Alice and Richard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Alice and Richard are childhood friends. But Alice has been lusting after Richard for quite some time. A night of pizza, wine, and chocolate aphrodisiac leads to shocking confessions. But more importantly, lots of fun

We had always been close. He was just a couple years younger than me. Always treated me with the respect of an adult. Even though we had met when he was twelve and I was fourteen. He said he treated everyone that way no matter how old. But I knew it was different with me. Ours was an almost instant bond. He just got it. He understood my passions and my anger and didn't blame me for it. Yet he did often try to bring me back down to earth. I asked him why he supported my feminist rants in polite company but never when it was just us.  

"I just don't like seeing you so upset. It breaks my heart a little" His answer surprised me to say the least. I could only stare at him with a slight smile on my face, followed by a swig of my wine. 

"That's... That's kind of sweet" was all I was able to say. He had a goofy, confident grin spread across his face. Such a sweet, awkward boy. Never any luck with dating. Still liked fedoras as hideous as they were. And handsome. With mousy brown hair and icy blue eyes. Perfect, straight white teeth and a crooked smile.

I began to fantasize about him. Mostly just what it would be like to spend more time with him. I'm not sure when I realized or what set it off, but I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to fuck him long and hard. It was a rare occasion when he had off from work on a weekend. I figured this would be my opportunity. "Pizza and movies tonight?" I texted to him. My hands shook and the relentless gnaw of anxiety lay deep in the pit of my stomach. I waited one hour. Two hours, trying not to check my phone every 10 minutes. Distracting myself with yoga stretches. And when those didn't work, painting. Finally, three hours after I had sent my message I got a reply.

"sure. be over round 5-ish. i'll bring booze" A satisfied smirk spread across my face. I quickly got to work. Along with being an artist I was an excellent baker. I knew exactly what desserts would set the proper mood. 

My ex boyfriend had given me a special type of chocolate for our last anniversary together. An aphrodisiac we had never got to try. But tonight was the perfect opportunity. A simple mix of powdered sugar, chocolate ganache and a sprinkling of the aphrodisiac powder made a tray of truffles. Chocolate was Rich's weakness. I hoped the coco powder would work. Luckily my roommates were out of town for the night. We would have the whole apartment to ourselves. I picked up whatever clutter was on the floor, cleaned my room and made my bed. I checked the time. 3:45 pm. Perfect. I took a shower using a special soap I had gotten just in case I wanted to feel sexy. 

A perfume of jasmine, vanilla and just a touch of spice wrapped itself around every inch of my body. I washed my hair with it to ensure maximum intoxication. Next step was make up. My golden tan skin had a bit of redness from rosatia. A condition that will probably never go away. a bit of foundation and concealer was an easy fix. Next was a smoky eye followed by soft rosy blush. My final touch was scarlet red lipstick. I filled in my plump full lips with the rich red color. Now I needed to decide what to wear. My closet had an abundance of t shirts, jeans and yoga pants. But there was hardly anything in the way of sexy. A couple prospects were a cocktail dress I hadn't touched in three years, though that might have been too dressy. I had a skater dress printed to look like The Doctor's 10th incarnation. He might have appreciated that. And then I saw it. Absolutely perfect. A black, knee length strapless dress. Simple, but seductive. I slipped on black, thigh high stockings, and gave my hair a little curl. Final touches were a few dabs of jasmine oil behind my ears, in my cleavage, and between my thighs. I checked the clock one last time. It was 4:55 pm. Now all I had to do was wait.

At 5:15 pm I was growing anxious. I didn't expect him to be on time exactly. I was just eager to set my plan into motion. But then a thought occurred to me. What if he wasn't attracted to me? My heart started racing. What if this was all for not? Why hadn't I considered that before? I was feeling sexy and confident. Now I just felt silly. He still wasn't here. If I hurried I could change my clothes. With out a second thought I ripped my dress off. My stockings followed and I threw my hair into a messy pony tail. I ran to the bathroom and wiped away all traces of red lipstick. I replaced it with a more conservative nude pink. I stood in the mirror dressed only in my lacy red bra with matching panties. If things went my way he had this to look forward to. If not, well at least I wouldn't embarrass myself. I walked back to my room changing into a plain, peach tank top and blue skinny jeans. This is how he knew me. There was no reason to try so hard. If he wanted me, he would want the every day me. 
Just then I heard the door open and the russel of shopping bags.

"Rich? Is that you?" I called from my room. I heard footsteps come down the hall.

