Ruby and Coral: The Boathouse

Ruby and Coral: The Boathouse Ruby and Coral: The Boathouse

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Lesbian initiation in a family boathouse.



Lesbian initiation in a family boathouse.


Submitted: February 22, 2019

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Submitted: February 22, 2019



The insolent firmness of Coral’s petite clitoris took Ruby by surprise; but only for a second. Then she realised it basically mirrored her own pleasure gift, her own regular unwrapped package of girly pink, pulsating, purry perfection. Still seeing something so well know, the same, yet intriguingly differentbecause it was sitting between Coral’s legs and not her own, made Ruby reflect on the wonder of the nub and how exhilarating it was to be a woman. Homogeneous as females but heterogeneous as females too, Ruby knew this; she had just never seen it.  Coral’s itty clitty deserved some exploration before she teased it.

How to touch it thought Ruby, Coral was Coral; while Ruby liked to pull back her hood. Her clit was bigger than Coral’s too. Ruby liked a few scratches of her index and middle finger nails over its hard growth after a few minutes; she found it irresistible, invigorating and generating a fulsomeness of self when her circulating fingers taunted around the twisted folds of skin at the start of masturbation. Coral’s hood she noticed was shorter, her clit smaller, her lips wider though, fleshier than mine, thought Ruby.

Ruby spread Coral’s ruffled, rumpled, relaxed flesh gently, teasingly pulling apart, and then extending both lips out into their butterfly fullness. She wistfully acknowledged her own thin slices of flesh would never be able to do this. Still the fun was here with Coral’s lips, so elastic, so supple, and silky sinuous; curving and folding in turns upon each other like lovers twisting and rolling in beach dunes.

Coral’s labia were stylishly defined, Ruby knew they would generate endlessly sought yearning in any spectator; they could, should and would, bewitch and transfix any viewer repeatedly. Ruby sighed, a combination of awe and happiness at the felt privilege of sharing Coral’s usually hidden, seldom shared, inbuilt; personal excitement package.

“Geez, Ruby, what are you doing”, from Coral, who had never stretched her own labia before.

Ruby gently extended both now glistening lips, a fraction more, well beyond Coral’s golden pubic mound; it was a delicious bundle of muff, so full and luxuriantly unclipped. This girl had never placed a razor anywhere near here, Ruby could tell. Ruby could feel her own moisture rising at the delectable thought of manicuring and trimming Coral’s lush Kentucky bluegrass.

“Prop up a bit… have a look at yourself”, instructed Ruby.

Coral was taken aback by this, but responded; “Ruby I know what my own pussy looks like, sweetie.”

‘Ah ,Ah “said Ruby, “Not like this.”

“Shit”, remarked Coral as she looked down between her own legs; shocked and genuinely surprised at seeing her own labia spread so far and just how delicately Ruby's slender long digits were holding her apart. Like pincers, thought Coral, no her fingers were tweezers, her scarlet coloured nails were so incredibly long. Yet red nails and pinkish lips were complimentary partners in the moment.

Ruby deliberately pulled the slightly larger left lip farther out. Coral gasped, as it stretched still farther from her body. Ruby then ran her fingernail, ever so lightly, tantalisingly unhurriedly; down the inside of the stretched taut membranous tissue. Coral felt both a nervous twinge of discomforting comfort and a delicious tickly tingly warmth run through her labia and the sensation floated through and settled in her womb. It continued to roam filling her chest with a heaviness of satisfaction and then wandered achingly to enter memory as something that had to be repeated now and in the future.

Ruby looked straight into Coral’s eyes and planted her friend with a deep sensual French kiss. Coral’s covetous tongue sought Ruby’s licking salivating organ. Intimate pleasure enfolded the pair, the greedy desire to explore dominating, as tongues fed young lust like sweet treats shared on Valentine’s Day. At the same time Ruby again stretched Coral’s labia and scratched down the inner side with immediately defined sustained pressure, a gradation up on her tender first scraping.

Coral was astonished by the wave of cavernous longing and rapturous need for more touch, though she was actually still being touched, she wanted, needed, already the next wave of touch.  She instinctively released Ruby probing tongue as the pleasure mounted and exhaled deeply ,  then she uttered in a gushing , unrestrained and uncontrolled way , "Oh, ah…my…oh …god.”

