Test Drive

Test Drive Test Drive

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Local hot car salesman Nick is apparently a sure thing for any woman on heat: according to a friend of a friend. Fran minus her panties heads out for a test drive with Nicholas in an expensive convertible.


Local hot car salesman Nick is apparently a sure thing for any woman on heat: according to a friend of a friend. Fran minus her panties heads out for a test drive with Nicholas in an expensive convertible.


Submitted: April 05, 2017

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Submitted: April 05, 2017



“Well that’s your divorce settled” said Juliana.

“Mmm” responded Francine unhurriedly and then she took another slow sip of her coffee.

And Jules knew exactly what that Mmm meant. Yes Fran had disposed of a worthless prick in Murray but she was now unhappily cockless and was rather a pecker shy girl when it came to just hooking up with random guys. She would need help getting back into the stirrups, getting her legs spread wide and high and just enjoying being with a man. And Jules had a really smutty slutty idea for getting Franny focussed on her fanny again. God the girl was still under thirty and there was no sense wasting time with online dating jerks or sitting alone on a bar room stool being passed over for vacuous chicks under twenty. Jules from her pre-marital days knew it was always better to hit on a sure thing.

“Listen honey” said Juliana, “I heard the following from Petra who couldn’t recall the source, but it was a friend of a friend, quite reliable, who said; that smooth car salesman, Nick Holland, at TJ’s Motors is great for a casual fuck. He shags anything under forty and isn’t fussed if they are holding up well over that age.”

“Sounds like an urban legend to me sweetie” responded Francine; “You know the friend of a friend. “

“Well at least have a look at the guy “and Juliana using the Café’s Wi-Fi brought up the local award winning showrooms and the staff photos. There was a clean cut head shot of their star salesman, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Holland and she passed her mobile to Fran: with the comment: “Hot ...Hot...Honey.”

“Mmm” responded Fran but the tone now held interest mixed with unsureness. “Nice looking” she continued: He was about thirty, fair haired and blue eyed and a broad smile. You know the car salesperson one:  the: you can trust me one. “But how the hell do I meet him? Seriously sweetie.”

“Well that’s the easy part “ said Jules “ You just take an expensive car for a test drive through The Domain loop roads , stop somewhere private and screw the guy till his balls explode their load in you.”

“Nicely expressed Jules but I’m having trouble sweetie with visualising myself with my dress hitched up over my arse, even going pantiless and being humped in an open top sports car in broad daylight by a guy I may have met for twenty minutes prior to that. Maybe I should do a test run first and see if I like him.”

“Geez Honey, seize the day and all that stuff” added Jules pushing her friend; “Get a grip on some balls and just have some wild fun. No strings attached and you don’t even have to take him back to your place. Hell if his spunk splatters on the leather, you don’t even have to clean it up. It’s not your car.”

Well Jules prodded and badgered over coffee and Fran shocked herself by arranging a test drive for tomorrow. Right there and then on her mobile.

The showroom the next afternoon was classy. But Fran in a stunning designer dress was not out of place.

“Mmm” said Francine finally: “I prefer the red one.” It was a hot sporty number.

“Sure “said Nick eyeing off the stunning brunette in her slinky sexy short white dress as he escorted her to the demo test drive model.

She had smooth shaved legs. He was thinking here was a confident woman without pantyhose. But he maintained his professional manner. Only just; especially as she got in the driver’s seat of the demo Red BMW convertible and her dress slipped up her thighs. Nick had the perfect view holding the door open for her, as in her dress really slipped right up her thighs revealing her delicate soft inviting inner white thigh flesh. The sort of skin that when beheld just insists on a massaging sensual squeeze as you work your way to the pad of slitty flesh between a woman’s thighs. Nick went the obvious linked male thought: fresh shaved legs meaning smooth just shaved pussy; as in a fantasy; shaved for you this very morning.

