The Co-Workers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A pilot who allows a innocent crush on his coworker turn into a wild career of pleasure.

Co Workers

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Miami International Airport. Local time is 3:45 pm and the current temperature is 95 degrees with clear sky’s. For your safety and comfort please remain seated with your seat belts fastened until the captain turn off the fasten seat belt sign. At this time you may use your phones and other devices if you wish. Enjoy your weekend and Thank you for flying Delta. 

The sound of Zoie’s voice every time we land was like music to my ears...We had taken this trip together from our home base in Atlanta to Miami at least 30 times over the past year. She’s a flight attendant and I’ve been a Pilot since I was 21 years old. I’m now 38, single, no kids, so I’ve become very familiar with the club scene in Miami, Atlanta and the Maryland DC area. 

The night before our flight I remember looking at Zoie’s Instagram page and I noticed that she had a picture from last month at a well known bar/club in Miami. I instantly began to think about the possibility of inviting her out and meeting some of her friends that were tagged in her photos. I’ve always seen her as a very attractive and smart women but never had the courage to have a in depth conversation with her about her personal life. 

As we loaded the plane I started a brief conversation about the viral cat video that everyone was going crazy about. That quickly led to me asking her about her plans in Miami. She simply responded by talking about a small gathering with a few of her close friend. I knew then that the opportunity of cross paths with her that night would be slim to non but hey at least I had the courage to engage in a conversation with her. 

As the passengers exited the plane, I gathered my things to prepare to close out my flight and get my weekend started. I grabbed my phone and saw that I had a text from my close friend Preston who lives in Miami. We spoke several times earlier that week about meeting up but he wasn’t sure if he would be available. The message read “ Hey what’s going on dude? Have you arrived in Miami? I quickly responded “Just touched down”. He said that’s great buddy but unfortunately I want be in town this weekend. Maybe your next flight down we can plan to make it a solid weekend. I responded with a thumbs up and a NP I will be in touch. 

I grabbed my bag and exited the plane. Zoie was in front of me and as she walked off she looked back and said Jason have a great weekend. I responded you too and I’ll see you Sunday.. Zoie laughed and said  same place same time... same place same time I responded. 

A few hours later I walked out of my hotel dressed and prepared to take on the evening alone. As I strolled through my phone while waiting for my Uber driver, I see a few post from Zoie on social media. I could only imagine the type of night she was having. As I strolled down her timeline I stopped and stared, there it was a bikini shot of Zoie sitting at the pool with a pair of rainbow high waisted shorts on. The view was amazing with the sunsetting in the back ground. As I stared at the image I started recognize the back drop and other items in the picture. Wait a minute thats Prestons house ( my close friend that live in Miami). Wow l thought to myself, I had just spoken with him and he stated that he was going to be out of town this weekend. At that very moment I sense the urge to call and confront him. I pondered on the decision to call my friend of almost 20 years and tell him how fucked up it was to lie to me about being out of town. Not that this would have changed our friendship or anything but it was the principle of the whole idea. Damn a rush of emotions kicked in and all I could think about is how he knew how much I was feeling Zoie. 

My phone rung, it was my driver. I walked out to the car, sat down and began strolling though social media. Anytime Preston travels he shares it with the world, so I opened his page and boom... right in front of me was Preston. He was stranded on the side of the road with a blown rear tire. He was about 25 miles north of Miami. After seeing his post I was slightly relieved. Simply because that meant I may still have a shot at Zoie. so peaked back at Zoie’s post and I noticed  that they’re post were literally 5 min part. I immediately called Preston. Hey dude wtf, are you good? He said hell yeah and guess what? I will be back in Miami within the next hour. I’m headed to my crib to take a shower and we will make plans from there... 

I laughed. Ok!!!! 

I asked my Uber driver if it would be ok if we alter the destination. He said sure where too? 

I gave him Prestons address and within 20 minutes we were there. 
As we approached Preston’s house i notice a different car in his driveway but I ignored it.... as I approached the front door I could hear music from the back yard and a group of women laughing. As I rung the door bell I could see a women through the large glass window walking towards the door. I immediately grab my phone from from my front pocket. I check the address because I was starting to doubt myself. I know I’ve been to Preston house at least 4 times this year and the address was the same. 

The women answered the door “hey can help you”.... I responded with a slight hesitation. Yes, I’m here to meet Preston? She smile and said I’m sorry but no ones here by that name. 

