Alien Abduction

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

For Adults Only.

The Alien Abduction

by Jared Axel

Between finals and your straight laced co-workers badgering and a NSF in the mail pile, a little stress relief is in order and you need to get some.  Briefly you consider the ex boyfriend but really he is barely good for a hookup and the ex girlfriend well, she is just too much drama.  On the spur you are out the door to the nearest club steeling for another dreary night with the inebriated and the self absorbed.  On cue you spot one of the self absorbed Mr. Joe Sixpack entering the corner pub.  A quick left, detour to a bar and grill a couple blocks up.  Passing a row house breezeway, you kick something that jingles its way down the three step into the shadows into a corner where it sparkles.  What is that?  Curiosity seizes your inner kitty and you pursue the object, kneeling to retrieve the curio.  Grasping your prize a faint blue light appears to emanate from it, quickly filling your vision the world rapidly fades out into deeper darker hues into an impossibly dark ultra-violet. 

Panic bursts as you leap back with a gasp but as suddenly as the world brightens from the impossibly dark ultra violet into brighter then fainter blue, calm stifles the flame.  "Yes, this one will do nicely," I comment to the nurse, having suppressed the specimens survival instincts and retrieved the lure.  You find yourself in a cubicle facing a short hall exiting into a chamber.  Numbly you walk into the hall curiosity seeming to be your only all consuming motive, no other emotion or thought occurring.  You enter the circular chamber in this neural trance, the only apparent furniture a oddly shaped doctors table sectionalized into nine partitions. Escorting you are two gold skinned aliens. Both in some sort of surgical shift one an apparent male (looks like a tall skinny me) and the other an apparent female also tall and skinny with short platinum orange hair in a birds crest.

I gesture to the table with a long thin but perfectly humanoid gold tone hand. Obediently you approach the strange table and lay on it. There are no restraints but you lay there placidly. The nurse and I. Stand to either side of you as you notice the table lifting you to a higher more convenient position for us. I produce a crystalline tablet working it with alien deftness. The nurse produces a small handheld device the size of a pen. Her slender hands come near you neck, somewhere you have a twinge of anxiety but it fades as her hands draw down your chest and torso. With a slight coolness comes the awareness that she is cutting open your clothes. The twinge of nervousness suddenly returns.

The female nurse says something to me, I look at you curiously then do something with the tablet. The walls of the room dissolve into a lush red landscape... Amazing... some kind of subterranean forested canyon with red cliffs rising to the ceiling... a reddish hazed translucent dome. Strange tree's and shrubs with un-earthly flowers far and near. A gargantuan waterfall in the distance with flying creatures. Somehow you know this has to be Mars but it cant be! Mars is a lifeless airless waterless world... you have no explanation.

Relaxed and lost in your reverie the nurse has cut open all your clothes. You only notice when she starts maneuvering the clothes from your exposed body. She starts at your shoulders and neck and you notice that the section of the table below your neck moves out of the way, then back up supporting your neck as the upper back panel moves and the nurse merely needs to slip the cut cloth away from beneath you. Then the center and lower back down your body until you are completely exposed to these alien but attractive beings.

The air is slightly chill on your skin, you get goose bumps and the nipples of your breasts perk up. The nurse and I are now doing a thorough visual examination of you,apparently making measurements and uttering comments in our alien language. In your numbed mental state you know that you aught to be embarrassed by your nude exposure and nervous about our intent but somehow you cannot shake the mental fog.

The female nurse then begins a physical examination starting with your scalp and head. Her hands are strong for being so slender. She turns your head toward her and you note how well formed she is, toned muscles, very graceful movement, everything about her is of extended length but very feminine. She turns away for a moment and note that the shift she wears is tied in the back and only encloses her buttocks, the muscles of her back ripple but most interesting of all, her hairline! From the base of the back of her head the platinum orange hair flows down in a narrow stream down her spine!

