The Elevator Story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Story night gets hot and heated as three friends enjoy their weekend get-away to the mountains. Take your time and enjoy my story inside of a story. If you’ve followed any of my short stories, you’ll know that it’s always a twist with every turn.

The Elevator Story 

One weekend a group of my friends got together for a road trip to the mountains. It was mid January so the weather seemed perfect for a winter weekend trip. We planned out our agenda to the minute. 

On Friday when we arrived we would all relax and set settled. Saturday was skiing in the afternoon and dinner in the evening at a nearby lodge. We were more excited about the dinner simply because the restaurant had several five star reviews. 

Friday night went as planned and the weather was great. We spent most of the day posting pictures on social media, we had to show off our snow winter gear. 

Due to the long travel combined with the excitement of Saturday’s agenda, we all went to bed early. 

We woke up Friday morning and the entire walk-way and nearby roads were completely covered. We all got up prepared a quick breakfast and then got dressed. At this point we all felt that this was normal considering we were in the mountains. The roads were clear of traffic and the area was a ghost town. There were signs posted everywhere. “Poor weather conditions Closed until Monday”.

Riley(Me): Kasey can you please call the lodge and get more information?

Kasey: sure...

Kasey: What the fuck? They are literally expecting 5 to 8 feet in some areas. 

Lena: Are you serious? We need to get more food we could be stuck for weeks. 

Riley: great idea, let’s stop by that store near the cabin, They were open.

As we drove I laughed and told Lena and kasey that being stuck with them wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. 

I then asked, can y’all imagine being stuck with people you absolutely didn’t like? Or with someone that you couldn’t get enough of? 

Kasey quickly turn her head and stared at Lena, then they both began to laugh. 

Riley: what? I really do enjoy hanging out with both of you. 

Lena: Same here but that’s not why I’m laughing. 

Riley: what? Are y’all holding a secret from me? 

Kasey: Oh no - you better not tell her.

Riley: Tell me what? 

As we arrived at the corner store Lena laughed again and said we will pick this back up when we get settled in.

Riley: hahaha can’t wait to hear this one. 

We grabbed enough groceries and snacks to last us for about two weeks. We laughed the entire time simply because we had two weeks off from school and work but would be stuck in a cabin. As we drove back to the cabin I couldn’t stop thinking about this secret story. I decided to just wait so that we didn’t have anymore interruptions. 

We arrived at the cabin and the snow began to fall. It was beautiful seeing the mountains and trees filled with snow. 

A few hours later I meet the girls in the kitchen...

Riley: Ok so we have board games, WiFi and Netflix... so what will it be?

Lena: let pop open this bottle of wine first and then we can decide.

Riley: that’s a must..

Kasey: Ok pour me a glass please. I need to change and get comfortable. 

Lena/Riley: Me too.

We all went to our separate rooms and undressed for a night of relaxation. As I sat in my room I could hear Lena talking on the phone with her boyfriend. 

Lena: yes, we will be stuck here for at least a few days... Later tonight I will definitely need some FaceTime dick.

I paused and said to myself “FaceTime dick”? I figured that was the blunt way of saying phone sex. I continued getting undressed and Kasey knocked on the door. 

Riley: Come in..

Kasey: sorry but do you have a hair tie or rubber-band? 

Riley: yes look in my back pack near the nightstand. 

Damn.... Kasey was dressed in a black night gown that barely covered her ass. We’ve all seen each other naked but it’s only been a glance or two. As I was putting my hair up in a ponytail I could see Kasey in the mirror. She bent over grabbing the hair ties from my bag. The lights were extremely bright in the cabin so I could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I myself had on a black silk tank top with a pair of matching shorts. They were fitted but nothing too tight. At that moment I question Kasey’s choice of clothing. Where the fuck were panties? At least put on shorts. Then I realized that I didn’t have on panties or a bra. I guess this was her norm just as the attire I chose for myself.

Lena: ladies!!!! The Lena bar is officially open.

Riley: Wine only for me please.

Kasey: I think I’m going to have a shot first. 

Riley: Okayyyy, so your leaning towards tipsy I see.

Kasey: Why not? Our schedule has just been ruined so why not have some real fun. 

As we all sat at the bar in the kitchen I turned my glass up to complete my 3rd round. 

Riley: one of you bitches owe me a story....  so let’s go.... story time. 

