The Woman in the Hallway

The Woman in the Hallway The Woman in the Hallway

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Ghosts. Murder. Sex. All make for a great story. Just maybe not for Larry and Jen...


Ghosts. Murder. Sex. All make for a great story. Just maybe not for Larry and Jen...


Submitted: July 19, 2015

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Submitted: July 19, 2015



Larry woke up from his sleep.  Again.  It seems like every fucking night he wakes up.  Same time.  Except he really didn’t know what time that was because it was impossible to read the LED clock off of the cable box.  Sure he could’ve reached for his glasses, but then in his mind that would have meant he was up for good.  Same reason?  Sure this just meant he had to take a whatever time it was in the night piss.  He would strategically slide out of the bed.  No choice because the stupid ass dogs took solace on his side.  The walk by that cable box revealed through a scientifically adjusted squint that it was three something. Wasn’t it always the same three something every fucking morning?  That was his basic routine.  Wake up, maneuver, shuffle, squat (much more efficient than standing – because then you would have to turn on the light or otherwise aiming in the dark would be a mess on the seat), and piss.  There was an occasional deviation from that routine.  He may be close to 50, but that raging hard-on still made its once in a while appearance.  It made for difficulty relieving himself, but once back in bed it found its way to rub up against Jen’s ass and find its way into her pussy.

Most nights the same.  Larry wakes.  Larry pisses.  Occasionally Larry fucks.  He can’t complain about the occassionals.  It was the one summer night that was different.  Jen and Larry were alone in the house.  Kids are away for camp and all was quiet and still.  They lay asleep in bed with the TV still on.  The room glows from the flickering screen.  Larry woke and stared towards the bedroom door.  He saw something that he registered as I still must be dreaming.  He rolled to his right to check on Jen. Her eyes were open and from them he could read that she saw that something too.  No words were exchanged, they both went back to sleep.

Summers were great for Larry and Jen.  The kids were at sleep away camp for seven weeks.  This gave them freedoms they once shared a lifetime ago.  From end of June through the end of August, they could walk around the house naked, not sneak around to enjoy that Marlboro light, and always welcome friends to stop by to share cocktails and maybe even a toke.  Seven weeks of no worries for two teachers.  A summer of no students, no children.  Getting high was enjoyable when you had no worries.

“Here you go.”  Larry hands Jen her mug.  It was literally her mug.  The cup read My Mug with a picture of her mug on it.  “Hot coffee.”


“So…”  Usually that was the sentence starter for those occassionals.  Did you come?  Was it good?  Your pussy was super wet after I slid my finger in your ass…

“You saw that too?  I thought you were up but I also thought I was dreaming.”

“Oh yeah.  I saw it.  She walked out from that hallway bathroom right into Lulu’s room.”

“She?”  Jen took a sip from her mug, placed it on the nightstand, and sat up more erect.  She was naked in bed and her breasts were free from the blanket.  “I didn’t place a sex on what I saw glide by in the hallway.”

“My glasses weren’t on but this is what I saw… A silhouette of a tall thin girl walk into, no just what you said, glide into Lulu’s room.  Shit, the definition wasn’t there but I am sure that’s what it was.”


Jen was right it was freaky.  They both witnessed the same something.  Was this one of those phenomenon’s you read about or watch on one of those lame ass cable channels?  That was just a brief thought.  Jen’s tits were still out and this aroused him.


It must have been after five.  Drinks were pouring and conversations rolling.  The story Larry and Jen shared brought the gang together into one topic.  This was Steve’s breakout moment.  He enlightened everyone with his new hobby of ghost boxing.  Larry already determined this a crock of shit.  No way is some stupid contraption that was designed to rapidly scan FM radio frequencies going to communicate with the dead.  Didn’t matter what anyone thought, Steve ran to his car to get the devise.

Chhhh kchhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh chhhhhh.

“Hi.  This is Steve and I am here in Larry and Jen’s house looking to communicate with warm and loving spirits.  I will hold a three minute session and only ask those who are good and kind to please come forward.”

Chhhh kchhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh chhhhhh.

