Ruby and Coral Riding

Ruby and Coral Riding Ruby and Coral Riding

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Ruby and Coral go further



Ruby and Coral go further


Submitted: February 25, 2019

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Submitted: February 25, 2019




Ruby was shaving the edges of her mound carefully, trim and neat like her organised mind.  This was no hurriedly undertaken activity, shit a rough shave and you would have hair growing half way down your thighs for the rest of your life. No thank you.  Take your time girl, Ruby knew the value of planning, it was just in the intensity of the shared gratifying moment that she fucking lost the plot. Still that’s the pleasurable excitement of sex thought Ruby, just losing control, command then passing from you to another, and yet their control also spinning wildly too. Shit a nick. Focus girl, this is serious manicuring for the main game. She teased the metal now close to her skin,  it felt delectable; in that instance she would have eaten herself out, if it had been physically possible.

Self control darling, she told herself as she felt her smooth, so silky skin. My, she had been issued by nature with more than her fair share of awesome sexy equipment, what a bud; it was impertinently active even when not being touched directly. Ruby had found out she could make it frickin move recently just by concentrating on it, awesome. She had watched it move like a periscope when freed from its hood, arching up to the world, intent on touch, even when touch was absent, her clit was always seeking touch. She had seen this clearly in her hand mirror. Her clit was in love with her fingers; Ruby always knew it was a de facto convenience in the absence of a probing wet tongue of a friendor manipulating fingers from a chosen partner in another moment. Actually her clit was promiscuous, it didn’t care who lurked in the clitty neighbourhood; Ruby’s fingers or a strangers, as long as the vibe and beat, the rap of the street, hit her sweet spot.

The question on her mind was, did Coral deserve her personal icon of ego rapture …of course … because it wasn’t any guys just yet. Ruby was about to masturbate in the shower with the water jet of the extended shower head, a regular reward for keeping calm and focussed, staying on task  when trimming and shaving. She suddenly wasn’t in the mood.

Screw Coral, of the golden pubes; passed through her mind, shit thought Ruby, if I only had her butterfly lips, I’d have the fucking purry perfect puss.  Coral, what a cunt, not Coral, her vagina, what a mound, what gorgeous lips, they had stuck in Ruby’s mind like memory of her first ever kiss.

Two months had passed and while they had meet socially on campus and been to a concert with a group, they hadn’t been alone.  Ruby knew it was alone time that would catch Coral off guard.  Ruby knew her best friend was staying deliberately in groups when meeting her, aware of how susceptible she was to her scheming for pussy delights.

Ruby was also disappointed that Coral was back chasing cock. Josh had moved towns, so that was unavailable man meat for both of them. Seriously, thought Ruby, Josh was over rated, though Coral wouldn’t find out.  For such a bright chick, to select fucking Luke for your first shag; though hell; she hadn’t done much better in beating Coral to Josh. He only just got to five minutes. So Coral’s pussy was vacant, like an abandoned squat,  no it was worse than that, everyone knew  courtesy of Ruby ‘s own gossip machine , that Coral was mourning for Josh’s absent cock. Not really but it was a well spread rumour and it had taken hold and the guys were giving Coral a wide berth, which Coral didn’t understand.  Still some dumbfuck on the football team would ignore it soon and take his chances. Ruby knew she needed to get at Coral’s pussy at least once more before Coral’s fantasy combination that brokered love and penis in the same breathe; got over Josh.

Still Ruby had her own problems, a current reputation for a pussy hanging one of those hotels ‘Do not disturb ‘signs across her cute pudenda. Ruby wanted cock; she just wanted a fucking big one. Trouble was they were hidden behind fucking trousers and boxer shorts.  She had a cultivated reputation for giving good head but had been labelled a callous bitch when it came to sharing her own fucking cunt. Still she hadn’t worked her way through the entire football or debating team and had no intention of doing so. Ruby had no aim of being labelled a slut. She had a name, Ruby and it wasn’t synonymous with cheap, she was only checking out the hardware. It was a double standard, guys could check out as many chicks software as they liked, no damage done, in fact it was expected. A girl does head jobs beyond the digits on one hand and she’s in deep; labelled fucking easy. Ruby knew she would never, ever be easy, and she wasn’t even thinking about her pussy here. 

