Not Your Average Jane

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jane believes her plain looks will never get her a guy. Two camp leaders, Felix and Jonas make Jane the centre of attention for herself and then opportunistically squeeze her young body between their two peckers.

You get used to being overlooked. I mean you don’t like it but you pretend it doesn’t bother you.  Some of the reasons for being perpetually overlooked belong to you and others are the perceptions of others.

You are average height and not skinny or plump but you believe you don’t have that one feature that draws any guy’s eyes to look at you : not your light blue eyes or your fair hair- even in a pony tail. Clothes always looked daggy on you , even quality jeans won’t for some reason ever define your rear cheeks as well as well cut jeans are meant to and help with the message from behind: the one most girls secretly like: ‘Hi guys this is MY butt.’

I mean I never got any looks when I came into a room. No one commented when I left a room. I was pissed off too because usually when you feel you missed out on the looks at least you had the brains and could feel superior to the guys ignoring you. No my grade point average was you guessed it: average.

You know you really are average when your mum splashes out money she can’t afford on a designer dress for a senior college social. The dress is very pretty but no one notices the girl in the dress or the dress in the end and you remain a wallflower: all evening. Nothing to smile about.

I tried the tight t-shirt look in my final college term but it never did anything for my unconfident  figure. My breasts were just there. I knew that but it hurt as guys looked straight through me to short skirts and chesty hard nippled girls front on or in profile, usually right next to me.

Oh I had plenty of girlfriends, you do when they don’t see you as competition or even better your presence makes them the stand out.

Your friend’s boyfriends really irk you. You hear the boys whisper to their girls: ‘What was your friends name again?’

I’m the ubiquitous Plain Jane and I’m paying for some karma in a previous existence, as my name is Jane. Always a five on a one to ten scale. When picking teams I’m never picked first and never picked last. At any task I’m never the stand out. I am middle of the road. The common dime in the dozen. Humdrum. Forever, So-So.

External validation is gratification. I craved acceptance. Well more. As a girl I wanted to be filled and you know where and it was as usual my fingers alone that always eased the pressure between my deprived boy shy virgin thighs.

So, College ended and I was one of only a handful of girls dateless at the final dance. Hopes and dreams dashed on the most important nights of a young eighteen years woman’s life: the College Formal.  Soul crushed and smile slaying.

However, I volunteer as a cabin leader at a summer camp for underprivileged kids before my first semester at Uni. You know you really have nothing to gripe about. You have the average uni score and have been accepted for nursing. You at least have all the average niceties of life around you at home. A caring single mum who tries hard and is there for you.

There is a team leaders meeting at the lakeside venue, the day before the children arrive. You have jeans and a sloppy rugby top on.  You sit in the middle of the back row of three semi circles of chairs. The chairs in front of you fill and guys chat up girls next to them and girls flirt with the guys seated near them and no one joins you in the back row.

The camp leadership triumvirate arrive and share out sheets and start going through the procedures and routines for tomorrows meet and greet the campers and the whole seven day activity outline for the camp. You are listening intently, adding notes in the margins when there is a guy on your left and guy on your right.

This is not you. The guy on the left is a hunk, athletic build and he leans in to share the information sheet being explained. The guy on your right is really tall and goose bump handsome, dressed like an outdoors model out of a designer marketing commercial and he too leans right into your space, holding the edge of the sheets and following the speaker.

You are overwhelmed by the presence of dual fresh breath testosterone. You try to calm yourself by telling yourself they are only close because they are late and have no sheets of their own. They won’t even ask your name when this briefing is over.

Well surprise, surprise. They do ask your name and chat over morning coffee and biscuits at the break and as the group resits and they have their own copies of the guidelines for hut leaders, they pin you in between themselves.

You smile like you have never smiled in your life.

Athletic Jonas smiles back and adds, “Great smile...Jane.”

Tall Felix with the cute eye drawing chest hair on your right adds, “Wow...the kids are really going to like you...infectious smile ...Jane.”

Two compliments and nothing average about them. I was bloody beaming.

Over the lunch break bbq they hung me...listened to me...eyes full of your new near permanent notice other girls and even guys around the lawn, looking at your group. You think it’s the guys they are looking at. No it is smile...they smile...they like you...without having met you...and the smiles say: you deserve the guy’s attention with that glowing face of yours.

Jonas and Felix were senior camp leaders and as we divided after lunch into peer support practice games. They selected me for their group: first. The afternoon breezed away. I had fun and was fun to be with.

There was a break before dinner and Jonas very forwardly invited me for a walk down to the lake. There was a very narrow but fine shingly beach. I enjoyed the crunch under my joggers and the unevenness as Jonas offered a supporting arm. He guided me up a nearly hidden track towards the end of the shingles, which opened into a sunny grassed glade. The sun was on my face and I was luxuriating in close male presence as Jonas took my face in his hands and got his tongue flexing into my mouth.

My passionate response was pure lust. My hand groped around his man package through his tight jeans. He liked it. I loved it. First kiss, first cock touch in basically the same instance.

