Ruby and Coral Sunflowers

Ruby and Coral Sunflowers

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Tribbing and other fem delights in nature



Tribbing and other fem delights in nature


Submitted: February 28, 2019

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Submitted: February 28, 2019



Coral was fantasizing about Josh; she really had wanted his cock. He wouldn’t have needed another frickin pussy in his whole life; if only he had waited. Now he was gone, mechanic, in the next town. Silly girl, Coral berated herself; he’s probably screwed a couple of local sluts in his van and dogged a milf in the workshop already. While you have moped about and hastily screwed Luke only to spite Josh. While Ruby, has lured you for some girlie play; twice. Awesome sex life, not; for eighteen; with a deep sigh.  

Her priority though was the ongoing gamesmanship with Ruby. She really had caught Ruby arse over tits in the boathouse. She looked discerningly at her index finger; there it was, the instrument of pleasure that had wooed Ruby’s cute starfish, no that’s too polite , don’t sugar coat it into something it wasn’t : ‘oh I’m romancing your anus sweetie, how would you like it’…it was actually a direct and sharp prodding ,straight to her knuckle. Coral inspected her knuckle. Strange to think where it had been.

She also thought Ruby had cheated unfairly using accessories to entice her own curious lust. Shit thought Coral; no way would I pierce my pussy to get a girl or boy. The riding crop was an aid too, not quite a sex toy, but Ruby had used an aid;  inserted an object into her pliable pussy and her sweet little virgin arsehole. Coral anticipated Ruby cheating again in their next sexual tryst. Next, was Coral convincing herself there had to be at least one more?  Time finally to put Ms Valedictorian in permanent second place. Careful don’t underestimate the cute bitch, hell thought Coral, don’t underestimate yourself and it was pussy stalking planning time.

Coral had the advantage of nominating the place and time. The scene of her initial triumph and memorable delight for both Ruby and herself had been the boathouse. Ruby would pout sourly like a spoilt brat if the locale wasn’t new. Fuck where, it couldn’t be either of their homes. It had to public but private; risqué. However; Ruby would get excited if there was that outside chance of being seen by others.

Screw it; she just couldn’t multitask; there was a pressing need to finish her art theory assignment on Van Gogh, due tomorrow. Investigating; The Starry Night, Coral concluded, Vincent had way more problems than herself.  Then Coral was considering incorporating The Sunflower series into her argument when she realised she had crossed tasks: my,my; she thought out loud; Macrossan’s sunflower field, the perfect location to rub Ruby. Concentrate girl, one task at a time, work then play.  Of course, Coral’s paper was then completed in inspired, brilliant and meticulous detail because Ruby was settled for the moment.

Coral's preparations under the doona later that night were; ribald, raunchy and racy. She was so pleased with herself she frigged her pussy way too fast: and couldn't then relax her way to sleepy dreams this night. Her new silky chemise, appropriately coral pink, tenderly taunting her nipples, didn't help. But it was more than satisfying, it was generously caressing and more importantly Ruby would get to experience, what Coral might never experience in her entire life. Coral clearly understood; such is the vagary of sexual direction and sexual response by any two partners in any given brief moment together, that what you desperately secretly desire in that precise instance may never be reciprocated in the heat of coupling because your partner seeks to create a monument of giving back to you, for your  giving your seemingly all to them  ; however, as beautifully rewarding and fulfilling as it may be it’s  at a tangent from your inspired crafted epiphany of genital contact. Or as Coral suspected at an even deeper level she was going to take Ruby, beyond Ruby and even fucking Ruby wouldn’t have anything to give back, after this genital manoeuvre.....

Next morning, after her shower, orange juice and two croissants for breakfast, okay, thought Coral that was just a tad indulgent, the second with strawberry jam.  She got out her invitations folio and composed in her cursive calligraphy, with the happy realisation that some seemingly useless high school short course option finally achieved its golden moment, she stylishly indicated to Ruby; dress code, time and place of rendezvous, but not the destination. Coral sealed her effortless, trend setting card in a scented envelope, sealed with a careful full lipstick kiss but couldn’t attach the afterthought; beat that bitch and so much classier than an early morning phone call.