And Ruby paused; her nail touching but stalling, where the stretched labia joined Coral’s pleasure droplet.  She was waiting for the sensation surge through her buddy’s pussy and its initial coursing like the sweetest fire through her entire being. Coral’s wetness was seeping from her opening, she was past immediate arousal, and she was primed to take greedily; but equally she was euphorically searching for a way to reciprocate Ruby, in thanks, for what her own genitals had never experienced.

Again Ruby readied her nail, Coral was all anticipation. The sensation know, mentally rehearsed and if not administered it would be demanded, so powerful was the craving for this dexterous adroit ecstasy. Ruby paused waiting, waiting.

“Please” murmured Coral.

Ruby whispered in her ear, “Whatever you desire, whenever you desire it… I am the instrument of your desire.”

Ruby then scraped again down the inside of the wet silky skin and the lubricated viscosity of Coral now added a dimension of unparallel delight to the receiver; a natural part of the never ending wonder of genitals seemingly infinite capacity to surprise when a fellow human soul oversees what they know so intimately of themselves. Yet they know so little of their own ability to inspire memory searing sensational trills of thrilling bliss, in another, that will serve recollection for a lifetime, yet given in such a brief  succinct moment.  Easily measurable in the seconds it takes for the giver and receiver to administer and feel, measurable as a standard typical physical reaction by sexologists; however, immeasurable in its impact on a soul and its transubstantiation into memory.

Ruby was not finished yet, like a magician, she held the spectacular in reserve for the finale. With her other hand she inserted two fingers deep into Coral’s soaking orifice of female entrancement and entertainment.  This culminating act was simply about lustful rapid play, fun in the hole; make the girl feel like a hoe.

“Who is my slut now", said Ruby, as she poked with energy and determined focus, feeling for Coral’s G-spot. She found the harder patch of flesh and placed pressure on it.

Coral was flexing her thighs and had now closed her eyes and had arched her back and her breathing was rapidly getting quicker and deeper. She was moaning; “mmm” repeatedly.

A demure clear flow of fem liquid squelched and smeared around Ruby’s fingers. She inspected Coral’s cum on her fingers. Coral looked at the glistening moisture too.

Ruby placed two fingers from her other hand into Coral’s damp fur burger.  She now held both sets of fingers between Coral’s and her own face. Nothing was said. Two women were viewing one woman’s wetness, her physical body expression of a sweet minute’s pleasure. The evidence of joy, a transparent  viscous sticky dew that belied the intense internal exchange of the moment, a reciprocity of fond tenderness that would remain in two memories long after the femcum vanished. It was to disappear quicker than modesty at a sorority hazing. 

Ruby volunteered one set of fingers to Coral; inviting her to savour the taste of her own honey pot.  In many ways it was analogous to honey as Ruby sneaked a peek at Coral’s golden pubes. The loose uninhibited crinkly odd wayward strands gave the appearance of gold shavings because of the intensity of light coming directly through the skylight of the boathouse.

Coral accepted unquestiongly the proffered twin digits and sucked once, then twice, to selfishly ingest the evidence of her own puss’s response to undeniable delight. Coral would always remember Ruby’s fingers in her mouth, the sensation, the consciousness of receiving, long after the intensity of her first fingering by another woman started to fade , intensely physical; but this was soul affirming, she just felt warmly human in another’s company.

Ruby licked greedily, tasting Coral’s fluid emission and comparing it to her own moisture which she occasionally felt the need to sample after a frenzied masturbation session and concluded; it was basically delightfully, the same.

“Well, that caught you by surprise “said Ruby poised, relaxed on the old green sofa, as the boathouse was bathed in warm afternoon light.

Coral had thought she would feel ashamed and embarrassed. She felt neither, just a tranquil glow, as still as the calm water around the boathouse.  She kissed Ruby softly on the lips. Ruby ran her fingers through Coral’s extraordinary golden mane.

“Okay miss, comparison time ….which is better…. boy or girl?”

Coral blushed.  There wasn’t much Ruby didn’t know. She locked her hands around her knees and thought pensively about Luke in the boathouse recently. She was unaware she had again given Ruby an intimate view of her golden pubes against her white soft inner thighs.  She wondered if she should counter with whether Ruby had fucked Josh; her ex boyfriend, the rumours had circulated she had intended to and had succeeded. Coral and Josh had broken up badly and Ruby had been the messenger of Josh’s infidelity.

