The Spit Roast

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My mate and I ‘spit-roast’ my daughter’s bestie at a birthday gathering.

It was my Janey’s eighteenth birthday party. Well the family and close friend’s party, which was on the Sunday. She had had the actual birth date one as a nightclub party with all her girlfriends on the Friday night. Saturday to recover. No current boyfriend, which surprised me, though apparently according to my wife, she very tight with an unseen girlfriend, with the very feminine name, Missy, and apparently it wasn’t a call name shortened form of Melissa.

Mandy, my missus had decided on a catered spit roast with the full buffet of roasted meats; beef, pork and lamb on the spit. Plenty of the right condiments too; mint jelly, apple sauce and a ripper gravy. Potatoes in their jackets with lashing of sour cream and chives.  Plenty of salads, some healthy, others just frickin delicious and moreish like a cold pasta curry option. Mouth watering deserts, Pavlova, Black forest cake and a lemony-lime cheesecake, no choice really; you just had to have a bit of each. Oh there was a fruit platter for the bloody weight watchers. Got to love; disposal plates and cutlery. Of course I supplied copious alcoholic beverages as the host.

My best mate James and I were into our third stubby when Janey’s previously invisible bestie, Missy arrived late. It wouldn’t have mattered what time a girl like this made an entrance, she was stunningly hot. She had sass. She had feminine curves and she showed them in her short tight floral summer dress. Cleavage heaven with boobs, if not D cup, well it that close, it didn’t matter.

But then, Sweet Jesus,  the way Janey hugged her bestie and the way she snuggled, sidled and cheek smooched my daughter, I had the parent, Oh fuck no moment, was my daughter a lezzy and surely, her bestie; this walking gift to cock couldn’t be off limits to males. I decided for my own immediate gratification as I got a great view of her fetching arse, that she was bi, at least in my mind.

“Tom, Tom, get a grip” said James, “Yeah she is hot, but don’t let Mandy catch you perving so obviously.”

“Mmm, you’re right mate” I said taking a swig of beer and realising I was twenty-five years too late to pursue Missy’s body. But I kept watching her arse disappear. Her hand disarmingly low on my daughters back and slipping lower as they left the living room.

“Tom, god, you have got it bad” said James, “Come on lets go play a game of eight ball.”

Yeah, bugger reality, bugger mixed aged gatherings and bugger my mature looks and screw distinguished grey.

The rumpus room was empty as James set up the game.

I told him I needed a quick slash and went straight into the adjoining downstairs second bathroom, which had a toilet too. I mean the door wasn’t frickin locked, so when I got the delicious view of Missy wiping her swaying pink flaps of the last hanging dribbly drippy droplets of tinkle clinging to her crinkled slightly open fleshy slit, her panties around her ankles, her floral dress held up to her pad of girly puffiness, where her pubes would have been, had she had any, so beautifully smoothly shaved, and the last thing on my mind was relieving myself. I had another form of relief in mind. My hand was on my zip. Well not for sex; but hey; I had walked in on her; but she hadn’t secured the door.

Oh she wasn’t ashamed. Well truth was she had nothing to be ashamed of. I mean she had it all and the bitch knew it. And the look in her eye, as she met my eyes, well she knew what I wanted.


Luckily she wanted what I wanted. She was on her knees quicker than a novice in a nunnery and my zip was fully down and my pecker released. Propitious that she was so goddamn fast because my burgeoning prick would have been stretched something awful trapped in my pants. I mean for my age I got hard bloody fast.

She was slurping along my shaft, licking around my dick, coating it with salvia, making it lose years and appear teenage hard. I had a true boner. Then the stunning blonde took me ball deep, without batting her pretty blue eyes. It was a cock suck off extraordinaire. Of course I groaned. I bloody groaned repeatedly and loud, and the door was open.

James was no fool and understood exactly what he heard and was in the bathroom too.

I had that moment where I thought my sweet contact with her mouth and potentially the rest of her body was over. Shame at being caught out sucking off your girlfriends father; surely it had to hit her brain.

Well, there are impressionable young women older guys turn into sluts and there are thank god, just eighteen years olds who are natural sluts. They require no training, they just are. They embrace their sexuality in a no holds barred way. Thank you, god, thank you.

I was as surprised as James, that here was a young woman up for sex with more than one bloke at a time. And equally strange, the attraction that two mature guys had for this apprentice slutette.

She looked on her knees like she knew how to handle multiple cocks at the same time. Missy Bukake crossed my mind, but only while she was tugging my cock as she sucked off my best mates cock. And it got really lewd because I actually took pleasure in seeing my mates cock go ball deep in her stunning gob hole. And James glanced at my cock getting the right royal pecker treatment too.

I mean, when there is one girl and two guys, it’s obvious the girl is going to end up in the middle; neither of us was going to waste time here, while the other guy was touching her body. It was a free for all, her dress, her bra and panties eased off her, while our hands meandered and loitered with smutty intent where they aroused her most. Her big breasts fondled. Her moist slit fingered. Her tight little arsehole poked.

