The Neighbors

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A lonely female seeking attention but find all she needs within her apartment complex.

The neighbors

 I’m Shelby and I’m a graduate student at MIT. I have one semester left of grad school and I’ll be home free. No more studying... just me and my career. 

I recently moved into a new apartment and Last week was the first time I actually met the the guy that lives above me. I’ve seen him several times but only in the evenings. He always looks extremely tired and spaced out, so I’ve never bothered to introduce myself. 

Over the past few weeks I could tell that he was letting off some steam by having small gatherings. First, I would hear loud talking and joking from multiple guys and girls... and then a awesome playlist of old and current music. Sometimes I’ll pour a glass of wine and just enjoy the music. 

There’s a name that everyone seems to call out as things got intense.. her name was Carrie and I could tell that she was the life of the party. 

Last night was different from the past few gatherings simply because there weren’t as many people and the music wasn’t as loud. Since the entertainment wasn’t there I decided to lay down in my room and play a word game on my phone.. hate to admit it but at that moment I kinda wish they did throw a party and make loud noise.. I guess it was my entertainment. 

After 5 min of playing games and laying in bed, I heard “the sound”... the sound of two adults having sex. I couldn’t hear them that well but I was curious... was Carrie up there and was she fucking the nerdy Med students... I stood up and walked near the kitchen. I had to get a better sound. I grabbed a cup from my cabinet and placed it against the wall in my bedroom. Wow I couldn’t believe it, I was semi spying on my neighbors. 

As things got intense I felt myself getting turned on. I quickly stopped listening. I couldn’t believe it.. they were having sex and I haven’t had sex in at least a year. I guess I was kinda jealous. I felt wrong for spying... I mean what the hell was I doing... I said fuck this and went to bed. 

The next morning I decided to go for a jog and as I exited my apartment I heard someone coming downstairs. Omg it was them, it was her “Carrie”. She was stunning. Even after having a long night of sex, she still looked amazing. I smiled and greeted them....Good morning... She smiled and said good morning and before I could turn around and head towards the parking area I heard his voice.. hey your Shelby right? I responded with “Um yessss” with a puzzled look on my face... I’m Jason and sorry I only know your name because I could hear you talking to your friends on FaceTime when I’m studying.. I immediately said o my gosh I’m so sorry.. I’ll use my headphones moving forward. He said oh no... I can’t fully hear your conversations so it’s fine. Sometimes I need a break from those damn books. I mean I don’t spy on you or’s just the walls are so thin... 

I smiled and said I totally understand.. 

Well nice to finally meet you both but I need to get a few miles off my to do list for today. I’ll catch you around..

As I walked off I could tell he was admiring my body.. well let’s just say I could see him looking at my work out attire in the glass window as we exited the apartment building. 

I jogged for about 45 min and I couldn’t stop thinking about how attractive Carrie was and how nerdy and attractive Jason was. The sounds of him fucking her repeated in my head several times as I jogged through the streets of Boston. 

As I got closer to my apartment I could see directly into Jason’s apartment..he was standing in front of his tv without a shirt on.. oh my gosh if I can see him from here then I know I’ve shown the world my naked body several times.. I stand In my living area everyday without anything on. At that moment I felt like everyone I passed knew who I was... the naked girl on the 3rd floor. I approach my building and as I started up the stairs I kinda wanted Jason to cross my path again. Just this time without Carrie... 

I opened my door slowly thinking I would hear his voice or his footsteps... but nothing so I entered my apartment. I walked over to my window and began to close the blinds. I had every intention to call my friends but I didn’t want Jason to hear our conversation. I quickly undressed and jumped in the shower... I was extremely hot and sweaty. I just needed a cold shower and a large bottle of water...

After my shower I walked back into my bedroom and then I heard a knock at the door. I hurried and responded “ Just a minute”. I threw on a tank top and a pair of my high school cheer shorts. I walked to the door and looked through the peep hole.. it was a delivery.. 

I opened the door and it was a package from my best friend. I signed for the packaged and locked the door. I walked over to my bedroom and open the package. Oh my oh my... I was shocked to find that my best friend sent me a new toy... the sticky note said (please enjoy-his name is bob... he enjoy pleasing when times are hard). It was a (battery operated boyfriend) my new dildo. 

I laid in bed that night thinking about Jason and Carrie fucking each other. I sat wondering if she would be back over anytime soon. I guess it would be easier to use bob if I had a live musical of them two having intense sex again. I turn my tv down several times just to see if I could hear Jason doing anything that would turn me on... nothing not a single sound.. I looked over to my nightstand and decided to see how Bob operates. I turned him on and placed him on top of my covers near my pussy. Oh wow... this is really powerful.. I pulled the covers down and placed him on my pussy while still wearing my cheerleading shorts... I didn’t have panties on so it made it easy for bob to make contact with my clit. I rub him around my clit until I felt my shorts getting wet. I moved the bottom of my shorts to the side and allowed the dildo free access to my pussy lips. I moved it back and forth until I slid every inch of it inside my pussy.... I could only see the bunny ears on the top of the dildo.. 

damn I said to myself... Ive completely took them entire dick. I reached up with my other hand and grabbed the pillow that was underneath my head. I had a fist full of pillow and a pussy full of hard rubber dick. I could hear the moisture of my pussy as I stroked harder... Before I knew it I moaned Jasons name...And after the first time I said his name it became a repeated word while I masturbated that night... Jason.. I moaned as I let out a deep breathe “Jaaason” was all I could say until I completely black out.. I came.... the palm of my hand was soaked... I was penetrating my pussy so deep and fast that I’m palm was hitting the top of my Pussy.. After pulling The dildo out I sat it on the bed between my legs, as I gently rubbed my pussy lips.. I could feel the wetness of my clit and my Swollen pussy lips....during that moment I felt relieved and ashamed all at once. 

The next morning I sat thinking about how loud I was. I was sure that Jason heard me and i felt so guilty for being sooo damn loud.. I smiled but yet The guilt hit me all over again.. knowing that If he was near his room then he was sure to have heard me. 

I ate breakfast and grabbed my head phones....It was day-two for my jogging sessions so I headed out the door. I exited the building and there they were, Jason and Carrie walking towards me. I wasn’t sure if I should speak or just walk the other way.. 

They walked towards me and Jason asked...

how was your night? ... did you enjoy it... I stared at him for a second...I didn’t have a response. At that moment the embarrassment really started to sink in.... before I could say anything Jason laughed and said well you should have considering Carrie and I stayed at her place last night. 

It had to have been peaceful without this loud guy stumping around said Carrie.....I smiled and know what- I didn’t notice you weren’t there..... I had that weird feeling of relief rush down my body and the nervousness in my voice immediately went away. 

As I walked away...I realized that my guilt was still my shameful secret.... I was infatuated with mentally fucking my neighbor. 

Submitted: August 18, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Jason Ellis. All rights reserved.

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Nice Story, thanks.

Tue, August 18th, 2020 8:13am


Thanks for the feedback

Tue, August 18th, 2020 2:43am

Chyna Nicole

Very good

Wed, August 26th, 2020 12:16pm

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