The Trip

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two female coworkers find themselves booked as they traveled for a work conference.

The Trip

Last summer me and my friend Ashley traveled 2.5 hour to a work conference. I’ve always admired her ambition to find free training so I joined her. When we arrived in Dallas, the airport was extremely busy but.... who cared since we were out of the office for the week. After grabbing our bags we immediately began looking for the rental cars. She approached the desk and shortly after she yelled “damn it”... they are all booked. OMG after flying 2.5 hours this was the first time I felt that warm feeling of fear. She approached and said maybe we can try a Uber? I responded “sure”. 

When the driver arrived he welcomed us with a huge smile and said hi I’m Jerrod.. Omg what a fucking smile is all I could say in my head. Teeth white and his hand shake was firm... his one hand could literally hold both of mine. As we walked off to get into his car, I could tell he was definitely checking us out. Instantly I felt the need to show him a snapshot of what I had underneath the jacket that was tied around my waist. I removed the jean jacket and ashley mumble “okay I guess it will be that type of week huh”....I stop and put my hand on my hip and said “what are you talking about” in my innocent voice. 

She did just what I thought she would which was bring the attention of his eyes down to my waist line. I walked off and immediately got into the back seat leaving Ashley with the option to sit in the front seat with Jerrod. We drove off and we started a few small conversations until Jerrod where are y’all from? 

Ashely said Atlanta and I immediately asked “what about you”? He said L.A. but I’ve been here for 10 years. Soo... how old are you Jerrod? I’m 25.. your a baby said Ashley. That I am was Jerrod’s response. I mumbled “definitely don’t look like it”, He smile and peaked into the rear view mirror. We made eye contact and at that moment my pussy instantly felt moist. 

It was 15 min into the drive and Jerrod said “we have arrived” and welcome to Dallas, if y’all need anything let me know. As the car came to a stop my heart began to beat faster because I was so ready to show him my body again. I unbuckled my seat belt so that he could see the fullness of my ass as I exited the car. 

Jerrod approached and handed me my bags and before I could get a word out ashley asked him to exchange numbers so that we could all hang out sometime this week. Jerrod reached for her phone and smiled. “Sure”

We walked off and I whispered to Ashley, damn he’s fine. ashley laughed and responded with a “yep” that’s why you should definitely fuck him his week.

What ever Ashley, enough..let’s check in and relax before dinner. 

When we approached the desk I could see that Ashley had a puzzled look on her face as she stared at her phone. What the fuuuck... they booked us a single room with double beds. Who is they I asked. The secretary, I so hate that bitch. 

Well Ashley we will figure it out, it’s just a few days.

“Okay I guess your right” said Ashely. 

We walked into our room and the view was beautiful. Ashley immediately said I’ll take the window bed. We laid on our Separate beds and glued our eyes to our phones. I dozed off for a few hours but then I woke up to a very strange conversation. Ashley was on the phone with a old friend who was also in Dallas. The conversation was about her not having her own room and that he couldn’t come over just yet. I waved at her and whispered who the fuck is that? She said a friend but no one serious. I listen a little longer and decided to give her some space. I signaled to her that I was going to the bar and would be there for a few hours to finish some work. She said ok well when you come back up just text me please.. and smiled. 

I knew what that meant so I said ok I will give you a heads up. She smiled and said ok.. 

After sitting at the bar for about 20 min I see a familiar face walk pass the window. It was Jerrod and he was headed straight to the lobby elevator in our hotel. I immediately felt a jealous tingle run through my body but hey he was just another guy we met. 

So fair game I guess. 

About 10 min later I get a text from ashley asking me to come up stairs. she needs my help with something but didn’t explain. I packed my stuff up and had that nervous feeling ran over my body. I got off the elevator on our floor and could hear music playing and the smell of weed. I opened the room door and the shower was running- I called out to Ashley and she was laying in her bed with just a bra and boy shorts on.. I asked her, who’s in the shower and why are u damn near naked? she said no one I text Jerrod to bring us some weed and I was running the shower to kill the smell. He was here I asked and she said yes but only for a second. He had to make moves so he left immediately after. 

I told her to open the balcony window because her theory was a epic fail. “Ashley” I could smell it down the hallway. 

As she was sitting on the bed with her legs propped up on the bed rail I glanced down and I could see her pussy lips. I’ve never been with a girl but for some reason at that moment I felt warm inside and couldn’t stop peaking. She was nicely shaved and her pussy lips were literally eating the right side of her panties. I sat on my bed in front of her and she passed me the blunt. She said get comfortable and relax a little. I took off my jacket and shoes. Ashley looked at me and said ummm is it... is that how u relax? I passed her the blunt and took off my shorts. I was wearing boy shorts as well. I sat down Indian style on the bed. As soon as I got comfortable...we heard a knock at the door. I grabbed my shorts and Ashley snatch them from me and said relax it’s just my friend. 

I thought to myself “Omg her friend as in a guy”. 
What the hell I’m damn near naked. 