Larry has a different opinion.  “Hey, if you’re an evil spirit I welcome you into my home.”

All eyes shot to Larry with looks of disdain.  Steve countered, “Again, we only welcome to communicate with warm and loving spirits.”

Larry kept to himself.  C’mon give me the throw shit across the room blood dripping from the walls crap.

Chhhh kchhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh chhhhhh.

“Is there anybody in the house with us?”

Same static.

“Is there a woman who walks around this house at night?  Why are you here?”


“Do you have a name?”

Chhhh kchh elhhhh kchh zahhh chhh behhh kchthhhhh chhhhhh chhhhhh.

At the three-minute mark Steve held his closing sermon.  “I am now going to close this session and must insist that you go back to where you came from. We thank you for your visit but you must now leave.”

Chhhh kchhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh kchhhhh chhhhhh chhhhhh. Click.

“You heard that, right?”  Steve couldn’t keep the recorder steady enough.  “It was at the two-minute twenty-nine spot.”  His hands were shaking as he pressed buttons to get there.  “Listen.”  All heads leaned in.  Chhhh kchh elhhhh kchh zahhh chhh behhh kchthhhhh chhhhhh chhhhhh.  There were a few saying they hear nothing, but according to Steve, “You don’t hear that?  Clear as day.  That was Elizabeth!  I’m going to play the session from the beginning.  Everyone listen.  If you hear something, point it out.”

“Do you know an Elizabeth?”  Larry wasn’t sure who asked that, but he grabbed the pipe from Stephanie and took a big hit.  Not sure what to say, he decides to answer in one breath, “Don’t know an Elizabeth, how ‘bout you babe?”  Then an exhale full of smoke.  Jen now had hold of the pipe. “Nope.”

The recorder was playing and in unison, “Stop.  Play that back.”  There was a voice, but it was difficult understanding.  “What was that?”  “How did we miss it?” After numerous playbacks most were sure and agreed upon what was said.  Larry slipped away from the gathering unnoticed.  Steve was wide eyed, “That was KILL THE CHILDREN!”


Nine-year-old Larry liked to laugh, liked to play, hell he was nine he liked most anything.  He was an only child but not necessarily lonely.  Mom was the lonely one.  Daddy left when he was three.  By the time he was six, Larry noticed the weekly routine.  Mom would go out on Thursday nights.  What he didn’t know was she hit the local bars closest to the university.  She had needs too.  It was easy to locate a 19-year-old to cater to her needs.  Hard cocks were easy to find.  Rare occasions would welcome two young cocks to penetrate her.  Finding pleasure in the bathrooms of the pub or the backseat of a car was easy as pie.  But never in her home.  This Larry could not see.

At home, Larry would stay with the babysitter.  Lisa was seventeen.  Her legs were long and attached to a thin body.  Attached to that body were two huge breasts.  She covered those mounds with a tight t-shirt that exposed her navel.  Nothing was left to the imagination.  As far as nine-year-old Larry was concerned, they were big comfy pillows.  He liked to rest on them, but not yet at the age where he would want to open his mouth and circle his tongue around the nipples.  Lisa was at that age.

She just finished high school and decided she would pursue her career as an actress.  While trying to figure out how to get there, she held a job at Ritchie’s Cards & Gifts.  Pay wasn’t that great (hence the babysitting gig), but Ritchie was good to her.  He would help by taking pictures for her portfolio and supplying her coke that she did not have to pay cash for.  Lisa was no dope and sucking a cock for blow - Ha! Blow for blow.  That always made her laugh - was an easy trade off.  Lately the shit she was given was of incredible proportion.

It was almost nine in the evening.  Larry was supposed to be washed up and in bed.  “Could you start the shower for me?”

“Sure.”  She walked up the stairs and turned on the water.  Larry stood behind her waiting for Lisa to leave before he would get undressed.  “Water is perfect.  Take off clothes and get in.”  He just stood there.  At seven he had no problem stripping down, but at nine Larry became modest.  “Aww c’mon kid you can’t get all shy on me.  I’ve seen you naked many of times.”  She watched Larry blush as she headed out the door.

