Setting up my BFF

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

How my new straight college bestie became bi and got buggered in the same evening with my boytoy and me.

Raife was my boytoy. A guy with a cock I could rely on when I needed a pecker without any emotional bullshit attached. Pure physical sensation: full stop. No conversational niceties. No dates. No sleeping over. Just filthy repeated sex. God the prick could get it up a few times in a couple of hours. Raife was the perfect fuckbuddy. Athletic and well hung.  He treated me like I needed to be treated, like a bitch on heat; while just being his horndog self. I suppose we matched each other as horny, horny beings.

So I knew Raife was the guy to help me seduce my new bff whom I had the absolute hots for. Samantha Hume though was as straight as straight could be; when I met her at College, in Art class; but so drop dead gorgeous and so much fun to be with that I forgave her; her standard sexual orientation. 

Sammie had transferred from an all girls private college to my inner city public one and was going through I suppose ‘a normal’, I want to be myself and I don’t need guys, because she was convinced and had the evidence they were all cheating pricks. Which in her case meant her own ex- boyfriend, who had chosen a guy over her; unusual but true. And the double whammy, her dad, whom she had really always trusted; had well, taken off with his younger secretary. I wanted to tell Sam to adopt my approach to guys; the boytoy; the best part of a dude on hand and in you, without the emotional investment or let down, but the timing never seemed right. Besides; her mum had also taken off with a neighbour, a woman; to New Caledonia and Sam had been shuffled off to an older spinster aunt in suburban Sydney. Talk about a chick conflicted in her sexuality. Straight seemed the only path through her personal and family mess. She definitely wasn’t looking at the road not taken.

I think Sammie liked me because I didn’t appear to have a guy, hang out with guys or spend all my time daydreaming about or drooling over or sexting college jocks. I didn’t have to; I had cock on tap if you like. Raife was only ever a phone call away. I mean even if he was screwing a chick, he’d still slot me in for a fuck, later; even at two in the morning. Or he’d say:  ‘hey can I bring a second chick over, now’. I was always up for added flavour.

A month into the new term and I finally got Sammie over to my place for well I told her, a chicks night in. My oldies were away for the weekend and I had booked Raife in advance. Well it was a Friday night.

So there was cute, long haired, blonde Sammie, five foot five and with a truly impossible hour glass young girly figure, presenting very sweetly in a cute flimsy green pastel short summer dress, in my lounge, who was sworn off the boys and wasn’t aware that sometimes in school or at the mall afterwards, that I was flirting with her, rather than it just being college girly closeness.

 “So cute Cassie” she said.

I was in a short breezy pink pastel number myself. I wanted to look good and Sam had noticed. I certainly noticed her.

“A drink?” I asked, unsure but hopeful of getting her sexual guard down.  I was holding out a cider stubby.

“Yeah sure” and she took it.

I had the popcorn ready and flicked the remote and we were quickly into a tear jerky chick flick. I wanted Sammie emotional and hoped she would then accept my advances.

At the first real intense stage of the movie I heard Sam sigh and moved in closer. My head on her shoulder. She let me leave it there. My fingers traced over her thin dress fabric just under her boob. She didn’t flinch. Or pull back or say anything. It was like I had won the lottery.

Then it was like the planets aligned. I mean I cupped her boob so gently. But I cupped it. But Sammie was making space on the couch and really looking at me, not the movie and her hands were guarding her boobs and her legs were crossed and she said, “What the hell was that Cassie?”

“Oh nothing “I said, “The movie got to me, the guy is a hunk, she’ll get him back...lets watch it...hey another drink baby?” And I got up casually to get it.

Sammie was back in the movie and drinking more and we were close enough again. In the girly friendly zone. But not intimate territory.

The lovers’ parents were keeping them apart and Sammie was close to tears. God the girl really got into chick flicks. I just used them as fodder for my prey.

My hand took the opportunity of a saccharine lovey- dovey sickening scene to get on her thigh. Yes. I was like a high school guy finally getting near the bases. Ready to make a move. Sammie didn’t move or object. I was trapped in that moment of: Does: No mean Yes? Maybe before, she didn’t want to look easy. My fingers were edging up to her hem. I mean the distance from there to her hidden panties was basically nothing. The hem line was mine. I was savouring it. Shit I got excited, I was under it, and her knickers elastic was mine.

Then in my approaching dirty triumph her hand was on mine and removing it frickin fast and Sammie was way over the far side of the lounge. Then was she ever; giving me the look.

“Are you a lezzo?” she demanded.