Nick struggled but got his sales focus demeanour back as he buckled up next to her in the passenger seat and went through the technical features of the vehicle in female friendly language. He had a car to sell; focussing on style, leather, the gadgets and reliability.  Price, Price always came much later. But he felt this woman had money and style. He hoped so. He needed the bonus commission from a big sale. His girlfriend was hinting all the time recently for a huge expensive engagement ring.

Francine was full of guilty pleasure driving the sleek expensive ‘toy’ through a few city blocks and then opening up its power a bit on The Domain link road. It was warm and summery and she felt great. She was enjoying the rush and thrill of opulent extravagance as well as the open breeze. Shit though; she couldn’t even afford to flexi- rent this ‘baby’ unless she squeezed her ex’s balls in court; again.

She was feeling even guiltier as she started looping through The Domain Reserves patchwork of winding and intersecting roads leading usually upwards to the main lookout points. She was looking for a dead end lane to turn off on, for some privacy and yes she had decided to fuck Nick. It was going to happen.

“I’ll just see how it three point turns along here” said Fran casually and she was happy with the shaded empty direction of a side road leading to the old colonial gunpowder magazine which was only open on the last Sunday of every month.

She stopped the car which surprised Nick who was expecting a three point turn.

Suddenly this gorgeous sexy lady was scrambling over the gear stick and unbuckling his seat belt and undoing his tie and getting his cock out of his pants and giving it a few rapid tugs. Then guiding his fingers under her dress to her smooth panty free pussy.

Nick had no idea where this had come from but he was a guy and proffered pussy is accepted pussy. No time to waste finding out what was motivating the woman. Well her coochie was obviously chasing cock. Thankfully; she wasn’t a milf: was all he thought before getting lost in cock stiffness.

The car salesman didn’t get the chance to say or ask anything: as her tongue was getting very intimate with his tongue. She had her hands wrapped around his face and her legs bent with her body pressing into his. She was sucking his face off. Intense, passionate, raunchy tongue work. Nick felt a woman who kissed like this would give great head.

Francine flipped the passenger seat back. Nick was sloped at just the right angle for getting the best view of his cock being sucked off by a wanton over sexed woman. Wow was she going for it. He hadn’t had a girl take him ball deep so sweetly. She was a sucking machine. She was literally engulfing his cock. The salivary slurping teasing of his head was the apex of his immediate pleasure stream.

The brunette was surprised at how manic she was. God she had missed cock and she was making up for it very quickly as she spat on his shaft and let the spit slide down his prick to his balls; where she nibbled on each nut, drawing out the guy’s sack with her lips and sweeping her tongue in darting flicks over and over his balls. Then up and down his rigid pussy ready shaft.

The no panties decision was validated in an instance as she eased herself over his cock sticking out of his pants. Her dress sort of covering her arse but if anyone drove past ; hell it was obvious what the couple were doing.

Nick and Francine were doing what two excited bodies do when a rock hard cock gets pinioned by two pressing soft thighs and a warm delectable pliable pussy.  It was the heightened awareness of male hardness and female shaping. Her grinding down onto his balls was protracted and repeated. It was pure pussy power. You have either experienced it or you haven’t. Nick was getting it. It was like hitting the frickin turbo switch in a street racer. Shit this woman was hot. No she was sizzling.

Francine was in the fervid zone, committed to pounding out a post divorce orgasm. She was hornier than she actually realised. She was way sluttier than she had intended. She was frickin enjoying herself in a way she could hardly remember. But boy was she going to remember this.

No slow, tender or coy foreplay here. It was bawdy bouncing bodily need. And our brunette wasn’t considering decorum as Nick quickly found out because he wasn’t in control of the situation in any way.

Our brunette tramp was off her cock and squeezed around Nick to reveal her shapely buttocks and parted pink lips to him as she was leaning over the seat, towards the dash, and urging the guy to stick his cock back into her.

“Fuck me. Give me your cock now” issued as a command.

Nick was stabbing into her deeply and rapidly. He had a semblance of control now and boy was this woman moaning. She had the sweet repeated “Mmm’s’ of satisfaction coursing out between her open lips.