A few days later, Ruby got into the well worn family sedan as Coral pulled into the curb outside St Marys. Appropriately their only planned chaste stop for the day thought Coral.

Ruby was into the irony immediately; “Nice location sister… however…you know they only accept virgins as postulant’s sweetie.”

Coral drove off, reflecting Rubes was looking smart in a short black skirt, obviously freshly shaved legs and a demure but lush peach coloured blouse.

“Like the top honey “said Ruby sincerely commenting on Coral’s lime green blouse ,which really set off the bitches free flowing golden mane; then added , “Cute skirt” and it was, designer pleated white, so fucking short, as Coral changed gears , so much inner thigh was on view. Ruby on impulse flipped up Coral’s skirt for a peek at lacey watermelon panties. Mmm.


“Shit Ruby …I’m trying to fucking concentrate here …you won’t get anything…if we don’t get there”

Changing tack as skilfully as Coral actually could when sailing a cadet; Ruby prodded; “How did you get this sexy vehicle?”

“It’s Luke’s” was all that Coral volunteered.

This was of course an open invitation for Ruby’s conjecture; “Let’s guess; I reckon it cost you a blow job?”

“No, only two more guesses …gorgeous.”

“I can’t imagine you being tacky enough to just let him feel you up.”

“I’m treating that as number two…last chance…Rubes.”

“You callous bitch …it was just a quick hand job” and Ruby knew she was right.

Coral pursed her lips, puckered and blew Rubes a short kiss and then turned her concentration to indicating off the main road and entering a narrow winding gravel road.


“Awesome” was all the usually  overly articulate Ruby managed as she helped Coral flatten out an area right in the centre of the nearly fully matured  sunflower field ,where her friend was laying a hefty picnic rug.

“There were grass stains on my arse pet…from your last effort” added Coral, as all her legitimate props were now in place. The two young woman shared strawberries and light tender touch and a giggled banter, the foreplay of this growing moment.

It was Ruby who lay back first. Looking up, inspecting the sunflowers from a previously unseen angle. Coral was getting the full glimpse of Rubes light yellow undies, her astonished surprise was the clearly full dark bushy mound pushing for release against the oh so thin material.  Coral helped herself, sliding Ruby’s panties off and unashamedly stared at the luxuriant tangle. The clit ring had been removed, but no hint of disappointment here, it was as instantly welcoming fur burger.

“Impressive” was all she managed to say, as she fingered and gently teased the long pubic strands and started to part the forest, looking for Ruby’s two thin neat lips and her no doubt already erect bud.  She couldn’t resist it any longer and went in face forward and it was animal passion, pure and simple, nothing refined here, just muff in the face; warm, wet and moist. Hell it was stirring and she felt her own pussy moisture soak through her own panties as Ruby’s wetness kept pace with her own.  This was Ruby as Coral couldn’t have imagined Ruby, full bush just for Coral, deliberate furry growth to entice in a frenzied self entrapment her own known love affair with the complete beaver pelt. Coral’s tongue worked whatever it came into contact with, labia, pubes, clit and even Ruby’s fingers which entered the zone of mutual pleasure. Coral took it all in; bushy pubic Ruby, full joint pleasure, full Ruby orgasm. Fuck, could the afternoon top Ruby’s stunning, brazenly unpruned growth; surely not.

Ruby lay back replete. She could have finished the afternoon there. Coral knew it was her occasion to direct the tempo and add maximum ego relish to the day. It was time for Ruby to savour fresh pristine flesh. Coral presented herself in genital opulence astride Rubes chest, arching over her body, then over her partners face, leaving a gap of sunlight to fully reveal her natural opening’s glistening puffy lips.

Ruby took in the view as it descended like a vision. First there was Coral’s flowing hair complemented by the sunflowers creating a broad halo effect, shit thought Ruby, Coral’s a frickin angel.  Next her best friends dangling open labia. Coral was all woman. Then Ruby was transfixed in desire, held in desire, facing irresistible desire in Coral’s shaved perfection. The minx above her; held Ruby mesmerized in a split second of disbelieving but eye compelling certainty; brazilian genital rapture. Coral's gift to her.

