Pappus & Sonder

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Pappus & Sonder
A reflective erotic romance novel.
It raised my mother’s, partner’s, and daughter’s eyebrows, so hopefully, it is an evocative and provocative read for you.
It is a work of fiction. However, the harrowing events characters are traumatically caught in are actual. The facts are honoured as part of a novel to enhance compassion and empathy. The numerous famous artworks referenced have a role in resonating emotions. Places in Australia and the world are real-to-ground characters. The dates are provided to ease the reader backwards and forwards through memories from the 1960s to the 2010s.
The story's history: the original text was written here in 2015. It started as a sexual introspection memory journey under a different title. [ Our Lives as Genitalia] In 2020, the novel was expanded to flesh out the main character's background stories. In 2021-2022 with the support and feedback of a terrific beta reader and editor, the clarity and flow improved dramatically. The story was released from wads of introspection that slowed its pacing and transitions. In general, the memory recall changes are smoother. Overall, it is presented as my flagship polished piece of lush adult writing.
[ The story's faults always remain mine.]
The theme has remained constant: memory tattoos our yearnings under our skin, and they will ripple back.
The erotica sizzles in context. [If you are curious about a sample, read my short story- Ruby in Paris- but it would also be a part spoiler.]
Dedication: For anyone who gifts a second chance
Epigraph: “all those kids” It is attributed to H.S.Truman, by Henry A. Wallace, diary entry of 10 August 1945.
To all the women who shaped my contemplative life.
To all the women, I owe contrition.
To my wife, who frames the frame of my life.
To my daughters, who asked me the perennially unanswerable questions about love and relationships, which triggered me to write the story.
To Nikki, who sparked the novel’s ripples through time.
To Jennifer, who drew out of me the heart of the story.
To Sonder, coined in 2012 by John Koenig, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.
To dandelion pappus; blown free of yearnings.

Table of Contents

Erotic Art & Flesh Design

“Toes can curl when you kiss,” I told her, “Klimt integrated this into his painting.” “Ah,” marvelled Coral, “The holy grail of lovers — the flawless pash.”
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All The Bases & Dirty Talk

Between team games, Josh filled in the details. He told me about the sex in his panel van. Josh professed he adopted the foreplay bases in order. At the same time, Brit went straight to home base!
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Blushing Cheeks & Dry Humping

I knew because Coral peeped and glanced as Ruby selected a plump berry and licked its tip repeatedly. Her legs flexed naughty wide, straddling the limb.
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Halloween Shenanigans & Puck, Puck

To young male eyes, nothing compares to a stunning nubile. College provided opportunities to observe sensuality concentrated.
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Poolside Girls & A close knit pair

Alongside my sexual euphoria, I fancied myself in a harem. I recalled the most famous fleshpot painting, Ingres, The Turkish Bath. It is a body feast; nude women are everywhere within the
composition’s circular form. For myself, the naked female form lay wherever I cast my eye on a hotel bed.
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Soaring, Smudges, Promises, Looking Back

The contents of my soul splattered as paint poured on an action painting. A daiquiri, a shell, a skylight, a passport photo, olives, and ravioli. Who was the girl for me?
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Coy Toy & Dumb Inaction

A girl, I thought, using a girl’s knowledge of girls. I saw her fingers give the toy a slight corkscrew twist to entice her girlfriend’s mouth open.
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Tennis Decorum, Amber Eyes, Urgency Named & Sexual Insignia

Nothing could be gradual at a subsequent encounter. Urgency named, the speed felt, and the insistence would snowball buoyed by passion’s momentum—a twin avalanche of cascading desire surging to its
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Nice an Underrated Word, Skittish Fillies & All the Way

“No, stay, you scamp! Watch Goldilocks get bare,” the minx light and carefree.
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Limits & Game Over

Ruby’s hands spread on Coral’s hips. Ruby’s fingers patted her girlfriend’s behind. The brunette’s hands drifted under Coral’s skirt, kneading her panties. The hussy!
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Am I Desirable? Sleek Seal & Dance Partners