The wine was really settling in and the thought of my boyfriend laying beside me was the last thing I needed to think about. Wine makes me horny but without him it would be pointless to venture into those thoughts. He was already in bed for the evening and dirty sex talk or even flirting was out of the picture. 

I needed a good story to keep my mind occupied.

Kasey: ok ok I’ll tell you why we were laughing but you have to promise not to laugh. 

Riley: Promise 

Lena: If you’ve never broken a promise then your about to. 

Riley: hahaha... oh my, what the hell did you do Kasey?

So earlier while you were being extremely serious about our quality time, Lena and I laughed because one of my fantasies came true. One of my fantasies was to have sex in a elevator. 

Riley: what the hell? Are you serious? How does this relate? Please continue but I think I’m going to need another glass of wine. 

Well it was one night I was working late and Jason stopped by my office as he was heading out. At the time I didn’t think much of Jason. I mean he’s a nice guy and all but never struck me as my type. Well about 10 minutes after he left I was gather my things to leave and the elevator opened, It was Jason. 

He laughed and said I never leave before you. Something always hinder me from leaving early. 

I laugh and asked what did you forget this time? 

Jason: My car keys.

Kasey: yeah you might need those bud. I’ll hold the elevator but hurry I have a wine bottle waiting for me...

Jason: ok give me a second. I don’t know where I left them. 

Within seconds he ran out of his office and yelled found them,  now let’s get the fuck out of here. I instantly laughed because he’s never really cursed around me but yet again I rarely ever spoke with him unless it work related. 

All of a sudden there was a loud noise. The elevator stopped after we passed the the 4th floor. 

Jason: Are you freaking kidding me? Not again 

Kasey: What? 

Jason: This is the 3rd time this month. 

Kasey: Are we stuck? 

Jason: Yes but no. 

Kasey: ok, can you elaborate please?

Jason: we are stuck but once they reset the power it will immediately lower to the nearest floor. 

Kasey: ok, so who do we need to call. 

Jason: That’s the stuck part. We will need to call Texas Elevators. They are about 2 hours and 45 minutes away on a normal day. With it being Friday evening it may take them almost 4 hours.

Kasey: Are you serious? Why Texas elevators? Is there not a company near by. 

Jason: They will not service or touch these elevators, too old and they don’t want to take on the liability. 

Kasey: Fuck my life right now. 

Long story short I call and they showed up in about 4 hours. After about 15 min of being stuck we were both glued to our phones. Oh and We fucked.... end of story...
Riley: Oh no... we will not skip the good part. Please explain how being stuck in a elevator ends with y’all fucking? 

Lena:  Brace yourself, Every-time she tell this story I get extreme wet. 

Riley: Lena are you trying to get me to laugh? 

Lena: Kasey tell her the whole story 

Kacey: I’m so embarrassed to share that part but it still does make me wet thinking about it.

Ok, so while we were waiting for Texas Elevator to arrive I decided to start a tv series on Netflix. I grabbed my head phones and sat on the floor. Jason was across from me watching a basketball game or something. At some point during this time I forgot that I had on a skirt. Oh my gosh I was so tuned in that it slipped my mind. The emergency lights were on which made it pretty visible to see. The bottom panels on the elevator were mirrors so I could clearly see myself in the mirror when I sat down so I knew that nothing was exposed. Jason at some point sat down as well which covered my view of my own image in the mirror. He was directly in front of me. 

When he sat down he was locked into his phone so I felt that he was innocent move on his part, meaning he wasn’t trying to sneak a peak or anything. As I sat there I immediately realize my legs were propped up and my phone was up to my face. I peaked slowly as I put my legs down to see if Jason had seen anything. He was still in the same spot and appears to have not moved at all. My heart started racing wondering did he see anything or did he record me. It completely threw me off. I was more nervous about exposing myself than I was about being stuck in a elevator. I pulled my head phone out of my ear and called his name.... JASON

Jason: Huh... are you ok?

Kasey: Question? Were you.. did you see anything? 

Jason: Like what.... did you see a rat or something?

Jason then jumped up.. 

I stared at him, squinting my eyes. No not a rat you know what it talking about. Let me see your phone (I said it in my angry voice).

Jason: Wait. What? 

Kasey: Let me see your phone. 

Jason: ok but..

Kasey: But what? 

