Straight In-Straight Out

Straight In-Straight Out Straight In-Straight Out

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Regular sex with my daughter-in-law while my son was away


Regular sex with my daughter-in-law while my son was away


Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



It’s all very well wanting to get ahead in life but sometimes you really need to just focus on your own cock head.

Well I was happy with the attention mine was getting from my new daughter-in-law. As for my son Shane; he really shouldn’t have chosen a job that kept him away from his own petite rampant pussy machine. God Tennille had a sweet coochie and well her arse was...but you can wait for that...

The big fast money however was to be made in mining and Shane went chasing it. Problem was the mines were all on the edge of the Western deserts; in the middle of the frickin dustiest and most heat sapping region of the globe. I know you’re probably going to dispute the claim to the frickin hottest most godforsaken location on the planet but the facts are: Marble Bar holds the world record for the most consecutive days of a temperature in the shade above 100 °F (37.8 °C)-one hundred and sixty days of fucking frying heat.

Talk about pure heat. Tennille had a hot pussy and I would have set a record for the most consecutive days of a father- in- law screwing his daughter- in- law if Shane hadn’t been on a fly in-fly out work schedule.  Eight days on-six days off.

I will tell you straight up there is nothing wrong with humping a pretty new bride for eight days straight, knowing her husband, your son isn’t going to be coming through the front door and into the bedroom when you are dogging his wife. Or shagging her on the stairs or taking her rump bent over the sofa or...

Tennille was actually very innocent when she first asked me around to fix the leaking laundry pipes. Well I told Shane not to buy a fix it up place unless he had the time to fix it up. Any way the dripping pipes gave me a chance to fill Tennille’s seeping wet slot.

The laundry would go close to being the most unsexist place in the house. You know dirty socks, wet towels and yesterday’s underwear: not an attractive sight.

Any way I was building up a sweat under the laundry cabinet, removing, resealing and then adjusting the pipes back in place. Tennille was passing me what I needed.  It was just very organized teamwork. I had no idea how frickin good she would be at body teamwork. In fact as pretty as she was; it hadn’t crossed my filthy mind to screw her, let alone mentally undress her.  I mean she was my boy’s girl.

Tennille had to have a look when the job was finished.  The twenty-three year old woman was on her hands and knees looking in the cavity at my excellent job. Her skin hugging blue jeans just defined her bum. Covered her bum but there was little to imagine...her curvy shape was heaven to my eyes. I was caught looking at the sublime job nature had done in crafting womanly arse.  Tennille I realised had a peachy stunning derriere. Buttocks demanding to be parted and dogged.

My daughter-in-law didn’t help the situation by backing out with a slight natural wriggle. I grabbed two soft handfuls of arse.  Well to have taken only one, when I knew a slap or worse was coming...

If I was going down for impropriety with my daughter-in-law: at least it would be memorable.

There are young married women who remain content whatever their sex life and there are young married women who need sex and crave sex.  Tennille was a married slut.

“Oh yeah...Mmm...You dirty old you’ve started, don’t you dare stop” moaned Tennille.

I couldn’t have stopped anyway. Man oh man was her arse good under my fingers. I’m talking her flesh here. God her jeans and panties were just yanked down indecorously by me. I was nuzzling straight into her arsehole with my tongue. I had no idea whether Tennille liked her butthole being licked but I definitely needed to do it.

Well you hit the mark sometimes straight off. My daughter- in- law just went into thigh quivering ecstasy. Yeah she liked her pink pucker getting attention. 

“Oh you filthy prick sleazy sod” she managed before she was reduced to; “Orrhh’s...OOhh’s” and near endless” Aaah’s.”

I mean you can get your tongue playing around a lasses crinkled puckered sensitive ring and she’s all bells and whistles but when you  spread a woman’s tight rear hole and poke your tongue in the gape: well their body and their mind are all yours; pliable, mouldable to your cock’s wishes.

God I was stiff. Her pussy slit was glistening wet. God her cunt pout was so smooth too. Shaved for whom? I suspected for her own private delight in the absence of Shane.

I ploughed my fingers into her squelchy moist furrow; really deep; really indecent.  I got the murmurs of delighted approval from my daughter-in-law. I could have finger fucked her all day she was that agreeably and pleasingly tight; yet warmly soggy.

However: I grabbed her cute brunette ponytail and yanked her head back as I sank my cock straight into her. I was leaning right over her. I was pounding her gorgeous private hole. In the immediate instance I had the uttermost respect for my son because he had chosen first class pussy here.

Tennille’s body was completely open and defined for sex. Her private pink lips wrapped around my hard thrusting pecker.  Her breasts were soft mounds of available enjoyment as I groped under her bra for a good handful.

Hell penetration had never felt so good.  We created our own urgent stunning cock and pussy definition. Immediate sexual delight. Immediate bodily response from two. Immediate absolute fucking mutual delight.

She was fingering her own clit. She was a married whore.

“My clit has a mind of its own” said Tennille.

“So does my cock” I added.

I did the leisurely series of cock movements:  straight in-straight out.  Oh those milliseconds of denial. They make you feel so frickin good as you plunge back in again. Deny yourself. Deny her. Then double self-indulgence. Double rekindled pleasure as your genitals renew their denied acquaintanceship and bury themselves in delicious intimacy.

“Oh give it to me...give it to me” Tennille was begging.

I gave it to her but I deprived her too till she could take no more. In for a plunge, then out for a smeared rod held moment...a bit like fly in, fly out but with benefits. And between thrusts I was fingering her arsehole. Smearing her juices back into her own gawped anus.

“Oh you bugger...take my arse...fill my arse now”, my daughter-in-law beseeching me.

You have to give a pleading lass what she wants. Don’t we love it when they ask for it: up their butthole?  I did the prodding pushes around her sweet tight crack. My cock head delighted by her restrictive pressure. All Tennille could do was gently moan.

I fleeting thought again how lucky Shane was to enjoy such a tight arse on a regular basis before I was lost in cock paradise. I was in. Her butthole was holding my cock. Her arse crack gave just enough to squeeze my cockhead in and held my pecker like a perfectly fitted wedding ring circles a finger.  I know some guys will say...arse is arse ...and your cock in an arse is purely a case of one size fits all.  A Jeweller will tell you with a ring there is no such thing as the perfect fit.  Well: truth be told: Tennille’s arsehole was the divine fit for my stiffy.

I didn’t have to force my cock. She was delirious with cock filling arse comfort. Mmm I thought...Shane has broken in his bitch well...maybe too well...but hell I wasn’t balls were busting for release and boy oh boy I had to cream her arse. I looked down at my cock plunging into her arse. It was a personal halo of carnal enveloping, clarified pecker pleasure and man did I jizz her good.

Tennille nearly frickin collapsed as her clit exploded its escalating charismatic goodness through her body at the same time. Her sexual feast of satisfaction was intensified in her genitals and her arse simultaneously.

Oh the laundry is a good location for sex after all because Tennille’s sated bum dribbled my cum straight onto the tiled floor.

Oh and Tennille makes a good after sex coffee.

And more importantly my daughter-in-law invited me back tomorrow to fix a jammed door.  I could do that and jam her arse too, pack it with hard cock, cram her bum tight. No problem.

“Seeya tomorrow...Tennille....Oh and how many days till Shane fly’s back?” I said at the door.

“Three" she said.

As I drove away I thought: Yeah good things come in threes. Between us we could make good sex, then better sex and the best ever sex; in that timeframe.


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