“Too far south, boy; get your eyes up,” Ruby scolded me. She flipped my chin sharply. As she twirled, she muttered, more to herself than me, “What is it with men and toes?”
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Hot Blooded Night & Goosebumps

My body over her body. Her flesh splayed beneath mine. Jenny, though, watched over the sex. The unrelenting mood stirred neither sensual nor romantic.
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So Different & Lush

I adored her sexual exploration. Her post-intimacy open musings highlighted her complexity.
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Wow! & The Little Hussy

I beheld Jenny’s fraternal lips, her stunning symmetry. Butterfly wings greeted my gaze in a plush, inviting way.
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The Ledger, Dunes, Scarf and Bag, Liars

“A bunch of common sense liars jumped on that,” remarked Ruby.
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You Bugger & The Words

Life is about holding on and holding in, and holding close, and holding your end and holding together, both in and out of bed.
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The tiff, Ruby's lair, Tasty

Memory frays and tatters delight I want to keep together...At the same time, it binds better than a patchwork quilt, that which I want to keep apart.
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Mmm...That's Nice, High Maintenance, Internal Goosebumps

How do you encapsulate sexual awe? You describe it as it occurred, not in a lustful way, only with ardent devotion.
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Domestic Tableau, Bubblegum Pop, Tallies

I admitted to myself, although there were plenty of fish off the jetty, what could you do if you wished for the mermaid?
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No ad Infinitum, Tippy Toes

I was envious of Ruby, who seemingly controlled every aspect of her life.
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Sweet Pleasure, Boundaries

I’d take the short excitement. Who wouldn’t? Yet, we want more; we yearn for what will last.
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Sealed Lips & If Only...

“Like the view?” she stated. Followed by the sultry, “Be Adam and sin with Eve.”
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Changes, Not Okay, Broken, The Bathroom, Ambush , Greenhorn

“Don’t fret, greenhorn; she is still pure Goldilocks. Likely, she always will be; to you.”
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The Lambs, Vagrants

Coral mused aloud, “Geez, Luke, we’re both drifting.” Drifting, I thought, we were vagrants in our minds; we both needed to settle with a life partner.
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Dark Intruder, Reason to Smile, Settle Petal, Love Muscle, Professional

Irreverently she teased, “I’ll draw Josh’s love muscle atop the cake —to excite you.”
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Forward Thoughts, Taking Stock, Moderation, The Exhibition

Drumming her fingers, Ruby reacted, ‘ahem’, and stated, “A pretty heart to break.”
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Just Someone, The Alleyway, The Snake, The Carousel

Her breathing climbed sharply, matching mine as our hands explored. A crotch grope initiated her invitation to join the risqué. Anticipation moved to action.
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A Whale, The Red Rug, Eden, The Unnecessary Extra, Uh-Uh

The brunette smugly taunted, “Want to hear the sounds of sex? Come on.”
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Limbo, Touch, Californian Poppy, Someone Special, In the Cards

Rhea extended her wedding finger, “What happened between them,” she asked, like dipping your toes carefully into the water.
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A Captive, True Man, Oh Boy!

I liked how she chose to look back. She cherished moments of the past.
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Talk!, Clenched, Grounded, A Prick, Owed

Coral found her sweet voice, “I owe you one, Luke.” Owed me! I owed her frickin’ everything!
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A Piece of Cake, Porn, Fingernails, Gold Leaf, Impulse

Complex inclinations clashed behind my eyes. My ego impulse decreed, gouging her arse. My conscience implored me to seek her heart.
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No Regrets, The Pair!, The Taxi, The Two Curbs

Two street curbs, two corners of my life, collided—
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Don't Go, Overwhelmed, Italic Verse, Faded Photocopies

It’s unfathomable. It remains wondrous. I settled on one pair of eyes.
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Love's Partnership, Water

I quivered as Ruby’s youthful voice emerged taunting. Words don’t hold. Take in life and move on.
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