I grabbed his phone and went through his messages (nothing). Then I opened his photos and videos (nothing). I strolled down through a few of his pictures and completely froze. 

Kasey: Damn.. sorry but damn. 

Jason: I was trying to warn you. I’m sorry but what’s going on are you ok. 

I sat back down on the floor and crossed my legs. I stared at the elevator door. I wanted it to open soooo bad. I looked back at Jason and he was still staring at me. 

Jason: Can you please tell me what going on?

Kasey: Im sorry but as I was sitting there I realized that I was extremely comfortable and felt that I had exposed myself. 

Jason: Exposed yourself? 

Kasey: Yes ( I laughed) meaning I flashed you with my box below.

Jason: Ohhhh so since you thought you flashed me, you wanted to see if I recorded or took any pictures. 

Kasey: Yes (I covered my face laughing)

Jason: So then you grabbed my phone, invaded my personal space and strolled through my photo gallery and seen my goods? 

Kasey: Yes but it wasn’t to invade. I got nervous and thought.... damn it I said I was sorry ( I smiled at him) Jason I’m sorry. Let’s shake hands and forget this happens. 

Jason: Oh no.. that’s not fair... 

Kasey: How do I know you didn’t see my goods?

Jason: I’m telling you I didn’t but I know for a fact that you saw mine. 

Kasey: But it wasn’t intentional. Please shake on it. 

Jason reached down and shook my hand. 

Jason: I only agreed because of the circumstances....We are stuck in a elevator. 

Kasey: Thanks.

I looked down at my watch and we literally still had 3 hours until they arrived.

Jason sat on the floor and started back watching the game. This time he sat in the corner. He was still across from me but not directly in front of me. As I sat there I couldn’t stop thinking about how big he was down there. He wasn’t a big guy but his package was well structured. 

When I noticed that he was really glued to his phone I slightly raised my legs. I did this intentionally a few times to see if he would look and to also look at myself in the elevator wall mirror. I found myself staring at my pussy simply because the panties I had on were extremely fitted and really captured the true shape of my pussy. I also wanted to see what was exposed. I began to get a little excited and kinda wanted to see Jason’s penis again.

I sat glancing over to see if Jason notice my legs being up or if I could see his dick print. I reached over and leaned towards my laptop bag as if I was searching for something, while doing so I knew my legs were positioned in the perfect position so that Jason could see a full image of my pussy. As I search I could see him through the reflective mirrors and literally he was locked in on my pussy lips. I could also see his penis becoming aroused. The head of his penis was bulging through the khaki chino pants he was wearing. I felt my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet. As I pulled my hair back I looked over at him and his eyes were locked in on the game. 

Kasey: So Jason where are you from again? 

Jason: I’m originally from Seattle but moved to Dallas while I was in undergrad. What about you? 

Kasey: I’m from Houston. Did my undergrad in At the University of Texas (Austin) and recently got into the grad program at UTSA. 

Jason: That’s what’s up. 

Kasey: Yep a few more semesters and I’ll be completely done with school. Well for now..

Jason: I may shoot for grad school but right now just saving up.

Kasey: cool 

As I sat there I notice that his erection was no longer there. I looked at a few emails and then went back to Netflix. We still had about 2.5 hours until Texas Elevators arrived but I called down to the security desk just to check on their arrival.

Kasey: Hey Mrs. Cindy, do you have a eta or any good news.

Mrs. Cindy: Yes, they stated that traffic was still a little hectic and that their time of arrival is roughly 3 hours. 

Kasey: OK, well thanks.  

Jason: So what’s their eta? 

Kasey: 3 more hours. I am going to need something stronger than wine tonight. 

Jason: same here.

As I continued to sit and watch the Netflix I leaned over and used my bag as a pillow. My legs were extend flat onto the floor and now Jason and I were both facing the elevator door. The mirror at the base of the elevator still gave him a clear view if I slightly opened my legs. Slowly I began to ease up and allow him to get another view. I proper my right leg up against the wall of the elevator. I placed my phone on my chest as I laid on the floor. I had a clear view of Jason’s face. I could see him staring over his phone and eyes were locked in on my pussy. I peeked over and he was aroused again... 

Kasey: So now we are even right?

Jason: Even? Can you elaborate? (Jason Smiled) 

Kasey: Yes we are definitely even, you’ve had several different views of my goodies. 