I grabbed my phone and read off the address to her. She responded with a simple yes this is the correct address but not the right person. I apologized and share with her the sequence of events that took place. 

I then asked would it be ok if I waited near the drive way for a Uber driver. She respond- sure that’s no problem. I walked down to the end of the drive way and called Preston. 

He answered with a loud (Hello) I could hear the shower running.... 

Hey, man I’m at your address and some chick just told me I had the wrong location. Preston laughed and said damn man... I forgot to tell you I move 2 months ago. We laughed it off and he immediately sent me his new address. He also mentioned that it would be best if we just met at the Cuban restaurant/Bar that was between his location and mine. 

As I searched waited for a Uber response, I hear a voice... Jason? I looked back and it was Zoie. 

“Zoie” I responded with a puzzled but yet a excited facial expression. 

She approached me:

what are you doing here? 

I briefly shared the events that led me to her friends house. She laughed and said oh wow...

Yes, she just moved in here 2 weeks ago. I felt relieved at that point because it kinda seems as if I was stocking or following her. 

“But Thankfully the time frame of her friend purchasing a new home lined up with my story”

She asked what were my plans and did I need a ride or anything? I responded with a “thank you” but I’ll be fine. 

I looked down at my phone.

Jason If your waiting on a Uber...good luck. Uber drivers shy away from this area simply because it’s so far out and there’s very little foot traffic for them to make money. 

She then asked do you still want to deny my offer? I laughed and said I’ll definitely take you up on that offer. 

“Come on” follow me inside while I grab my bag and the keys to the rental car. We walked inside and then it happened, Zoie removed her slightly over sized beach shirt she had on and All I could see was the rainbow beach shorts that were damn near panted on her. I stared by surprise and before I could redirect my eyes, Zoie stopped and looked back at me with a huge smile. She had caught me but I think that was her goal. 

she continued up the stairs.... When she returned I was standing near the front door in the same spot she had left me. She then asked “so your familiar with the house I guess? “ yes I responded- except for the guess room over there.(The lights were deemed but I could tell that there was something different about the tone of the guess room). Zoie laughed and said that was a recent add on as you may already know. It was built by the previous owner, she giggled. My friend restructured it into her “lounge room”. 

Lounge room? I asked. 

Yes-Zoie responded. Zoie then started to  explain the lounge room... 

Its a vibrant but yet relaxing zone that allows two or more individuals to connect. Zoie what the hell are you talking about I asked. I mean are u referring to a bar or some type of new age telepathic lounge room. 

Zoie and I began laughing. 

Zoie then grabbed my hand and pulled me near the door so that I could get a better view. As we walked closer to the door entrance I could tell that the lounge room was filled with her friends toys, adult videos and magazines. I could see that naked bodies were the headliner of several posters on the wall. I took a step to enter the room and Zoie stopped me. This room is off limits unless you’re invited and have a full understanding of the lounge rules. 

What? I laughed... 

So, your telling me that it’s rules to enter this room?

“Yes” she said. 

So what are the rules? I asked. 

Well rule number 1) all members must remove all articles of clothing before entering the lounge. 2) you must enter the bathroom attached to the lounge and shower. 3) No sexual expectations. 4) entering the room you must sign a privacy form. 5) Before leaving the room you have to sign the guest book that’s locked inside the safe. 

I laughed and asked..... Are you serious? 

Yes, very.... Zoie responded. 

I then asked, so what’s the purpose of getting naked? 

Well here’s the catch...being naked in this room means your pure and free of all judgement and free to explore as you like. 

I’m so confused so it’s like a free spirited-swingers type room. Um... kinda I guess said Zoie. 

So, Zoie have you ever been invited into this room? 

As she began to blush, Zoie smiled and quickly asked... So what time are you meeting your friend? 

I looked at my phone and then looked at her....  Hell tomorrow if that means I get a full tour of the lounge. 

Zoie looked at me and asked... So your curious about the lounge huh? 

Yeah, kinda, I mean I guess. Well let me get with my friend, stay here for a second. I’ll be right back. 

She went out near the pool area and whispered something to her friend. There were several people out back, if I had to guess it was maybe 4 females and 3 guys. 

Her friend laughed and within a few minutes everyone started gather their belongings and began to exchange numbers and say their goodbyes. Once everyone left Zoie and her friend walked back into the house and that’s when I official met her friend Lacie. 

So this whole event is stranger than you knocking on my door. 