Man was she wet. God was he in deep. And her shaved perfection and the softness of her butt and thighs was driving him to piston fuck her. He was ready to fill the bitch with cum. That would appease the slut and give Nick a feeling he was on top of the situation.

That was until the skanky woman asked him to finger her butt while he was fucking her.

“Stick your fingers in my arse. Right up my butt crack now. NOW you prick” she insisted.

Well the car sales guy spat on his fingers and jammed two digits into her quickly gaped arse with no soft introduction. It was lewd; but the bitch was thigh shaking with the added pleasure.

The reverse positioning was awesome. It was exquisitely satisfying.  The car salesman was as good as the friend of a friend suggested.  Boy did her pussy feel good. Her arse just as pleased. She was orgasm ready.

But she needed more. Her body was craving more.

She sort of had to push Nick back to release her body and it wasn’t an easy decision. Her body was crying out for cock to be reinserted into her immediately. How dare her brain deny her body continuous ecstatic growing pleasure. But Francine had depths of delight planned for her test drive finale. Her body wouldn’t be denied. Her cunning brain was organising her body for slutty, dirty, grubby; mind blowing sex.

Poor confused ball bursting Nicholas was back under her but she had her feet up on the seat, such petite feet in soft stylish white slip on shoes. But his eyes were drawn to the gap between her legs spread over his tense cock.

Did Nick deserve her arse? Does any guy deserve a woman’s arse after just knowing each other for thirty minutes max? Hell Yes.  It’s there. Arseholes loves cock as much as a coochie and did Francine’s arse need a cock: of course it did and she made sure it got it.

Fran wriggled and jiggled downwards a bit in increments of growing filling pleasure. Nick prodded and jammed his pecker up in happy arsehole encirclement. What can be said: it was anal delight.  Fucking hard core filthy anal delight.  Fran’s gaped sensitive crack rammed by Nick’s fat rigid dick. Let’s not be coy about this.  It was frickin fun. It was frickin total satisfaction for two. It was addictive pleasure in its sweeping, sweeping sensual overload for the pair.

“Oh you bastard, keep pushing, keep jamming your fucking fat cock into me...Mmm...Mmm...Mmm...Orrrhh...Orh ...Orrrhh” from our brunette. Yes it was that good. It was trashy but she had never felt so happy to be an anal whore in her life.

Well Francine had enough willpower not to ruin her dress with cum stains seeping out of her arse, while still making sure she fully jigged herself through; fast clit finger fondling heaven before easing off Nick’s dick.

She took his cock in her mouth. Arching down over his body. Fran; took his load in her mouth. He came like a frickin exploding powder magazine. And like the good Catholic girl she had been brought up to be she swallowed the frickin lot in a couple of gulps and licked her lips in sweet satisfaction. Then looked up at Nick and said: “Mmm...That was nice” It was the least she could do: to leave the car clean.

Nicholas catching his thoughts for the first time in several minutes had to ask: “Why me and why here?”

“Oh...I thought” said the brunette straightening out her dress “Don’t you do this all the time with the ladies. The fake test drive and the sex on The Domain?”

“God No” said Nicholas and you could tell he was telling the truth, “I’m not complaining it was hot, you are one hot woman but I still don’t understand your sureness and intent.”

“Oh I was told by a friend of a friend that you did this all the time.”

Nick smiled and grinned; then said: “Look...um... could you tell your friend of a friend ...that I do; do this...all the time.”

He didn’t understand the brunette’s broad smile.

Francine was thinking: Maybe she was starting a true urban legend.

 “Sure” said Francine planting a kiss on his cheek as he zipped his cock away.

The drive back to the showroom was sedate and dignified.

Hell they both had no energy for additional sex and Nick was back in sales mode. He was working out the best deal to clinch a large commission. He could sell her this demo model. She certainly had memories to go with it.

At the same time; Fran was coochie happy and scheming. She knew already exactly how to get a zero interest loan to own this car; courtesy of her local bank manager. All it was going to take was no panties and seizing another pair of balls.



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