For Our Enjoyment and Yours

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

College girly fun caught out: but hey these two over sexed nymphets really enjoy sharing a step-daddy’s cock and arse.

Caroline and I were investigational college girls. We had accidentally discovered the delights of girly play together a couple of months back. Now we hankered for the more. We were experimenting with our pleasure slits, the limits; the boundaries were being knocked over as we delved into each other’s body with pure college girl laviciousness. Oh, boys remained good too when we weren’t playing with each other.

“Hailey what’s your mum’s toy store like sweetie,” said Caroline one afternoon after we had had a few playful kisses.

“Pardon," I said surprised, my mum was well over forty; “She is a bit beyond the collecting teddies stages” I added trying to unbutton my bestie’s blouse but she was holding back.

“No you dill, her dildo, her vibrator or other kinky treasures. Oh come on share them”, her doe eyes had me even though I wanted Carol in the immediate instance to share her gorgeous titties.

“I’ve got no idea C,” I said and I really didn’t. I was going to add: I didn’t think she had any because well she had had my step dad for the past year. Surely she didn’t need anything girly personal with a regular cock in her bed.

“Well let’s go take a look, see what we can find. Come on;” and she grabbed me by the hand before I had the chance to really think this through or play with her cute chest muffins.

We were down the hallway and in my mum’s room. I had no idea where to look. I tried the bedside drawers. Caroline like she was sniffing my pussy had her face in my mother’s wardrobe.

All I found was mums lube.

“Oh my God,” said Caroline “Your mum likes it up the arse or giving her guy the butt heave ho;” and she was shaking what I can only describe as The Empire State of strap-ons, directly at me.

“Shit;” I exclaimed seeing the at least eight inch bright red monster. It had a really shiny well kept leather harness.

The plastic cock knob was in Caroline’s mouth, the dirty skank. It looked good but I wished it was my nipple, or my clitty or my arsehole sharing her gob. The bitch had to take it right back down her throat and it served the slut right for nearly gagging on it. It was knobby and curved.

Caroline saw my wanton need and finally put the toy down and stripped me off and let me get her clothes off and we were girly canoodling and intimate zone fondling on my mum’s bed. My nipples finally in my bestie’s mouth and my fingers sliding through her sleek pussy wetness. I let her fingers play with my needy arse.

So when Caroline urged me into a doggy position propped up with some plush pillows, I was urgently agreeable, expecting a lick out and deeper fingering, as per my happy usual.

I was propped, waiting, wriggling my butt. I felt she was teasing me. I spread my pink starfish with my own fingers to end the waiting game.

“Oh shit, Oh Fuck You...Orrgh;” I went, as what I believed was the spit lubricated strap on, plundered my arse without warning.

“Take that you bitch;” said Caroline, really enjoying playing the guy on me. She was humping into me and really getting pleasure from the pressure on her clit from the strap-on. I could tell because she was moaning louder than me and believe you me; I wasn’t holding anything back;

“Oh fuck yeah....fuck yeah....shit that’s good...oh my...Ah ...Ah...Ah;” from me.

“Orrgh, Mmmm, Mmm, Orrh;” from Caroline, really having a good time; penetrating my arse deeper than she ever had with her own tongue or fingers.

God she had me with her deep smooth strokes. God knows how my arse accommodated the assaulting weapon in my butt, but it did. It was so frickin good. I was determined to shove it as deep as I could into Caroline, after I had a good climax, which was coming so fast.

I was ploughed breathless. I let myself be anal whored.

We had what can only be termed a cuddling recess to enjoy our mutual orgasms, but I wanted to try the strap-on, to feel its physiological power and pressure on my clitty and of course I had the dominating lewd desire to bulldoze the bitches arse. Strap-on revenge.

Caroline was trash tart, arse cheeks, doggy spread, her petite pink crinkly winky awaiting its experience with toy destiny.

I spat into her arsehole and spat on the end of the red monster for good measure. Hell I felt good. I had the total dominant feeling. Boy was she getting it.

I mean Caroline had a hint of readiness, unlike she gave me. Her arse was wriggling in anticipation and she was wink flexing her hole, the talented whorette.

God the sensation was strange as I shoved it into her. Nothing nice about my action. I set about over filling her tight rear chamber. Fuck the red knob, shot into her further and quicker than I or she expected. Shit my bestie had an accommodating crack for the big toy.

