The Bridesmaids

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After a looming, brooding bitch session and a hot cat-fight between two slatternly bridesmaids, they both take sexual advantage of the surprised but willing groom.

The Bridesmaids or All Women Are Bitches 


Ewan Griffith, the groom knew instantly there was going to be a problem as soon as his lovely finance, Krista Jones announced she was having two bridesmaids at their wedding.

It wasn’t the likely competition between the two tarty bitches as to whom would scrub up the best that made his betrothed look even more stunning than she already was. It wasn’t their general foul mouthed hard drinking ladette nature that could potentially rankle with his relatives at the reception, once the hard partying began.  No it was the fact Ewan had touched them both up at college rather unsuccessfully and unknown to Krista.

Unsuccessfully here defined as youthful failure to fuck them. He had felt them both up behind the gym, not together, not that lucky, but quickly after class on separate occasions.  It was what Ewan thought was a really good male; wet, deep, fuzzy pussy finger probe: which at the time ranked equal as his only below the navel experiences with girls. 

Both Geraldine and Krystal, at the time, preferred less fumbly, less nervous fingers and gravitated to more practiced, confident, hunkier pricks than Ewan. Self-assured cock suckers packing condoms. He was lucky he got what he got, mere male polyfilla between the senior rugby and the senior basketball teams. The snide bitches ignored him after the quick event and he was pretty much dismissed from their memory. A polite table tennis champ didn’t cut it with these chicks. He had youthfully thought all women are just cock teasing bitches.

Ewan wasn’t looking forward to their close company for the wedding. Fuck if they got too drunk and told Krista about the college touch ups; it would wreck the day, his honeymoon and maybe more.

Still his mates Gareth and Stephan were in attendance on the day to keep the spoilt bitches as tame as possible. Ewan was determined this would be Krista’s perfect day. He would do anything to make that happen.

The spiteful cows were in horrid form way too early at the church an hour before the wedding was underway. The two slandering heifers were nearly spitting in each other’s faces as they realised finally how frumpy they actually looked in their matching bridesmaid’s dresses. Too much material. Way too much satin. The truth universally known to all men is that woman look their best naked.

Geraldine’s blonde roots and visible neck tattoos were definitely not a dress matching highlight and neither were Krystal’s piercings, a tasteless gold nose ring and a silver lip stud.

Gareth and Stephan were dumbstruck at the foul mouthed carping, squawking tarts. They were really getting nasty, cutting and acidic with each other in the wedding party waiting room.  

Geraldine’s last barb, after the unoriginal; ‘Ms Piggy has a nose ring’, had more poisonous invective than a blowfish; “Well white is a waste on a slut.”

 “Well at least my face doesn’t look like a puffer fish even with professional make up”, Krystal snapped back venomously.

Both comments tipping the scales beyond feisty verbal.

Gareth and Stephan knew what was going to happen before it unfolded. They both knew they should have separated the bitches for Ewan’s and Krista’s sake but there is that awfully compelling suckered in moment when trollops start a catfight. Guys wince but they still watch; fascinated.

It was harsh and fast. There is no male sparring. There was instant mutual hair grabbing. Ouch. How fucking quickly could coiffured, tressed hair be mussed. How quickly could pretty satin fabric be crumpled, rumpled and even frickin torn and unravelled. It was lucky they didn’t get their manicured claws into each other’s faces. It only stopped as they toppled and fell together over the table with the flowers, including the corsages and the guy’s bouts, which were flattened under their rolling bodies. 

The slatterns were out of energy and finally realised they were both a terrible mess and Krista wouldn’t want either of them at the altar. So they did the selfish blubbering separately. Not in sympathy, just self centred ego convulsive sobbing. They were fembawling. Not a good look.

Gareth got out his emergency hipflask and put quality proof twenty year matured scotch to emergency use; pouring a stiff straight drink for each of the two floored hellcats.

Stephan went looking for the groom to sort the mess out. The bride would be coming down the aisle in thirty minutes.

The alcohol calmed the viragos down. Well the second quaff each that polished off the contents of the flask.