She opened the door and it was Jerrod and he had another guy with him. It was her friend from Dallas. I was sitting there with boy shorts and a tank top on, trying to figure out how these two guys know each other. 

She welcome them both in. Jerrod sat down beside me and Ashley pulled her “Dallas friend” to the window so that he could see the view. I felt nervous but at the same time horny as hell. Ashley’s ass looked great up against the front of his pants. 

She reached back and started rubbing his dick. By the looks of it I could tell he had a massive hard on and she had a hand full of it. I looked over at Jerrod and he was rolling up another blunt and he asked me do I smoke. I smiled and said occasionally but yes. I looked back at Ashley and her friend and oh my what a view. With the lights deemed I could still see his dick hanging out of the zipper on his pants and tucked between Ashley’s ass cheeks. Ashley looked at me and asked was I ok.... I responded with excitement “yessss”. 

I looked at Jerrod and asked... do you know him? He said no ashley paid me $40 to grab him from the hotel near the airport. 

The song changed on the bluetooth speaker that was in the room. At that very moment Ashley looked at me and smiled because she knew that the song that was coming on was my favorite. 

I stood up and looked at Jerrod, pulling him off the bed so that he could dance with me. I felt a little ratchet but The music had taken over me. I closed my eyes as he stood behind me. Thinking about how much fun it would be to just fuck him... allowing him to do what ever he felt.....The pressure of his hands on my waist was already enough to make me cum... I needed to be fucked. 

I looked over and Ashely was on her knees sucking a hard erected dick and I stared at her gripping the shaft of his dick.... I began to reach back for Jerrod’s dick. Only to feel his phone vibrating. He reached in his pocket and by the look on his face I felt him getting upset. He looked at me and said damn I got to go. I’m sorry this is my supervisor....

I was so disappointed but I responded with a smile. It’s ok we have all weeks. 
He said yeah-your right. He grabbed his backpack and walked out.. 

I sat in the chair near the door and by then Ashley was laying down on her bed, lightly moaning as her friend ate her out. I watched for a few minutes until I couldn’t resist. I slowly slid my fingers up and down my legs and slowly moved my panties to the side. I was extremely wet, this was my first time seeing two people having sex in person. I began to rub my clit- the faster he licked her pussy, the faster I rubbed my clit. I took a glance up to see Ashely’s facial expression and she was locked in looking at my fingers as they stroked ever inch of my pussy. We locked eyes and she signaled for me to come over. I stood up and laid beside her. She started kissing my neck as I continued to rub my pussy. 

After a minute or two Her friend stood up and signaled for Ashley to turn over and he whispered to her... taste her pussy. Ashley removed my panties and slowly massaged my clit with her tongue. He walked around the bed and pulled his large dick out and gently placed it on my lips. I started licking the head of his dick.. he allowed me to lick for a few seconds before he grabbed the back of my head and shoved the top half of his cock into my mouth. I felt the penetration of his dick in my mouth and Ashley’s tongue grinding repeatedly on my clit. 

I couldn’t resist, I let out a soft moan while drooling on his hard erect dick. 

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and grabbed Ashley’s head and placed it in her mouth. He rubbed my clit and then leaned down onto the bed. He put the tip of his dick into my pussy. After a few small strokes with just the head, he then stroked his whole shaft in. Slow long strokes that penetrated the tight walls of my pussy. I could feel the vibration of Ashely’s fingers rubbing my clit. I felt my body get really tight and I release it all and came. Squirting all over his lower chest and stomach. Ashely pushed him on to the bed and climbed on top. She began fucking him with a intense look on her face. 

I started back rubbing my pussy because felt myself getting wetter than before. She grabbed my hand and as she rode his dick....moaning and grinding faster as her ass slapped his against his body. She then tells me sit on his face... fuck his face, do it, do it now she repeated. I rolled over and sat on his face. 

At the same time, Ashley and I came again and and again until we both were exhausted. 

The next morning was awkward.... Ashely and I woke up Laying naked in bed beside each other and her friend was gone. 

To make things less awkward I asked her what time was the conference. She looked at me and said it already began, We’ve completed the first night. 

I laughed and said no... the real conference. She said that guy we fucked last night was Jason’s brother (Jason was Our Boss and CEO the company we worked for)....this is not a real conference trip. This is a trip to make sure we show his brother and a few of their business partners a good time. 

Ashley stated that she has done this before and that Jason’s brother is always the first one of the week. This trip is to seal the deal on funding and capital expenses. Free trip for us and a nice bonus check every quarter. Let’s just say the bonus checks are more than you made last quarter. 

She looked at me and said We have 3 more night’s of spontaneous meetings, are u still down for a week of business conferences?

I was shocked... but I looked at her and said I’m down... show me the itinerary.... 

Submitted: August 18, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Jason Ellis. All rights reserved.

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Well that bonus had better be a really good one!

Wed, December 16th, 2020 10:16am


No doubt

Wed, December 16th, 2020 11:26am

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