Jason: Prove it

Kasey: Um.... well your penis gave it away.

Jason looked down at his penis and said (ok, guilty). 

Jason: To be fair I moved over and then you positioned your goodies directly in my line of sight. And yes we are even, in fact I may have the advantage now. Thanks 

Kasey: Advantage? Why is that? 

Jason: My images were live images plus I didn’t need to record you or take pictures, Honestly I just enjoy the view. 

Kasey: That’s true. 

Jason: The first time was more of a shocker and I didn’t look as hard. It was more like a long peek. I knew you were not aware and it was accidental. I really got turned on while you were intentionally showing me. 

Kasey: Wait? What? So you did get a peek the first time.... haha.... and you made me feel bad for looking through your phone. 

Jason: How could I miss it... black lace panties gives off a mature and erotic vibe. 

Kacey: really? I guess I’ll note that down.

I pressed play on my phone and continued the tv series. At this point I was turn on by the thought of catching him. I relaxed even more by propping both my legs up as if I was laying in the missionary position. My knees were close together until I slowly separate them. I watched as he adjusted his penis. I softly bit my bottom lip, thinking he was about to rub his cock. He the then placed his phone on the floor and sat up against the wall. Jason reached down and slowly rub his cock. I watch for a few seconds, I could feel my pussy getting moist. I then placed my right hand on my inner thigh and slowly moved down towards my pussy. As my hand got closer to my pussy Jason and I made eye contact. The look in his eyes made me wetter. As he stared at me I looked down and watch as his index finger slowly move around the head of his cock. The moment was perfect. I could hear the basketball announcers talking through the speaker on his phone. I could smell his cologne as he moved closer to me. Damn my pussy was throbbing. The stillness of the elevator made the moment even more settling. I wanted to feel his cock in me. I held back and allowed the excitement to build up. 

Jason: Damn....

Kasey: Your falling behind in debt. I’ve shown you way more than you shown me.

Jason: Am I. 

I slid my fingers down to my pussy as Jason unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and slowly stroked it. I then began to massaged my pussy lips with my middle finger. This was the first time I had every felt this vulnerable with any guy. 

Jason: Let me see you hand.  

Kasey: which one.

Jason: keep your right hand where it is. I want this one.

Kasey: So you like watching me? 

Jason: I enjoy that the most. You like to be watched don’t you? 

Kasey: Depends on the situation. 

Jason grabbed my left hand and placed it around his cock. He then wrapped his hands around mine and slowly pulled my hand up and down the shaft of his penis. It felt hard and extremely long. He began to move my hand faster up and down his cock. I didn’t realize it but both of my hands were moving at the same rate. The rhythm of jacking his dick matched the rhythm I was masturbate to. I felt myself getting closer and closer to my climax until he pulled my hand away from his cock. 

Jason: You should feel me before you cum.

Jason pulled my hand to help me sit up. I stood up over him as he laid on the floor. I unzipped the back of my skirt and asked him to check the time. 

Jason: We have 2 hours

I pulled my skirt off and kicked it to the side. As I reached up to pull my panties off  Jason touched my upper thigh.

Jason: Leave them on for now. 

I then stepped forward and straggled over him. I slowly moved down as he gripped his dick. My eyes closed as my pussy lips touched the head of his penis. He teased me for a second by rubbing the head of his dick on my clit. 

While holding my panties to the side I reached down and slid it in me. The slow ride down nearly made me cum. I held my composure when I reached the base of his cock. I rode him slow for a minute or so. That didn’t last long and before you knew it I was in full rhythm, taking every inch of him. He pulled my breast out and licked around my nipples. This was the first time a guy ever took me to this level. As I rode him all I could think about was how exciting it was to be fucking in the elevator at work. 

Jason: Oh shit I’m about to cum

Kasey: That’s ok..... I’ve already came twice... your dick is AMAZING...

Jason: I don’t wanna come in you... fuck don’t stop.

Kasey: cum in me... it’s fine. 

Jason: I’m coming... 

Kasey: Don’t cum yet... I’m about to cum again.

I stood up and stepped back against the wall and I started rubbing my clit. Jason stroked his dick and stared as I masturbated. I held back as long as I could but then I released.... squirting on the elevator floor. 

Jason: OH SHIT.... fuck I’m coming. 

