Best Kept Secrets

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Four friends find themselves in a twisted sexual adventure that leads to a chain of secrets. This story has several twist and turns that will mislead you but ultimately gain your attention. Enjoy and allow your mind to explore each scene as these friends find their own pleasurable intake.

Best Kept Secrets


It was mid summer and I was in phase 2 of being single again. You know! the phase after your ex decides to move on, and you’ve came to the realization that he’s not returning. That phase where you have every intention of moving on but unsure of how. 


Yes, that’s where I am, and I call this phase 2. 


My ex and I have been apart for several months now and in my mind we were bound to reconnect,The continued photo likes on each other’s social media pages were increasing, and my confidence continued to grow. 


One morning I woke up and grabbed my phone as usual and scanned over my emails. One email was a invite to a couples retreat in the mountains and another one was a wedding invite from my best friend that lives in Cali.....


 Fuck my life, damn I couldn’t escape the need for a relationship even if I tried. So like most people I logged on social media and went to my ex boyfriends page. At first I didn’t think anything of his new profile picture until I realized that it was a cropped photo of him and I at the beach. The caption underneath read “Best day of my life”.I immediately hit the like button on the photo and went to my inbox. At that moment I began to process the words that would surely spark a conversation about the photo and caption. I typed, edited, erased and revised my message several times. I began to think about his new girlfriend. I froze for a moment, thinking of how angry I would be if a ex girlfriend messaged my new boyfriend.


Message Sent.... 


(Hi, I couldn’t help but think of that day after seeing your post this morning. I hope all is well. P.S. the Sun shines brighter when the stress is lighter) 


That was our code for morning sex... anytime we had sex before the sun came up we would use that saying. That morning before we took that picture we had sex 3 times before the sun came up. Yes... 3 times and every single time the sex got more intense. He was the first guy to ever bring that level of sexuality out of me. 


Ding... a response from him 


Message from Rick: 

Thanks and yes that was a awesome day. That was the day I got the call from Cyber Consulting. That call changed a lot for me and my career path. I’m so thankful....


That message to most people would seem settle and touching,but to me it was a slap in the face. So here’s a little back story about Ricks “career change”. 


Rick applied for a company in Seattle which is about 30 mins from Kirkland, Washington. We both worked for a small consulting firm in Kirkland and as Rick’s clientele grew so did his reputation. At the time Rick was capturing all the major brands and companies in the area. He had everyone wanting to sign up and be associated with our services . One day Rick got a call from one of our biggest investor stating that they were backing out and seeking other company’s for support. Our Vice President blamed Rick for not being proactive and knowing that the client would bail out. The low blow really left a bad taste in Rick mouth so he decided to move on. 


Even with losing that client Rick still led the region in sales and organizational performance. Rick was tired of the push and pull so he felt the need to try his luck by applying for a job in Seattle. He got the call a week after he interviewed and was offered the job while he and I was on vacation. The call came from a lady by the name of Victoria Chase. Well let’s just say Victoria had more than a job waiting for Rick. Victoria hired Rick in August and was fucking him by the end of September. Yes that’s right he and I separated 2 weeks after he started that damn job simply because he forgot my birthday and spent the entire weekend in Los Angeles with his “new boss”. How the hell do you forget your girlfriends birthday and leave for a work trip that weekend without making it up to her. My birthday was on a Wednesday and I ignored all his apologies until he returned from his “work trip” that following Tuesday. 


I was so upset that I broke it off with him by that Wednesday and decided that it was best that we went our separate ways. He sent several flowers and cards and tried to messaged me twice a day for the entire month of August.I never responded to a single message. The crazy thing is Rick never cheated on me but I was not the typical chick. Some may call me high maintenance but to be honest I felt I could recover from him and find another great guy. Oh was I wrong... I mean! now I’m all single, and he’s living it up. I felt stupid every-time I thought about how great we were. 


