowed her pace but carried on with steady strokes while Carl shuddered through the last pulsations of his orgasm.

Kelly felt Carl’s cock softening under her fingers but she didn’t want to let him go. She looked down as he slumped back, exhausted and drained. Keeping a gentle hold on his cock, she brought her other hand up and slowly traced lines through the pools of glistening cum which was now sitting in the soft hairs around his navel and helping to define the lines of muscle on his toned body. His breathing was steadying and as she looked up, his eyes were bright as they drilled into hers.

At that moment, Kelly knew her life was never going to be the same again. She knew there was more and she wanted it. Yes, she was married….. Yes, she had kids…..Yes, Carl was too young….. Yes, this was the most complicated feeling she’d ever known, but nevertheless, she knew she needed to reach out and change her life.

Above all, Kelly knew she wanted more from Carl and unless he didn’t feel the same, she knew she was going to take whatever he could offer. She knew this was not the end.

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