Ruby pondered; a guy goes to the rifle range and fires off endless rounds or spray all over or inside sweet juicy pussy, it’s considered a game and he’s a man, just a man. A girl joins the spelunkers and heads deep into cavernous dark grottoes and all sorts of innuendo are sniggered behind your back, thought Ruby, as she remembered the jokes:  who’s exploring your personal cavern; after a few beers in the tavern and geez you would know a lot about tight spaces. Yes, Ruby needed a thick, well hung male, fuck where did that need come from, maybe her mother’s dildo had something to answer for.  So while waiting for Mr. Big  and fuck, he would need a brain attached too, shit this was too hard, maybe she’d try the nerds in the computing club upstairs in the  student common , the intelligence was there , just maybe nature had been over  generous downstairs too.  She made a mental note, called memo to Ruby, sign up for the Robo cup challenge.

Ruby finished her shower, no self pleasure today. She was a woman on a mission. She was drying her hair while ringing Coral. The bitch better be home… was all she currently thought.


Ruby released a wad of tension just hearing Coral’s lilting voice.

‘Coral…Hey…, Coral want to go riding” Ruby tried ultra casual.

Hesitation; …”Riding what…you Ruby?”

“ riding … you filthy minded tart…you can wait till later."

“Okay…say… one hour.”

 Coral sounded half asleep and was obviously only just up, slack mole thought Ruby.

“No, half an hour max…okay” insisted Ruby. She was driving the agenda and wanted it to stay that way.

“God …you are an impatient bitch Rubes…but okay...Seeya at the stables”


Ruby’s family had two horses in a small stable behind their extensive semi rural property.  Ruby was geared up a treat.  Even Coral thought she was fucking hot. White skin tight jodhpurs, sleeveless ruffled shirt with gorgeous lace trim and fucking Calvin Klein rich black leather full length boots. The obligatory helmet was of course stylish, this girl was smart but dressed way too chic at times. Bitch thought Coral who hadn’t geared up, just tight skinny faded blue jeans and classic white t-shirt.  Her hair was flowing free, golden waves catching every ray of sunlight and she knew it. Still Ruby’s short pixie cut of recent times really suited her face; it seriously gave her the edge perhaps if they had to compete for the same male.

“Shit …Ruby… you could have told me it was fucking fancy dress”

“You love a surprise Coral…and…there’s a few of those in store today”

Coral thought two pair of tight pants might just keep them both behaved.  You can kid yourself.

Coral hadn’t determined her mood today … it was in flux , about doing  ‘it’ … it could change…was she up for fun with Ruby…or…was this addictive…Her pussy was having independent thoughts…what did Luke keep saying to her;  “Stop thinking between your legs...unless you’re thinking of me.” He was a dickhead. Luke was fun to hang out with but he wasn’t ever getting another fuck… let alone a blowjob …he was too predictable …and Christ he’d fired off way too early in the boatshed. 

Coral told herself to remain focused; Ruby could conjure delight from an empty saddle bag.  Why did Ruby have a saddle bag?

“What’s in the saddle bag, Rubes?”

“A treat for later...come on sunshine…mount up”

Ruby mounted …quickly, onto Flame, a chestnut gelding… it suited her…the bitch looked fired up for some action, thought Coral… I’ll make sure she is disappointed ….

Coral was quickly astride Champion, a black gelding … which was appropriate…she was still one up on the valedictorian Ruby… the thought crossed her mind …did Ruby screw her way to her 100%, A grade average …the bitch.

Ruby got her attention quickly; “Hey Goldilocks’… stick this on your head” and tossed her a riding helmet.

They set a steady canter through the open field towards the fire trail…in sync with their mounts …perfect riding techniques…modest perceptible breast bounce…no sore arses here …though Coral wondered if Ruby had explored her own petite  arse after her own recent inspired knuckle work in that tight cavity.

“Rubes is it true a big clit gets stimulated riding a horse …the up down motion ...legs spread …well Rubes?”

