Out of Control

Out of Control Out of Control

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Young Marietta has public sex with her driving instructor.


Young Marietta has public sex with her driving instructor.


Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017



Marietta was extremely pleased with herself. She hadn’t felt this self pumped since she parted with her useless virginity three months ago. She was on the cusp of womanly independence and she was going to take everything in her stride. Jonas her middle aged driving instructor, married with two kids; had just informed her she was ready to take her full drivers licence test. She had nailed heavy traffic and reverse parking today. She would obviously do her test in his driving school vehicle but would have to get that early Christmas present first car from either her parents or from her Nonna.

Since moving to the big smoke from her country town the pace of life had quickened, though Marietta felt in full control.  She had secured her first job at a local takeaway and her driver’s licence; well it was just a test away. Living with her Nonna in a small second storey inner city apartment was currently okay. Her gran wasn’t too prying and besides Marietta hadn’t had time to flirt or stray in the past two months.  Though to be honest in the shower and under the sheets she kept testing her cute girly equipment and its always pleasurable response and sighed for Paul, her first and only boyfriend, now left languishing in the bush jacking off no doubt in the absence of her sweet coochie which had really appreciated its first several fucks in the back of his van out by the local weir.

Still in the present instance she needed to concentre she reminded herself as she entered the one way suburban lane. Apparently statistically accidents caused by inattention and assumed over familiarity increase the closer you got to home. This fairly new Suzuki hatch didn’t deserve a ding. Jonas was on his mobile booking her transport department test as Marietta swung through the narrow apartment block access lane and swung again to park between the pylons in the open under cover car park beneath the block of flats.

“Shit” was all she got out as she hit the brakes and swung slightly to the left pranging into the concrete pylon with the crunching sound of breaking glass and the bash and bang of a minor collision as the bumper caved in slightly too absorbing the sharp unpleasant low speed impact. Jonas went forward but the air bag caught his lurch.

Her airbag caught Marietta full in her face too with another very vocal but muffled: “Shit…Shit…Shit,” finding its way out of her usually sweet lips.

Nelson, Mr Henderson’s ginger tomcat was not impressed and gave a seething hiss as he had been interrupted servicing an unknown pure white overly heated stray feline. Still the she vixen gave the full yowl as Nelson’s barbed spikes raked her walls on release but whether he had released in her; by the livid look on the tom: NO.

Another, “Oh Shit” and then the tears started as Marietta got out inspecting the damage.

Jonas got out his side to have a look too. A slight whip lash twinge in the neck.

“It was Nelson.”

“Nelson?” said Jonas.

“The tomcat, over there on the fence, the hissing prick,” she got it out between sobs. “I’m so sorry…shit my licence test” and Marietta burst into full streaming tears.

Well when a girl loses the emotional control guys go into comfort mode. Her driving instructor gently embraced her and gave her a shoulder to cry on. Marietta felt herself pressing into her instructor. She looked up and took in his eyes. He was actually good looking with deep sparkly blue eyes now his glasses were off.

Jonas had that moment when his wedding band felt tighter on his finger but the constricting tightness in his pants won out as the young woman engaged his mouth in a full sensual explorative kiss. Her cheeks were flushed red.  Her mouth was warm. Her young body was sexually operative hot. Well she was young, lithe, and blonde and a well framed five foot two.

Jonas lost control now as he fondled Marietta’s breasts. He had her positioned against the open driver’s side door. Her hands were resting on the wound down window, her yellow top up and her smallish breasts squeezed out perkily over the top of her lacey flesh coloured bra. Her jeans were down and her matching flesh coloured high cut panties were exposed, revealing plenty of her rounded young booty.

Jonas knelt and pushed her panties to one side as he explored her wonderfully shaped curved butt flesh closely and sought out the slitty crumpled flesh between her thighs from behind. The touch was instantly and only smooth. Velvety, silky smooth, so smooth, a shaved surprise but he liked surprises like this. He kissed and licked in circles, probing in, ever in and around her petite pucker hole.

Marietta’s arse and thighs quivered. She gave the little shimmers of delight. The quiet ‘mmm’s’ started to surge and then  gushed from her mouth  as he nuzzled into her butt face deep and burrowing  on a mission like a wombat.

The young woman propped her arse on the driver’s seat. Her panties now fully removed and her legs explicitly, receptively spread. The full sexual exposure; hell no; this was womanly over exposure and Jonas loved it.

He was bending over licking and lapping at her flapettes of femskin. His tongue on a free ranging roaming tour; nothing here was off limits and trespassing in her private area was most welcome. Marietta writhed deliciously in girly genital gratification.

Jonas was passed the point of controlling his cock. Foreplay was over and his raging throbbing meat dominated his immediate plans. He had Marietta up at the vehicle door. He wanted direct access into her with no give ways or u turns. He wanted the expressway direct to her coochie; now.