His hand was under my sloppy rugby top and my bra was no defence against his flexible awesome fingers. They found my nipple and rubbed it into a frenzy of compelling need and shaped my seemingly lumpy softness with a series of sensational caresses. Jonas knew what he was doing and I really liked that. I just kept massaging his firm cock now straining trapped in his jeans as he deftly removed my top and bra, letting my self-conscious undefined mounds flop out but jeez my nipples felt so hard.

“Wow” he said as he first tweaked and sucked my nipples. I had never thought them guy attracting. Maybe they were or he just knew all about building girly bodily self esteem into hot raging sex.

My jeans and panties were no barrier against his skilful hands. Hell I was helping to wriggle my gear off. I needed his touch. Wanted his touch. I grabbed his hand and directed his touch, right over my demanding coochie. My did it feel good, another hand, not my own, on my girly goodies.

“You are so beautifully wet between your silky lips “was all he said.

Practiced verbal foreplay or sincere compliment I didn’t give a care, as long as his fingers kept fondling and steadily feeling me up. My skin mitten was soppy so quickly.

It was divine, pure pleasure as he went down on me. ‘Plain Jane’, Moi, was getting the right regal treatment under the cover of her hairy pelt.  Jonas knew where to put his tongue. Did he know what to do with his tongue...yes...yes...yes.

I was pushing my clit into his hard working tongue tip. Moaning softly.

He paused for a moment, looked up and asked,” you like that?”

“Mmm” I said “Please don’t stop.”

And Jonas really got busy, flicking, sucking and nibbling around my sensitive bits.

When his finger went up my arse I didn’t even process it beyond; it felt great and leave it there.

I wanted his cock in me. I really needed cock immediately.

He sensed my need and had me down on the grass and was positioning himself on top of me I thought but he raised my lower body up towards him, arching me back and in he went deep and fast. It was sensational. I could see his cock working piston fast in my bushiness. God I was fully a woman.

I was so in the moment, I shut my eyes. I was completely cock happy. I was blissfully secure in the belief I would cum and cum fast.

There was suddenly also a cock over my lips. I didn’t open my eyes. There was Jonas’ cock in my pussy. I opened my lips, savouring the taste and girth of my first pecker in between my sweet lips. I sucked and worked the sensationally hard flesh into my mouth. I sensed it was Felix. Well if it wasn’t Felix I actually didn’t give a fuck. Here I was cockless in life until about ten minutes ago and now I had two. The karma in my life was taking a turn in the right direction.

Jonas eased me up and I opened my eyes. Was I one smiling happy girl. Double erect cock in my vision. But not for long. Felix was under me as Jonas placed me over him.

Fuck Felix had a fat cock. I mean I felt full and amazingly satisfied as he pumped into me. I started grinding down onto his pubic bone.  He raised my body up, so my pussy was only over the tip of his cock, and then he let me free plunge down. I understood what to do and rode him.

This was made all the more sensational by Jonas fingering my butt hole and then licking around my rim. God it felt good. I didn’t know where to concentrate. But my body took it all in. It caved into the pleasure rippling through me.

“Jane...I want to fuck your that okay” said Jonas.

“Mmm” and I nodded; I was so frickin engaged with Felix’s cock and my so satisfied coochie I couldn’t really contemplate the pleasure gradient rising as my definitive orgasm was approaching.

OMG any sense of self pleasure, any new limits of pleasure I was experiencing in being fucked and having my arse rimmed, as memory defining as they always would be, the word average disappeared from my vocab as Jonas stuck his pecker in my back crack. Shit was I full. I could feel dick in me everywhere. Shaping my pussy and stretching my arsehole. The thin partition of skin between then was so sensitive. So taut , just what was keeping their cocks apart in me?

I was pushing and gyrating and moaning. The guys were both thrusting and filling me with amazing male energy. It was above intense. It was above what a girl should experience in sex the first time. But hey I took it all, wanted it all and demanded it all.

God knows what I looked like with my arse up in the air, being pumped by cock from behind and fed by cock from below. It was me and I’m glad it was me. I came like a frickin bursting Roman candle, pleasure filling my cavities and rupturing in throbs through me, I was ignited into pure self, expanding through self and out of myself. The layers of pleasure overlapped and spread everywhere in me like a fanning comet tail, then concentrated like a bright comet head back around my anus and my clit.

I felt Jonas cock tense and clench in my arse. I heard Felix’s groan of pleasure as his pecker fired his load into me.

Geez I was clammy and sticky and tacky, gooey, oozy around my seemingly paired fully satisfied holes.

And the smile on my face. Well it just kept expanding.

“Awesome... Jane” said Felix.

“Exceptional... Jane” said Jonas.

....We are all in pursuit of regular sexual pleasure and are happiest when someone joins us for a while along the way. Maybe its random, perhaps it luck or spur of the moment but I knew now it always started with a smile. I did a fair to middling job with the kids all week but Jonas and Felix kept surprising me with shameless, sleazy and kinky threesome sex; and not one average moment.


Submitted: May 31, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Janus. All rights reserved.

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