“What crap …no…but it’s great to spread the thighs and feel the power and speed beneath you”

“Bullshit …I can  see you , right now  squeezing your thighs into the flanks  …you don’t have to position  that  tight  … your pelvis  is grinding into the saddle … I bet you are tingling right now …don’t lie…"

“You dirty minded slut…jealous of my fabulous clit…but you my friend ….have the largest sex organ here…your fucking slutty brain…”

They shared a laugh.  They went through the gate. Then as the track narrowed and steepened, they were single filed concentration, at walking pace. They descended the hillock coming out just below the spring. The heat was now in the day. Warmth was growing in Ruby’s mind. Coral was still mentally cool.

“Let’s track down to the pool” Ruby said it casually enough. Coral knew it was planned.


After tethering their mounts the two young women made their way to the inviting deep natural water pool. There was a shallower side with a small clearer naturally grassed area.

“Skinny dip?” it was not really a question or an invitation because Ruby was already removing her white blouse and exposing her lacey bra. Her cute breasts were out as Coral thought okay…but with the caveat; let’s see whose controlling this.

Coral deliberately faced away from Ruby, hastily removing her white t-shirt and bra, then her jeans, leaving white cotton tail briefs for her friend to contemplate.

“Christ…run out of undies and had to borrow granny’s, honey”, nicely cutting from Rubes, who added “So unsexy…sweetie….but still its what’s underneath that counts”

Coral ignored this, removing her undies and entered the water straight way, denying Ruby a view of what she knew her companion so desperately desired; a peek of her curly pubes that would assuage her swirl of thwarted anticipation.  Coral positioned herself on the deeper side of the pool, turned and treaded water, again slighting Ruby, denying her even a view of her breasts. 

Coral got the complete bolt from the blue which stunned her previously placid mind though her gentle arm action held true through the water.  Shit Ruby; you alluring bitch was the immediate thought that crossed her thrashing turbulent mind. Her arms held steady, her mind a whirlpool of emergent lust.  Her eyes fixated on Rubes genitals.  Ruby was naked at the edge of the pool. The sunlight catching a metal ring clearly pierced through her clithood. Coral wanted to fucking pull it now, no she had wanted to pull it  seconds ago, she was already anticipating pulling the ring back to completely expose Ruby’s magnetically attractive bulbous anatomical anomaly. Coral knew the bitch Ruby knew exactly what she was gawking at.

Ruby entered the water relaxed and in control. No whirlpool of turbulent lust fired emotions like Coral. All Ruby had to do was wait, let Coral build the intensity.  Shit thought Ruby easy enough said, wait, her sweet bud had been on hold for two months, she might as well have been a marooned castaway or even worse a medieval betrothed maiden trapped in a chastity belt.  Wait, wait, was Ruby’s message to self, don’t good things come to those who wait.  Fuck no; replied Ruby to herself, let’s start the fun now.

“Come on know you want it…I won’t make you wait” and taking Coral’s hand, they side stroked back together to the edge of the pool. Legs and arms tangled rapidly, faces were buried between thighs. Tongues surprisingly found flesh moister and softer than themselves. Coral had a metal ring on her mind and found it. Ruby had luscious elegant crinkly labia to part and did so immediately.

Coral was intrigued by her own curiosity. She knew Ruby’s clit and remembered it well.  So why did a piece of metal excite her so much, her wetness between her legs was apparent to herself, Ruby wouldn’t need any spit today.  Was it the thrill of pulling the ring back over Ruby’s awesome protruding nub, without touching her flesh, just pull lightly on a silver ring, backwards and forwards, lightly. Her partner’s clit enlarging, if that was possible for a clit as big as Rubes, but surely it was, the erogenous preset axis of her womanly response was completely in the pleasure manipulation zone. Or was it the sheer audacious action in Ruby dropping her undies and letting a complete professional stranger pierce her sweet delicate flesh.  What a moment of trust or foretaste of future lust. Coral couldn’t image getting her own labia pierced.  For surely; Ruby had had the piercing done merely to tempt her, like her tattoo, just to acquire Josh.

Coral was playing with a piece of metal. Ruby was playing with two pieces of flesh.  Coral was playing hide and seek the clit, using a metal ring. Now you see it, now you don’t; only Rubes clit was never fully hidden, it popped out with startling randomness like a manic Jack-in-the-box.