“No you first …how was…. Josh?”

“Josh thinks he can do it like most guys…shit I had to put the condom on him, the useless wanker …still he lasted a few minutes” replied Ruby. Then added; “Okay miss…how was Luke?”

“He tried… I kept thinking of Josh” confessed Coral.

“Stick to girls for a while honey …at least we know what we are playing with, eh”, as she swept her naked lithe nubile body across the room to the toilet door. Coral found herself taking in Ruby’s petite butt cheeks in more than a casual way, she was well packaged this girl and would easily fill a book with her sexual intent. 

Coral thoughts wandered between the quick jerks of Luke’s clumsy efforts on this couch ,what was it, only two weeks ago ,then this recollection was competing for time with her fantasy longings for Josh’s  rod, if only he had waited ,he would have got it all, her pussy, her heart ,her soul. She felt so indecisive; which way would she go in life, promiscuous bisexual or embark again on the hazardous arduous emotional rollercoaster search for loves true companionship. Fuck Josh, he had more than a wayward cock to answer for. And just like she couldn’t recall whether it was tide in or tide out this afternoon, Coral couldn’t decide. Anyway Ruby’s tattoo, not her pussy or shapely breasts was her new sole focus, as the sensual bitch that knew her complete physical self, sauntered brazenly across the room and rejoined her again on the couch.

 “ Closer squiz at the tat …Rubes.”

Ruby was more than happy to show it off. It was actually quite tasteful; a blown dandelion angling in from just above her right hip, the pappus blown away on the wind like Ruby’s endless quest for random delight. 

“Why the dandelion Ruby?” Coral wanted to know if there was any significance in the choice.

“Because…because…I want you now….come here”, and Ruby had on the spot personal gratification in mind, not a tattoo, that had helped lure Josh into her bedroom. 

Coral owed her some pink time and it should start now. Ruby adroitly positioned herself in the classic sixty nine, her legs parted close up to Corals face and her own eyes taking in the curly wondrous golden expanse and her sweet friend‘s folded labia resting crumpled like a table napkin, the smaller lip, resting on the larger, defining its own petite form and the wishes of its partner in promised carnal duality.  Ruby though wasn’t sightseeing, she parted Coral’s mound quickly with both her hands, and started licking from the perineum to the tense smallish clit of her collaborator in current place and time. Ruby wasn’t calibrating or regulating her actions, she was licking and sucking and fingering. The jumbled mish mash of fun called conferring pleasure, nothing less, nothing more. It just felt affirming of self to pleasure another and be super pleased at the same time.

Coral was finding it hard to stay focused on Ruby’s nether regions. Her cute puckered starfish was nearly more alluring and tempting than her fleshy small lips, that was until her gaze latched onto Rubes clit. It was peeking beyond its hood, prominent; exposed for only one purpose, to receive delightful spasms of joy and to be caressed. Caresses of a slippery eager tongue, soft caresses of elegant feminine fingers and the subtle caressing of blown warm breathe that would titillate and send balmy waves of delight through Ruby’s body. Coral had a threefold plan and went to work with a proud sense of cooperation. She could match Rubes intensity. 

Shit, Ruby was circulating her tongue with deft pressure over her rigid little bud, shit; it was good; no it was awesome. Then her cleft and pubes were matted in a deliberate drizzle of spit, as Ruby willed her own saliva to assimilate and augment the steady leaking flow from Coral’s ‘vajayjay’ for the culminating Big O; as her tongue frenzy intensified.

How to up the ante and give Ruby more, as Ruby was delivering shivering thigh shaking ecstasy, Coral knew her climax was close. Coral blew her warmish breathe closely around Rubes arching clit and took in her manicured dark pubes above her hood. She was sure Ruby’s thighs too gave a perceptible shudder hinting at the spiralling delight that would rush upwards from its current localised limited erogenous zone, through her womb, filling her chest and captivating some brain cells that would relay the message everywhere, that this was fucking magnificent caressing and Coral alone was directing it; like a maestro performing on the orchestra of her feminine parts.