She turns back, slender digits touching your face and cheeks apparently looking for scars and muscular development, down your neck and shoulders... you are suddenly aware of how soft her touch is. Her fingers and hands, the feel is almost indescribably soft, gentle but strong like a the flowing touch of a silken velvet. This doesn't concern you while she examines your arms and hands but now her hands move over your clavicle, upper chest and ribs, flowing over your skin on your breastbone between your cleavage and the swell of your breasts. You can feel yourself turn on at her incredibly sensual touch, your breath picks up noticeably, nipple becoming meaty and taut. You breasts rising with your breath.

An alien comment from me to the nurse, she response is an oddly seductive coo, was that a smirk you saw on my lips? Her fingers and hands caress and massage your breasts culminating in gentle but firm examination of your nipples. Now you feel the warmth spreading inside you, that certain hunger grows between your legs.

Her incredibly sensual fingers and hands explore your body down your belly, waist and lower back, she curiously examines your belly button. Her hands continue lower on your abdomen and hips to your pubic area and mons. The tables lower sections split apart, the center of the sections curving up such that your legs part open into a Y and she moves in between. You realize how wet you have gotten with the cool air on your labia and mons, and the fragrance of your dew a telltale of your mounting craving.  She certainly has not missed this... your mons parted open labial petals blooming open, she seems to become more thorough.

OMG her fingers so gentle on your tender skin, so silky soft parting your sensitive flesh they seem to dance and caress and then she finds your clit!... As if her fingers were made to love you, you cant help but melt at her tender touch. Involuntary gasp surges from your abdomen... oh god you are so embarrassed, you are going to orgasm in a medical examination... but you feel it building so swiftly, you cant restrain it... your vulva sags open invitingly begging to be penetrated and her fingers enter inside, one, two or three you don't know but OH God your mind screams, her fingers so agile inside finding your g-spot... your hips shudder, abdomen convulsing, a sudden surge of shame as your feel your hips wiggle to fuck her fingers... OMG.. you cum trembling....

All the while... we are perfectly clinical. She notes the amount of, density of and viscosity of your fluids. I dutifully entering data into the crystalline tablet. She continues her examination of your anus minutely entering you there... amidst your orgasm which increases the intensity... you mentally feel like such a slut.. but the throe's of your cum wash away regret. Her hands continue over your thighs buttock, knees calves and feet.

Finished with the physical examination. The nurse in engage in alien conversation... her voice notably softer and pleasant in your ears, you don't know why but you like it and want her! You see me fiddling with the tablet and hand it to the nurse who takes it and makes cryptic entries. From somewhere in the ceiling descend slender tendrils holding a platter full of some kind of medical devices. You see me departing the room... actually its an cubical like an observation room you see me enter. The nurse is applying tiny wireless devices to your temples, beneath and behind your ears, on your neck... oh you guess they are electrodes.  Into your pits, three spots over your heart, inner elbows and wrists and pointer fingers. What the fuck... onto your nipples, abdomen, into the crease of your mons and thighs...oh... my.... just onto your clit.. god... inside you.... anus,  inner knees and Achilles heals and arches of your feel and between toes.

She raises a device... its a probe... OMG you know what this is for... Her head turns to the cubicle and she coo's something... and she inserts it into your pussy.  It is smooth and metallic, cool surface touching the opening of your vulva parting open your labia... she wets it in your juices and push's it inside... and... nothing? It seems to fit you perfectly, filling you just right... ah damn... please do something you are thinking... having it inside plays with your mind filling you with anticipation.

She reach's behind herself, and the shift falls. Her body is so... feminine! Her breasts small but firm with pert nipples, small areola a deeper reddish gold but slender nipples protuberantly long. Her belly abdomen and hips all enticingly elongated and a thin tuft of that incredible platinum and orange pubic hair! With a agile fluid bound she is over you. Her eyes some impossibly flawless deep Emerald looking into yours. Her lips suddenly on yours kissing, her lips so perfectly sexual you are swept in a wave of lust, her arms around your body traveling over you exciting you so sensually it almost seems she grew several more limbs to explore and caress you. Her breasts pressing into your own, nipples protuberant jutting into you with almost electric erotic nodes of pleasure. Her body entirely against you and she is so fucking soft! Every inch of her skin turning you on, she writhes against you so sensually you cant stand it. Her lithe fingers reaching down to your now soaked pussy.  On your clit they play and caress, ON comes the probe... Oh fuck! And your pussy is on fire with its vibrations coursing through you at some incredibly high frequency. You are completely at her mercy with your clit in her fingers, her lips to your... OMG.. you cant stand it... your ass clenching as you feel the cum, anus twitching your pearly clit triggering a sweet convulsive orgasm...