Ruby was opening and closing butterfly wings, carefully and delicately. Monarch butterfly floated through Rubes mind.

Coral kept playing her game till Ruby started another. Nimbly and adroitly Ruby was up, easing Coral’s body into position with one hand and mounted her partner like a horse.

“What the fuck ….Ruby…aren’t we a bit old for this” suggested Coral.

“Baby …you have no idea …this is for you …as a big girl…okay…relax.”

Coral felt the firm leather handle of the riding crop slide between her labia; wow, she thought and took possession of the regular slippery sliding action, till Ruby dismounted and inserted the crop handle , by gentle stages, deeper each time, into her soaking tunnel. What turned Ruby on beyond her wildest imagining was not the glistening moisture of Coral’s undeniable wetness on the leather leaving a viscous clammy tacky trail but, the black leather contrasting with golden straggly long pubes. It was gold and black, an interior decorators dream combination. Ruby would never see gold and black again without thinking riding crop and Coral’s pretty perfect Californian poppy pubes.

Coral was lost in her own pussy’s power to create personal exciting joy.  Ruby was lost in colour for a moment.

Ruby flipped Coral to vary the tempo; very much a happy sixty nine girl was Rubes.  She licked and sucked the long labia and flicked Coral’s petite clit. Coral gave a few pleasant finger strokes around Ruby’s clit but knew rimming the bitch’s anus would maximise her excitement.  Fun in the sun continued for a minute or two.  Ruby lifted her pacing; Coral thought, shit her tongue has a high speed setting and her fingers on both sides of her body clutched at the roughish grass they were laying on.  Coral sensed she was closing in on her own orgasm and tensed. She let Ruby take her there.  She moaned in pleasure, to indicate clear feedback. Her extended right hand however, found and gripped the riding crop.

Coral guided Ruby into position easier that she thought possible; Ruby was malleable when it came to sex.  She rode Ruby, welting the bitch firmly on her arse; first one cheek, then the other. Coral could tell Ruby was close to frantic delight, it’s a fine line, between pleasure and pain. Coral inspected the pretty pink little welts she had inflicted on her best friends arse. Absolute mutual moments of full satisfaction are rare in sex, this was one of them.

Ruby rolled over, smiled and actually politely said, “Thankyou.”

“You’re welcome “, replied a satisfied Coral, thinking, I win again.

However, Ruby took the riding crop and eased Coral back into position and mounted her for a second time.

“Steady Ruby…we’ve already played this…no new tricks…I’m a bit disappointed.”

Coral regretted the use of that word for a long time. She saw Ruby spit on the crop handle and it disappeared straight into her tight virgin arsehole, where not even her own finger had ever ventured.

‘Shit’, ‘Fuck’, ‘Oh my’, in some combination neither Coral nor Ruby ever remembered flowed from her shocked mouth.  Her poop chute had more than one use after all.  Fuck it felt good, as does any new pleasurable experience. Coral thought why hadn’t I tried this myself and it was added instantly to her sexual needs list. A couple of minutes of awesome intense ego gratification; and Coral was sated.Her butthole churned to perfection by the crop.

The girls dressed quietly. Ruby mounted Champion leaving Coral Flame for the return journey. Coral understood, Ruby felt she was top bitch again. Okay, thought Coral, my turn to plan a rendezvous and at the same time Coral confronted the nagging doubt of whether she could take it or leave it with Ruby. If she planned, she wanted it. Ruby was all genital and heady delight, but Coral wanted cock too. Shit, thought Coral; Ruby was outstanding at getting what she wanted, when she wanted it and the bitch already knew she would get it again soon.

Ruby led the way back. She felt confident of round three. It was exhilarating to self to be one smutty step ahead of her cute friend, who had more than fucking surprised her in the boathouse, it was seared into Rubes brain and still made her arse tingle to think of that afternoon.  Ruby knew if Coral planned, she would have to counter plan because in life she liked to call the shots.

“Okay race you back through the mulberry paddock…lets go” and Ruby was galloping before Coral was ready.

Coral trailed a distant last…thinking; okay… you want an endurance event Ruby…you’ll get it.


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