Jealousy-Chapter 8

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A Junjou Romantica Fanfic. Contains boyxboy sex. Shinobu gets mad at Miyagi and his come ons to Hiroki. Pissed, he has a one night fling with a random stranger. Miyagi feels bad and wants to apoligise, but when he learns about the fling what will he do? Will jealousy tear them apart?

I almost skipped down the hall. Students watched me confused, but I took no notice. Nothing could spoil my good mood today. Humming I opened my office door. Kamijou was grading a large stack of papers as usual.

"My sweet honey!" I called embracing him from behind playfully.

"Bastard, get off of me!" He began groping for a book and I hastily backed off. "Now, get to work you slacker."

"I wasn't a slacker last night. In bed I-"

"Shut it! As if I want to know that" I could see a small blush spreading over his cheeks. He was cute, but not as cute as Shinobu-chan.

"It's not like you didn't do the same thing last night"

"O-o-of course I didn't! Why would you think that?" He turned away so that I couldn't see that he was lying but I already knew he was.

"Well I lost my faith in you after that library incident. If you did it in the library why wouldn't you have done it last night in your own bed?" I knew I was being a jerk for constantly blackmailing him about that, but it was just too much fun to mess with him.

"I told you to forget about that you jack ass." A book cascaded with my head. Yep, definitely not as cute as Shinobu.

Kamijou had gone to lecture a class. Bored I turned to the heap of papers. Should I grade some? Naw. I turned my laptop on instead. Wow, 8,000 messages. I should check my e-mail more often.

The first page was all from Shinobu except one from an unknown sender. I opened a few.

I miss you

I'm so sorry

Please forgive me

I'm bringing you lunch today. No cabbage Thanks for last night. It made me really happy

I love you

Be mine forever

Get home early old man

Can we try something new tonight? I was thinking we could…

I vowed to check my mail more. Curious I clicked the mystery message.

I thought you should hear this

It contained an audio file. I wondered what it could possibly be and who could have sent it. I had a bad feeling deep in my stomach, almost like a gnawing, but I had to hear it. I hesitantly clicked on the link and waited for it to load. It began quite, just a few shuffling noises. Then I could distinctly hear a bed creaking. Strangled moans erupted. It couldn't be who I thought it was could it? In shock I listened intently.

Oh,oh. Yes, there. Please more…ugh… Faster…harder.

I felt that I might be sick. Had Shinobu lied to me? He had seemed so sincere. He was good at everything he did. Why had it never occurred to me that he might be a good actor as well?

I'm gonna…A shuddering sigh. It felt like a part of my heart had just been ripped out of me. I new message from the same sender appeared.

I'm sorry that you had to find out like this.

I thought that the sound file had finished but then I heard him say, I love you.

Submitted: June 04, 2011

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