‘Rubes pubes’, passed through Coral’s mind, she nearly laughed. However, from her fingers own  independent action and not her mind because, she knew her mind was thinking ‘Pubes on Rubes’, her index finger took Rubes glistening vaginal moisture and went straight into her chocolate freckle. Rubes moaned loudly and her upper body stiffened, her head went up and away from Coral’s pussy, left forever on the cusp of orgasm. However, Coral was overwhelmingly single-minded and beyond the thought of a lost climax. Ruby was starring ahead, pleading repeatedly; “My God…Oh Fuck…yeah…more…more.”

And her beseeching plaintive demand was met vigorously with a determined clearly understood, dirty minded energy from Coral that shocked even herself, as her index finger slid in, up to the knuckle, into Ruby’s ever relaxing anus. Coral couldn’t fathom where this action had come from. Ruby didn’t care as long as it continued. Her mind was linked to her ass; her arsehole was directly connected to her brain.  If only life was as simple as base pleasure she reflected much later. In the moment she was ravenous for a lingering smutty touch she had never experienced from another finger before. God the pleasure packed in a single digit. She had rimmed herself, but it was not the same. Ruby reflected later; god sex was amazing, so fucking startling, beyond comprehension in the actual moment when the seemingly impossible sensation occurs.

Ruby felt like crying with happiness as Coral removed her finger. She was assuaged in spirit but her body craved that one extra fucking touch, that one extra anticipated penetration of her asshole. ‘Please, please’, she was thinking but didn’t articulate it, and besides Coral might think her an overbearing slut instead of just a moaning bitch on heat.

However; it was Coral who was sluttier, smuttier and more risqué than Ruby had anticipated.  Coral’s tongue was rimming her back door and Ruby did all she could in the moment, looked forward blankly, her eyes in her mind and  sensation centred in her arsehole, as she expressed urgently to Coral to keep licking by moaning; “mmm…yes…mmm…yes…more”.

Ruby  was struggling  to keep her balance as her thighs quivered, her arse tensed  , the pit of her overall being welled with euphoric delight  and her head seared with joy , body parts and functions were  all celebrating independently as paroxysms of ecstasy flared off disjointedly through her whole  being like uncoordinated fireworks. Ruby collapsed forward onto the edge of the green couch, her hands to her face, her legs still splayed.  She was lost in the awe of her body’s response and wonderstruck by Coral’s filthy mind; it took her a while to fully relax.

Ruby  flickered her hair  back from her eyes and turned and tried to sum up Coral, the girlfriend , till this afternoon , always open and candid , but never explicit sexual touching, though Ruby craved it for a fair while. Who was this young woman she had known for years?

Coral gave Ruby a soft kiss on the cheek and a gentle hug. She was surprised at the forces she had observed coursing through Ruby’s body and equally the intensity of her own focus to deliver pulsating, coursing pleasuring to her friend.

She pushed Ruby’s hair behind both ears and planted a kiss, a smoocher on her lips; indicating closure.


“Yeah …thanks.”

Ruby watched Coral’s naked butt make coffee, while she slipped back into her clothes. Then Coral who was occupied by making the drinks, turned to bring them back to the couch. She saw Ruby dressed and there she was with a mug of coffee in each hand and nothing to cover her own felt moment of genuine nakedness. She felt awkwardly individual, unattached to the previous session by being solo naked, despite their afternoon together.

She got out; “Fuck you Ruby…you could have waited for me too.”

Rubes just smiled and responded; “And miss out on seeing you hide your bush from the world…not a chance.”

Coral placed the mugs on the table. She put her bra on first, just for Ruby. Then her panties slowly; easing them up, slowly holding them just below her full golden pubes for longer than was necessary.

She snapped her brief knickers and looking Ruby in the eye: added with a laugh: “Hidden from you, hidden from me.”

She then positioned her underwear naughtily comfortably below her hips.

Coral joined Ruby for coffee at the table.

Their time together through the afternoon in the boathouse was already becoming just a pleasant drifting sensation for Coral, who believed she had the capacity and the willpower to either take it, or leave it; though it was always satisfying to be one up on her valedictorian girlfriend.

Ruby however; was storing, hoarding the lustful self pleasure and planning a sequel.



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