Zoie told me as we were saying our goodbyes that your a pilot for Delta ... and not only are you a pilot but you two are also co-workers. 

Yes, I replied.

That’s awesome Lacie said as she signaled a wink to Zoie. As she walked off she slaps Zoie in the ass and gripped it firmly. I could tell by Zoie’s face expression that she like it but was shy about liking it. I began to wonder why was she so shy about her friend slapping her on the ass. Then it hit me Lacie was setting the mood for evening. Lacie walked off and returned shortly after locking doors to the house. 

Things instantly got a little more intense...Lacies next move sent a rush of blood directly to the head of my dick. 

Lacie walked to the entrance of the lounge and completely undressed. As she bent over to remove her shorts I could see the jewelry hanging from her pussy ring. 

She then stood up and turn facing Zoie and I... 

Come on let me show you the best room in the house Lacie blurted out... i think she was a little tipsy but clearly this was not her first rodeo. 

Damn I said to myself... 

Lacie had on a over size shirt as well, so there was no way for anyone to see how thick and natural she was until that very moment. She was well put together. Nice ass with a set of tits that were built for sexual attention. 

I looked at my phone to see if I had a missed call or text.. Nothing my phone was as dry as a desert with no rain during mid summer. 

I looked back up and Zoie nervously asked if I was ok with this experience. I laughed and said ladies first. Zoie smiled and shook her head, I can’t believe I’m about to show you my body but what the heck if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. 

Zoie removed her top and her boobs were much smaller than they appeared but very perky with nice size nipples. Very well structured. 

She then removed her shorts and her panties were strapped tightly to her pussy. She stood there tying her hair up and all I could see is the gap between her thighs, her pussy lips were were deeply printed onto her panties.

as I locked in on how defined and thick her pussy lips were. My dick began throb and I couldn’t contain it. I removed my shirt just to find both of them staring at my enlarged dick print . The bottoms I had on were useless. As I removed my bottoms my penis sprung upward and since I knew they were looking I gripped it firmly and gave it a single stroke. 

I then followed them into the shower area....There were two shower heads so I waited as they freshened up. They grabbed their towels and dried off as I stepped into the shower. I could feel the rush of energy leaving my penis as the water hit my chest and ran down my body. I guess this is why the shower is needed... it helped relax me and reduce my intense hard on and allowed my mind to settle. Well slightly settle because I couldn’t stop thinking about how bad I wanted to fuck Zoie or Lacie.. 

As I walked back into the lounge area...The lights were dimmed and Lacie was bent over the back of the lounge couch. I could see that she was trying to use the remote to her Large projector screen, did you break it already. Lacie smiled and said fuck you.... hahaha the batteries are dead and I can’t reach the projector without using a ladder. 

Zoie who was behind the small bar area. (Jason, Stand on the couch and see if you can reach it said Zoie)

I stepped up on the edge of the couch and pressed the power button. 

“Press the input button and switch to TV1 said Lacie”. 

I jokingly said to Lacie “If I fall I’m suing you for this... can u please make sure I don’t fall ma’am”. 

Lacie put her hand on my upper thigh and said I got you. I looked down at her and she was face to face with my slightly erect dick. I could tell she was turn on by the experience. So I began to get slightly aroused. 

Ok, TV1..

Lacie stood there looking at the Projector screen. Her hands were still on my thighs. I could tell she was pondering about something... she looked at my dick, then at me. As she slid her hand closer to my dick I stepped down and I could feel her fingers brush up against it. I could tell she wanted me to make a move but I was more interested in her pursuing me simply because she’s always being chased. 

So What do y’all wanna watch I asked.

Lacie stepped in front of me facing the projector screen.... I could tell she was slightly agitated by me asking that. I guess she was wanting things to become sexual. 

But hey was trying to respect  Rule number 3) No sexual expectations. 

Let’s turn on the fight said Zoie. The remotes over here, Can u find the channel Jason. 

I stepped around Lacie and purposely allowed the tip of my dick to brush her ass. She then reach quickly and grabbed my dick. She looked me in my eyes and said that’s so disrespectful. Please don’t disrespect me like that. 

I was shocked. I immediately stared at Zoie. I looked at Lacie and explain how close she was and that it wasn’t intentional. Ok, just wanted to make sure we are clear said Lacie. 

I walked over to the bar and grabbed the remote. Zoie and I smiled at one another trying not to laugh out loud. 