"There you are" He said peaking his head in. "Am I interrupting anything?" His bright smile lit up the entire apartment. His wavy, brown hair was shagging in his eyes. I had a weakness for that kind of look. I was in for a hell of a night.

"You're fine. I was headed back to the living room anyway" Why did I feel so nervous? I could feel myself shaking. I tried to think of something to say but came up short. I needed to think. Think. Think. Think. Think. "Truffles!" I blurted out. What? Rich raised an eye brow. 

"Truffles?" I felt my face going red. 

"Yeah... Truffles. Home made. By me" To my relief Rich smiled. I knew he would be excited for those.

 "Awesome! That's going to go well with the wine I bought" Now I was smiling. His taste in wine was excellent. In the kitchen we sipped our Cabernet as our pizzas cooked. He was talking about some video game that I had no interest in. My eyes stayed fixed on his. Wondering if the passion there would be just as bright during love making. Maybe even brighter.

"..So how have you been?" He asked, breaking me out of my trance.

"Oh! Umm.. I've been fine. Trying to stay busy. The painting is going well" I shot back the rest of my wine and poured another glass. "How have you been?" Rich looked down, thoughtful. 

"I've been okay" Was all he said. I could tell there was something else. 

"Just okay?"

"Yeah" He responded. I decided to leave it at that. Though I was worried. Whenever he was just okay that usually meant something was wrong. 

"Let's check that pizza" He suggested. We ate our pizza, were 2 bottles of wine down, and now sat on the couch a tray of truffles in front of us.

"Any movie suggestions?" I asked. We both had the same taste in movies. Bad ones. Laughably bad. He didn't disappoint. On the Netflix search bar I saw him type in the tile "Tiptoes". "Oh my god" I chuckled. "That is perfect!"

"I know what my lady likes" He responded. I felt myself blush. I was going to be his lady, alright. At least I would try to."You're looking red" He pointed out. I felt my heart leap.

"It's the wine. It's making me warm" It wasn't a lie. I was feeling a bit light headed. 

"Yeah me too" He said. "I might need to stay over. I'm feeling a little floaty" I was hoping that he wouldn't get sleepy too soon.

"That's fine. Josie and Cyrus are out of town. I'm sure they won't mind you crashing in their bed" I had to resist all temptation to offer my bed. I couldn't come on too strong. But I did need to start dropping hints. 

"I can always crash on the couch" Perfect opportunity.

"You can sleep in my room" He raised his eyebrow in consideration. 

"But where would you sleep?" I rolled my eyes.

"We're adults, Richard. We can share a b-a room" I hoped he didn't notice my Freudian slip. He smirked. 

"You know, a 15 year old Richard would have jumped at that offer" I could hear bells chiming in my mind. Was he saying what I thought he was saying?

"Is 25 year old Richard not interested?" I tried to hide the shakiness in my voice. He put his hand on my lap. I could feel myself melt. I looked into his kind eyes and realized something. I didn't just want to have sex with him. I wanted to be with him. I had wanted him for years and had kept repressing it. He was my best friend. I wanted so badly to kiss him. I wanted to shout to the world that I was in love with Richard Weiss. And that scared me. If something were to happen it could ruin our friendship. But I needed to know. "Well?" I pressed. He squeezed my thigh. I was instantly turned on.

"Well, you're an extremely beautiful woman. I would be lying if I haven't thought about it before" My heart was leaping. I could feel my stomach doing somersaults. He thought I was beautiful. Extremely beautiful. He had thought about sex with me before. I wondered if he had thought about me as a girlfriend also. But I was no where near ready to talk about deeper feelings. That's when I remembered dessert. I plucked a chocolate off the tray and held it up to him.

"Try a truffle?" He gladly took the chocolate out of my hand and popped it in his mouth. "Don't chew. Let it melt" He let out a satisfied sigh as he held the truffle in his mouth. Finally he swallowed.

"Those are delicious!" He exclaimed. I giggled loudly. "Seriously! Best ever made. Where did you get the chocolate?" I loved a man that loved my cooking.

"It's this coco powder I've been saving for a special occasion" I could see his cheeks go a little red. 

"I count as a special occasion?" He didn't realize how special to me he was. We sat quiet for a while. Sipping wine and eating truffles. A third of the way through our movie I started feel an incredible burning spread around my body. Warm and tingly. The chocolate was beginning to work it's magic. I looked over to Rich who was beginning to get rather red in the face. 