Ruby confronted one of those rare moments of absolute sexual hesitation, when genital allure is inestimable, driving desire wild and self beyond the compelling instance; the genitals of your lust and sexual yearning appear as visionary, immaculate and superlative and capable of redeeming true selfless self  ; as they sweep self gratification to oblivion , as the awareness of giving of self not to please self is transformed into giving as unconditional generosity of spirit through bodily touch. Ruby realised it was her first true moment of genital induced love.

“Wow” is the only appropriate response and Ruby made it.

Yes she licked, sucked and teased not just entertaining her friends luscious pussy to orgasm, she wanted to be one with Coral, to hold this physical  delight and ecstasy of shared  spiritual bliss  permanently.

Coral sensed a change in Ruby’s usual rapid effective play. There was a compelling gentleness, not emanating from Ruby’s soft fingers or tender seeking tongue. It was Ruby, fuck Ruby was giving of self to Coral and in this recognition she came with incredibly muscular sustained contractions, her thighs gripped Ruby’s face. But Ruby held her course and the intensity was overwhelming.  There were tears in the corners of both Coral's and Ruby’s eyes.

“Oh …wow…I’m just lost…lost in happiness “was all Ruby could say, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Coral ceased to care about winning. The intensity surely was over she believed sincerely, genitals must have a limit on immediate gratification being repeated.

However, Ruby regained her alertness for one last defining endeavour of sharing. She eased Coral’s legs widely apart and did the same with her own. She held her companions clit hood back exposing its cute seeking nub and with her other hand drew back her own cowl, revealing her engorged vibrant bulb and like a heat seeking missile ,it went straight to Coral’s clit. Nub to bulb, bud to nib, clit to clit, it was ravishing of self, yet it was almost too an intense pleasure. There was an actual limit Ruby realised  to the stimulation her clit had the capacity to endure , yet pleasure demands pleasure fulfilled and Coral was clearly  in the moment too. Too intensely felt by two. It was not sustainable.

Ruby relaxed as her clit was close to irritated over stimulation and gently started tribbing Coral instead. It was an inspired move, her new bushy mound enticing with its trilling quavering pubic roughness paroxysms of wet delight over her friends dripping, exposed, tender fleshy, vulnerable labia. Coral’s second orgasm was all consuming , seeking of self, through her closed eyes, caught in Ruby’s rousing holistic connection of separate genitalia into one gentle  loop of seemingly continuous unending  flesh moulding between their legs , confirmed by the equally powerful mutual climax of Ruby. They had achieved the apotheosis of genital contact, mutual synchronised climax, without setting out to reach the zenith of desired desire; their young bodies had taken them there naturally.

Coral felt a deep love for just life, she took in everything; Ruby’s face, herself, the sunflowers, her own breathing, wow, life was good.

Ruby savoured it all deeply inside herself.

Then Ruby manoeuvred discreetly and lay close to Coral, holding her breast to Coral’s breast, easing her nipple over Coral’s nipple. Coral felt this was too much;  but she surrendered to the combined sensitive, serene and tender. Ruby vacillated between effacing affectionate rubbing and self-indulgent pampering. For both young women the sensation of nipple on nipple was exquisite.  Coral felt subsumed in Ruby, this was complete. Ruby wins, she thought, because she wasn't over doing it; she was affirming the mutual flow of the given moment.

But Coral still had her plan from under the doona and found one last reserve of energy and was sitting on Ruby’s chest.

Her pixie faced friend was surprised. It was over; there can’t be delight beyond mutual fucking climax  and soft breast  to breast downtime; Rubes was confident on this point.

Coral though held open her twin dangly flaps of feminine generosity, still slickly moist and wrapped them adriotly around Ruby’s left nipple, then repeated the treat on her right nipple. Once only, on each erect nipple.  The moisture was still glistening on both nipples; however, Ruby was soaked through her entire being in those unparalleled fleshy moments, held both in time and place and then memory.

Ruby was thinking:how could sex get better than this, or equal it, yet she already knew it could and would  reach these unimagined heights without knowing what the experience actually would be. Genitals are human magic, conjuring endless delight to fill a lifetime.

