The Balcony

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

James can’t resist Rachel’s inviting body on the balcony of their classy hotel

Rachel O’Connor was enjoying the view. It was timeless and serene. From their hotel balcony, she had the panorama of Budapest, the Danube, the streets below and a river barge. She felt like pinching herself. Here she was in one of the most beautiful cities anywhere; a classy hotel, a stately balcony, a cultural show and a formal tour dinner to fill the night. She was admiring the vista, waiting for James to finish his shower.

James was towelling off behind Rachel in the shadows of their tasteful room. He was enjoying the view too. Well, Rachel’s hot arse in a sweeping black number as she leant on the balcony balustrade. Man was her dress snug, the fit highlighting her butt cheeks and seamless fem-lines and fem-curves. It was the perfect accompaniment to her long brunette hair. She was good enough to eat. Bugger dinner, thought James, stopping drying himself. He felt like pinching her arse and getting that flimsy dress hitched up fast. He quickly wrapped the towel around his waist and sauntered out onto the balcony with intent.

Rachel felt groping hands on her arse cheeks before she was fully aware he was behind her. She gave a slight shudder of unexpected delight. She felt his shower wetness. James was intent on creating lover wetness. He knew that Rachel’s butt skin, when teased and shaped by his fingers, became capable of anything and everything. She was putty in his hands when he massaged her rump.

The view across the river and the city was lost by Rachel in inner happiness and consuming touch. The vista of life wasn’t right in front of her now. It was behind her, in James and in her as he pushed her skimpy black panties to one side. His fingers were working her slit lips from the back and sliding through her sudden generous wetness. The trigger of desire set off so fast in her. Rachel’s very recently shaved opening was velvety, mellow and lubricated speedily with a slippery filmy smear of readiness for cock.

The brunette turned and kissed James and felt surely for his tongue tip as her tongue reached out for his. Her hand, in the same instance, found James’s meat package, itself searching for more than the late rays of sunshine. Its head and girth pulled out through the gap from a wrapped hotel towel and now gripped in its favourite slender hand. Rachel was quickly squatting, working his pecker head into her willing, waiting mouth. No towel now.  Her hand was wrapped around his thick shaft, rotating her fingers to add to James’s growing enjoyment.

He looked down to the street. It was three storeys below. There were cars, a bus, commercial vans, several scooters, and people walking and seated at cafes. No one was looking up. Then he was watching his cock getting its special treatment, and boy, was Rachel busy below his waist.

After a really good suck-off, James had Rachel leaning over the balcony rail. Her sensual black number was now up around her waist. Her black underwear was crumpled on the tiled balcony floor, and her coochie was prominently openly positioned between her legs. James wasn’t taking in a whole city, a famous river and a thousand years of history in the background. The foreground dominated him, his view transfixed by Rachel’s well-known but always mesmerizing paired pieces of flesh that encapsulated his and her expressive desires. Her pink flaps were hanging open, bewitching him, casting their own spell over maleness, casting their engrossing ensnaring enthusiasm to provide pinnacles of pleasure. Her pussy lips were moist with passion and were demanding a personal audience with James’s cock. Nothing but his raw joint of stiff beef would fill her pressing need. Rachel’s opening could only be assuaged with her favourite candy cane. The stick she loved to suck. The stick she loved fucking her. It was her private stick of total enjoyment, James’s spurting hose. God, she loved the warm spasm of spilling spunk gooing straight into her mouth; yum, yum, straight into her ‘face pussy’.

James, below the balcony rail, was working her nubby little button that rewards female participation. Rachel’s head and free-flowing long tressy dark hair were now swaying around in ecstatic pleasure over the balcony ledge in free fall. If anyone had looked up from their business below, they would have known why her head was over the edge. It was frickin obvious as her clit did its business below, tapping into pleasure, trapping the filaments of pleasure and then taking pleasure into concentrated craving consummation. Mmm, did Rachel feel good.

Still, her coochie was designed for cock entrapment. She was positioned side-on by James. Her dark brown eyes were locking into his intense blue orbs. She was leaning on the balcony, holding the edge with one hand while her other hand was wrapped around James’s back. Loverboy grabbed one of Rachel’s legs, and it was balcony balustrade high. His woman was split. Anyone on an adjoining balcony would have had ringside seats to their antics of pleasure. James’s male harpoon stabbed deep into her, and she moaned with delight. She was appreciating each joyous, joyous thrust as two bodies worked together as one.

