Morning Sexercise

Morning Sexercise Morning Sexercise

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sylvia is training alone early in the morning on the esplanade for the ten k city fun run. A chance encounter with a hunky guy results in frenzied outdoor sex.


Sylvia is training alone early in the morning on the esplanade for the ten k city fun run. A chance encounter with a hunky guy results in frenzied outdoor sex.


Submitted: January 14, 2017

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Submitted: January 14, 2017



Sylvia Brereton was focussed, totally committed to her body’s response in the moment. This was her last workout before Sunday’s City to Casino ten kilometre fun run. She had placed a creditable seventh in the women’s open section last year.  At twenty two she was determined to do better and place top three this year and do a PB.

The task had got a bit more complex in the last three months when her training partner Meredith had transferred interstate with a job opportunity. It was a grind with continual practice alone. Never easy when you are too skilled to encourage casual partners to join you and you are up very early each and every day.

She was well into her Monday-Wednesday-Friday- routine as per usual on the esplanade foreshore this particular clear late spring Friday morning. Sylvia using the council set up outdoor fitness equipment. Awesome gear; serious gear actually but very rarely used properly; a bit like her doleful pussy; she was currently too serious about training but still harboured a young woman’s physical needs.

The cute brunette had been reading Carson McCullers’s: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and the phrase: ‘I am not meant to be alone and without you who understands’ kept circulating through her mind. She needed a guy who was into her and fitness at the same time. Still she didn’t want to be seen as trying too hard; a huntress on the prowl for guys.

The open-air fitness equipment was all silver and fluoro orange which didn’t match her fluoro pink cropped top. Hell you never knew where you might meet a guy or girl who would hit on you. Sylvia felt herself ready to try anyone interested in her; male or female.

Her tight firm arse and camel toe were defined clearly in shimmery jet black lyrca three quarter pants and she was complete as a unit with her white brand name trainers. There was a bit of skin exposed around her midriff but it was taut and feminine. A bit of a sexy look and her stylish brunette short swept back hair was functional and easy to manage for a girl on the go. There was a hint of fashion in her designer gear but no guys or gals around to appreciate it.

Sylvia centred on herself as the solo committed trainer. Committed with fervour like the solo self pleasurer; both knowing what’s needed to up the ante and get the max out of the body in the immediate instance. She was concentrated into rigorous prep. It was a still water morning, about six am. The moon still hadn’t gone to sleep as she went through some basic warm ups. The standard calf stretch, hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, shoulder stretch, chest stretch and lower back stretch. Then a short jog, just enough to perspire. The first flush of exercise rounded off with a few minutes cardio on the outdoor cycle followed by the elliptical trainer. Then she was building strength with pull downs, body pulls, push ups and pull ups and some core leg raises. Finally the stretch station and she would finish with the sit up bench. A lot of the gear was twin units but she didn’t have a partner.

This equipment was crying out to be shared, to make exercise fun for two, like sex is definitely more fun with two. The inner thigh workout on the stretch station always got her feeling a bit randy but there was never anyone about to see her legs spread. Then Sylvia started some squats.

Hunter Yeats ending his early morning five k run back along the full esplanade track that weaved out to Conroy Point saw her. He enjoyed her flexed legs, her petite stature and her short dark hair which framed an angular pixie face and sharpish nose. She was lithe and sweatily hot. This girl could stretch her legs. His cock stirred and knew the fetching assests ahead before he was really close to her. Hunter instantly felt she was his type of catch; though he should have been rooted, as he momentarily checked his time for the five k return circuit. A PB but still suddenly he had energy. What an inspired choice, he reflected, to select the esplanade on Friday instead of his usual Tuesday- Thursday –Saturday schedule. The lass looked a regular. Yeats surmised she must be training for the City to Casino. Well he needed to do his cool down stretches and she saw him too.

Sylvia was still stretching out with some squats. She had a few to go. The brunette had thought she was alone. Now she wasn’t, she blushed a bit because what sort of girl did the hunky athletic guy approaching think she was. She knew the full pleasure sensation of squatting over a guy in bed and she had the muscle tone to hold the amazing position. But here in public under the growing gaze of a guy; he was taking her in she realised as she squatted. Well between her legs held his gaze, if nothing else.

Hunter was impressed with the young woman’s power, pose and poise and was certainly thinking that was a position to get her in sooner rather than later. He got straight to the point after their introductions. The brazen dude offering to hold Sylvia’s legs first in partner sit ups. She readily agreed because the extra anchoring was great for her already tight abs. His grip was firm and practical but hell he was attractive, exuding testosterone and his smile and words of encouragement were infectious. The petite athlete was breathing faster and getting personally privately wetter because she was thinking about sex with this guy. Christ she had only known him a few minutes, yet she wanted to screw him. The fantasy of a toned guy appearing here was a reality but she held herself in check.