Well, I was bi, but wasn’t sure if this was the moment to say so. Hell; I was cooked. She’d go home for sure. I released a tear of sexual frustration.

Luckily Sammie took it as sexual confusion or sexual shyness. And was over to me, cuddling me. Soothing me. She said; “It’s okay Cassie I accept you for who you are, but it’s not me, okay, I like you as a friend.”

I was happy to hold her close like a friend with no benefits, as I planned my next move. Sammie had a weakness for the tears. Well I could manufacture a few; I was certainly going to try. God the bitch was making me work for it. But hell she was beautiful. She was worth my best shot. This lovely kitten.

I got the crocodile tears into production and my chest heaving. A few sobs. God it was great as my tits heaved into Sammie’s boobs and she just held me, probably as a friend.

Oh; be a bitch, reel her in, lie, do whatever it takes: I told myself.

“I’m gay, no one likes me though, I’m not pretty enough, not attractive or desirable, I’ll always be alone” Was that enough? Otherwise, I’d start laughing or choking on my own falsehoods.

My blonde new bestie held my face in her hands. Her face so close to mine. Her breathe so warm. Her eyes welling up. A total sucker for an emotional need.

All I had to do was kiss her lips. Carefully. Yeah titling my head. Shutting my eyes. Gentle and slow. Sweet wet lip locking, no tongue. Then just a hint of pressure. I was actually scared to take it further and have Sammie draw back. My walking on rice paper moment.

Well some neural pathway fired off in Sammie’s brain and her tongue was in my mouth and boy was it aggressive. She was a tigress in disguise.

“Orrgh fuck” I unleashed like a lezzo novice , which I wasn’t, but Sammie didn’t know that, as she took my flimsy dress off my shoulders and cupped my aroused boobs over my bra cups and well snogged on my tits. I mean she didn’t seem to catch a breath as she assuaged my nipples with her supple sucking and flicking licking. Full nuzzle, nestle and snuggle, with her face buried in my boobs. So frickin first-class.

I had to give back to her immediately. Fuck, the tart was helping me remove her dress and bra. She wasn’t letting anything get in between her tits and my hands and tongue. God she had great boobs.

“Suck my teat” she said, cupping her breast straight in front of my mouth. Of course I did and then it’s matching mate.

“Oh fuck that’s good “she said, “Yea I really like that” she added, as I smooched and pecked her tits and nipples. “ I’m not gay” she tacked on, “Really I’m not, but I like this.”

“Oh” I said getting her knickers off and letting her get my panties and bra off too, “It’s okay, I think we can call it experimenting.”

God her muff was cute, just a true light blonde fuzz. I’d never munched on a true blonde before.

“Oh good,” said Sammie, “yeah experimenting.”

I didn’t care how she wanted to rationalise it; I just wanted her body.

“Mmm, yes, mmm,” I went as two of her fingers delved straight into my moist slit. For a novice she was right on the goodies.

“Oh, you like that in your dirty shaved pussy, do you, you skank” she added.

She upped the ante of my pleasure with a third finger the lewd tart.

I could play this game too. I had two fingers in her tight wet pussy and one finger probing up her soft taut arsehole. That got her mouthing the obscenities quickly.

“Orrgh fuck Cassie, you bitch Cassie, you dirty, dirty bitch Cassie, but fuck that’s good.”

My finger was crooking and hooking around her puckered slot, really focussing on the sensitive nerves around her rim and just inside her bum hole.

Our combined filthy intensity was rapid as Sammie got a finger in my arse too, the copy cat, stretching my pussy and plying my tight arse at the same time, and we collapsed from our standing position onto the couch and wriggled and writhed hands across each other’s hot bodies till we were in a raunchy sixty-nine. Sammie’s cute arsehole and blonde pubed outlined pink pussy were perched above my face, awaiting my best finger and tongue play. Sammie’s tongue was already giving my clit a treat. Fuck the bitch knew which spot to ‘experiment’ on.

I spat in her arse. I spat in her pussy. Sammie reciprocated. As I fingered gaped her arse and stuck my tongue in her back crack, she did the same to me.  As I fingered fucked her, she finger fucked me. 

Then I just lay back giving the moany groans as she just enjoyed playing with my arsehole and pussy. Of course Sam didn’t know I was furiously texting Raife to make his entry. My phone tucked in the couch earlier. Then I licked her clit a treat. My boytoy was parked just down the street as planned. The backdoor left open for him. Luckily no other skank had texted him, in his waiting, or he would have been gone or worse; brought another bitch here. I wanted my bestie to be the focus tonight.