Rachel was leaning over the balcony’s marbled edge again. She was teetering forward and, for a moment taking in the street scene below. She saw the scurrying, seemingly random mishmash of movements that make up lives while James’s purpose was clear and defined like hers. Rachel’s apple butt was insisting on being spread from behind. Her slit was ready to be pierced while she bent over the ledge. This balcony was conveniently the right height for their mutual enjoyment.

Here above the world and apparently separate from it, two people were intent on pleasures purpose. James’s willing wand was directly in Rachel’s soft flesh slot. He impaled Rachel’s pussy with a sweep of gratification. He was securing his own cock in the cavity of happiness and the vault of deepest male longing.

Rachel responded with, “Oh...ah...yes...yes...ohh...ohh...oh my god...oh fuck...oh fuck...oh...ah...ah.”

The stunning brunette was working her pussy directly and her body in tandem back and forth off James’s hardened pole. Her mouth was open, not stifling pleasurable moans or strings of basic base verbal encouragement escaping her gob between quickened breathing. Her moans and words cascaded into the late afternoon air as delicious, decadent noises. Luckily, they were lost in the hum of traffic sounds as their bodies, too, were escaping from themselves and blending into one another.

“Yes...yes...oh...ah...ah”, as she wriggled her pussy and arse around his stiff drilling pecker.

Rachel didn’t care about anyone except their binding delight. She put one leg up on the balcony ledge. This location, this moment, this pleasure opportunity was a genuine one-off lifetime instance. She knew this, and she wanted James captured in it too. James was really excited. As he prodded repeatedly into his lady, he could see all of Rachel’s wet fempinkness. Her tender fissure of waiting delight wrapped around his cock, and he thrust into her with a full pumping force. Christ, was it intense. They were both lost in the absolute, unconditional, unrestrained, sensual dual release, as fully defining of being human as sex could get. They had the rapid intensity, the lingering devouring of another and the strange expansion of self. Yet, in the same instance, as they felt ego enriched, two bodies merged as one. Rachel and James completely combined in their wondrous shared act.

Sebastian Racz, who was on the deck of his river barge, scanning around with his power binoculars, was passing time when a shapely leg on a balcony made him sweep back from his casual scan. Fuck was some hot brunette chick having fun, he thought, and so did Racz, as he jerked himself off, enjoying the free amazing eye candy show.

Mr Jack Smythe, retired, travelling on the same tour as Rachel and James, with his wife Mavis, had come out onto the balcony on the copulating couples right; for his pre-dinner cigarette. The insignificant filtered stick was dropped hastily, and he was plying up his own difficult-to-arouse without Viagra trouser truncheon. Hell, he got an erection fast, like a youthful hard-on. Boy, he had a view, and man, were the O’Connor couple going for it. It was stunning to watch. However, Jack, with his cock rock hard, sticking out of his suit pants, went in search of Mavis.

A young woman, Eszter Balla, below and opposite the hotel, with her partner at a street café, looked up for no other reason than to take in the balmy late summer wispy high clouds. Her vision held up, though, as she saw a long female leg propped on a balcony. Then she took in the ecstatic face of a youngish woman. Then the full manly form partially behind the woman through a third-storey balustrade. Eszter then looked at her own man, Laszlo, across the small coffee table from her. Her hand was under the table, rubbing against his crotch. He was pleasantly male surprised but most taken by the glint in his girl’s eye. It was fully wanton. Where it had come from, he didn’t male care? Laszlo knew it required immediate sharing. He left a wad of money, including a generous tip, hastily dropped on the table, and they were in the nearest alleyway.  Raw passion released and uninhibited.

Chaos theory may have its butterfly effect but consensual hedonistic sex on a balcony, James’ spur-of-the-moment decision was now rippling through other lives. Everywhere around them was evidence of our core humanity's sweet, sweet variations. Rachel wasn’t thinking anything as she caught her guy’s chaotic core ball release. Her man’s splashing scattering spurt, shooting across the gap between his happy cock head and her waiting open mouth. James was just goddamn male happy. Here was his woman on her knees, taking, accepting all of him. What more could a guy ask for? He was soaring above the world.


Submitted: January 03, 2017

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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What a cause and effect the couple on the balcony had on the community down bellow. Just a whole bunch of horn dogs huh. Great story hun, I enjoyed it allot.

Tue, January 3rd, 2017 10:55pm


Too bad I missed that show!

Tue, February 28th, 2023 8:25pm

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