Double Parked

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young woman illegally doubles parks over an underground apartment car space and experiences the full meaning of double parking.

It all happened after I had completed an intense interstate work related trip from Perth. My mum had asked me as a favour to reconcile with her step-mother, Joanna. Age and distance and Facebook had those two back on reasonable terms.  It was my last afternoon in Melbourne and I hadn’t had the courage yet to call J.  I had never gotten on with her as she took financial advantage of my mum too often. However, my work college had returned on a morning flight so I busied myself with shopping to avoid my family responsibilities and also to get the final value out of our shared hire car.

Shopping only made me feel guiltier for avoiding restoring relations. So in the end, I brought a bunch of flowers, set the GPS for the Inner City Dockland Apartments and was there with sufficient enough time for a polite visit before I could make my excuses and head to the airport and home. My duty done.

There were no frickin parking spots anywhere. However, as I hit frazzle point, I realised the old dear, who didn’t drive, must have a parking spot attached to her high rise unit. I entered the basement car park, heading down a couple of ramps, into the bowels of the building, looking for J’s allocated unit number parking spot. Oh I found it alright. There was a bloody black Mercedes in the slot. Mmm I was desperate. As it was the last parking spot in the row and wall side, I illegally double parked the small Volkswagen Polo I was driving and decided whoever was visiting Joanna would be there longer than me.

I walked over several metres and entered the stairwell area.  Just as my lift doors were about to close to go up, the elevator opposite me opened and I saw two really handsome well suited guys about to get out. One a slick blonde and the other had longer darker hair. Up I went to visit Joanna, thinking well there was an opportunity missed for a hot young woman like myself.

They say never visit unannounced. Of course she wasn’t there. Oh well I left the flowers at her door and decided I would make contact another time. It would have to do. Down I went intent on getting home.

Oh Shit. Oh Fuck. Oh Crap. Oh Bugger and Hell No flooded through my mind as I saw my car. I saw it from the stairwell door. There were the two guys from the elevator both leaning back on the Polo’s bonnet, arms crossed, bloody unimpressed. Pity because they were hunky dudes. I did though clench the car keys in my hand.

Well there was nothing for it but to try the sultry voice and the provocative look. I was quickly unadulterated feminine eye candy. Geez I needed this pair under my sway.  I had my best sexy saunter, the perfect fem-strut, my absolute best man melting movements. My head up, my eyes smouldering into them, my shoulders back and man oh man was I leading with my best assets, my curvy boobs. My arms had the poised swing, my body was so frickin sexy in my light summer dress and was I working the hips baby. There is hip swivel and there was my goddamn swivel delight. My heels somehow holding my weight. I had the symmetrical alignment of my wide full on sexual blue orbs, my tarty slight tit sway and wobble; and my dress was clinging over my hips and soft firm belly, the fabric defining my womanly V, as I approached them.

Oh they knew it was me who had double parked in front of their trapped vehicle and I was full on trying to charm my way out of my predicament. I knew I looked hot. I also suddenly felt sexier under their joint scrutiny. Yes they were both ogling me.

I had their attention alright as I got closer to them, you know the personal zone where they couldn’t really get angry with a fetching woman, just go ‘male gaga’ , and give in and only later scratch their heads and groin and realise how feminine wiles had got the better of them. Well that was the plan. Problem was my approach was too kick-arse raunchy and it ended up being my arse on the line.

“Oh please forgive me, my sincerest apologies, “I started in a husky, flirtatious voice.

The natural blonde dude didn’t let me get any further, “Oh lady, it’s cool, because we are going to double park you.”

I didn’t register his meaning but the darker haired guy added, “DP sweetie, I think you owe us that much, maybe a full airtight moment actually.”

Oh I got their drift, well I’d never had an airtight moment, you know a cock in my mouth, a set of fingers in my pussy and a butt plug prepping my arse, let alone a DP, I mean , that’s too vulnerable for any woman, isn’t it? I mean I could take a cock up my arse fine, I like it actually and vag-sex is a pleasure given. But DP or as I was learning new slang, to get double parked, here and now, I mean in an underground car park on the bonnet of a Red Polo, I didn’t think so. Even if my dress pattern nicely matched the car.

