The Exchange Student

The Exchange Student The Exchange Student

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An exchange student and her hosts brother


An exchange student and her hosts brother


Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017



When Lucas’ sister, Tameka, was in her senior college year she convinced their parents to participate in hosting a short term language exchange student.  Tameka’s interest in Japanese had really blossomed like one of those cherry trees in full bloom.  The group of foreign students her college could potentially host was a mix of males and females.  Lucas was at University and had a current girlfriend and dismissed the whole process, believing his family would score a male to host, who would maybe be of interest to Tameka and of concern to their parents, raising the big question: why had they allowed their daughter to get involved in the process from the start.

Asahi was eighteen and from Kyoto. She was arriving just prior to the second semester in about a month’s time.  No photo. She was female. Lucas was slightly more interested now. He wasn’t expected something like those Anime schoolgirls with large blue eyes, fake harsh Asian blondes and short, so short school dresses, so stylised as to be fantasy unreal. There was something slightly disturbing about the gorgeous drawings though thought Lucas. Personally if anime came to life, thought Lucas, it would be Nami with her long wavy red hair and skimpy bikini was what he’d like to come through their front door.

A month is a long time and Lucas broke up badly after his long-time girlfriend cheated on him and then dumped him anyway. Asahi was arriving in two weeks.  Lucas was counting dry days. He had already gone a week without pussy action.  Asahi would have had to have been frigid for Lucas not to take an interest in her now.

Tameka and mum picked up Asahi from the airport. Lucas was casually hanging around in the longue with the Xbox engaged in the male need for speed: one of those Fast and Furious titles.  He heard them come in through the front door and hallway. He would check her out of the corner of his eye. The usual male once over, check her out, did she have any potential.  

His Dodge Charger flipped and smashed and the Xbox control went limp in his hand.  She could have been a glamour model. The exchange student exuded the look, the bitch. Asahi had it. Had it all. The sultry brown eyes and full lips. Awesome clear skin. Chiselled but soft features. Her long dark hair split in two ponytails behind her ears. Her fringe was sexually fatal. Then there was the soft pink beret resting on her hair. Black leather jacket, classic white t shirt and skin tight jeans. So much for looking out the corner of his eyes; Lucas was staring. That’s too polite He was male ogling. Actually he was close to salivating.

The exchange student would quickly sum him up as deviant, degenerated and perverted in another three seconds believed Lucas trying not to look. The boy though couldn’t stop looking.

Asahi had summed him up very quickly: typical young male.

The stunning Asian beauty just stood there courteously with her luggage. Lucas noticed her shoes were off. Japanese polite.  She was waiting to be introduced. Tameka got around to it in Japanese. The bitch, thought Lucas.

Asahi just smiled and politely extended her hand and repeated her name and neutrally got out the name Lucas as she did the well-bred, nice to meet you.  Then Tameka and Asahi were sniggering.

“Okay Tameka, what did you tell her? “ Lucas demanded as mum went into the kitchen to make lunch for them all.

“Only that you were a bent twisted kinky arsehole; that should keep her away from you. “

“Oh great, so I suppose her English isn’t good enough for me to save my reputation.”

Asahi in clear English joined in; “What reputation? You wanted to strip me as I came through the door.”

Fuck, a smart beautiful woman who knew they were beautiful and smart. Shit thought Lucas. Fuck them: that was the right word. Shit the damage of the initial bad impression. Lucas had his work cut out here. Tameka had sabotaged him. No he had stared too openly and for too long.

Tameka excused herself for the toilet.

“Do you have another set of controls? I’ll join your game” said Asahi.


“You should go down easy, seeing how you smashed up as I came in the room.”

“I’m all concentration” said Lucas, “let’s see what you can do. Ready?”

Lucas was determined to star on his home turf. At least win at something and put a girl back in her place; if he couldn’t have her.