Marietta had other plans and detoured Jonas easily. His cock firmly in her sight, she licked it from the base of his shaft, up, up to, to the tip, rippling pleasure along the way, taking his cock head in fully, wholly wrapped in her mouth in the sweetest of savoured, sensitive movements, locked in. Cock lipped locked as cock loves to be locked. Marietta’s lips firm in their embrace, before she started the suck puck action with her femlips on his male head combined with her hand pumping his shaft. The ritualised up down, up, down, graspy clasp of male delight which had Jonas moaning.

This agreeable surge of pleasure played out over two or maybe three delicious, rapturous, wondrous cock loving minutes but it seemed like forever. Time is stilled when a cock is happy; there is a strange combination of urgency and sedateness because cock pleasure demands pace yet cock wants the race to endure. Cock’s love marathons, the building, the building pleasure; the basking in self penis awareness and the repeated filaments of sensational delight defining any whole heated sausage; defining life as a  male sexual being.

Jonas then seized control. His prick was primed. He turned her young body easily. One of her legs was raised up and bent through the driver’s window, her arse and pussy exposed, her knee resting on the window ledge. Her hands gripping as the pecker traction hit and her head went sliding through the window as his prick pushed beyond the standard deep, hard and fast into her moist slutty cavity. He was pumping pussy frantically. Jonas’ cock strokes were rapid and ball deep.

Marietta moaned repeatedly. Even Nelson still on the fence was drawn to look at her as he surveyed his surrounding territory looking for that stray white bitch he hadn’t yet finished with. Jonas has less control than Nelson. He couldn’t help himself; ‘screw the neighbours’ he managed to think as he guided Marietta with full urgency to the bonnet. ‘Opportunities like this probably only come once in a lifetime’ flashed through his mind.

Marietta was willing, this was exciting beyond excitement. Paul would never know what he could have done to her. Limits are limits, only if limits apply. The young woman’s bodily needs and greed were catapulting her into a deep debauchery. A side of herself she didn’t know yet really liked. She never expected this much sexual risqué to reside in herself. Yet here she was on the front of car in a public space, spreading herself so goddamn wide; raising her legs to the sky and her arse sticking to the still warm bonnet.

Jonas was super impressed by her willingness to try the unexpected. He knew the lass was single minded concentration of the road. Her licence was a certainty at her first test but this side of her expressive self was unreal, beautifully unreal; almost surreal.

Jonas had to lick her spready personal featurette. His cock really couldn’t wait. Yet it was made to. This moment demanded tongue first and he splattered salvia over her glistening pinkness and indulged his tongue and her musky pussy in a plush pleasure frenzy. It is wild and uncontrolled.

Marietta moaned repeatedly, the full guttural nearly unladylike: “Oh …Oh… Ah…Oh” and then actually voiced insistently; “Give me your cock now…right now.”An awesome impelling command given her eighteen summers of life.

Jonas delivered cock. It is after all what guys do best when pussy pleads for it. It was the joy of flesh, the bumping and grinding together, the humping and rutting to encapsulate pleasure; to bask in pleasure and then happily share in pleasure.

Jonas locked his arm under her leg and Marietta responded to the added deepness as her fingers wandered to tease and assuage her demanding clit. She was nicely out of control and it is always a male pleasure to see that rapid rapturous revelry in a girl when a woman plunges over the sexual rapids with you and then climaxes effusively.

Marietta wanted his jizz in her mouth. The full forceful warm wild warped spray. So she worked Jonas’ cock hard and fast in her gob till she felt the stiffening at the point of male no return and extended her twitching twirling tongue which whipped furiously to receive every male droplet. She watched closely as his cock veins started their throbbing pulsating push to deliver his spasmed happiness that went smattering in splattering splashing dribs and drips across her lips, on to her extended tongue and finally resting in sticky tacky gluey wads on her soft flushing cheeks.

Marietta’s encore was taking his wet dripping cummy cock in her mouth yet again. Now so sensitive after the hard flowing release, it was still rigid but starting repose. It was nearly too stimulated and this was the excessive moment, but it’s taken: cocks always take, cocks always receive, cocks want more even when they have just had the sensational.

The young chick knew the secret lust of cock but she was extremely delicate in her additional impromptu yummy, gummy, sloppy head work. The finale of femappreciation when the sex has been so fucking amazing you just have to give that extra bit back.

It was that prick Nelson who intervened and made them both realise what the fuck they had done and where.  The tom was arched on the roof of the hatch. His white hot pussy companion was back meowing in the corner of the parking spaces.  Nelson was hinting to the interlopers to piss off. It was his turn.

As Marietta put her clothes back on she realised her Nonna was expecting her inside for dinner very soon and she had her shift at the pizza parlour to get ready for. Jonas was still glazed in that vacant male satisfaction mode. The actual prang and his wife were the last things on his mind. He was still cock happy.

Nelson too was quickly extremely happy in the parking space corner with his white furry impassioned companion.


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