"It's pretty warm isn't it?" I said aloud. 

"It is" He agreed. "I have shorts and a t shirt in my car. Pause the movie while I grab them?"

"Sure" I said pausing the movie. He got up and walked out. As soon as he closed the door behind him I jumped up and ran once more to my room. I was going to change my clothes too. Something small and slutty. I needed to be irresistible to him. I needed my skin to be as soft as possible. I lathered my legs and arms in jasmine and vanilla lotion. He's shown interest. I could make this work. Feelings aside, at least we could have this. I tore through my dresser. Frantically searching for every piece of sexy clothing I own, I finally came across a see through, white tank top. I could work with that. I had at least three pairs of short shorts. I went with a black pair. It matched my underwear better. All dressed, I peaked my head out to the hallway. The living room was empty but someone was in the bathroom. I took a deep breath, walked back out to the living room, and flopped back down on the couch. I made sure to position my legs to make my ass look as good as possible. Which wasn't hard. I was thin with average breasts, but my butt was incredible. I could hear Rich's heavy footsteps in the doorway. My heart was beating out of my chest. Here was the moment of truth. He walked into the living room, paused a moment, then took his seat on the couch.

"Decided to change too, huh?" He asked. I don't know what I was expecting. But his casualness was disheartening to say the least.

"Is that okay? I asked feeling self conscious suddenly. He turned his eyes onto me. I noticed them linger on my behind. I did a small victory dance in my head.

"It's your apartment" He replied. I lightly kicked him on the thigh. We both laughed. "I'm still hot. Aren't you?" I was feeling a bit brave.

"I don't know, am I?" I immediately regretted saying that. It was so corny. Richard rolled his eyes.

"I know you are, but what am I?" Touche, Richard. It was time for me to be brave again.

"You're ridiculously handsome and I'm quite attracted to you" I had said it. It was out there now and I felt so nervous I could be sick. Rich sat, mouth ajar, eyes as big as silver dollars. It felt like an eternity. I wished he would say something. "Rich.." I started. But I couldn't think of anything to say. Finally, he closed his mouth and lowered his eyes. I was fearing the worst. But then slowly, carefully, he weaved his hand into mine. 

"You are so beautiful" He said in an almost whisper. I smiled and squeezed his hand. He turned to look at me once more. His goofy, crooked smile spread wide across his lips. "Alice, earlier I said I was just okay. Do you know why?" I shook my head. What did this have to do with our mutual attraction? Though I was glad to learn what was bothering him. "Well, we haven't seen each other in months. I missed the hell out of you. And I was so excited to come over here tonight. But I was bummed out" He paused, taking in a deep breath. "Alice, I love you. I love you so much. And I knew that tonight would be another night of lying to you. Of hiding it. I don't know if you feel the same way. If you don't that's fine. Being attracted to me could mean some different things. But I just can't hold it in anymore. I love you, Alice Young. I lo-" I cut him off with a kiss. It was gentle and intoxicating. My whole body was lit on fire. I never knew lips could be that soft. Rich wrapped his arms around my tiny waist and held me closer to him. Finally, we broke apart for air.

"I love you too, Richard Weiss" We kissed, and giggled and repeated "I love you" over and over. So much so the words hung thick in the air. It was as if it was all we could say. After twenty minutes like that, I was ready to take our new romance to the next level. "Let's go to bed" I whispered. We stumbled down the hall, nothing but a mash of limbs and lips. The repression of thirteen years of desire finally coming to a head. We clumsily made our way to my bed, Rich losing his pants and me losing my top on the way.

"Do you want to do this?" Rich asked. He was running his fingers through my hair. I was smiling from ear to ear. 

"I have for a long time. Do you want this?" He smiled and replied only by kissing me. 

"Alice?" The way he said my name sent shivers down my spine. 


"We aren't just doing this because we're drunk are we?" He made a good point. I leaned in to kiss him again. 

"I'm definitely drunk, Rich. But I know what I'm doing" I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his boxer briefs and slid them down. His rather large and very erect cock pulsed with desire. I gingerly wrapped my fingers around it and began rubbing. A low groan rumbled from his throat. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft, earning another moan from him. I went on like this for a while. Stroking and licking and teasing Rich relentlessly. Every sound he made encouraged me to keep my tease going as long as possible. 