I had got too close; the two guys in speaking had got even closer to me. I was boxed in tighter than their Mercedes. I mean all I had to say was “No”.  However, there was that deep grubby slut part of me that had walked right into this. I realised I could over think this. If I thought about it, I wouldn’t do it. I just let the polo keys loosely clang to the concrete.

My hands were way in front of my brain and found double groins, one to my front; on to my side and from there I lost any decency, as my body yielded consent, no time for a nod or a yea.

It was all rollercoaster swift after that. I mean one randy guy pawing your body is usually enough for a girl. God did I get it hasty. Yeah I was double tugging cock that I had loosened out of pants, but hell this pair gave a new meaning to fast and furious. My dress was off ,  down off my shoulders , my petite pink knickers were around my ankles, my big  tits cupped over my bra and oh wow, my nipples were getting an amazing sucking , while my pussy and arse were being both double fingered. This pair was tag teaming me and both were frickin impatient for the main event. I was very wet and spread super fast, where it was going to count. Man oh man, were this duo packin’ hard big cocks.

I was a girly flesh sandwich so amazingly quickly. My slit and arsehole literally gang-banged by their fingers. Then it was insane. Beyond what I knew. I nearly held my breath permanently as a cock slid into my pussy and another cock was nearly at the same instance rimming; then gouging into my butthole.

“Oh Fuck, Oh My...Orrgh...Ah...Ah...Aah,” and then I was grunt panting in the rhythm of their dual penetration. The perfect sods, they had me totally, one cock in deep in front of me, the other pecker shallow behind me, yet both so close together and, then cock shallow in front and amazingly ball deep behind me.

I was yelping and thrashing between them. My tits were crushed. I was a wild orgiastic banshee of pleasure. I pulled the body of the blonde in front of me from his arse cheeks, making him go pussy deeper, as the cock behind teased my pucker opening, so shallow, and then I arched and pushed my arse back to join the cock burrowing into me.

Then it was all too good. I had no self jurisdiction. I was trash slut whored; basically rag dolled. One cock sliding into me while the other pulled my arse back. My arse then pounded while my pussy was succinctly teased. Two cocks in me at once, so deliciously filthy close, triple pleasure escalating; I was the central focus though. All I could do was FEEL, be me, beyond the limits par excellence. I was a convert to the deed; I’d be back for more of this, I knew it already before my orgasm.

The pleasure climax spasms in both my arse and pussy took me by total surprise. I mean I sailed straight into the superlative big O domain, combined coochie and anal fem-gasms.

As I regained some semblance of awareness, my butthole and pussy were dribbling cum together as both their satisfied peckers were eased out of me.

The blonde saying: "Way better than squeezing cash out of the old duck."

I couldn't  walk or stand up. The dark haired dude picked up the polo keys and moved the hire vehicle further back while the blonde guy moved their Mercedes out. The Polo was there, idling in the aisle. I was left basically naked to gather up my clothes. The pair gave me a long dirty wolf whistle each as I started to redress and then their black beast was only an exhaust fumed irritation as it disappeared up the ramp to the next level.

I realised J the old crone had gambling debts as I made myself semi decent.

But my body. My body and my mind. To womanly process where I’d been, it would take doing it again I told myself to fully understand and appreciate where I had been.  And as I drove happily but a tad sore to the airport: Oh I’d ‘double park’ again, I knew it already.


Submitted: March 18, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Janus. All rights reserved.

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wow! that seemed like a real life experience! i have been ever exploring to get a dP experience! and that too a wild one! i mean i wanna do it! but hey girl u nailed it extremely well!

Sun, March 19th, 2017 5:26pm


Enjoyable! Quick and dirty. Gave me wood. I wrote one similar only it happened in an elevator. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Sun, May 14th, 2017 9:49pm

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