Over the past few months I’ve gained a love hate relationship with Rick but only to want him more every time I seen his face. 


*Phone rings*


Hello- This is Casey. 

Hey- Are u busy? This is Jason 


Casey: Where are u calling from and who’s number is this. 


Jason: This is my new office number. 


Casey: Oh ok, what’s up? 


Jason: Nothing just felt like calling from my new office space. 


Casey: haha well did you get a promotion or something. 


Jason: Something like that, let’s just say I made a executive decision to fuck my way to the top. 


Casey: What the hell are you talking about Jason.


Jason: So I accepted the new job with Cyber as the Assistant Director. 


Casey: What! You never told me you applied with Cyber. Thats where Rick works.


Jason: I know but he and I are in two completely different buildings, but I did meet your competition. Casey, she stunning,I think I can fuck her though.


Casey: I am about to hang up on you. Are you serious right now? Jason I’ll speak with you later. 


I hung up and the anger really settled in. Jason is my guy friend. I think he’s gay because I’ve never seen him speak or talk of a partner. It’s kinda weird now that I think about it. Anyways,So Jason and I went to undergrad together at The University of Washington. We’ve always connected on current events and just everyday life. It was almost like he was my best friend but we never spent more than a few hours together. 



(Text from Jason)

Hey I’m sorry if I made you upset. That was not a good joke and I realize that now. 


Jason, I’m not mad or upset with you. I’m pissed because I reached out to Rick and he always find a way to rub this new job and new relationship in my face, But Just call me when your headed back to Kirkland. 


Ok said Jason (via text).


A few hours later I get a knock at the door. It was my friend Leslie. (Leslie and I met backstage at a local music concert a year ago and kinda hit it off).


As I got closer to the door I could hear Leslie laughing. I opened the door and I immediately said what the fuck, get inside... As I opened the door Leslie flashed me her boobs. 


What the hell are you doing? I don’t know! I felt like being spontaneous said Leslie. Well please enlighten me, what’s got you in such a good mood. So, how about Cyber consulting’s West campus is hiring 60 people to train and take over a new branch that’s going to be opening in Kirkland. I had my interviews and was just offered the job said Leslie. 


Well congrats hun and I wish you the best,as I rolled my eyes... 


What Casey! It’s just a job,I mean plus it pays more and it’s in Kirkland. 


I was excited for her but at the same time I was tired of hearing about that fucking company. Literally everyone I knew was being pulled into Ricks world except for me. I glanced at my email and saw that a recruiter emailed me the same position Leslie was just offered. 


Omg Leslie look at this. I’ve just got a email about interviewing for one of those position as well. What! Said Leslie, well are you going to move on it,of course not, I wouldn’t dare give rick the pleasure.


Come on said Leslie. What do you have to lose. I mean it’s not like you’ll be working with either of them so just try it. Um idk maybe I’ll think about it. Ok well in the meanwhile, let’s get these drinks started yelled Leslie. 


As the evening went on I could feel my eyes getting heavy and my words getting slower. I initiated that I was getting tired and that we could reconnect later. Leslie agreed and grabbed her jacket and locked the door as she walked out. Within minutes I was stretched out across my couch thinking about that damn job offer. 


The next morning I woke up and looked at my phone and I had several missed calls from Leslie and several text messages. I opened the messages up and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Leslie sent several videos of her masturbating in the shower and on her bedroom floor. Her last message read..


I am so sorry Casey. I’m so embarrassed. Those messages were for Corey. The guy I met at the Washington vs Stanford game a few months ago. 


I had no clue who Corey was, but by the looks of these videos he’s in for a treat. Damn I’ve never seen anyone I know masturbate. She sent a 2 min long video of her pleasuring herself and the video caption read “My pussy is beyond wet”. 


I immediately responded, You have serious problems lol I’ve deleted you entire message history. I then asked her did she need professional help and if so please call 1(800) I’ma-thot... 