"Please..." He breathed. "Please suck it" He was starting to beg. I ran my tongue all along his cock, never actually sucking. I was going to make this worth his while. My hand kept jerking him firmly. I felt him begin to buck into my hand. His tortured moans made every inch of me burn for more. I wanted to feel his cock slide into me. I wanted to feel him cum. "Please, baby" He moaned. "Please, I want to feel your mouth so bad" I couldn't torture him anymore. I kissed the tip of his cock, and then took the full length in my mouth. His breathing became ragged. His fingers weaved through my hair, gripping tightly. "Oh.. Alice.."

I began sucking faster. I kept my tongue pressed tight against the underside of his shaft. I looked up at him with large, brown eyes. His eyebrows were furrowed. His eyes were clamped shut and his mouth hung slightly open, sharp breaths escaping each second. I couldn't believe that I had my best friend's penis in my mouth at that moment. But I loved it. I loved him and I loved that I was making him feel amazing. I sucked faster making him grip my hair harder.

"Alice, I'm close" I removed my lips from his shaft and instead gripped it again. I could see pure ecstasy on his face. I continued the hand job with skilled fingers, feeling his penis pulse faster. I leaned down to give the head of his cock a kiss. The brush of my lips was enough to send him over the edge. White, hot cum exploded from his cock. He let out a loud, low groan. His cum covered my entire hand. 

"Was that good?" I asked, wiping the cum off with an old towel. He sat gasping and panting.

"That was... Wow" I grinned with pride. Now it was my turn. I slipped out of my tiny black shorts. Then my shirt. Rich's eyes widened with lust. "I've been waiting to do this for thirteen years" He breathed.

"You don't have to wait anymore" I climbed onto my bed and lay on my back. Rich climbed on top of me. With a shaky hand, he began to fondle my breasts. He bent down to bite my neck, causing me to gasp. He must have payed close attention to the stories I used to tell him. He traced kisses down my neck, to my chest, and at the cup of my bra. 

"Get naked for me" He commanded. I obeyed immediately removing my bra. He slipped my panties down over my feet, throwing them to the floor. 

"Make love to me, Richard" I moaned. 

"I will" He breathed out.

I lay completely naked in front of him. Warm, tan skin. Soft brown nipples and a very eager pussy. His eyes roamed every inch, drinking me in. Burning my nakedness into his mind. With shaking fingers he traced small circles around my nipples. I took a sharp breath inward. He let his tongue trace the other one. Slowly and gently. My eyes rolled back from the pleasure of both sensitive nubs being paid special attention. His teeth grazed the tip causing me to let out a quiet moan. He rolled my other nipple between his fingers, pinching and pulling in just the right ways. He was better at this than I thought. 
"Oh, Rich" I moaned as his assault on my nipples continued. His free hand traced down my body and came to rest on my very wet sex. 

"I'm going to make you feel so good, baby" He said as he began stroking my clitorus. My back arched. His finger continued to rub soft small circles around my clit. My head rolled back and my hand gripped the sheets. I had never felt such ecstasy before. But then he stopped. He traced kisses down my chest to my stomach, pausing in between my legs. I felt his tongue slide along my pussy lips. I gasped and moaned and wanted to beg for him to just eat me out already. Slowly, his tongue began to swirl around my sensitive, swollen bud. 

"Oh my god.." I moaned. "Oh Rich, that feels so good" His skilled mouth knew exactly where to lick, nibble, and suck and was bringing me closer to the edge of orgasm. "Rich I'm gonna cum" I panted. He quickened his pace, bringing me closer and closer. I felt my pleasure intensify. I bucked my hips and arched my back. I moaned louder and louder until finally I came with a loud scream. "Oooooh Rich!" I shouted. "Oh Rich I'm cumming! I'm cumming I-I" I let out one last silent scream. My hips lowered and he removed his face from my sex. My juices dripped from his chin. His eyes burned bright with ecstasy and wonder. He looked at my panting and convulsing form with hunger. Finally I was able to catch my breath. He climbed on top of me and kissed me. I could taste my orgasm on his lips. We broke apart and he rolled over onto his side next to me and hugged me close. 

"You taste so amazing" He whispered into my ear.