The alien she-nurse almost slithers down your body, her skin so exotically silky against your own her movements sending shivers of pleasure through you. Her fingers almost ravishing your skin as they explore and caress. Reaching your pert breasts she looks up and pierces you with those emerald eyes and a long red tongue snakes out wrapping itself around you left nipple... you gasp seeing how incredibly long and agile it is, pinching and kneading your hardened nip like an anaconda tightening its grip, it is almost prehensile in how she is manipulating you making you so hot for more!

Her tongue tightens on your nip and incredibly tugs and pulls teasing you, you feel your pussy dripping now with juice trickling down past your anus. Her body slinking against you, you pulse with erotic heat.. god how long is her tongue... her face at your belly button but still with a tight grip on your nipple. Suddenly your nipple snaps free from her tongue which now slithers and snakes over your belly down your abdomen... The anticipation nearly trips you into cumming again. The nurse draws the probe from your soaked pussy making a wet sucking sound her enticing hands now to the sides of your mons and she parts you open like a flower to be harvested.

Her flickering tongue teasing your pulsating clit, its excruciating pleasure rippling though your body. Her eyes staring into your own, baring your soul naked as her tongue penetrates you wetly. OMG, you feel it twisting and turning inside against your g-spot... Your hands fly to her head grasping her silky platinum orange hair tightly, pulling her face to your pussy, your hips fucking her incredible alien tongue as it rolls, twists and fondles your innards. You didn't even know you could move... strange like any conscious effort to move is negated but reflexive movements are free. You wet her lips and lower face with copious nectar as she gives you a furious in-human, out of this world tongue fucking... "Oh my God" you shout jolting your orgasm against her mouth, pussy convulsing around that beautiful alien tongue!

The incredible orgasm shudders and twists through your body nearly bouncing you from the table. Somehow the table sectionals compensate and stabilize you. You watch as you feel her tongue withdrawing from you, and indescribable mass of tongue thick like braided rope exiting your body dripping with your gooey cum, her lower face a sheen of your dew,. She reverses direction closer up your abdomen swaying her prehensile tongue rope over your skin painting you in your own juice.

As she closes on your breasts again you notice me approaching nude with my alien cock out, erect and hungry for you. You think very loudly, Oh fucking about time... Strangely it is not elongated like the rest of our bodies but comparatively short as a normal human dick but thickly constructed for filling rather than deep penetration. The nurse having slathered your cum over your own breasts chest and neck now give you a sample of your self... and you devour her tongue ravenously, tasting and sucking away your sweet salty cum from her tongue and mouth.

You feel the table altering again, lowering the top half of your body while your lower half remains elevated. You suddenly realize why as the nurse straddles your face pressing her patch of Platinum-Orange pubic fur to your mouth... Is that honey??? The aroma of her pussy is captivating and seductive and you go to work on her with abandon. Her pussy very similar to normal human except that it too moves as if alive. Her labial petals a deep golden hue, open wide without assistance, a very protuberant clit swinging pendulum like pearl, with hypnotic effect... Her vulva even darker redder hue of gold.. gaping with lust and her fragrance... seizing you and filling you with hunger.  Her deep Emerald eyes gazing down along her lithe body between her breasts and into your eyes... she recognizes your hunger and you hers.

And now as you are about to feast on her gynecologic dessert, the head of my cock presses to your starved gaping pussy, you feel the hot mushroomed head parting you open, spreading your flesh and pressing in filling your cunt, your legs reflexively wrap about my hind quarters and pull me in.. eliciting a surprised alien burble from my lips. Your legs tighten and push the fat dick into you, your pussy finally satisfied to be filled with hot thick meat. I begin fucking you with abandon, you pussy so hot and tight around my cock. Cunt so hungry that your juice flows down my balls as I stroke my thick meat into your at an upward angle pushing the head of my dick against your g-spot. My balls absorb the fluids of your steamy pussy causing my meat to pulse thicker and harder, I am captivated by some aphrodisiac hormonal reaction of indescribable lust, alien to my race.