Leslie sent back the heart emoji and said thanks for not freaking out. Ur the best.. 


I closed out the text messages and before I knew it i was viewing it again. I felt myself getting turned on and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t into girls but I guess it was tempting to just watch her be extra spontaneous. 


That evening, l text Leslie and ask if she wanted to join me at a local bar. She responded with with a thumbs up emoji and the word “SURE” in capital letters. I also invited Jason and he invited a friend of his. I wasn’t sure if Jason was bringing a guy or a girl but I was curious. Considering he’s never mention anyone he was semi dating. 


We all arrive at the bar and Jason introduce his friend Alex. Casey this is Alex.. Alex this is Casey. Alex was well put together and a sight for sore eyes. She had a nice athletic build and she wore a perfume that made u want to lick her. I mean if I was a guy of course. Leslie, Alex and myself talked the entire night about music. We even did several threesome karaoke duets while Jason sat back and laughed and enjoyed several free rounds of Tequila. By the end of the night Jason was way past drunk and was not in shape to drive himself home. I asked Alex where did she live and she stated that she has a apartment in Seattle. As we were gathering our things and closing out the open tab, I let Alex know that since my house was close to Jason’s and that I didn’t mind taking him home. 


Are you sure? Alex asked. 


Yes! it’s not a problem I responded, I remember you declining my free drinks because you have something important to do in the morning. One condition.... if you don’t mind would you be ok with dropping Leslie off since her house is on your way back to Seattle. 


Sure that’s not a problem at all said Alex. 


As we exited the building Leslie slapped Alex and me on the butt and said let’s get our asses on the road. Alex and I both laughed. 


Jason and I got into my car and pulled out of the parking area. Jason was tipsy but was in perfect shape to joke about the people that were at the bar. As we laughed my phone rung. It was a call from Leslie. I answered and I could hear the sound of keys. Leslie must have butt dialed me I said to Jason. As I was getting ready to hang up Jason stopped me and said.... let see what the fuck they have to talk about. I looked at him and said no that’s wrong. Jason responded with a silly face mocking me “ That’s Wrong”.. do you ever loosing up and just have fun? 


Ok, ok since your so interested in being nosy. We listened and by surprise we hear more than we needed to hear. Leslie asked Alex pull over so that she could look for her bracelet that must have fell off as she was getting in the car. We could hear her searching for the bracelet and Alex offered to help. 


Alex yells out “found it”... Leslie then responded with a simple thanks. 


Alex: would you like me to put it on for you. 


Leslie: Sure.. this cheap ass bracelet is a bitch to put on. 


Alex: damn it I dropped it. 


Leslie: OMGosh where did it go.


Alex: um between my legs.


Alex and Leslie both laughed. 


Jason and I heard the whole conversation and at the same time we both looked at each other. Alex had on a mini skirt and all we could think is what the fuck is going on over there. 


The silence was killing us both. I muted the phone and ask Jason why are they so quiet. Jason looked and me and said maybe they are looking for the bracelet. I laughed and said shut the fuck up Jason. Aren’t you and Alex kinda seeing each other. Jason said kinda!, we had a few good nights but nothing more. Oh wow, I responded. 


Jason I kinda thought u were gay. 


Jason: What the hell Casey! Hell no I’ve always been open and cool with you. I would have told you that,I thought we were better than that.


Casey: We are but I wasn’t 100% sure.


Wait wait wait. We can’t do this is all we heard through the blue tooth speakers in my car. I agree said Leslie. No I mean your attractive but I’m not really into girls said Alex. I’m sorry me either, I don't know what I’m doing... I guess when you opened your legs and I saw the bracelet I didn’t realize you didn’t have on panties. Hell I don’t even know why I started rubbing your pussy. I’m so sorry said Leslie. 


It’s cool said Alex.