While he was in the shower, the time was right for a few more blasts.  Damn this shit makes you feel good!  It has been a while since she did see him in the buff.  His dick was skinny, but its length she remembered.  Almost as long as the ones she busied herself with.  It couldn’t hurt to take a peeksy.  Another quick blast.

The bathroom was a steam room.  So thick it was blinding.  There was no reflection off the mirror and the transparent sliding shower doors became opaque.  Lisa cut through the fog and made her way to the shower.  Larry was so busy doing the nothing that a nine-year-old does in the shower, that Lisa entering the bathroom went unnoticed.  She slid open the doors and scared the bejesus out of him.  Fortunately, she caught him by his arm before his head cracked on the tub.  “I’m sorry.  I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”  She flashed a smile that would make Pennywise the Clown tremble.

Larry dropped the soap and instinctively used both hands to cover his almost there manhood area.  Lisa picked up the soap and offered to help him finish up.  “Hold on, before I get really soaked,” she said while dropping the soap and slipping off her shirt.  His hands have not moved.  Lisa picked up the soap and started to lather him up.  She began at the shoulders.  His hands were still cupping.  With a twist, she spun him around and worked his back.  Lisa had a soft touch.  Slowly she worked into the crevice of his butt.  Not too intrusive. Her hands gently spread his cheeks.  An area that most nine-year-old boys would need extra attentiveness.  Her soapy hands worked their way down his legs and up his inner thighs.  His back was to her and her hands were upon his hands that he used as a shield even though he was not facing her.  She grabbed his hands and pulled them away.  “Don’t worry, I’m not looking.”  She worked the lather in.  By definition not a man yet, but very smooth and stiff.  She had one hand in front and the other probing deeper in that crevice.

The bathroom was still a steam room.  Lisa did not hear mom come up behind her.  Her arms wrapped around her neck and formed a choke hold.  “You fucking cunt.”  Lisa did not put up a fight.  She went with it and slipped into a momentary blackness.

Lisa woke up downstairs on the couch.  Larry’s mom stood before her.  She didn’t seem upset.  As a matter of fact, she looked rather pleasant.  “Hon, I get it.  You’re seventeen and curious.  But you really shouldn’t go after a nine-year-old’s cock.  Not that functional.  Have you ever had an orgasm?”  A stunned Lisa just shook her head no.  “Tonight’s your lucky night.”  That’s when Lisa realized she had no clothes on.  “Sorry, but I took the liberty of going through your bag,” she continued.  “Before we begin I think it would be best you do one more line.”  A mirror with a big fat line of powder sat on the coffee table.  This was more than she has ever ingested.  “Go ahead…”

Lisa picked up the rolled up bill that was also in her bag and snorted her last line ever.  Larry’s mom mixed in Crystallized Drano.  It was quick.  Her eyes bulged, rolled back into her head, and blood streamed out of her nose and spit out of her mouth.  She fell forward cracked her head on the edge of the table and rolled onto the floor.  Larry watched from the top of the stairs.  His mom came up to him and poured a capful of Nyquil.  “Here baby.  You take this and go to bed.  You can’t say a word about this to anyone.  If you should, they will take you away from me.  Forever.”  She tucked him into bed and once he fell into that opium like trance she left the house.  Get laid, build an alibi.

Last thing Larry remembered about that evening was the police officer filling out the report.  “Girl who OD’d was, last name Ashland.  A-S-H-L-A-N-D.  He studied the driver’s license in his hand.  First name E-L-I-S”


Elisabeth.  A name he put away in a deep dark space.  One he would never mention to a soul.  When mom passed, the secret buried with her.  It was a few weeks since that ghost box session.  Steve conducted a few more, but there was nothing to write home about.  That doesn’t mean there were no occurrences in the home.  Larry and Jen would be watching TV and in a fleeting moment they would see movement out of the corner of their eyes.  Sometimes at the same time.  Sometimes at different times.  Small shit.  Nothing alarming.