I was banging in and out of her arse, and my clitty was getting a treat from the strap-on and the regular pounding into my bestie’s arse cheeks and her guttural moaning increased my excitement too.

“You bitch, you total bitch; " I said, really enjoying pretending to be a guy, “It’s in you, way deeper, than you got it to me.” Well as if I wanted to be the trashier of us two.

“Orrgh, Mmm, Mmm, Yeah...Ah...but you’re trying to fuckin burst my butthole you bitch;” she managed before I pushed harder and quicker, with manic effort, reducing her mouth to only repeated moans of pleasure. I knew I was trashier. No; we were both bona fide A1 sluts.

I suppose we hadn’t been careful where we chose to have sex. I mean my mum’s bedroom. And we were girly focussed only on each other.

Suddenly; I felt strong hand on my hips and a really stiff cock jolt into my wet pussy at the same time. I realised it was my step-dad, David, but the sensation and the thrill of it negated any thoughts of wrong here. I was punching with force into Caroline’s tender arse and my own pussy was being pummelled by cock from behind. The squashed, middle body in a sex trio was mind blowing for me.

Caroline heard me yelp with squeally feminine pleasure and her eyes as she, half turned and processed what were happening were startlingly lewd.

Of course Caroline climaxed strongly. It was inevitable because I was thumping her arsehole with strap-on bliss, my thrusting, assisted by the power pecker pushing into my own pussy. Grunts, groans and moans melding from a filthy threesome. And I had a rare second orgasm too.

David was obviously where a step-dad dreams to be, catching his step daughter out naked, but to catch her with a slut girlfriend, he had hit the sexual jackpot. He had the full kitty and like any man when the filthy stakes are at their unbelievable highest, he upped the ante. He knew this situation wasn’t repeatable, unless he made it, too good for us not to come back for more.

The dirty, dirty bugger gave us no respite. He was immediately into Caroline’s prepped arse with his useful sized pecker. Man was he in deep; well she had been over prepared by me.

The skank C was really enjoying the real thing though. She was really happy with a pecker digging into her butt and flexing around her rim. I realised my bestie was anal insatiable.

Where the idea came from to peg my frickin step daddy, I don’t know, I suppose I still had the strap on, on; and his arse was just there.

“Oh Fuck” he went as I penetrated a guy’s arse for the first time ever, “You bitch...You bitch...but don’t stop.”

I could tell the grubby bugger was really enjoying it. It crossed my mind, no, yes, surely not; it’s very hard to picture your own mum with a strap-on, pegging your step-daddy’s bum.

Then strangely I was lost in smutty enjoyment. I had that naughty thrill of role reversal and I got an even bigger mischief kick from giving it to my step father right up his gooddam butt. Actually up his butt. I had that lip smacking deliciously bad girl feeling and geez I was happy with myself.

We three, were all back in the wild groans of unbridled pleasure release. Caroline’s arse shouldn’t have been able to enjoy so much anal ploughing. She was a true skankette. My step daddy shouldn’t have been enjoying buggerising my bestie so much too. And I certainly shouldn’t have been so kinky delighted in filling my mum’s lover’s arsehole. Still what happens in sex happens in sex and the three of us, were locked solid in the stunningly filthy pleasure plateau. It was a sexual high for all of us.

Caroline’s fingers on her clit and my step dads cock in her arse bringing her to a ripper of a climax. My pegging and fondling of David’s balls, making him release a clutchy jerky load straight up my bestie happy arse. And well I got an undreamt of third orgasm as I  pushed the strap-on indecently strong into an arsehole I never ever thought I’d touch, let alone stimulate prostate deep. I was in the forbidden zone, fully depraved and my unwanted; unthought-of step daddy was now a part of my sexual menu and Caroline’s too.

None of us ever know what will combine for our perverted enjoyment and yours.


Submitted: June 16, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Loved this ....and the way you built to the 'climax' and the 'release' ...brilliant

Wed, June 16th, 2021 8:51am

Dick Wood

This was dirty, hot and loaded with action.

Thu, June 17th, 2021 1:51am


I wish I was your step-daddy.

Thu, June 17th, 2021 12:59pm

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