I could hear the car pulling off and Jason and I were both shocked. As we arrived at Jason’s apartment we then heard the sound that changed everything that night. Alex moaning... I looked out the window and then looked at Jason. I thought he would be upset but instead he said damn my dick is getting hard. I sat quietly looking down at the phone. It was dark out but I could see Jason’s hand move over to his crotch area. He grabbed his dick and my pussy instant began to throb. His dick print made me nervous... my heart started beating fast. 


As the moans of Alex got louder the wetter I got and the harder Jason got. I watched As he rubbed the head of His dick. Jason looked at me and didn’t say a word. I laughed and asked him are u ok down there. He laughed and said... I’m drunk and horny as fuck right now. 


Casey: I see... 


Jason unzipped his pants and watched me stare at his dick print. He pulled it out and I immediately asked, what, are you doing sir?


Jason: I’m enjoying the sound of two chicks finger each other...


Casey: your not upset?


Jason: nope 


As Jason stroked his cock. I settle my back against the car door and watched. After minute or two I began to rub his arm, I slowly moved my hands down to the base of his cock. He was neatly shaved and well sized. I began to stroke his dick. I could feel his pre cum dripping down the palm of my hand as I stroked. I shift my body towards him and with out hesitation I began sucking his dick. He reached over me and grabbed my ass.... I started unbuckling my pants and then I heard Leslies voice..


Leslie: Hello hello... fuck I think I dial Casey by accident.. omg and it was a 18 min phone call. 


Alex: what are you fucking kidding.


Leslie: No look. 


I stopped sucking Jason’s dick and sat up in the car. My pants were still unzipped and I was still horny.... the reality of what was going on hit me fast.... I was in the car with one of my best friends and I was sucking his dick.


Jason reaches over and slid his fingers into my pants as I stared out the front windshield. I wanted to tell him to stop but it had been a while since I’ve been touched and plus I was still wet and horny. I looked over at him and he reached down and grabbed his dick. It was still hard... I started removing my pants and he pulled his pants down below his knees. I then climbed on top of him and slid his hard dick inside my tight pussy..... I could feel his lips against my neck and his hands squeezing my ass... as I continued to ride him a set of headlights from another car shined directly through my back window. I leaned down and climbed back into the driver seat. Jason and I were both rushing to put our pants back on and at the same time Leslie ran past the car and up to Jason’s apartment. My heart was beating fast but at the time I felt relieved that we didn’t get caught. I could see Alex through the rear view mirror staring down at her phone as the gilt and shame shined all over her face. 


I called Leslies phone and she answered as if she was out of breath..


Leslie: hey come out side....


Casey: I’m outside, Jason and I just pulled up. 


Leslie: Oh!! Um well I have a private question to you.. can you step out the car for a sec.


Casey: Sure, is everything ok? Why are y'all here? ( I asked that question as Jason and I smiled at one another). 


Leslie: I’ll explain... 


As Leslie came back down the stairs, I exited the car and so did Jason. He walked around towards Alex’s car and leaned down on her window... 


Leslie approached me and ask can she see my phone. Sure I said and handed her my phone. I then asked her whats wrong? what’s going on? 


Leslie opened my call log and strolled up and down. 


*I deleted her naughty call from my log.* 


Leslie: did I call u at some point after we left the bar. 


Casey: I don’t think so why? 


Leslie: I misplaced my phone and had to go back to the bar to pick it up.My call log showed that there was a 18 min phone call to you. 


Casey: oh well maybe i dialed you by accident. But is that why y’all are here? You could have just called me and asked me that? 


Leslie: sorry maybe it’s the alcohol... I don’t know what’s going with me. 


Leslie and I walked toward Alex’s car.... as we got closer to Jason we could hear Alex telling Jason the real reason why they were there. Jason looked at Leslie and said relax we all have secrets. As he walked off he smiled and asked me to text him once I made it home. 


That night I realized that best friends (Jason and I) always have the best kept secrets...

Submitted: August 30, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Jason Ellis. All rights reserved.

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