Jason cam and we both stared at one another. He smiled and we laughed out loud.

Jason: I’ve never seen that in real life. 

Kasey: I’ve never done that before. Oh my gosh I’m so embarrassed. I didn’t know I could. I felt a rush and couldn’t stop.

Jason: I think I’m in love. 

The end....

Riley: Just to be clear. Is this how you and Jason started dating? 

Kasey: Yes!!! Don’t judge us. At the time I was dating some guy but we weren’t serious. Just a few dates never anything official. After that evening Jason told me that he would like to start dating and seeing if we could make it work. Long story short we had a lot of sex which lead to us getting pretty serious. I think we may be perfect for one another. 

Riley: Lena? How could y’all keep this from me. That was amazing, now I wanna have elevator sex. 

Lena: I told you to brace yourself. I’ve masturbated to this story at least twice. Maybe more but let’s just say twice. 

Kacey: Lena are you serious? 

Lena: Yesss. I think it time for me to go to my room. 

Kasey: No please don’t make it weird and awkward. 

Lena: ok well feast your eyes.

Lena pulled her boy shorts to the side and with two fingers she opened her pussy lips. She was so wet you could see the moisture running down her fingers. 

Kasey: What the hell Lena? I didn’t mean for you to show us. 

Lena: Relax we all have the same thing. Plus I kinda enjoy being watched and since Alex is probably asleep now, y’all have to be my watchers.

Riley: Wine please, I think the weather has officially taken over her. 
Kasey sat on the couch with a glass of wine. One of her legs were propped up and the other on the floor. As I sat on the floor near the ottoman I could see Kasey pussy and Lena was pleasuring herself. Kasey laid her head back and watched as Lena continued to pleasure herself and quietly moan. I could see that Kasey was getting aroused by hardness of her nipples. 

Kasey had her glass of wine in one hand and her other hand placed over her pussy. Within seconds Kasey began to play with herself and I became turned on. I slid my hand inside my silk night shorts and began to pleasure myself. The image of them both masturbating was very intense. Neither of us had ever had sex with another women but we all were turned on by the women’s body. 

Lena came first. I then turned my attention to Kasey. Kasey stood up and began to mover her fingers faster across her clit. Kasey began to moan... 

Kasey: I’m about to cum

Lena: yessss!!!! squirt for us.

Riley: oh shit I’m coming... I’m coming 

Kasey stared down at me while I was on the floor and then she release. I could feel her squirting on the lower part of my leg. 

Lena: Damn what have we started? 

Riley: You both warmed me. Now I’m a victim of the elevator sex story. 

I sat there for a second. I was mind-blown from how excited but yet shameful that was. Honestly I was still horny as hell. 

We all laughed and went to our own rooms. I laid there thinking about the night we had just had. I couldn’t sleep so I grab another glass of wine and within minutes I crashed on my bed. 

The next morning I woke up and walked down the hallway. 

Riley: Ladies... rise and shine. 

Lena was not in her room so I walked over to Kasey’s room. They both were laying completely naked.

Riley: What do we have here?

Lena: Um... nothing at all. I couldn’t sleep so I crashed Kasey’s bed. 

Kasey: Oh-no....Did you hear us?... Riley, I literally woke up to Lena’s head between my legs. By the time I knew what’s was going on, Lena was helping herself to a mouth full of my pussy. I couldn’t stop her, it actually felt pretty damn good considering the circumstances. “No dick available”

Lena: Ok, to be honest I was curious and so I tried it. 

Riley: haha lesbians huh? well how was it? Is this your first time? 

Kasey/Lena: YES.. and more like bi-curious. 

Lena: It was different but what the hell I’m 34 years old and always wanted to try it. She cam so I guess I’m pretty good at eating pussy. 

Riley: That’s interesting.... I’ll be sure to keep my door unlock tonight. I think you’ll need a second opinion. 
Riley: Oh and I read the weather report, apparently the roads want be clear on Tuesday. I guess that means we have two more nights to try a few new things. 

Submitted: March 02, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Jason Ellis. All rights reserved.

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Sometimes bad luck is pretty good luck, huh?!? If only I was the

Wed, March 3rd, 2021 7:47am


Absolutely... he’s the lucky one in this bad situation

Wed, March 3rd, 2021 9:13am


Elevator man!!!

Wed, March 3rd, 2021 7:48am

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