"That felt so good" I said breathlessly. The feel of his skin against mine made me crave more and more of him. "I want you, baby" 

"Than have me you shall" I rolled onto my back and he climbed on top of me. I spread my legs for him and grabbed his erection. "Are you ready?" He asked. I answered by guiding him into me. We both gasped as we felt our sexes collide. He fit perfectly inside of me. Long and rock hard and hitting my g-spot almost instantly. He began pumping his hips slowly, then faster. "Oh, Alice" He breathed. "Oh fuck.. You're perfect" I scratched my nails down his back and rocked my hips matching his movement. We both moaned softly, exploring our bodies with hands and eyes. I was right in assuming that his eyes were brighter. As he made love to me he kept his eyes fixed onto mine. I could see every ounce of love he had for me in them. He pumped harder and harder making both of us moan louder. 

"Oh, Richard.. Oh yes. Yes" He lifted my legs to rest on his shoulders and started going faster, hitting me deeper causing me to yelp and groan louder. 

"Oh my god" He moaned. "You feel so good" He fucked me harder and harder, going deeper and deeper. I was screaming. My body burned with pleasure. I could feel another orgasm coming on. 

"Rich! I'm gonna cum again!" He smirked and tried going even faster. Our breathing was rugged and moans ripped through both of us. I couldn't hold it in any longer. With another loud, long moan I had my second orgasm of the night. My nails dug into his back and my toes curled. He looked down at me with an expression of pure bliss on his face. He slid out of me, set my legs down and kissed me again. 

"You look amazing when you cum" I could hear the joy in his voice. I couldn't tear my eyes away from his face. There was so much love and happiness and lust. He had never looked more beautiful to me. I sat up and kissed him, pushing him down onto his back. I straddled his waist. I guided his cock into me and I began riding him. His eyes rolled back in his head and then were shut tight. He gripped my hips firmly, bucking into me. Matching my movements like I had done with him. 

"I'm gonna make you cum baby" I whispered. His hands traveled upwards to fondle my breasts. 

"I'm so close to cumming, Alice" He moaned. I went faster, watching his face as I did. It was lax, all concentration only on how good my pussy felt wrapped around his cock. He bit his lip and moaned long and slow. "Mmm.. Fuck that feels so good" His sounds encouraged me to go faster, sliding my pussy against every inch of him. He scratched his nails down my breasts and returned his hands to my hips gripping tighter. He bucked his even faster, sending me into another wave of orgasm. I rode him as fast as I could, determined to make him cum at the same time as me. 

"Cum for me, baby" I begged. I wanted so badly to feel his cum. I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel. "Come on baby. Please cum for me"

"I am baby" He gasped. "God I'm so close.." I rode him so fast I was making the bed squeak. With every thrust came a moan, a grunt, and a very soft "I love you". 
I bent down to kiss him and I felt it. The love for him added to the intensity of my orgasm, but I had to wait. I had to hold it in. But I could tell him.

"I love you too Rich" He wrapped his arms around me and rolled us around so that I was on my back again. He thrusted harder and harder, his teeth gritted and sweat drippibg down his forehead. 

"Alice.." He moaned. "Oh my god, Alice" I readied myself. "Alice. Alice. Oh fuck! I'm-I'm gonna.. Uuuughh..." He pressed hard into me, shaking as he came. I let myself go, my back arching from the intensity. My own breathless screams escaping my throat, tearing through me. I felt myself squirt onto him. Soon we both let our bodies relax. Rich pulled out of me and rolled onto his back. I rolled into him, resting my head on his heaving chest. We layed silent for a while. The only sounds made were pants and incredulous giggles, both of us amazed by what just happened. Finally, he spoke.

"I waited for this moment my whole life" He sighed. "I love you so much.." 

"I love you too" I purred. I smiled so content with how the night went. A sexual conquest turned into a budding romance. A new love that, yes scared me, but he was someone I trusted. A best friend, a confident, and now my lover. And even if we didn't make it for some reason I knew we would always be close. We shared many bonds. We would forever be Alice and Richard.

Submitted: April 07, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Jasmine Flowers. All rights reserved.

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Alyson Williams

This is a sweet erotic story. I love how you developed it slowly; giving us some background to their relationship when they were young. Nice!

Tue, April 7th, 2015 1:53pm

Jasmine Flowers

Thank you all for your feedback!

Wed, April 8th, 2015 12:41am


I usually agree with Aly and she's right again. Just a wonderful story and then sinfully good descriptions of their love making; because that is how you wrote it. So much emotion and passion. Just an excellent story all the way around.

Wed, April 8th, 2015 3:01am


Thank you so much!

Tue, April 7th, 2015 9:54pm

Krystal Clear

Really good story. I enjoyed it completely. I only wish you'd used a different font to make it easier to read.


Sun, April 12th, 2015 7:44pm

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