The exchange student’s beret was off and her jacket. Her breasts were fulsome and round under her t-shirt and she knew it. She was focused on winning the race and engaged in distracting Lucas.  It only took a thigh to thigh rub for his first crash. She was now just behind him very quickly.  The brush of her arm on Lucas’ and he went spinning through an oil slick as her red Ferrari passed him. Then Lucas got really intense, zoned for revenge on the track, using every skill he had. He was tailing her tight and had a tricky corner where he always took out tough opposition and set up his usual win.  Her hand was suddenly on his arse and Lucas’ vehicle flipped and was twisted metal. Asahi was over the finish line before he could make up the gap.

“Not bad “she said.

“Hell you caned me” he replied.

“No your arse; stupid” and she didn’t say any more as Tameka was back in the room.

The rest of that first afternoon after lunch was frustrating for Lucas. Tameka and Asahi had girl on girl time, unpacking and just the closed guest room door was all that greeted his forlorn face.

Tameka had team basketball at five o’clock and invited Asahi. However, their guest indicated she would rather shower and rest before dinner. Mum took Tameka. Dad wasn’t home till later. So Lucas actually had a super spunky Asian chick in the house all alone. Still flirting with a guy you just met and really getting it on or hopefully really getting it off are totally different worlds with a girl. Lucas realistically expected fuck all.

Asahi though came out of the guestroom in a silky short bathrobe kimono. Wow, it was high on her thighs. They were thighs to die for. The lad gawked of course.  The V at the neck of the robe was deep, and combined with the crossover of the material accentuated her now bra free breasts. Just jiggling slightly, just bouncing softy, her boobs had the beautiful wiggle and waggle of femininity. The kimono was secured in a generous tied bow across her petite waist. His stupid vacant gawp just expanded as she passed him. So teasingly close but no touching. Closeness without touch though triggering the need to touch the untouchable.

He went into his own room, leaving the door open to savour her eventual return view.

“Lucas, Lucas, can you come here” came Asahi’s voice at the top of her vocal range from inside the bathroom about a minute later.  Quite intense too.

He hesitated on the hallway side of the door; “Asahi” he asked, “What’s the problem?”

“Lucas, there is a spider in the shower, come in, right now,” she had that near petrified high girly pitch.

Well an invitation into a bathroom with a girl already present. Of course Lucas went in.

It was hairy; that was the first thing he saw. Her dark gorgeous pubic mound. The primary task lost in primal urges and desires. Lucas then took in her prominent shapely breasts and her free flowing brunette hair. He was transfixed in looking. There was the hint of the crinkly flappy pink flesh between the heaped long straight pubic strands which splayed out to then direct male attention to focus on the cute bits. Lucas was mesmerized. Unexpected guy captivated sexual encounter trance state. Male nirvana bliss in the presence of feminine wonder.  Base cuntsruck actually.

“Lucas. Lucas, the spider “insisted Asahi, also suddenly realising her most important 24/7 accessory was on full display in her moment of fear and her host was doing the male thing: staring.

Lucas now took in the spindly long legged spider. Your average ‘daddy long legs’ to be precise.  One quick stomp finished the spider and a jet of water cleared the mess. What a fuss girls make about spiders. Still the commotion was well worth it for Lucas.

Asahi now had a towel wrapped around her body. Still Lucas already knew he would never look at her the same way again.  He had seen her full naked form and it was instantly memorable: remarkable, unforgettable and fetchingly impressive. What a hot charming body. Lucas was determined to see it again and seek even more of it. Touch and fuck it basically.

Lucas saw the towel hiding what he wanted. His mind’s eye was only seeing Asahi stunningly naked. He could only picture her wearing her skin.

“Alright Lucas” said Asahi, “You were going to get in later, maybe in a day or two. After I teased you to death but there is no one in the house apart from us. Alright, let me see what you have in your pants. Drop your pants and rub your cock, while I play with my pussy. No touching each other yet. Alright?”