James buried his face in her tits and she moaned softly. I sank down on my knees and stuck my tongue in her arsehole and she moaned loudly. When James went down on her too, licking her pussy and clit, her body was writhing between the pair of us. I mean her arsehole was getting a quality rimming from me and my mate must have been working her slit and clitty hard. I could tell because he was slurping like a dog. Then my own tongue tip was pig trough nuzzling as deep as I could get into her pink indented starfish.

It was James the filthy bugger, well I suppose that’s the pot calling the kettle black, after I had gone two fingers in her butthole, but god knows how many fingers James had piled into her pussy, who excitedly suggested, we really share her. Talk about leaving the object we were sharing out of the brief exchange. We just assumed the lass had no limits now.

“Spit roast her Tom, come on” said James.

Well Missy needed cock in her that was a given, after the way we had both opened up her pussy and arse grubbily for some action.

I suppose it was just a question of who got what; we had both had a really good head job from her already. I realised I was the bigger bastard after all, as I let James manoeuvre himself behind her bent over body and drill into her pussy between her open legs. I was biding my time, enjoying another great suck off; I was having her arsehole for dessert, after James had pleasured himself in her pussy.

Our young ‘missy’ was a true whorette in the making as she rocked forward giving me great head, while James slammed into her pussy and quivering buttocks behind her. Wow, was my best mate groaning and sweating and pumping. I was just getting beautifully stiffer to stuff this sweet maidens arse. I got lashing of her gummy salvia, making my cock glide through her lips in a liquid frictional seamless state. Talk about making me moreish for her tight arse.

James was a cunning old codger like me, he took himself and her to the cusp of mutual orgasms, then asked me to swap with him. He was a true mate after all, but also a selfish prick who wanted to cum in her sweet mouth and over her pretty face. We all have our cum release preferences. Mine is usually Mandy’s arse.

There was Missy completely a female spit-roast, James cock jagged into her mouth intent on a big cum explosion. My pecker jacking into her arse, her need meeting my need. The fingers of one of her hands frigging her clitty with manic pace. I poked her arsehole repeatedly.  Stuffed it good. She was cock stabbed, she was anal shoved, prodded and buffeted, fully jarred and jolted with every ounce of cock power I had. I was sweat drenched but man was she tight. So tight around my dick.

My cock was fully swollen, my girth I saw stretching her puckered skin. I mean her arse was super filled with my cock. Then the depths of her butthole were filled with my creamy release. God it felt good; each pummelling, stroking, thrusting ball bursting jolt.  I was so wrapped up in my own pecker happiness I didn’t realise where James was at with his own release. I saw the evidence dribbling out of Missy’s mouth and clinging in pearl drops across her cheek. We had both sauced her well, inside and out. Missy drenched in cum condiment.

I realised the tart had peaked in her body too, as she was flushed and panting. Fuck the three of us were a mess and yeah the bathroom is a good place for unexpected sex, because spit roasting a chick is frickin messy all round. She was leaking everywhere. James and I had relaxing peckers but they were sticky tacky meat sticks. Boy gravy overload evident.

As we cleaned up with the door now surreptitiously locked, but still with the problem of three individuals exiting stealthily before we were missed or god forbid Janey came looking for her bestie; I had to ask Missy:  well because this lass held nothing back, was she bi and was my daughter a lezzy or bi? Very casually, as I finally relieved myself right next to her.

Missy laughed as she straightened her dress and started running her hands through her hair, “Oh she’s bi, Mr Collins, well and truly bi.”And as she planted a parting quick peck on James’ and then my cheek, she said over her shoulder from the door, “When I set it up, you’ll see how open and bi your daughter is, you think I’m a slut, just wait till you experience your own love child, she is wild, wild, wild.”

She blew us both a kiss. Well we were both left as gobsmacked middle aged dudes with the prospect of sharing my own daughter with my own mate.

Well both James and I were ear to ear grinning as we left the bathroom unconcerned, together. Life was good and possibly heading better.

Oh we got a reality check as Mandy gave us both one hell of a strange look as she came into the rumpus room to go to the toilet, as we left the bathroom beaming together.  I saw her head shake, she had had that: surely, no, my husband’s not gay moment.

James and I got on with our game of eight ball and excuse planning while Mandy did her tinkle release behind we assumed, a locked door.

“The extension” I said casually, “we were just looking at that spa extension you had been nagging me about over the past two years”, as she came out of the bathroom.

Mandy smiled in a content wifey manner and she looked very relieved in more than the obvious loo way. She stayed and was watching us muck about with a couple of casual games for the next half hour. That was till, Missy came sauntering into the rumpus room and brazenly invited all three of us immediately to a surprise in Janey’s room.

Oh hell, I realised, a good spit roast builds and builds. But James and I, we both liked the odds, three women; my wife, my daughter, her bestie, two good mates, it was our date with destiny as I hustled an unsuspecting Mandy upstairs.

Submitted: February 15, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Absolutely loved this ...hoping there may be a follow up ....would love to know what happened next

Tue, February 16th, 2021 11:35am

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