Summer was winding down.  Party’s over.  That was the way everyone felt.  Tonight was the last hurrah for tomorrow it was off to the designated bus stop to pick up the kids.  It’s amazing how fast seven weeks can just pass on by.  Larry turned on the water and within minutes the bathroom was engulfed in a thick fog.  He leaned against the shower wall and let the stream flow against the back of his head all the way down his back. 

Jen cut through the fog and made her way to the shower.  Larry was deep in trance, and did not hear her enter.  She opened the door and stepped in the shower.  Larry tensed as Jen reached for his shoulders, but relaxed when he recognized her soft grip.  She took the soap off the caddy and began to lather his back.  Her hands worked magic as they made circular motions making their way from the blades to his crevice. Her soapy finger teased his ass hole while the other hand took hold of his hard cock.

Larry turned around to face Jen.  Wet, soapy, and hard.  “Tonight’s your lucky night.”  He picked her up and backed her out of the shower.  He glanced down to look between her legs that wrapped around him.  Was that soap glistening on her lips, or was she coming?  He put her down on the bed.  Legs slid off his hip but remained open.  Larry slid two fingers into her.  Her hips went into a little spasm.  It was his thumb tickling her anus that triggered Jen to use her fingers to rub her clit.  Her body was temple.  Worshipped with rubbing, probing, and now pinching and pulling of her nipples.  Larry released her nipple and used his finger tips to make a caressing line up towards her neck.He knew that body jerk.  She was starting her multiple orgasm.

His hand opened and latched onto her neck.  It was a snake strike with a bear grip.  Her eyes shot open.  She could not break the grip.  Nor could she stop her rubbing and his poking.  He watched her eyes inflate while her oxygen depleted.  Her eyes started to roll back and her body stiffened.  There must have been a quick release switch.  All at once the grip locked onto her throat released and the finger in her pussy and the thumb probing her ass abandoned her.  The desperate desire for oxygen came in three large gulps for air.  Ready to belt out some sort of scream, her eyes came to focus.  He was straddled over her masturbating.  Jen tried to buck him off but he would not budge.  His strokes got harder and faster.  His head tilted back and the protruding cords tightened.  Jen closed her eyes getting ready.  His cock first spit on her tits and then hocked one onto her chin.  Her arms and legs laid flat.  She knew he was done.  The tugs stopped and his curled upper lip allowed a low growl escape.

“Holy shit.”  She struggled to sit up.  Her arms were shaking.  “I never came like that… YOU COULD’VE FUCKING KILLED ME.” Jen’s hands curled into a fist and her still weakened arms attempted to punch him in the back.  He caught her fist before it came close to a landing.

“But it felt good?”  She glistened in the spots where he made his deposits.  “Next time we will be sure to have a code word.  You say it, I stop it.”

“If there is a next time with that.  But fuck that was intense.”

Larry laid face down with his face buried in the pillow.  Jen was to his left and out cold.  She was letting out low level consistent snores.  Larry felt a pressure slide between his ass cheeks.  At the same time, he could feel more pressure go around his waist and slide down his groin and take hold of him.  Shhhhh.  He felt off guard, almost ashamed.  He tried to jerk away.  Aww c’mon kid.  He heard the steady snore beside him.  Jen did not stirred.  You can’t get all shy on me.  Larry wished Jen would wake up.  The sound of Lisa’s voice terrified him.  It’s Elisabeth you fucking fool.  All I wanted to do was make sure everything was okay and make you feel good.  Does this feel good?  He felt his ass get plugged.  It hurt like hell.  Your fucking cunt mother was jealous.  I only wanted to get you off.  Shit.  I knew when you jerked off in your bed.  It was all for you.  But that cunt hole couldn’t understand that.  You do know she wanted you to herself?  I wanted to play with you but she wanted to FUCK you.”

Larry’s eyes began to swell.  He felt four fingers enter him.  “What do you want?”  His face still buried in the pillow.  Still the steady snore.  “Please stop.”  In some sense he was kind of aware that this had to be a dream.  But what about the pain?  He was sure that that was blood dripping down his thighs.  “Please.  What do you want?”

There was a thrust and it went deeper.  He could feel a hot breath brush up to his ear.  Kill the children.

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