Zoie came around the counter and handed me a drink. Do you like it? Zoie asked. It’s kinda sweet but its good. 

I looked over at Lacie and she was searching for music to play though the loud speakers. I looked over and Zoie and she was on a bar stool sipping her drink and looking me up and down then she glanced at the Fight. She made eye contact with me again and made it very obvious that she was looking at my dick. 

The room lights were slightly dim but nothing was hidden. The lighting in the room hit Zoie body just enough for me to see everything. Zoie’s left hand was tucked down between her legs and At first I thought she was covering her pussy. As she straggled the bar stool Zoie slowly began rubbing her clit.  She looked over at Lacie as Lacie sat on the edge of the couch dancing. I couldn’t tell if Zoie was masturbating to the sight of Lacie or to me holding hard cock. 

Zoie put her glass down on the bar and walked towards me. She wrapped her hands around my dick and pulled me towards her as she sat back down on the bar stool. 

We locked eyes and as she pulled me closer. I could feel her her legs wrap around my waist. She leans backwards with her back against the bar top, raise her hips up and slowly slid my dick into her pussy. By the tightness of her pussy, I could tell it had been a while since she had sex. She began to relaxed and I could feel her body adjusting as I filled her pussy with my hard cock. I could feel the wetness form Zoie pussy and with in seconds Zoie slid her fingers down and started rubbing her clit. She yelled out to me....

“I’m cumming.. I’m cumming... 

I stared at her while she held eyes closed tightly.... moaning while continuing to moving her waist. 

Fuck I’m so wet.....I can feel my cum running down my ass said Zoie. 

Lacie walked over and pushed me backwards, then she started eating Zoie’s pussy. I stood there shocked but excited as hell. Zoie looked at me with a dazed looked as she moaned.. her head fell back onto the counter top and all I could see was Lacies face soaked from the moisture of Zoie’s pussy. 

Lacie pulled me to the couch and climbed on top. There was no time wasted... she rode me harder and harder...  I was enjoying the experience but I wasn’t completely fulfilled. I guess because I’m  so use to being the dominant one. 

I picked Lacie up and stroked her a few times before I aggressively laid her down on the Coffee table. I grabbed her inner thighs as stroked harder. I felt a rush of rage and angry which made me increase the rhythm of my strokes. I felt the need to teach her a lesson for acting as if she didn't like my dick up against her ass. 

At that very moment I wanted to punish her ass. I tried to break her... 

I could feel her body relaxing and adjusting to my strokes. She was taking every inch of me and I knew I had to readjust. I grabbed her by her hair and told her to bend over. I got behind her on both knees and pushed her lower back down, arching her ass in the air. I slid my dick in slow for a few pausing strokes and only gave her a few inches. I then felt that rage and anger again... so I gave her a long hard stroke. She screamed and tried to move forward but I wouldn’t let her run.... I gave her another one. She looked back at me and moaned “fuck you Jason”....  she took a few more long strokes and adjusted.... 

she looked back again and said.... 

give me more... Fuck me....

As I continues to pound her pussy.... Lacie yelled out.... Fuck me.... Go deeper....deeper damn it... 

I felt the rush of cum rushing to the tip of my dick... I roared out... Fuck I'm about to cum... Lacie pulled away and a load of my cum shot up her back and all over her ass. 

Wow said Zoie.... That was a lot... You may need to relax after losing all those fluids... 

Zoie, Lacie and I sat on the couch exhausted. Lacie looked at me and said... I hate u but I fucking love your dick... i laughed and said the feeling is mutual. 

I looked at Zoie then Zoie looked at Lacie... then they both laughed. Jason have you ever been with two girls before. Yes back when I was in the military. 

Really said Zoie. Well that’s good, that mean you should still be in shape to go a few more rounds. Zoie started rubbing my balls and Lacie wrapped her lips around my soft penis. 

The sex continued between us throughout the remainder of the weekend.....
-After breakfast....
-The next morning.....
-Outside near the pool......
-And again that Sunday before Zoie and I headed back to the airport.....

From that day Zoie and I adjusted our work schedules to ensure that we spent most of our work days traveling and documenting new places we’ve had sex. We also shared our schedules and flights with Lacie. At least twice a month she plans a whole weekend to chill with us. Whether we are in Atlanta or London, we’ve always made sure her travels were unrestricted. 

I guess at this point it safe to say that we are on a mission to claim every city in the world...... 

Submitted: August 18, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Jason Ellis. All rights reserved.

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