Ruby knew this nipple moment could never be bested; it would only join tantalising, unrepeatable sensual delight at the apex of her cumulative swelling sexual memory bank; equal first with a knuckle up her butt… but no doubt in Ruby’s mind… there was continuous unrealised genital  awe to come through her lifespan.

Our valedictorian knew sex would always surprise; it was fun, it was entertainment, like twerking; the beat changing rapidly like the interchanging delight between licking and sucking a clit or cock, catching genital softness and shape in tribbing, the pleasure in giving akin to the pleasure of repeating a much loved pop artists refrain which circulates for days in your head like reminiscence of wonderful sex.

She realised too sex was sassy and slutty with a cadence of jazzy hazy emotional affluent rhythm, full of improvised spur of the moment actions and decision, a teasing longing, held like a long trumpet note. A lively personal impromptu performance designed to engage another like mutually sucking in the sixty nine mould, till individual styles merge in a synthesis of uncontrolled explosive delight beyond crafted sexual technique, into the soul. Here where sexual contact remained forever in life; alive in memory, beating over and over, reinterpreted beyond the physical, yet bodily held; the fucking unquestioned dominating authority of touch. Ruby was seized in the moment by the supremacy of touch and would claim, as is all our birthright; an openness to the brazen syncopation of genital collision. The unexpected, unparalleled, decisive instances of touch like moist flappy labia wrapped around a nipple, her nipple; where stunning crinkled oozy lips after orgasm didn’t usually venture or traverse. It was transformation of self through genitals unlimited, ever incalculable signature moves, part of the autobiography of self exploration through natures most thrilling and uninhibited organs; as they move sleekly, naturally seeking only delight and enamoured of giving total uncommitted pleasure.

Yet Ruby, as young as she was, knew profoundly that sexcould equally be the blues; engendering wistful melancholic tears of joy and the knowledge that if repeated even by Coral on Ruby in this field, it would not be the same. Yet she wanted it already again and again; exactly as it was held in memory. Her nipples were still sticky with Coral’s femcum, it was enough, yet it wasn’t enough. Fuck sex, it always wanted more, even from the fucking heights of sheer unrepeatable delight.

Hold the moment Ruby, Ruby actually addressed herself internally, savour this, and savour this again. Oh fuck; she realised, Coral was awesome, Coral wasn’t a servant of desire; she was desire incarnate, the ideal of desire made flesh. Ruby felt the languor of the moment, the slowness, the stillness of the giant sunflowers in the field, the relaxation of body and mind like it was a dream. Her practical self added: maybe it was nothing more than just poise after sex. Then it hit; the sadness of the blues was there too, never, ever could this be repeated as a compelling first genital experience.

Still Ruby was the optimist, upbeat, knowing sex could be intense, edgy and unpredictably new like heavy metal, where distortion of self and other occurred, where drive and carnal insistency were the genital riffs that built to a crescendo of mutual bliss; the perfect fucking fifth.  Moments like Coral’s finger deep in her anus in the boathouse. The harmony of two as one would always contrast with; yet envelope the base animal passion in Ruby’s own guttural moans and groans and subconscious hedonistic sexual overdrive held barely in check by society’s expectations of an intelligent young woman and designer fitting clothes. Ruby exulted in her naked self and she delighted beyond self in sharing her body.

So Ruby stilled her naked self, relaxing in the afternoon sun, next to Coral: sex was ultimately affirmingly awesome and full of charming longing, yearning for sweet touch to be endlessly repeated like the chorus of your favourite love song. Yes; sex was fucking awesome; it was life defining and best of all, it was when it was right now, you couldn’t improve on physical touch in the moment. Memory of touch, as awesome as memory is, would always place a close second, while the experience occurred or could be built on. Ruby remained in the moment and would live life always for the moment.

Coral took in Rubes cute tattoo, and then wrapped her arms and legs around her petite friend, enveloping two selves. She was taking it all now; later, who knew about later, later wasn’t here yet.

They both rested naturally like ripe seasoned sunflowers. They both whispered softly into each other’s ears, in unison, the sweet alluring vows of appeased genitals that lull the mind to the equivalent satiated tranquillity of their private parts. However, with time, these honestly believed murmuring always float away as effortlessly as pappus on the wind. Declarations, assertions and promises that neither would ever keep.

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