A strange way to start, thought Lucas. Still he got to see Asahi naked again and touching herself and giving himself pleasure too, while he watched her build pleasure as well. Lucas gave up trying to define normal pleasure building in foreplay. Here were two people in the moment and what took their individual or combined mutual fancy. Desire compounds desire. Desire feeds desire. Desire removes all inhibitions.

Lucas was wanking in front of a phenomenal breathtaking horny girl who was touching her own fleshy pussy pleats, while looking him in the eye and taking in his growing throbbing cock. His want stick was becoming his need stick. This was an insane tease. He was cranking his pecker fast and his one eyed wonder weasel was close to popping. Lucas took in fully Asahi frigging herself really fast. The exchange student was racing to ecstasy intoxication. He was worried that she wasn’t going to leave him anything to do. Suddenly she stopped and moved in on Lucas.

“Sorry” she said quietly, “I hate guys who get into me when I am not wet, alright”

Lucas’ hand was guided onto her mound and his fingers steered themselves into her wet cleft. It was her own personal juicy hydroponic nutrient solution of pussy readiness, a gentle seeping flow like a natural drip line. The only thing missing was a throbbing cock. Lucas’ pecker intent on a straight forward seek and find pussy mission was however, detoured through Asahi’s hand. She was sculpting tension everywhere; gently around his cock head, strongly around his shaft and delicately around his ball bag.

A bit of side action courtesy of deep French kissing, breast fondling and arse grabbing and the premiere event was in full swing. It was basic standing sex. Lucas’ dry throbbing flesh stick meeting Asahi’s sticky warm moist flesh folds.  Lucas stuck his flesh rod into Asahi’s folding mould. The young woman’s body shaping her grip to the shape inserted and creating a personal cute pussy cast in an instant. Mutual pleasure linked in an instant.  Then reciprocated pleasure was flowing through multiple instances. Two bodies were pumping out pleasure. Then two bodies were very busy as productive pleasure factories constructing orgasms.

Lucas looked down and took in Asahi’s pussy; her enveloping furry femcoating of his pecker and Asahi too delighted in the hardness of Lucas’s cock really filling her. From two separate selves a matrix of sexual explosion was building. The tempo driving ever onwards to unsustainable pleasure spasms seeking dual release.

They both had the delicate shake and shiver of rippling flaring personal bliss. The anticipation of hot orgasms generated by youthful sexual heat. Lucas came in convulsions of male sperm happiness. His load shooting in jagged waves deep in her soft yet tight pussy. Asahi warm juices flowed just as quickly as she orgasmed immediately after Lucas. It was a girly thigh and knee trembler. Lucas had to hold her.  She gave the universal sigh of intense sexual satisfaction. Language no barrier here.

The exchange student had swapped bodily fluids. Lucas’s cock was covered in a mix of femcum and his own semen. Asahi going down on her knees and tenderly feasting on their combined emissions.  Finishing their lust session with cute cock kisses; just for Lucas.


Asahi was thrashing Luke, her Mustang way in front of his Corvette when mum and Tameka returned.

 “Lucas, I’m impressed you took the time to entertain Asahi” said his mother.

The lad, with that contended dreamy unoccupied male after sex smile; well he just smiled vacantly at his mum, who kept heading through the lounge room.

Tameka knowing the real Lucas and her own boyfriend’s smug vague empty headed self satisfied expression after a good root suspected a lot more interaction under the term ‘entertained’.

Asahi invited Tameka to take her on in a quick pro circuit race. Lucas she realised wasn’t much competition with his still preoccupied slow male brain processing what his cock just took for granted: hot lucky sex.

Lucas was initially amused as the girls bumped each other trying for a game advantage. Then he was quickly and randily aroused as Asahi engaged in light Sapphic nonsense. deliberately drifting in on Tameka’s body. The real shock came as Tameka strayed physically back into Asahi’s space. They were both focussed on the Xbox game with their eyes but their bodies were deviating deliberately and sensually into each other.

Lucas knew that more than culture and language were going to be exchanged over the next few weeks with Asahi, both with him and his sister.


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