You suck in that beautiful golden pearl and taste her nectar.. oh.. my.. it does have a honey flavor.. not overwhelming but a gentle seductive sweetness as you suckle her clit which elongates and rolls pearl like over your tongue. Her pussy lips pressing to your own lips somehow forming a seal, themselves excreting honey dew. You cant get enough of her nectar and suck and swallow the sweet elixir. Her again looking down into your eye with those deep emerald orbs, her lips coo'ing with pleasure. Her lithe fingers in your hair hypnotically caressing your scalp as her pussy lips manage to pull your face tighter to her dripping cunt.

With her sweet nectar dribbling down your throat, my fat dick is fucking you hard and fast. The erotic wet sounds of your pussy sucking sonorously on my thick meat drives your wild. My pelvis banging against your ass, cock pressing against your g-spot then boring deeper into you. I feel the alien tightness of your pussy around my manhood, your fluids on my rod tingling as my flesh soaks it in.. that strange drunken erotic pulse filling my meat as I stroke in hard and fast, feeling your pussy spasms and constrict around me your incredible alien cunt quickly drawing me into seeding you. You ravenously suck away at her nourishing honey pearl, her pussy lips quivering against your lips and lower face with excitement... her emerald eyes suddenly losing focus... Into your feral hungry pussy you feel a powerful jet of cum splashing against your cervix! You pussy in command of your lower body rams me home into you, taking my cum deep inside. A splash of honey fluid into your mouth as the she alien nurse gushes her orgasm into your mouth... you have to swallow it all, her pussy lips tightly sealed around your mouth, you will get every last drop! Our combined gushing, splashing, jetting orgasms finally hurl you over the abyss of your own climax, shaking you body and soul, filling your feral passion and sating your hunger.

Your body shivers and trembles through your climax... Her fingers gently caressing your hair and scalp as she quivers over your face, you nearly gagging on her copious sweet cum, can barely swallow it all down. The grip of her labial lips relaxes amid her down pubic fur and some of the hot sweet nectar dribbles from the corners of your lips down your cheek and neck... You feel my fat meat still slowly moving in and out of you, with sloppy loud wet sucking sounds coming from your twat, you can only imagine the soaking mess between your legs.

I utter something to the nurse, and she gets up from you still looking into your eyes with must be a glowing emerald lust. We are switching positions, the nurse getting between your splayed out legs and I approaching your face with a soaking wet semi rigid golden red cock, pelvis and trim pubic hair matted with our cum. With feral lust you grab my hips pulling me close with your short human forelimbs and engulf my meat with your mouth. "Well, she is eager!" I tell the nurse you hear be burble in that strange language. You swallow me whole and with great strength suck away the thick saltier sweet ejaculate from my dick. You love the flavor, it almost being of gelatinous consistency, satisfying to consume. I feel that strange alien fluid of your mouth soak into my flesh and like a drug, inflames my cock with a new rigidness and intense sensitivity, seemingly harder and thicker than normal. You hear me emit and alien groan and burble away to the nurse.... "We must get more of these humanoids, they are a perfect addition to our mating ceremonies."

The nurse is bent over between your legs slurping up the messy cum from your inner thighs, lower abdomen and ass cheeks but leaving your mons and pussy still soaked. Then she mounts you. Her burble and cooing response.. "yes doctor and she is quite adept with her own oral proboscis, though it seems not to be as agile as ours." one of those emerald eyes winking back at me. Her legs splayed apart scissor fashion such that she presses her pussy to your own, her labial lips finding your mons, and attaching themselves to your own labia... her prehensile clit extending and stroking onto your own inflamed pearl. OMG you cant believe how fucking horny you are as you undulate your own hips to the stroking of her clit... your pussy wetting with intense lust. Her meaty labial flesh absorbs your dew and similarly inflames her to near animal ferocity... A confused burblcoo escaping her "Oh... Doctor her genitalial fluids have the most intense.... effect!" I can only groan in response. She grips your knee and thigh and grinds her pussy to you, fucking you with a gentle violence as her clit swirls, probes and glides about your own clit driving you into a raging need to fuck her into oblivion.