Sylvia thought: ‘Fuck the way we are brought up. Mummy’s advice about being a ‘nice’ girl,’ well nice girls didn’t get to fuck before breakfast outdoors. She knew she had the choice, her natural urges shelved and left unfulfilled, be demure and modest. No girl wants to be labelled a slut. Yet she didn’t feel one. She felt ready, set, go.

Hunter moved up and towards Sylvia’s face. He saw her willingness in her eyes.  The confident prick executed the perfect opening kiss. It was sensual and promising. Secure and embracing and signalling more; much more. The prospects of the moment expanded as he took her hand and guided her with compelling natural urgency straight behind the nearby rowing sheds.

It was a frenzy of hands and tongues that ignited them both faster than a starting pistol. They were all over each other. Hunter’s shorts, briefs and t-shirt off. Sylvia’s crop top, sports bra, lyrca pants and black panties all sidelined. This pair were at sprint speed, screw sustaining a measured pace as would be required in a distance run. Theirs was a sexual dash.

He cupped her cute smallish breasts. The most alluring morsels of his life. Yet he thought he was and always had been a full bosomed guy. Suddenly, not any more. Wow; she was excited as he sucked and licked with extensive, sweeping, intense thoughtful movements. He kept upping the pressure and the tempo continually. The brunette was enthusiastic about every type of touch. Her breasts were twin VIP’s in the moment.

Hunter had never seen a young woman so eager and hungry for cock. Sylvia was very quickly treating his pecker like royalty. A personal deity to worship orally. She looked so happy to be sucking a stiff.

Hunter would have lost his wad so intense were her ministrations. The petite lass let nothing escape her attentiveness to pleasure, focussing in turn on his rigid shaft, his swollen head and his tight nut sac. Full TLC in all the right male places. She had the goddamn firmness of grasp and soft lips alternating on his swollen pole.

He wanted to express dog her. She looked like she needed it and wanted it; deep, indecent and slutty with a finger in her arse. But then he took in her deep brown eyes and wanted in that instance to worship her body. Sylvia was appreciative of his wandering hands which cupped and lifting her buttocks upwards, drawing her body to his; closeness to closeness.

Hunter bent his knees and Sylvia grabbed him around the neck. Her butt resting a bit on his thighs till she locked her legs higher around him. The fit guy had the strength to lift her butt and guide his cock in. Wow; fuck it felt great. He was pumping and thrusting and she was gyrating and humping. Two individuals caught in the full unknowable unrealised power of a new coupling. Her pussy grip was startling to Hunter. His girth caught her by surprise. They experienced superlative sex; wedged in each other’s bodily cadence and exposed needs, coupled in rudimentary, rhythmic rutting.

Hunter had to taste her opening and feel her love bead under his tongue. He gently directed Sylvia against the brick wall of the rowing club. She leant back at an angle, spreading her legs but pushing out her mound from her hips. And then, Hunter on his knees accessing her Delta of Venus, plus her clit, the firmest pointed globule of the most responsive flesh Hunter had ever encountered; he couldn’t get enough of her nub and Sylvia went delirious with joy as he teased, licked and swept his tongue over her spongy erect pink diamond. The brunette’s legs eventually shuddered in convulsions of bliss. Sylvia experienced the snap, crackle and pop of pleasure escaping in an effervescent fizz of life. Her clit delivered big time and her pussy leaked the physical evidence of complete bodily satisfaction.

The petite miss wanted to give Hunter everything now.  Even her butt. She kissed him passionately. Then looked in his eyes for what he wanted. She was trying to second guess his preference but there was only one she realised. This guy wanted her; it was Sylvia, herself, all of her.

Hunter led her a metre to a patch of grass. Sylvia mounted him and rode him to his inescapable spurt. She could tell it was close as his eyes glazed over and his breathing became grunts. Still he kept sustaining the thrusts of mutual joy because he was watching Sylvia’s pleasure too. He wanted her to come again. She was very close and her own breathing was rapid and her guttural “Ohh’s” were becoming louder.

Sylvia got out; “It’s okay, cum in me, I’d like that.”

She felt his stiffness really firmly inside her enclosing pussy flesh. She felt his cock jerk into her in a series of sudden speedy bursts of rigidness as her own clit kept pounding into his pubic bone and released renewed waves of femdelight through her: maybe not as powerful as before but in another way more fulfilling as she had this amazing guy cum in her. Sylvia felt his warm gisum seeping around her contended pussy.

Hunter was surprised at his own tenderness as he moved to hold her tight after sex. There was much mutual clasping and holding and legs twining and snuggling and cuddling into each other.

Shit, they both heard a car on the gravel, possibly only around the corner of the building they were behind.  However, they still giggled and playfully made it difficult for each other to get redressed. They actually didn’t care if anyone saw them teasingly throwing each other’s gear here and there behind the rowing shed.

Hunter and Sylvia ran together in the City to Casino on Sunday, finishing mid field. Jogging, talking and luxuriating in each others close presence. Their energy already shared all through Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning before the event. The pair fully aware; we are not meant to be alone.


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