Gareth and Stephan decided to dash to a known florist around the corner to replace their lapel flowers. Ewan said he would help the girls get presentable for Krista’s arrival.

His mates would be back in ten to fifteen minutes they said.

The groom looked at the pair on the floor, separate; he had to bring them together for Krista’s sake.

Ewan sat on the floor between Geraldine and Krystal, a calming shoulder around each of them. He gave them both the gentle consoling tap, pat. How the fuck that led to Geraldine’s tongue in his mouth and Krystal’s hand inside his pants, fondling up his pecker into a hard stiff mass;  well human sexual opportunism, is just that- opportunism and the response.

The groom didn’t resist though, he was a willing prick and on his own wedding day, in the church.

Ewan’s cock was on autopilot. His manpiece was expecting pussy today; it was just getting it a tad early. His hand was inside Geraldine’s dress caressing her shapely full titties. Christ she has stiff long nipples. 

Krystal’s head was wrapped around his cock. She was suck happy. Hadn’t taken long to get her mind redirected: just one fat boner.

Ewan was lying back covered in copious dress fabric with hints of exposed plump girly flesh. Geraldine’s fulsome creampuffs were slapping leisurely across his face and her nipples were lingering for an intense male mouth suck. 

Krista was not in Ewan’s mind currently.

Krystal had her scrunched, crushed, rumpled dress hitched around her waist and her g string, well that was a surprise under a bridesmaids gown, pushed to the side of her fleshy camel toe,  her own creased folds of skin puckering out in their dewy  shaved pinkness. Then she was plunging her own exposed crimped pleats of skin around Ewan’s throbbing cock head. The immediate moments then subsumed in wet enveloping bliss. Her ability to manipulate her vaginal contractions was stunning. Man was she a seriously good fuck. She was a seriously loud fucking moaner too. She was also seriously going to cum at least twice within a few minutes.

Geraldine was face sitting and Ewan was slurping another shaved coochie. Boy did this sheila have a clit to play with. It was a bulbous bead and the lass loved it getting attention. She climaxed easily with her fully erect clitty.

Ewan completely forgot about his own impending wedding. The celebrant was getting organised, guests were arriving and being seated. Ewan was having it off with the two bridesmaids. No thought of saving a wad for the bride later.  His happy balls weren’t worried, they were sure they could refill for another pussy in the evening.

Finally there was something the two minxes’ were willing to share. Yes, male cum.  They were on their knees begging for the arrival of the steamy, squirting spray. Their impudent, shameless, brazen mouths were wide open.

Ewan had that moment of doubt. Not about marrying Krista. Hell no; she was a super hot fuck at any time and she would get it deep and indecent tonight.

The doubt was a renewed bunfight or worse if he splashed in only one of the two expectant mouths in front of him, right now.

It was which of these bitches to drench.

Then he knew it had to be both their unblushing faces at once. Like a goddamn fire fighter focussing the full force of a jet stream, he held his pecker and waved it across both their fiery waiting mouths at once. He quenched their need simultaneously. Fuck a guy can do no more for his bride on her wedding day but keep the peace between the bridesmaids.

Shit they had five minutes to get to the frickin alter. Couldn’t have Krista thinking she was jilted.

Geraldine and Krystal tidied up in a tarty way. Their faces were glowing though and everybody later said they looked so pleased for the bride with their beaming smiles. Nothing like a recent climax to keep lustrous cheeks radiant.

The ménage a trois were at the altar seconds before Krista was escorted down the aisle by her father.

Ewan only had a minute to think where the fuck were his best man and groomsman. He later found out the opportunistic pricks had double teamed the young chick running the florist shop. Gareth and Stephan fucked their way through their mates wedding; around the corner....

“ have and to hold...forsaking all others...”

‘Shit, Gareth had the fucking ring. This was a disaster. Krista would never forgive him’, thought Ewan.

The groom was close to hyper-fucking-ventilating. 

No worries.

Krystal’s gold nose ring was a perfect fit.

“Seriously Ewan... lighten up dude ....what are friends with benefits bridesmaids for?” whispered Geraldine passing over the makeshift ring.


Submitted: July 15, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Janus. All rights reserved.

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