You suck my thick meat with gusto, one arm about my alien ass, the free hand playing with my balls. You have complete control of me as you swallow my shaft, sucking hard and strong, firm tongue stroking me with abandon. It is all I can do to hold my self up and not collapse under your oral assault on my cock. You suck hard on the large mushroom head of my dick and stroke the shaft with your hand... I can only hold on, tremble and gasp. Stroking down my cock again with your mouth, your tongue firm against the meat, you feel it twitch against your pallet and know you have me. You pull me hard to your face, grounding the head of my cock into the back of your throat, playing delicately with my balls, you see my body spasm and quake. The nurse ferally fucking away at your pussy is out of control her emerald eyes wild and unfocused... And you feel my thick cock suddenly throb and pump hot thick cum gushing down your throat. both your arms wrapped about my pelvis swallowing me deep... fuck you are right on the edge as you feel my meat pulse against your tongue feeling me pump cum into you filling your belly... A fierce cooorrrryyy from the nurse intensely pussy fucking you, she quakes into her orgasm, OMG... you feel her hot cum jetting up inside your pussy! THAT DOES YOU! .... a delirious orgasm washes over and sweeps you away...

The female mounted between your legs is distracted and with a burst of speed and agility she is suddenly standing erect facing the chamber entrance.  The male is slower to move turning to see what the matter is then snaps to a rigid posture looking in the same direction.  Sated and languid you regard what has these aliens attention, interrupting the festivities.  Another female alien come to play?  She another tall, slim form approaching with an imperious stride and adorned with hair cresting from her scalp from hues of violet to a flame red peak, her clothes of uniform nature.  A rapid burbling, hooting and cooing conversation ensues as several other aliens fill in behind this sublimely attractive female with intense Amethyst eyes. 

"Governess!"  the nurse and I blurt out respectfully.  The governor eyes our dishevelment for an infinity of heartbeats.  "You are under arrest for  violating of the purity act by conspiring to interbreed with terrestrial sub species AND performing immoral acts with terrestrial sub species."  Off balance I blurt out, "Preposterous, our experiments are sanctioned, no has enforced the moral decree in ages and it is well known it is impossible to interbreed with those creatures!".   "Your experiments, were sanctioned, I am enforcing the decree's and we have audio evidence of your plans to include them in our mating rituals.  Take them away!" she commands the proctors.  As the senior grade proctor arrests the two and directs the other proctors to escort the prisoners, the governess approaches you on the examination table.  Her finger drifts up your thigh and whets it self in your pelvic mess, then to her lips to sample your creme de passion.  Her intense amethyst eyes regard your own in a gaze for a brief eternity.  In those impossibly deep amethyst hue's you sense ulterior motives.  Breaking contact the alien turns away, her deep violet to red mane disappearing down the back of her neck into collar of the uniform.  "Lieutenant". The senior proctor turns to the governess.  "See that this specimen is returned to the habitat with full precautions and under guard for interrogation.  I shall investigate this personally."  The imperious female alien quickly strides out of the chamber, leaving you with one uniformed alien who produces a device...

... Your world dissolves into a faint translucent light fading into the ultra violet darkness...

You are walking home with your long time friend who you met at the bar and grill and had some up close and personal catching up with in her flat just up the street between your apartment and the eatery.  In the afterglow of a successful and satisfying night you and her turn the corner at the pub when Joe Sixpack steps out of the establishment and leers at you.  "Hey honeys, I got what you're needing right here", he offers with his smug face and a lewd gesture at his inadequate groin.  Before you can respond, your girlfriend regards him... and Sixpack remembers something he forgot inside the pub... as you go home for a nightcap.

Submitted: August 21, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Jared Axel. All rights reserved.

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