I mean I just got busy prepping Sammie’s back door. I couldn’t wait to see this straight bitch get buggered. The lovely Ms Hume was so enamoured of my adorable pussy and stunning arse she had no idea about what was about to happen to her bum.

Raife came into the lounge room naked, the sly dog undetected like a stealth fighter, completely under Ms Hume’s sexual radar. Her mind and face occupied with my arse and pussy. Of course she thought it was my tongue in her pussy and my finger in her arse. Yes it was my tongue but it was Raife’s finger testing out her tightness. He then spread her winking indented furrow with the strong fingers of both his hands.

“Orrgh fuck...Oh shit...Oh fuck...Oh MY GOD...Orrgh fuck....Orrgh”, then primitive grunts and groans from Sammie as her arse was inveigled for the first time. Raife knew how to coax and manoeuvre into an arse with maximum impact. Nothing polite; but young college arses seem designed to take an unholy first sundering raid.

It was a beautiful sight. My bestie, my straight bestie getting her arse ploughed right in front of my face. The bitch wasn’t complaining. It was like her life had been waiting for her bi-buggered moment.

Her slutty body was reeled through the complete pleasure arc by my boytoy Raife. Hell, I wanted my arse fucked too. It looked so good. The bitch was enjoying herself too much. I wanted in. Raife the horndog was just putting another mental arse notch in his memory. But he did appreciated arse and knew how to work it.

I wriggled out from under Sammie and started pashing her. I saw her eyes exude carnal rapture. Fuck was she getting an arse banging. I had frickin prepped her pert starfish well. But Sammie had done the same for me. I needed her to share Raife’s cock.

“Oh Sammy, sweet Sammie “I begged, “let me share his cock; in my arse.”

“You bitch, you frickin bitch;” she said been pants and groans and rolling eyes and a brow furrowed in a pleasurable trickle of sexual sweat, “You set me set me up...okay...okay...OrRGH fuck...lets share his cock.”

That huge OrRGH was when Raife thwacked his balls into her thighs, god he must have been deep in her arse with that thrust.

Horndog Raife was up for anything, besides he was in jackpot land on a Friday night with two stunning arses at his disposal.

I set myself up next to Sammie at the front of the couch, both of us leaning over, legs spread, arses wriggling. Raife just spat on his hard knob and sauntered into my back passage like a guy who expected two arses to be at his disposal every Friday night.

All young women deserve a boytoy up their arse on a regular feel good basis. Raife was an arse plunderer. A frickin bad, bad boy when he got behind a girl. He ripped into my butthole. Yes it was dirty, yes it was filthy, yes it was smutty, and the feeling was slutty, trampy, whorish pleasure, anal divine. The modern equivalent of understanding Eve’s moment of triumphant self knowledge with the serpent under the tree of the source of knowledge in Eden. Oh humans didn’t lose Paradise, they found it when they started arse fucking.

Raife’s hard fat ready cock gave me a better than my standard buggering. It was superb because I was sharing arse cock with my bff. And in between my waiting I fingered my clit and listened to Sammie’s moans of awesome pleasure as her arse was slammed.

Her face as she got cock in her arsehole, her face told the story of her enjoyment, and the movement of her body, the thrusting piston cock action that flexed her flanks and made her buttocks wobble; was stunningly explicitly clear in her face as she turned to look at me.

Then it was her turn to watch my facial expression and my heaving grunts as my tender tight traumatized arsehole was basically shredded by Raife. The prick only knew heavy duty impact after he had gaped relaxed an arsehole. He was an arse-Rapper. Attuned to base syncopated arse humping, grinding into butt cheeks, sinking into two depraved holes of joy in turn, where constriction was combined with sexual elasticity and binding climax defining pleasure.

Sammie had no sexual uncertainty about her as she knelt with me to share what finally the horndog Raife couldn’t contain after crucifying two magnificent arses. Ms Hume was a bi-buggering bitch, full of brazen sexual boldness, the equal of mine or maybe potentially deeper.

The tart’s gob fought my mouth for Raife’s swathes of forcefully ejected cum. Our tongues, faces and boobs spattered in jizz. The perfect way for bff’s and a toyboy to well...start a Friday night.  Raife wasn’t the only one in the room with a huge unfinished insatiable sexual appetite.

Submitted: June 18, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

This was hot. Very graphic. Loved it. Your bbf knew what she wanted. Just playing hard to get. But in the end she got it hard and good.

Fri, June 18th, 2021 9:32pm

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